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Monday, November 11, 2013

New: Netflix Prime Time ISP Performance Metrics

Our members watch well over a billion hours of Netflix a month. Most of that streaming happens during prime time. Starting with the October update to the Netflix ISP Speed Index published today, we’re reporting prime time performance metrics, so you know which Internet service providers (ISPs) deliver the best Netflix experience when it matters most.

Prime time is the equivalent of rush hour on the Internet. This can lead to congestion on the network, just like physical traffic can on roads. When watching Netflix, network congestion can manifest itself as buffering, lower video quality or longer start-up times.

This graphic shows how important the effect of network congestion during prime time can be on the viewing experience. ISP speeds are consistently much better for customers served by ISPs that directly connect their network to Netflix using our Open Connect content delivery network. This performance difference is even more evident during prime time.

We are proud that Netflix is one of the most popular Internet applications. Netflix is one of the primary reasons people sign up for broadband and upgrade to premium broadband tiers.

We are dedicated to delivering a great streaming experience and invest in continually improving that experience. Part of that investment is working with ISPs to make Netflix delivery easy and to avoid congestion. Through Open Connect, our purpose-built content delivery network, we help broadband providers make it easy to deliver Netflix video at no cost to them.

Note: The Netflix ISP Speed Index reflects the average speed as measured by Netflix streaming activity. The average speed will differ from the theoretical maximum speed an ISP advertises because of the various video bitrates and the various devices our members use to watch Netflix. Still the average provides a great indication of an ISPs ability to deliver a great Netflix experience.


Joris Evers is director of corporate communications at Netflix