Thursday, April 25, 2013

Extraordinary new BBC Worldwide Content for US Netflixers!

We're thrilled to let Netflix members in the US know that we're introducing three new extraordinary series from the BBC Worldwide this spring and summer: Call the MidwifeTop of the Lake, and Ripper Street. These three incredibly different properties all share the high level of quality of BBC Worldwide dramas - Call the Midwife is a 1950s period drama based on the memoir of Jennifer Worth, following the lives of midwives working in a nursing convent in the post-war baby boom in London's East End. Season 1 is available now. 

Also live now, Top of the Lake premiered to rave reviews at the Sundance Film Festival. This mini-series set in New Zealand is written and directed by Academy Award® winner Jane Campion, and follows a detective (Mad Men's Elizabeth Moss) investigating the disappearance of a 12-year-old pregnant girl. Also starring Academy Award winner Holly Hunter.

Going live on July 18, Ripper Street is a riveting crime series centered on the notorious H Division, charged with keeping order in the chaotic East Long Streets after the infamous Jack the Ripper murders.  This series stars Matthew Macfadyen (Anna KareninaPride and Prejudice), Jerome Flynn (Game of Thrones), Adam Rothenberg (Alcatraz) and MyAnna Buring (Downton Abbey, The Twilight Saga).


Elizabeth Bradley is vp of content acquisition at Netflix

Monday, April 8, 2013

Updated ISP Speed Index for March

We just added March data to the “Netflix ISP Speed Index,” providing an updated look at which Internet Service Providers (ISPs) provide the best Netflix streaming experience.

A few data points from the new Netflix ISP Speed Index, reflecting data for March:

  • At 3.45 Mbps, Google Fiber in the U.S. provides the highest average Netflix streaming bitrate anywhere Netflix is available, slightly increasing its average over last month
  • After Google Fiber, Sweden’s Ownit continues to deliver the highest average Netflix bitrate at 2.95 Mbps Netflix members in Finland receive, on average, the highest bitrates, while members in Mexico have the slowest connections, on average 
  • In the U.S., Cox Communications continues a steady climb and enters the top three of ISPs that provide the best Netflix experience 
  • In Norway Get has jumped to take the lead after two months of strong increases 
  • In Ireland Magnet has solidified its lead, showing a strong performance in March with an increased average while runner up UPC saw a lower average

Located at the Netflix ISP Speed Index provides an easy overview of the performance of ISPs in several of the countries Netflix is available in. Updated on a monthly basis, the site allows for easy comparison of ISPs in a country as well as international comparisons. At launch the Netflix ISP Speed Index includes data for the U.S., Mexico, Ireland, U.K., Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

The Netflix ISP Speed Index is based on data from the more than 33 million Netflix members who view over 1 billion hours of TV shows and movies streaming from Netflix per month. The listed speeds reflect the average performance of all Netflix streams on each ISP's network and are an indicator of the performance typically experienced across all users on an ISP network.

Note: the average performance is below the peak performance due to many factors including the variety of encodes Netflix uses to deliver the TV shows and movies as well as the variety of devices members use and home network conditions. These factors cancel out when comparing across ISPs.

Joris Evers is director of corporate communications at Netflix