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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Email Announcement About Avatars

We are sending out this email today to folks who review movies. If you've already uploaded a photo, great. If you haven't, this is your wake up call. We're hoping to totally wipe out all those (random) automatic cinematic avatars we give you, and start seeing lots of personal icons out there. (Remember: You can change yours whenever you want.)

Don't you think it will make the site much cooler? Spread the word.

POST SCRIPT: If y'all have questions about avatars, explore the other posts here about avatars.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Avatars

A few of you asked to select your avatar instead of having us automatically give you one. Tell you what: here are all 12 of our pre-built generic images:

Now I can't imagine why you'd want to use one of these when literally millions of other people have them too -- isn't the point to be unique and personalized? However, if you were to Photoshop one, mess around with it perhaps, make it your own, well sure! (Each image here is riffed off of some classic cinematic image, some more obvious than others. Can you identify them all?)

On a somewhat more personal note, everyone around here is really excited by all the avatar personalization going on. It hasn't been a week and already you can hardly go to a movie page of reviews without seeing one of your little icons. That's really quite remarkable considering there are more than a million reviews. Enjoy.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

We're Live!

Around 4pm yesterday we released the first bunch of features. It's all very exciting, I must say, but it didn't feel "real" until we showed up on Hacking Netflix this morning(snicker).

There does seem to be some confusion about the default avatars, so here's the deal: they're random. There are a dozen. They are not assigned based on anything about your movie taste, your gender, your age, nor your similar appearance to Nosferatu or any other cinematic character. The idea was only to have a nice array of images in there so the rest of the world wasn't looking at you as a blank face with a question mark. We wanted them interesting and movie-oriented, but not so great that you preferred it to your own creative iconography. The idea is to personalize your profile if you'd like, but not punish the rest of the Netflix community if you don't.