Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New “Post-play” Experience Makes It Easy To Continue Watching

At Netflix we’re very focused on making it easier to enjoy more TV shows and movies streaming over the Internet to whatever device you use. A lot of the work we do is under the hood, but we recently added a very visible feature we call “post-play” to the Netflix experience.

What does post-play do? Let us illustrate: You’re finishing an episode of Breaking Bad, Prison Break, Lost, or any of the other compelling serialized dramas on Netflix. When the episode ends, you probably can’t wait to find out what happens next. That’s where post-play comes in.

Many Netflix members love watching multiple episodes of TV shows in a row. It is almost a phenomenon; John Jurgensen of The Wall Street Journal recently even wrote a lengthy article on indulging in TV show marathons.

The new Netflix post play experience makes sitting down for multiple episodes easier. It also works for movies, if you’re watching a feature; we will make suggestions for other things to watch as soon as it ends.

Here’s how post-play works:

When you finish watching an episode of a TV show, we’ll minimize the credits and tee-up the next episode. If you do nothing, the next episode will start to play in 15 seconds. You can also stop it to get more information or select another episode.

When you finish watching a movie, we’ll minimize the credits and offer you three recommendations to try next. If those don’t suit you, you can always go directly to search from post-play or go back to browsing to find something else.

Netflix "post-play" on PS3
Netflix "post-play" on the Web

The post-play experience is now available on the PS3 and our Web site. It will be coming to other devices soon.


Chris Jaffe & Michael Spiegelman