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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Netflix on Your Phone?

I recently discovered that i can access netflix via:
it was built some time ago i think as someone's test, and i am pretty sure no one is working on it these days - but it still seems kinda useful and i thought you guys might be interested in it.

Seems like it might be good for adding movies to your Queue when you're sitting in a theater watching the trailers...

Monday, December 3, 2007

Holiday Movies

This is what I knew I could count on y'all for. Someone in Netflixland ("Netflixia"?) is looking for holiday movies, and Phatz rises to the occassion. Good work, man.

Movies that have become a part of Christmas-time and the holiday season

Happy Holidays, from the blog.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

My Bad.

The good news is that the new release should be in your hands by monday. The bad news is, well, we just noticed that it's not all that simple to see your own profile page. There is supposed to be a little link that lets you see yourself how others see you. It's not there. So, i'm not happy to report this, but the only way to see the external view of yourself is to go to your Friends & Faves page, visit one of your Friends (or Faves), go to their Friends & Faves page, find yourself, and come back to yourself.


We'll get this fixed for the next release. In the meantime... sorry.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Movie Privacy (the sequel to "Hiding Movies")

After your overwhelming response a few weeks ago about keeping your Friends from seeing those pesky embarrassing titles (something with Teletubbies comes to mind, or it could be that lowbrow drive in classic...) we wondered whether there was anything we could do in the short-term to ease the suffering. Every time we had started working on the right implementation in the past, it seemed like the project got tabled for something more pressing. But today your trusty web engineer Mikey showed me that he had built a quick-n-dirty version of Movie Privacy. It's not pretty, but i have to admit, it does the trick.

So, in a rather unNetflix-like way, we're just going to release it to Friends users in the next week or so. Let's see if this finally allows you to connect to folks you know slightly less well (or maybe too well), and for whom you absolutely needed the ability to hide some titles. We've all read your comments and suggestions for how best to implement this. Trust me: this isn't that. It's not that we're not hearing your suggestions, it's just i was interested in getting this in front of you quickly. So here's how it will work:

In the Friends area, look at the second navigation bar; along with the usual "Invite Friends" and links to this blog, we've added RSS FEEDS (per our earlier conversation) and MOVIE PRIVACY. The Movie Privacy page couldn't be much simpler. It provides a list of all the movies you've rented or have in your Queue (or At Home), all in alphabetical order, and for each movie, you have the option to make it private. That's it. Click "private" and its invisible to any Friend. Does it help? I think it's a start.

PS: It will not, at first, list your RATED movies. Just RENTED and in QUEUE. Let's see how this goes. ALSO: The more movies you've seen or have in your queue, the longer this page will take to load up -- so please be patient. It could take 10-15 seconds perhaps for you power-users. PPS: RSS Feeds are not currently filtered for Private Movies.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

RSS Feeds and Your Reviews

Like y'all, we've noticed a few strange things in the RSS feeds. As far as we can tell (so far), these are problems on the receiving end, as all looks fine on the sending end. Different browsers, websites and blogs handle these feeds in different ways, and clearly some do a better job than others. Still, we're exploring some of these issues and hope to get them handled quickly. Looking ahead, we're adding two key RSS functions in the next few weeks.

RSS REVIEWS. You'll soon be able to feed all your reviews to your own sites, which maybe easier than copy/pasting your reviews between sites.

RSS CUSTOM LISTS. You'll also be able to feed any individual custom list you've created out to your own site. At first glance this might seem lame, but i think there are some cool applications possible, particularly if you combine the feeds of Reviews and some lists.

Let's say you're an organization. Maybe USC Film School. Maybe a Pilates Club. Maybe a Neighborhood Association. Or a magazine. You've got a website and your own members and everything. Some of your members may be Netflix members too, but some may not. Regardless, you can use your Netflix profile (or create a special sub-account with its own queue) to some special advantage. From this sub-account, add your iconic avatar (a logo or something clear at this small size), and a nickname that works for you (organization name, most likely). Then review movies that are relevant to your members. Make Custom Lists that are relevant. (Think: Best Computer Generated Movies, Films We're Watching This Month, Movies Shot in Baltimore...) and feed these reviews and specific lists to your site.

This way, when Netflix members are looking at a movie, they can see the review from your org. And the members of your org can see all your reviews at your orgs website. It's a nice dynamic. I'd like to hear about anyone using the reviews and lists this way. Any particularly inspiring examples might get showcased here. Anyway, I'll let you know as the release of these features gets closer. In the meantime, just know we have a little work to do still on cleaning up the RSS feeds. Happy Fourth.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Killing Movie Notes' Email

You and I have been discussing this for some time, and here we go: Many people don't visit the site so often that they know to look for new Movie Notes, and enjoy getting an email alert that a new note has been sent to them. It's only on a new note and not for every reply or back-and-forth conversation. But some of you don't like the feeling that you're "spamming" your Friends. Absolutely. So here's what can be done: Disable the preference setting that sends you these notes. People who don't want to receive them have full control now, and you shouldn't worry that you're giving them anything they don't want to get.

1) Select Your Account link (at the very top of the screen).
It will take you to a page full of setting for your account. Look near the bottom for a block called "Account Preferences". Look for the link to your Email Subscriptions:

2) Select Email Subscriptions.
This opens a page of all kinds of emails you may (or may not) want to receive as part of your service. Look for the Friends Movie Note email:

Make sure it's not selected, and then you won't receive emails you don't want. Trust your Friends to manage this (but feel free to explain it to them if you're worried). I hope this helps. At worst, it's a start. (At best, we can move onto bigger tasks!) Enjoy.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hiding Movies

I'm with y'all. I watch a lot of movies, and I love the Friends features, but I'll admit that there are titles i watch that i'm -- how you say -- less than thrilled to announce are in my Queue. At Netflix we try to have this deep honesty policy: we generally say whatever we're thinking to whoever needs to hear it. And this pervasive attitude has crept into Friends, such that the thinking was "if you're REALLY friends, then you should be okay showing them what you're really watching." But you (and I) know this is lousy. I'm happy to reveal pretty much anything about myself, but there is a level of scrutiny that makes even an open guy like me pretty uncomfortable. Once in awhile you just need to hide a movie from your friends, or parents...

Savvy insiders will know that there is a workaround: you can always create a sub-account (a second Queue) that has your embarrassing, raunchy, edgy, private titles. You wouldn't make this profile public, it wouldn't write reviews (not under your name, at least), and it wouldn't have Friends. Honestly, this isn't a bad solution. But it takes more work on your part than is ideal.

We're considering the best way to allow certain titles to be hidden. You guys are pretty sharp, and probably would be happy with a checkbox somewhere that says "hide this movie from my Friends" or the like. But we must think of the others, the folks who find every additional option on screen a distraction, or worse, confusing. So where would you say is the best place to put such a checkbox option. The Queue is out. It's not worth the complexity of another column for the one title you want to hide once every few months. It could be in the Friends area, but where? I'm afraid if we put in in a column along with Movies You've Rated, no one will ever find it. So if you want to help get this feature implemented, i'd like some good thinking about the best way to implement. Ideas?

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Seeing Yourself How Others See You

One thing that comes up with your Profile is how can you see your Reviews and Lists page "from the outside," that is, seeing yourself how others see you. This is nice if you're unclear about what info is being revealed about you, or how private everything is.

Until there is a specific button for this, we offer a work-around: all you have to do is delete part of the URL.

Here's how your "Reviews and Lists" page URL looks normally:

Delete everything after (and including) the question mark, so it looks like this:

Voila. You'll see how your look from the outside. We'll make this easier at some point, but for now, this works like a charm.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Custom List Bug

While our Custom Lists are now significantly better than before, they're still not perfect. Just this morning, as we were exploring why there is some real wonkiness in that search box, and what you can do when the movie you want to add doesn't show up, we discovered an unusual bug that can make it very frustrating to add movies to your list.

Being the clever folks that we are over here in Community, we pilfered some existing work the Search guys were building that automatically fills in the name of the movie you start to type. While it works well for search terms (what it was built for), it is appears to be hit-and-miss in the case that there are multiple movies with the same title. (I was trying to add "Swiss Family Robinson" to a custom list and found it impossible to hit the 1960s Disney version, and kept hitting some lousy cartoon). Apparently, fixing this is not going to happen overnight - and while it is a drag, in many cases you'd never notice it. Anyway, the workaround we humbly offer is that we'll make sure you can always go to a movie page and add the movie to one of your lists directly from there. (It's the way this feature used to work). I'll let you know when it's available, but we're working on it now. And in the long run, we'll fix the way the custom list creation works to address this, and a few other little problems along the way. From all of us to all of you, sorry.