Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hey, who took those titles from my instant Queue?

That's the email I woke up to this morning from a friend. Oops. I messed up. We didn't really remove any titles from the instant Queue, but I didn't explain what we did, so it looks like some titles are gone. To my friend, and to all our members, here's what's we did, and why:

We stopped showing titles that were at one point available for streaming. We did not delete those titles; we merely stopped showing them on the instant Queue page until we know exactly when they’ll again be there to watch instantly. When we know that a title will be available again it will reappear in the saved section, and once it is available it will move back into the instant Queue, with a Play button.

Why did we do this? We heard from our members that the list of unavailable titles complicates use of the instant Queue. And given the dynamic nature of our catalog that list can get long over time. So this change is intended to make the instant Queue easier to manage – by removing the inactive titles. Rest assured that we did not delete any of the title you have added to the instant Queue.