Thursday, February 6, 2014

This Month’s Pick for Families: Go For the Gold

As a working mom of two little kids I couldn’t imagine living without Netflix. Honestly. It was true even before I started working here. To help show other families out there how Netflix fits into your life, we’ve created, “This Month’s Picks for Families.’ Every month we’ll make recommendations and give you some ideas that could fit into your family’s routine that month. And we’ll also include some craft or recipe ideas, but don’t worry we’ll keep them realistic and practical.

My daughter started Kindergarten this year - so naturally we felt it must be time to start soccer too. I got her a special pink soccer outfit and pink shin guards to go along with her pink gym shoes (because of course I wouldn’t invest in cleats just yet…).  We met the team and she followed the coach’s direction well.  But after three ‘games’ she decided she didn’t want to play soccer anymore.  My husband, who played every sport growing up, declared “we needed to teach her what commitment is” and lectured me on how she needed to stick with it.  I said I didn’t want to fight with her every Saturday morning and that she was only 5!  I won and we stopped soccer.  J  But he was actually right. 

Our kids do need to learn about sticking with something until they feel the thrill of success.  And that’s why I love this month’s idea.  We’re going to introduce the Olympics to my kids (they’re still pretty young) and start talking about the importance of dedication, teamwork and inspiration.  Common Sense Media provided us a great list of  key lessons you can teach your kids while tuning in to the games. They also compiled a guide to watching the winter events as a family in hopes of bringing everyone together from some fun viewing and bonding time. 

As we like to do, we pulled together a handful of movie and TV shows you can enjoy before, during and after the games.

 For Your Big Kids

For Your Little Kids

If you’re planning your own backyard games, check out these easy to make, oven-baked clay medals that can be used again and again. Click here to learn how to make your own.

If your little athlete prefers to cheer from the sidelines, pick their favorite sport and create these delicious sports cakes made with whole wheat, mashed bananas, and fresh orange juice. Click here to learn how to make your own.

Here’s to going for gold! 
Jenny McCabe is director of the Consumer PR team at Netflix (and a mom of two)