Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bob, Barney, Thomas and Angelina are back in Canada (after a very short absence)

I know you missed some of your favorite kids' characters while they were away from Netflix in Canada for a few days but now they're back. As we were renewing our license to stream Thomas and Friends, Barney, Bob the Builder and Angelina Ballerina they went away for a few days. All's well now because we've renewed those shows so you can watch them again right now.

I'm Jason Ropell, Vice President of Content at Netflix and I apologize that these shows went away without warning. I hope that over the last few days you and your family were able to enjoy some of the wide variety of other great kids' TV shows and movies on Netflix. But I do know what it's like when your kids can't find their favorite show, so I'm happy to say if Bob, or Barney, or Thomas , or Angelina are your kid's favorite…they are back!