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Monday, December 5, 2011

Holiday Movies and TV Episodes

‘T is the season for watching great holiday movies. We’re playing our part by featuring a sleigh load of traditional and new favorites. Longing to see A Christmas Carol? We’ve got two versions waiting for you. How about Miracle on 34th Street? Once again we’ve got three to watch instantly, from the original 1947 classic to a more modern version.

But wait there’s more to brighten the festivities. Beyond the many movies and specials, this year we’re highlighting the best TV holiday episodes.

Watch Michael from The Office let the vodka flow way too freely and embarrass everyone. Watch Sue from Glee rig the Secret Santa gift giving while the kids belt out lots of holiday songs. Watch JD from Scrubs persist through another jaded Christmas until a patient miraculously emerges from a coma.

We’re highlighting episodes that capture the full range of holiday moods—goofy, heartwarming, cynical, uplifting—with unforgettable TV episodes from 30 Rock, Roseanne, Arrested Development, South Park, The Andy Griffith Show, Family Ties, etc.

Finally we go way back in the vaults to unearth a wonderful hidden gem: Art Carney playing a drunken department store Santa who finds hope in the Twilight Zone. Please don’t miss this one and enjoy your holiday viewing.

Todd Yellin, the VP of Product Innovation at Netflix, plans on feasting on all of this fat-free holiday content during the month of December.