Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Power, Deception and Lies (plus other good stuff)

Intrigue. Passion, Duplicity. The glorious backdrop of Renaissance Italy and the participation of some the best actors and writers working in television; get ready for Borgia: Faith and Fear. Elizabeth Bradley, Netflix Director of Content Acquisition here, and I’m pleased to let you know that starting today, for the first time in North America, Netflix viewers in the U.S. and Canada will be able to immerse themselves in a sumptuous recounting of the dramatic rise of the Borgia family and their dominance of the Vatican in the 15th and 16th century. Filled with backstabbing and adultery, triumph and devastation, Borgia: Faith and Fear is gripping and great fun.


  1. I thought this post might be about Netflix's treatment of their customers until I read the full content

  2. "I thought this post might be about Netflix's treatment of their customers until I read the full content"


  3. Wow, what just happend to the 160+ comments on this post? NF, please STOP censoring these comments.

  4. Dear Mr Hastings
    I think your company is amazing, brilliant, cutting edge. We are fans!That is why I want to make you aware of something that could put a damper on your growth and busness profits. We had unlimited data package with Verizon and we travel extensively (220 days last year) so Netflix is the perfect answer to our needs-- HOWEVER-- recently Verizon informed us of a change of NO unlimited (they charge us for usage over a certain limit). This change means watching Netflix went from a reasonable $15 or so a month for however many shows watched to about $20 PER MOVIE because of Verizon changes. We are negotiating with Verizon now. I suggest you also contact them and work out some kind of a deal-- perhaps Verizon customers could get a month free trial of Netflix for all customers who secure an unlimited data plan (this might encourage Verizon to offering unlimited again-- and I think that would benefit you at Netflix!) If watching a Netflix movie continues to cost $20 a movie,(because Verizon changes), customers will look for less expensive alternatives and that will hurt Netflix.

    Thanks! Keep up great work!
    Pam Farrel
    international speaker, best-selling author of over 35 books
    Co-Director of Love-Wise

  5. How bout fixing your stupid UI and search engine?

    how bout listening to your fucking customers?

    that would be novel eh' reed....

  6. please! more shows that we could get for free from the networks!!!

    sooooo cutting edge - you blew it netfux!

    you had the market by the balls and then you got greedy and ignored your customer base...


  7. Apparently Netflix is taking the quantity over quality approach to content...

  8. I am SUPER disgusted with Netflix, as I can tell the person with the previous comment must be. I pushed my husband to join to benefit my 3 year old son, yet the best shows, like 'Word World' have disappeared. There are many other kid shows, but they are mindless, brainless, and are not teaching math, speech or spelling. Tried to contact the company - what a joke - and the website said basically 'sorry 'bout your luck, watch something else'. pretty sure we will be cancelling soon, as our son is the ONLY reason we have it.

  9. I too thought this was a post about NF's recent moves. It's bad enough to get this as a customer, but I'm also a stockholder...wish I had sold it. NF, please change your decision...no need to fall on your sword like in the movies!

  10. Netflix, Can you fix the parental controls issue which is open for more than a year ? We want you to remove the "Recently Watched" item from being displayed or you give us a specific option to put parental control on the recently watched list.

  11. What the heck happened to the instant saved movies list? You stink, Netflix. Lately, it's like you hate having customers...

  12. I definitely also thought this post was about Netflix's bone-stupid decision to get rid of DVDs. I just moved back from Japan and was looking forward to paying one fee (I don't really care how much) and using one service for both DVDs and instant streaming. But now that Netflix has become Quikflix and Netflix, Netflix has no service advantage over Hulu Plus, which I am about to sign up for.

  13. Netflix used to be so great.

    I had the one DVD at a time plan. I primarily used streaming but every now and then I wanted to watch a new release (or some other title that wasn't available for streaming). It worked great. It was a perfect service.

    And then Netflix decided, "Hey, our customers are happy, that can't be good for business."

  14. well i know alot of reasons not to be happy about netflix, but i watch the first show of borgia and i liked it.
    how is this free on other networks or internet please tell me i do not have cable or dish.

    also word world for kids was the best for a kids show. parents also look at www.wordworld.com alot of cool stuff on that website.

  15. Do you douchefucks have any idea your company is about to go under due to your exceptional hubris?

  16. Hi,

    Is The Walking Dead actually coming to Instant, or was that a cruel tease? If the former, what date? I'd LOVE to catch up on it before the next season, and hate waiting for DVDs.

  17. There's nothing wrong, per se, with the content that's been acquired recently (although it is often readily available via cable/satellite/online). Obviously there are some subscribers who are watching and enjoying it. But the fact that the *focus* seems to be on television/cable fare, at the expense of feature films, *is* what's wrong. There needs to be a balance. I'll go out on a limb to opine that most people subscribe because they are film buffs, or at least movie lovers, and want to see an ever-expanding and varied selection of (surprise, surprise) actual movies.

    And then there's the fact that there are so many ongoing issues with the streaming side of things:

    a) blurriness
    b) pixelation
    c) frequent buffering interruptions
    d) no auto-load following an interruption
    e) jump or freeze following screen re-size
    f) truncating of the last seconds (I've noted 1-10 so far) of all streamed content
    g) incomplete, or piecemeal, series offerings (I've even run across stand-alone films and documentaries that are inexplicably cut off well before the end.)

    I'm sure there are others that could be mentioned here as well. (Folks, feel free to add to the list.)

    These issues, with the possible exception of (g), are the norm. And there is no way to properly inform the NF techs of exact issues. I've long stated that the multiple choice options on the report form are absolutely inadequate. At the very least, there should be a character-limited text box to add further details.

    NF, when will these issues be addressed?

  18. If anyone from Netflix sees this can you please please please put Girlfriends the tv show on INSTANT PLAY please!!!!!

  19. So many members have been asking for a way to submit film suggestions. Why not integrate a quick submission form into both websites (DVD and streaming) when they are launched as separate entities?

    I realize that acquiring individual titles is probably difficult (or impossible), as NF must contract with providers for content in specified 'lots'. But knowing which titles are most requested, and which are hardest to find (which would give NF an edge with unique content), would certainly aid in deciding what to try for.

    And it can't be stressed enough that you need to create a Customer Care e-mail address, and have knowledgeable people hired to respond.

  20. Oh I also thought it was going to be about Netflix recent horrible business decisions -- and perhaps doing a turn around & maybe trying to make customers *happy* again???? Nah.... not happening....


  21. What happened to Word World?

    My child and all his friends love the show, but now it is gone. I went to turn it on for them this morning and is has been removed from streaming.

    When you remove streaming shows in the future could you give users a heads up before hand? It would be greatly appreciated.

  22. I have finally decided to cancel Netflix. I tried instant for a month after the new rate structure but it hasn't helped. I have decided to go with Amazon Prime. And since I will be pretty much signing up for a year with them, I do not see myself coming back to Netflix for another year. Yes, losing me is probably peanuts for Netflix. It is sad to see a great company disappoint you in a big way.