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Monday, February 27, 2012

"And The Oscar Goes To...Netflix!"

"And the Oscar goes to...Netflix!"

Last night in Hollywood, The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences handed out the Oscars for the best films and best film talent of the year...and what a year it was. Many of the the night’s top prizes went to extraordinary movies that will be available to watch instantly on Netflix in the weeks and months to come.

The two biggest winners this year were "The Artist" and "Hugo." Both films celebrate the world's passion for the history of movies. "The Artist," using classic moviemaking techniques, is presented in black and white and without dialogue, while "Hugo," employs Hollywood’s latest technical artistry to present a dazzling experience in 3D to theatrical audiences.

These films have three things in common; a love for cinema, five Oscars and both will be coming to Netflix later this year.

Other big Netflix winners were Best Documentary Feature "Undefeated" and Best Animated Feature "Rango."

"The Artist" took home the top prize of Best Picture and ultimately won 5 of the 10 awards it was nominated for including Best Director, Best Actor, Best Costume Design and Best Original Score. It will make its debut on Netflix and not be available on any premium pay TV services in the U.S. Best Documentary Feature winner "Undefeated" will also makes its exclusive debut on Netflix this year.

"Rango," the Johnny Depp-voiced Best Animated Feature will be coming to Netflix on March 31.

Harvey and Bob Weinstein were also stars in a night full of them. This year marked back-to-back Best Picture Oscar wins and night that would include a total of 8 Academy Awards for their films. We couldn't be more enthusiastic to be in business with these legendary film executives.

Besides collecting awards, films premiering on Netflix also attracted big crowds at the box office this weekend. The #1 film "Act of Valor" and the #2 film "Good Deeds" will premiere on Netflix soon, rather than on a traditional Pay TV service.

Netflix is proud to be bringing its members some of the biggest and best films of the year. From big box office action flicks to “The Artist,” we have something great to watch for everyone.

--Ted Sarandos, Chief Content Officer