Thursday, September 22, 2011

Watch this now: Netflix & Facebook

We’ve talked about it coming, and it’s finally here: the Netflix/Facebook integration, which for now will be exclusively for Netflix members in Canada and Latin America.

I’m Tom Willerer from the product team and I'm excited to announce that today at Facebook’s f8 event in San Francisco we demonstrated how Netflix members will be able to connect their accounts to Facebook.

Facebook has always made it easy to discover great things through your friends. We want to make streaming from Netflix a more social experience and through the new optional Facebook connection, Netflix makes it possible for you to connect with your friends over TV series and movies online.

The Netflix/Facebook integration empowers you as a Netflix member to share what you watch from Netflix with your friends on Facebook and to discover what your friends are watching both on Facebook and within the Netflix user interface. This makes it easier and more fun to find new television series and movies to watch.

This new feature will be available before the end of September to Netflix members outside the U.S. We won’t yet enable it for U.S. members due to a 1980s law that creates some confusion over our ability to allow U.S. members to share what they watch. (You can read more about that in my colleague’s Michael Drobac’s blog post.)

As soon as the feature is enabled, you will see an option in the Netflix user interface to connect to Facebook. After connecting your Netflix account to Facebook, you will see what your friends are watching on any device that streams from Netflix, provided your friends are also connected.

Note that nothing will be shared unless you choose to connect your account to Facebook and sharing can be turned off at any time.

Here’s a look at what the Netflix/Facebook experience will be like for our members in Canada and Latin America (click on the previews below to see a larger image):



I hope you enjoy the Facebook integration as much as we do.