Monday, March 3, 2014

This Month’s Pick for Families: Science Fair Greats

As a working mom of two little kids I couldn't imagine living without Netflix. Honestly. It was true even before I started working here. To help show other families out there how Netflix fits into your life, we've created, “This Month’s Picks for Families.’ Every month we’ll make recommendations and give you some ideas that could fit into your family’s routine that month. And we’ll also include some craft or recipe ideas, but don’t worry we’ll keep them realistic and practical.

Do you know the optimal time for cooking microwave popcorn? 2 minutes and 15 seconds. I know this because my little sister examined this for her science fair project when I was in high school. She and my mom popped bags of popcorn for different amounts of time and then in a very scientific way counted how many kernels were left unpopped vs. how many burned pieces there were to get to an optimal time. And while I ended up learning a valuable and practical piece of info, I also remember being IRATE that her science project was so easy and that she even won some ribbons for it.  My projects always tried to be over the top, as if I was dressed in a lab coat, ready to save the world.  In reality, it often ended in tears - from my mom.

So when I saw this funny poster on Facebook a few weeks ago, it made me think….maybe Netflix can bring some fun to this family affair. We’ve put together a list of TV shows to inspire your kids when it comes to the most important task, picking an idea for their science project.
For your big kids:

2. How Do They Do It
3. Is It Possible?
4. Build It Bigger
5. How the Universe Works
6. Extreme Engineering
7. Mythbusters

And your little kids:

If you’re looking to jumpstart your kids’ scientific creativity, try this quick and easy light bulb experiment. Learn how to build your own here.

You can also further your kids’ science knowledge while indulging your sweet tooth with this sea foam candy recipe. As you add the secret ingredient (baking soda!) to boiled sugar, the mixture will bubble and quadruple in volume. Click here to learn how to build your own.

Or you can just feel free to steal that popcorn idea…