Thursday, August 23, 2012

Netflix on Xbox 360 now has “People Search”

The recent Netflix update for Xbox 360 didn’t just add the“Just for Kids” section, it also included a new feature we call “People Search.”

Search is an important part of the Netflix experience and we are working hard to make it better. People Search is an example of that. When entering text in the search box using the controller or Kinect, Netflix on Xbox now not only presents relevant TV shows and movies, but also actors and directors.

For example, type “nic” and you will see relevant results for TV shows and movies as well as people, including Nicolas Cage, among others.

To see all titles available to watch instantly with Nicolas Cage, simply select Nicolas Cage and they are presented in a simple list view.

We are excited to bring this feature, already popular on our website and PS3, to the Xbox. Use it to find more TV shows and movies with your favorite actors! People Search will come to other platforms in the future.

-Chris Jaffe.

Chris Jaffe is Director of Product Innovation at Netflix where he leads our work on game consoles and mobile phones.