Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Expanded Selection from Discovery, TLC, and More!

When it comes to drama on the high seas, nothing beats the exploits of the Alaskan crab fishermen of Deadliest Catch. The addictive Discovery Channel show, which just won more Emmys than any other reality series on television this year, is now available to watch instantly.

Cindy Holland, Netflix VP of Content Acquisition here, to let you know that our new agreement with Discovery Communications greatly expands the hit shows on Netflix from Discovery, TLC, Animal Planet, ID, Science and the Military channel. From new seasons of current-on-air favorites like Mythbusters, Cake Boss, River Monsters, and Say Yes to the Dress to new-to-Netflix series Sister Wives and I (Almost) Got Away with It; we’re continually adding something for everyone. Enjoy!


  1. The Netflix selection of streaming movies is horrible. Look at your "New Releases" page on the DVD tab and compare that to the streaming tab. I have been a member for a couple of years, but I am tired of seeing nothing but 3rd tier movies available for streaming. Even with older classics, the selection stinks. Just check to see which John Wayne movies are available for streaming.

  2. Yea. TV shows that I already get on cable. Now if I want to stream a good movie, well.... I guess I need to go to Vons and get it there. How does NF stock continue to hover around $130? It's actual value is far lower. I heard they got the Dreamworks library, available in... .... 2013. I already left the DVD side and I've been streaming a free month of Amazon, lots of Hulu for TV, and other sites. NF is irrelevant and destined to be dropped completely. It's only $8 but I can spend it elsewhere.
    Signed, "Practicing Capitalism in CA"

  3. I should have cancelled my Netflix subscription sooner. And when I finally did, you didn't ask on the survey about the DVD selection. It sux only a little less than your streaming selection. And the turn around time for the DVDs is 3-4 biz days. Hardly "unlimited". So best case I can only get about 6 DVDs per month on the 1 DVD selection. I might as well go to RedBox. If I have the choice of crappy/old movies/TV episodes streaming, I might as well get them for free. At least then I'm getting what I pay for.

  4. Netflix has separate blogs for Netflix America Latina and Netflix Brasil, but until there is a blog for Canadian announcements you need to make it clear if posts apply to both USA and Canada or not.

  5. Dear Customer,

    I have big news for Amazon Prime members - we've just signed a deal with FOX to add a broad selection of movies and TV shows to our unlimited instant streaming service later this fall. The new additions from the FOX library include 24, Arrested Development, The X-Files, Ally McBeal, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and - available on digital video for the first time - The Wonder Years. We now have deals with CBS, NBCUniversal, Sony, and Warner Bros, and adding FOX will bring the total to more than 11,000 movies and TV shows available for unlimited instant streaming.

    Since launching earlier this year, we have now doubled the number of titles available in Prime instant videos, and there's still more to come. Prime membership remains $79 a year, and of course features our unlimited free two-day shipping on millions of products. Prime is one of the best values anywhere.

    Prime instant videos can be played on more than 300 HDTVs, Blu-ray players, and set-top boxes.

  6. Ah, that explains all the crummy reality shows that popped up in my RSS feed this morning. Kudos on the Dreamworks deal though.

  7. Instead of including more content that's slightly more interesting than watching paint dry, you guys should be beefing up the streaming selection. I think I've seen maybe two streaming selections in the last month that were quality films. Please Netflix! Get it together!

  8. These cable channels and shows are the reasons I dropped cable in favor of Netflix.

    "Why pay to watch crap I'm not interested in," I thought, "when I can watch real movies and real television of real quality?"

    And then Netflix turned into a provider of the worst of cable television.

    Why not rename Netflix "Netcable"?


    oh wait it's on amazon prime.

  10. Why do I still send you money? I promise you will never get another dollar from me again.

  11. Complaints, but little suggestions. Netflix does not make the content. Studios are making it harder to get licensing and pulling content from Netflix, Hulu, etc... 30 day waits, Hi-Res, etc.. content not available.
    I use Amazon Prime as well. Not all content is Amazon Prime eligible. A significant part of the content has an additional cost to view.

    As a consumer, make the decision and determine which solution is best for you. Cable, Sat, DVD-vending machine, iTunes, bootlegger at the carwash,....

    DVD turnaround time and "unlimited". If you have the 1 per month plan, you get 1 DVD at a time. You can get as many DVDs as you want in a month, one at a time.

    If you go to a restaurant and get a drink w/ unlimited refills, do you expect the cup to keep being refilled, while it is full?

    @Eric yes. Good point. They need to do that.

  12. Well, at least the comments weren't disabled this time. That's about all I can say in favor of this announcement.

    Have NF users really been clamoring for a repeat of the cable/satellite reality lineup? I don't think so.

    What NF streaming needs is more quality content. More independent, international, and classic films and series, for a start. Perusing the New Arrivals is a disappointing and frustrating experience, with page upon page of utterly forgettable cinema and very bad television. It would appear that NF is acquiring anything and everything that it can get on the cheap, with little-to-no consideration for what its consumers really want, while the competition makes contracts based on quality and demand.

  13. I don't know if this is the place to post this. Anyway if possible what would be the odds of obtaining season episodes of CSI, CSI New York, CSI Miami and have them added to Netfilx streaming. If possible it would be great I would like to view the early seasons episodes of each. Thanks for your time.

  14. Cindy Holland,
    You and all of the NF board members can burn. Thanks for nothing!
    Former Customers of Netflix Past, Present, and Future

  15. 'DVD turnaround time and "unlimited". If you have the 1 per month plan, you get 1 DVD at a time. You can get as many DVDs as you want in a month, one at a time.'

    DVD turnaround is lagging at double and triple the previous wait times.

    Also, though you didn't address this point, many NF users have reported that streaming quality and reliability has gone dramatically downhill over the last 2-3 months.

    So, there are, in fact, new limitations on the 'unlimited' plans that NF offers.

    Your point about not all Amazon streaming content being Prime eligible is a valid one.

    But a big difference is that Amazon is reachable about, and responsive to, user comments, complaints, and suggestions, whereas NF is often unreachable and very unresponsive. So I would expect to see positive changes in the Amazon streaming model over time. NF, not so much. (Though it's possible NF will get its various acts together before it's too late, I don't see anyone holding their breath.)

  16. dear netflix

    this is not the content ur customers want,please listen to what your customers are saying there out here talking to you.

    also why on earth would any customer want to go to two different sites for the same company?

    we all know why hastings did that, it makes it eaiser to sell part of the company later. the market sees the move and is selling like crazy.

    we also see what the company is doing.

  17. Discovery and TLC? - Really?-
    Yeah, my move to drop the streaming in favor of just DVDs is looking better and better -
    The mailing DVD service is still great and it is what made Netflix great in the first place -
    why you want to change the name of it is beyond me -
    as for streaming - lots of choices on the net nowadays for that.

  18. Wish you guys could take suggestions.
    1. WMC-Play all or next episode instead of having to go back to the episode list would make it easier using remote
    2. Play all or play disk would be nice in streaming
    3. How about a button that says I've seen it already show me other suggestions?
    4. quikster bad idea. Could you at least say when its gonna be up?
    5. How about a queue to watch one after another?
    6. Have a suggestion box so people give you real world ideas to make your site better, unless you wanna keep ruining netflix?

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  20. I agree with other people who have said that the new streaming content you are promoting is not something I'm interested in. That content is one of the reasons I dropped cable and switched to Netflix to begin with. I too would like to see more quality/recent movies & television shows offered on streaming.

    I have not yet dropped my 3 DVDs at a time + streaming service with Netflix; however, as others have noted, the wait for new release DVDs that you are interested in is often very long and frustrating, and the streaming quality does seem to be declining. But even with the price increase and recent disappointment in Netflix services, it is the split of the website into two separate sites that has me looking elsewhere for both DVD by mail and streaming services. That is the one advantage you had over other companies providing similar services, and once it's gone, I think the problems with both services will become more obvious to all of your customers, and that can't be good for business.

  21. Too bad the Dreamworks deal is only for Dreamworks Animation, NOT the Live action studio movies made by Dreamworks. So we only get access to the following: Antz, The Prince of Egypt, The Road to El Dorado, Chicken Run, Shrek, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas, Shrek 2, Shark Tale, Madagascar, Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, Over the Hedge, Flushed Away, Shrek the Third, Bee Movie, Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, Monsters vs. Aliens, How to Train Your Dragon, Shrek Forever After, Megamind and Kung Fu Panda.

  22. Glad to see more great content on Netflix. But still wondering about promises made 6 months ago now-- namely, The Wonder Years. Is this going to happen or do I need to switch to Amazon Prime?

  23. More is not better simply because it is more.Seems to me the focus should be not acquiring the most content, but the best content avaliable.If people want to watch TV they have HULU and actual TV.While I understand that the studios don't make everything avaliable.Surely some of the money you are saving from Starz could go to more movies.

  24. Netflix, I Love You!!! These fair-weather folks must think X-Files, Monty Python's Flying Circus, Twin Peaks, original Star Trek, MST3k, Andy Griffith, Dark Shadows, The Addams Family,..etc aren't some of the greatest shows ever, but I do. There's plenty of great movies to stream too, if you're really a movie lover. I think all the heat is coming from people who feel the need to see the latest CGI remakes of old movies that hardly had any special effects to begin with. Your price tag is still very competitive with any other service considering the deep library(and I would include streaming). I think the streaming part of your site can be misleading because it doesn't really cover all the streaming content you offer, and one usually finds more through doing word searches. Another criticism I'd add is some tv shows are out of sync or cut off too early.(RockfordFiles). It'd also be cooler if I could buffer for a while to get a better resolution. I'd be completely happy to wait a while for a 720p picture, but I'm sure that's coming.
    As for dvd's I really have no complaints. At 3 at a time I can usually have a new movie every day. One thing I've noticed, if you put the disk back in the mailer with the UPC symbol facing out that little open slot on the envelopes, you get the disks from your que sent out much quicker. Thanks for ending late fees across the industry, and all the great movies I would have never seen or even heard of without your great service!!!

  25. Whatever happened to "We Love Movies!"?

  26. Some good points about those old series. But streaming still falls very short of where it could/should be, especially considering the rapidly expiring content. New offerings are not quality content. As one other commenter put it, "More is not better simply because it is more."

    And this, "One thing I've noticed, if you put the disk back in the mailer with the UPC symbol facing out that little open slot on the envelopes, you get the disks from your que sent out much quicker." is no longer the case.

    DVD delivery is slow as molasses for me these days. I can't even average one movie per week when I return the DVD the same day I get it. Even watching discs within a couple of hours of arrival in my mailbox, and a trip to the PO to return it later that evening, results in a four or five day minimum wait for the next title in my queue.

    Netflix needs to step up its service and quality for both DVD and streaming, whether they are separate entities or not.

    As another member put it, "... the problems with both services will become more obvious to all of your customers, and that can't be good for business."

  27. Mr Hastings,

    The problem is you don't understand what business you are in. You are not in the DVD by Mail business AND the Streaming video business... You are, no, were in the entertainment distribution business. Before the split, I could say to myself, hmm, I want to watch that first Marx Brothers movie - then I could search on it in the box and your service would tell me which formats I could use - disk and/or streaming. I'd choose what I wanted and it would be delivered to me. Now I will have to check two different sites. Ugh. The idea is to make things EASIER to use, not harder. But I am sure that you will not respond QWIKly to your customer base.

    Oh, and did anyone in your company take the Managing a Brand course in business school? Qwikster is just a god awful name. Truly. Hard to remember how to spell. Sounds stupid. Doesn't really mean anything and doesn't bring to mind anything to do with watching a movie.

  28. Well it looks like from all the positive things I'm hearing form many different elements of public data, the Netflix lovers are going to stay put. So the tide is turning for the supreme company in it's field to stay strong. This only goes to prove-intelligence still matters in the end.

    Jason Bourne Eisengon-EISENGON SCIFY

  29. You can't please all of the people all of the time. I, for one, have no interest in Dreamworks. I streamed three of the new Discovery Channel offerings last night and thought they were some of the best things I have watched in months. Better than Breaking Bad and Mad Men! Please continue to add quality material in spite of the protests of the masses.

  30. How many of the above comments were written by people who work for Netflix? Just saying...

  31. Nothing wrong with anyone being satisfied with their Netflix experience, and publicly voicing their opinions.

    However, if Netflix were to take to heart the comments and suggestions of its many, many unsatisfied members when making changes and 'improvements', those who are happy now would be even more so.


    Ignore your customer base - Spiral out of control - hit the ground in flames

    REDBOX is my new provider!

  33. Well, I am so glad to see that all of the price increases that I have paid that were supposed to increase my content and features went right down the toilet.
    I don't really care about video games. If I did, I would have joined gamefly.

    It seems Netflix is having an identity crisis. Are you movies? Video games? Netflix? Qwikster?

    Isn't anyone listening at Netflix? Reed can send out an email talking about how he is going to work to improve communication, but he can't read the official blog to see what we are asking for? Remember way back when (June 2011) when you actually gave a shit? Remember how we loved you back and told our friends about you?

    You know, I'm tired of hoping for better. I'm signing in to my account now and dropping. If the past 3 months hasn't opened their eyes to the fatal flaws of the company, nothing will.

  34. $1.00 per night for the movies I want or $8.00 for movies I could care less about via sucky streaming, non HD Quality.. HMMMMM

    Netflix = Pass.

  35. I normally stay off the blog, but I have to say that I'm still happy with Netflix for the most part. In my case, we dropped our local cable company after they went to a digital tier minimum and scrambled their signal. It would have required us to rent their digital boxes for all three of our tvs and would have cost us $90/month. I couldn't see paying that much money for regular cable.

    I've priced various other services and Netflix ended up being our best bet as far as content. I've never been the type to tune into shows on tv. I forgot what time and night they would come on so I missed out on a great deal of programming. With most of the content on streaming, I'm able to watch shows that came on years ago I missed out on. I can watch it at my own pace and that's a huge plus for me.

    I'm well aware that most people want new content. I can understand why they left. But there are those of us who do enjoy what they can find. And at $20/month, it's well worth the price for my family(streaming and two disc out at a time).

  36. Sweet!

    I wanted to check out the Deadliest Catch recently and was disappointed to find it was not on Netflix Instant Watch.

    Thanks for fixing that!

    Southern California

  37. Great, but is it time to switch over to Amazon? Netflix is going to get rid of its mail service. It's only a matter time and can they compete in such a dynamic market as streaming offers. I don't know.
    To bad Netflix didn't offer its own tablet to stream content.

  38. I chose to drop streaming because you have such a miserable movie selection available. During the 6 months I tried it only 5 titles from my 50+ queue were available for streaming, mostly foreign films, I have more control when I watch DVD's. Now I can't even find a way to check what is available for streaming...Netflix has sorted me as a DVD customer on the website and it is impossible for me to find out anything about what you have other than DVD's. You are killing yourselves!

  39. I dropped my streaming option when the price change was annnounced because of the limited selection. In the 6 months that I tried streaming only 5 movies from my queue of 50+ titles were available. Most of those were foreign films, which i prefer on DVD so I can control my language options etc. Now that I am DVD only, your control of the website prevents me from even looking at a list of movies that can be streamed in the event that I might reconsider. You are killing yourselves! Yu need to find ways for us to see newer releases in a timely manner. Water for Elephants, The Help, Midnight in Paris are soon going to "old", but not one mention of when they will be available from Netflix

  40. Now that I am on the streaming only plan, it's become amazingly clear how weak the Netflix selection really is. Plus the new UI is still horrible at helping me find anything. I am just so frustrated with Netflix. As soon as one of the other companies offers streaming on iPhone/iPad, I'm switching. I used to love Netflix, but they have really failed me, especially in the last couple months with the new UI, increased prices, drop of some content deals ("bad negotiating"), and now this Quickster craziness. What a name!

  41. I suspect that a substantial number of remaining Netflix members are not sticking it out due to loyalty, but are just biding their time until other DVD and streaming services can compete on even footing - and that won't be long.

    Like others, one of the primary reasons I joined NF was because of the option to stream and/or receive DVDs with one service provider. Now that the service is being split, I feel no obligation to stay. I am absolutely willing to pay a fair price for entertainment, but I also want good, responsive service, without having to sacrifice convenience and content.

    If NF doesn't Qwikly make it worth our while, lots more users (myself included) will be making an exodus as soon as something better comes along. And it will. Soon. Because you can bet that the competitors are not only making note of what NF got right, but all its missteps as well.

  42. I couldn't find an e-mail address to write about this particular problem. But, I read the first batch of "Thor" DVDs were flawed. Mine wouldn't play in my player. I re-ordered the disc - hopefully this one will play.

  43. its over netflix. you messed up more that anyone wanst to hear. i just love watching the net to see how far your service will last

  44. Wow...lots of great comments regarding the "suckiness" of the streaming content. Remember Reed saying we're going to break up DVD and streaming so we can provide better service for each. Apparently better service for streaming doesn't mean a better, higher quality movie selection. I'll guarantee that the majority of the people using NF also have cable or satellite...I'd like to know who is begging for repeats of crappy cable shows? Someday there will be a single service that beats the crap we get with NF and Amazon. I was really hoping Dish was going to do something great with their purchase of BB. But that seems to be a bust so far. We'll see how it goes in the long run.

    Is anyone at NF listening? Or are you just another bunch of greedy scum bags like every other POS big company in this country...

  45. day late and a dollar short netflix

    EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    fuck off. love watching you spiral after ignoring your loyal customers

  46. What is our "reward" for higher prices? I've only noticed a decrease in new videos in the last few months. Give us some new innovations for our extra bucks. We want content, not stupid add-ons like facebook (which is integrated into everything anyway). Here's a tip: I think you guys should add previews to the website and apps (like Zune on xbox 360).

  47. netflix will a haunting from discovery channel bee added on the streaming this week love that show hope it will yall have it on dvd on netflix but not on netflix streaming i hope it will bee on streaming this week from discovery channel

  48. Now, now... not every big company in the US is populated by greedy scum bags and is a POS. Just a unsettling number of them.

    Even after putting my account on hold, I've been following NF's progress to see if I should reactivate or just outright quit. I've not missed the streaming and I'm giving Amazon a close look.

    NF certainly isn't unique in their disingenuous scum-bagginess but, more to the point, I don't think I've seen a CEO navigate their company into the ground more efficiently than Hastings. Seems to me that, considering the fallout, having a plan in place to retain paying membership then spinning off the money-maker of the company into a black hole might have made better sense.

    Time will tell, but I think Hastings may be a bit of an amateur at successfully running a large company. He sure missed when he thought the backlash would be smaller than it is.

    When the CEO of the company I work for messed up like this and single-handedly lost half the value of the company's stock, he was given exactly a month to fix it. Best thing that ever happened to us is when the Board exercised its option to promote a new CEO.

  49. Please help me! I want to cancel my membership because your service is not available in my country (Ecuador) but i can´t because it keeps showing me this message "Your Account information is currently unavailable. Please try again later"
    Please respond to me via sebastiancornejo@hotmail.com

  50. Hmmmm. That's a tough one, Borrego. If you relocated to Ecuador before canceling your subscription, it may be very difficult to accomplish now. Sounds like Netflix won't let you log on to an existing account from outside its service areas. And, since there is no international toll free number that I am aware of, and no customer care e-mail, you may be out of luck.

    NF, this is just one of many reasons why it's important to maintain a support e-mail address.

  51. Well,
    Looks like everyone is taking a huge dump on NF.
    Rightfully so, you had it made and you felt that you had to keep changing to stay current but it backfired. It's not about you NF, it's about content. Just have a good interface, reliable service, and let the content do the rest.

    Enter now new and better service and NF will go the way of AOL as you mentioned in one of your previous uncommentable blogs.

    A Former Fan

  52. It'd be lovely it you people at Netflix would make all movies available in their original language on Netflix Brazil. I loved Netflix back home in the US and was thrilled when I found out it'd be available in Brazil, since I've moved to the country. I was quite disappointed when I signed up for Netflix in Brazil and found most movies were dubbed and there was no option to get them back to their original English. I'm extremely disappointed and thinking about cancelling my membership. I do hope you guys will give us the option to switch the audio back to English. I'll give it a little more time and if it doesn't change, I'll sadly leave the site. :-(

  53. Dear Cindy,

    Wow. After Reed's non-apology apology and a few days of blog posts that we weren't able to comment on (quelle surprise!), you offer up bad reality TV? The ability to stream "The Deadliest Catch" and "Cake Boss" is supposed to make us feel better about paying more for less?

    You punted DVD-by-mail (logistics is hard! Let's go to the cloud!), moving it under a new name in a thinly-veiled attempt to salvage market share by hoping that customers will forget who screwed them in the first place. Then the Starz deal went sour and you lose what little top-tier content you had... now the Band-Aid you're offering up is the same content that I can get through THREE other existing venues?

    What happened? I'm *really* wondering at this point! Did all the NFLX employees cash out their options when it hit 300, and now everyone's just resting on their laurels? Netflix used to be a great service. It still could be. But competitors like Amazon are no longer firing shots across your bow... they're taking deadly aim, and the ship is sinking.


    I can no longer easily click on an actors name and see all of their movies. Now, as only things that are available on instant streaming are even visible, navigation through different movies, genres, and actors is terrible. Further, there is no awards section so I can't see which award winners are available on instant watch. DO ANY OF YOUR EMPLOYEES ACTUALLY USE NETFLIX?

  55. dear netflix,
    if you would spend just a portion of the budget on delivering a decent selection of streaming dvds that you do on advertising, i might not be out the door. keep your new price scheme, have a great run, there are better deals.

  56. dear netflix,
    at one time you rocked, now i got a feeling you are headed to the same place as aol, myspace, altavista, and a plethora of others.

  57. I couldn't find a place to submit this advice, so I'll place it here and hope someone on the blog staff will forward it appropriately.

    When we rate a movie Nf pops up a list of other movies to rate too. Most of which I wouldn;t touch with a 10-ft. pole. Yet my options for feedback are to rate them with star symbols or "haven't watched this." Please add an option that says, "Not interested." If you want to fine-tune your suggestions, you need to offer the third option.

  58. How come you guys dont have THE LAST HURRAH Directed by Jonathan Stokes..?? Should atleast e able to stream it...

  59. This is so good. nice writings
    Thanks for all posts.

  60. Netflix wasn't losing money before, now they are just greedy. I mean you the Chairman, CEO abd COO. All of you are making mllions off of us and then increase the price by almost double? SHAME ON YOU. I will look foreward to getting rid of my account from you Buzzards.

  61. we want house and third watch on streaming

  62. Why do you not have areas for suggestions or an email address for people with questions. why are you so afraid of allowing participation by the users?

  63. If we wanted to watch cable tv we would record it on our dvr. We joined Netflix for the movies because the cost is less than paying for a premium movie channel such as HBO. With that being said, the movie selection will be poor, at best, once the Starz Play contract ends in Feb 2012. How are you planning on replacing some of the only current films you have? If it's being done with more TV/Reality shows, I can guarantee we will be switching to Redbox.

  64. So when does the "expanded selection" go into effect? Or is it already streaming?


  65. Wow, stock at 112. This gives whole new meaning to "building the company from the group up." Maybe I should start an online movie service, I have nothing either.

  66. I actually INCREASED my service!!! (Well, after cancelling streaming and going to 1-DVD). Since the turnaround time for 1 DVD has gotten so bad, I went to the 2-DVD plan.

    I want to be able to finish the one series I've been watching before Netflix goes bankrupt.


  68. Some of the movies in my Instant streaming Queue are suddenly being eliminated after a certain date. What gives with this? Is Netflix trying to anger the remainder of their customers? This is very unfair.

  69. Just wanted you to know, since there was no where for me to leave comments on my cancellation survey, I have cancelled my account with Netflix BECAUSE of the split in service and the 50% price hike.

    I used to love your service...but when that happened, when I could no longer get streaming AND 1 DVD at a time via mail, your service lost any value it had to me. So long, Netflix. Redbox, here I come!

  70. Netflix stock now at $109.65

  71. Another new low: $108.44.
    Nearly $20 below today's opening rate.

  72. Dear netflix if people are paying to watch movies we should get new movies from 2011 and up I don't think you will be succsesfull without updates you should really think about it maybe raise the price to 9$ a month but with new movies and tv shows all up to date I like it for now but I'm almost done all the tv shows and movies already seen them all.????think about it more movies more customers

  73. Dear Mr. Hastings et al,

    The huge inconvenience factor of having to log in to two different websites, and having to become familiar with two different interfaces, and having to navigate two different content libraries is going to send many users packing. Now, instead of easily toggling between queues when deciding how to save and/or view our selections - especially when a film or show becomes unavailable in one format - we'll have to keep two logged windows open.

    Ease of use is one of the topmost priorities for any online service. Netflix has effectively eliminated that advantage. Taken together with the price increases, reduced content, buggy streaming, and DVD delivery delays, what exactly do you plan to do to keep your remaining subscribers from canceling - let alone lure in new members?

    You are flushing everything that was attractive about your service right down the loo. What a waste.

    PS - New low: 107.74.

  74. Good Going Netflix from $300 to $100. Few more cancellations coming your way....

  75. I had terrible customer service. "Andrew" (code 612 679) was a real prick. So I asked for a supervisor and he refused and hung up on me.

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    The series I'm speaking about was based around a Cuban family whom were trying to adjust to living in the USA, and I remember how funny and how real this show was to myself as well as many American born childern from Cuban parents whom feld the communist island for a free life. I'm also sure that at least 9 in 10 people in Miami have heard of this TV series and I'm sure they will be thrilled to rent it besides myself.

    Your company carries old series so why not this one please let me know if my request will be granted and when will I be able to rent ¿Qué Pasa USA?. Thank you in advance for all your efforts with my request it will be very much appreciated.

  78. Wow, I can't wait to watch none of those shows.

    PS, the wait times on the blu-rays in my queue are crazy ridiculous. I've been waiting for Walking Dead Season 1 for literally MONTHS and it's STILL on Short Wait!

  79. Reality shows suck. I can't believe this is the new direction of a once great company. I've already canceled my dvd's, and I don't see my streaming lasting very long at this rate.

  80. Hastings says " I need to be extra-communicative. This is the key thing I got wrong." then after 10,000 negative responses on Facebook to his apology he says NOTHING! Couldn't respond on the blog here since he DISABLED comments... guess he didn't really care what his customers had to say.

  81. i have nothing to say any more no one at netflix is listening, there just doing what ever and seeing what works ,and with that approach nothing is working. should have left well enough alone, when you try to fix something thats not broke you'll most likley break it, and you did

  82. You guys need to get a life. Netflix is awesome.

  83. What a week and the news keeps flowing! Keep up the good moves Netflix as the world turns.

    And what does this writer think?See:
    FC Expert Blog
    With DreamWorks Deal, Netflix Makes The Haters Reconsider
    BY FC Expert Blogger Richard S. LevickToday

    Thank You,Jason Bourne Eisengon

  84. Hey Cindy Holland, fuck you! And good luck finding another job when Netflix shuts down.

  85. Gosh, I was ready to suck it up and eat the price increase as I figured it would be better in the long run. But this split in service and having to check two websites to maintain two queues may just be the deal breaker for me.

    The service was great until:

    Very bad instant watch redesign.
    Very bad roll out of price increase.
    Very disingenuous apology.
    Split in service.
    And not everyone wants to be on facebook so it's nice to be heard. How about real email communication.

    I don't ever remember watching a company do so many bone-headed things so fast.

    I wonder if they even read the comments?

  86. I was Netflix member but am dismayed over the price increase and the programming available at other sites. After the DVD and streaming nearly doubled in price, I cut Netflix. It has been two weeks and I do not miss it. Sorry Netflix, you bungled a move here; and it was a bad PR move.

  87. As has already been pointed out, the Dreamworks deal is for the animated features *only*. That isn't going to make the 'haters' reconsider. Folks overall are upset by the totality of head-scratching decisions and poor implementation from Netflix.

    I think it's extreme to label members as 'haters'. I for one never had a problem with the price hike per se - I have a problem with the hike in conjunction with reduced service, content, and convenience. That doesn't make me a 'hater'. It doesn't make me an 'entitled' whiner. It makes me a concerned consumer.

  88. Netflix stock closed down 11% today to end at $113.19. What is most interesting part of this downfall is that Reed Hastings no longer owns any shares of the company as of September 22, If the companies founder and CEO has no faith in the company why should anyone else? This also sends a message to Netflix’s members and those considering joining to stay away because the company won’t be around much longer.

  89. Great - more stupid fucking shows to stream. The ui still SUCKS and you price hike SUCKS but as long as I can watch pawn stars I feel better

    fuck off Netflix - I discovered Roku. And Amazon

  90. You know, since Netflix has obviously lost interest in the DVD side of the biz, and is creating distance by separating it from streaming, I hope some savvy company will buy out Qwikster ASAP.

    I get that streaming is the future of home-video entertainment. I myself stream a lot of content. But, currently, there is no substitute for the physical media, as far as quality goes. I much prefer a crisp, uninterrupted viewing experience to the fickle performance and annoying pixelation of streaming/buffering.

    DVD and Blue-ray still have a long life ahead. And there's still money to be made in the rent-by-mail movie biz.

  91. I do not have a problem with changing the prices and changing the organization of your products, but it is that lack of communication that is frusterating, irritating and makes me feel Netflix is not trustworthy. How about an email before you increase any of your prices any time. Which happened also a few months ago, without warning. We have to check our bank statement or our bank internet site for the increases in prices! No warning, yes I know you listed it in you Nexflix account info, but many do not check that on a regular basis!

  92. I would think that the 65% drop in stock price since July would wake the board of directors up...I cancelled my subscription last month- Tired of seeing "new" DVD releases of movies that came out in 2001...So long Netflix, I subscribed to Amazon Prime yesterday...

  93. I'm nowhere near as disgruntled as most of these folks. However, I am disappointed that NF disabled the comments for Reed Hasting's post. You really should be listening to the voice of the customer rather than publicly turning a deaf ear. If you really want to get better listen to the feedback; no matter how painful it is.

  94. netflix brags about there new kids UI and just today they let the user license for word world expire and no longer streams that show. i now have a crying 2 year old with a broken heart. once again content goes down as they brag about nothing and i feel lied to.

    by the way you customer with out kids word world is the best learnibg show for kids.and netflix has no idea.

  95. Cindy Holland,
    Please go bungee jumping off of a 100 foot bridge with a 150 foot bungee cord.
    Former Netflix Customer

  96. need help. I am trying to add and play about 100 movies that pop up my Apple TV netflix instant streaming. They will not be added to my queue and will not play.

    What's going on here?

  97. I'm sorry but it's patently false the CEO doesn't hold any shares. He currently owns 1,147,220 common shares. I have no affiliation with netflix or own any stock. Although over the past 3 months he has sold 50,000 shares. To the tune of about $11 million

  98. Your instant movie selection STINKS! I mean, what a joke for the amount of money you charge. Wandering the aisles of a BlockBuster Video store and seeing a bunch of rotten stinker movies not checked out, with all of the good ones taken earlier in the day was a better option than this. if it weren't for my 3 yr old toddler wanting to watch the same Sesame Street instant streaming episodes so that I could go make his dinner, I'd throw you guys out with yesterday's trash.

  99. I think Cindy Holland's post needs to be filtered through a translator, because not everyone understands CorporateSpeak:

    Cindy Holland wrote, "Expanded Selection from Discovery, TLC, and More!"

    Translation: We can't afford to add movies any more, so learn to like this cheap, low-budget, mind-numbing "reality" crap we've been able to dredge from the cable tv channels you already have.

    Cindy Holland wrote, "Cindy Holland, Netflix VP of Content Acquisition here"

    Translation: Cindy Holland here. Prepare to be misled. I will misrepresent what's really going on and lie to you with a smile all the while, because I'm getting paid to!

    Cindy Holland wrote, "we’re continually adding something for everyone. Enjoy!"

    Translation: We don't care what you think and don't care what you want. Here's what we're spoonfeeding you. Don't like it? Tough!

  100. Thirding Eric's suggestion. Makes me sad every time you post something new that I'm actually excited about, only to realize it's only on US Netflix. :(

  101. Why am I unable to contact customer service online?!?!?! No way to email or anything!!

  102. Great, so when can we expect a GOOD legal streaming site in germany? Waiting, waiting, more waiting.

  103. Big thumbs up on the new Jean-Jacques Beineix additions to streaming. Netflix needs more content like this, and less content like, uh, BBQ Pitmasters and suchlike reality TV and direct-to-video garbage.

  104. Actually, never mind, re: Jean-Jacques Beineix. I spoke too soon. The quality on all of them but one (Betty Blue, which I happen to dislike) is absolute shit. Heavy pixelation and very low-res, I've seen far better quality on most VCDs and AVI files. Absolutely shameful.

  105. i gave up on netflix due to them being unwilling or unable to improve their catalog, and just stick to running icefilms on my appletv.

  106. Justin Bieber?


    that is why i left your stupid fucking company. How bout actually paying attention to WHAT YOUR FUCKING CUSTOMERS WANT!!!!!!

  107. as i look on instant watch browser for netflix i see more kid tv shows will expire, keep going like this and i will be forced to leave ur site. PBS programs are the best
    and your company buys beaver and drops quality programing. WAKE UP NETFLIX ok netflix if you don't want me as a custome that's fine i will shop else where

  108. so what u got discovery tlc and more? your instant ui makes ir so hard to find

  109. This is exactly what Netflix subscribers have been saying all along - even before the price hike and the announcement of a company split:

    "Netflix needs to use its remarkable platform to build deeper customer relationships, differentiating itself by offering benefits that speak to subscribers’ desire for control, comfort, and convenience."

    (from this article, dated today:
    http://www.vision2mobile.com/news/2011/09/netflix-stock-in-freefall-but-loyal-customers-use-service-a-lot.aspx )

    The many ongoing complaints and demands have nothing to do with entitlement and everything to do with a desire for excellence in service, which most subscribers hoped their higher premiums would be paying for.

  110. I agree. Every time I think of something I want to watch it is not available on the streaming movies. I was told when I signed up for this instead of getting the DVD that they had a wonderful library of movies and shows. BOLOGNA!!!!!!! It is horrible.

  111. Report Highlights:

    Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX): Substantial Stock Option Sale made by company Chairman of the Board, President, Chief Executive Officer - Reed Hastings on Sep 29th, at stock price (US$128.13). Disclose date: Sep 29th. Read Full Report: http://www.insiderslab.com/PR3/093011A/NFLX/Netflix.pdf

  112. To John P.

    Taken from Yahoo Finance...

    Major Direct Holders (Forms 3 & 4)
    Holder Shares Reported
    HASTINGS REED 0 Sep 22, 2011
    HOAG JAY C 0 Jul 28, 2011
    HUNT NEIL D 63,615 Sep 1, 2011
    MCCARTHY BARRY 51,563 Nov 30, 2010
    KILGORE LESLIE J 28,628 Jul 25, 2011

    According to this, Hasting has no shares in Netflix. Why do you thik he currently owns 1,147,220 common shares? What I am I seeing wrong?

  113. I wondered if anyone else would make note of yesterday's stock sale by Netflix CEO Hastings. Doesn't demonstrate much faith in the company, does it?

    And, while NFLX closed stronger than it opened, with a price of 113.27, it set another record low today of 107.63.

  114. if what u guys r saying about hasting selling shares, i wonder if he's going to push the price even lower by some screw ball idea, then buy them back at a lower price and fix all the crap he started in the first place lol.

    i wonder if there investergating him yet?

  115. John P,

    Hastings doesn't own any shares of Netflix, outright. What he does have is millions of stock options.

    He appears to be systematically exercising those options, 5000 at a time, converting them to stock and immediately selling them off.

    See here (scroll down to Most Recent Transactions):

    Of course, that is his prerogative to do so, but it still smacks of loss of faith in his company.

  116. Finally the proper comments system is back. I don't have a Facebook account and never will and the idiots at Netflix forced us to use crappy FB.

    I think I'll go to Amazon/Redbox/Blockbuster/FiosOnDemand now.

    Netflix, Qwikster/whatever sucks.

    Streaming content is reducing and frankly sucks. Everything about netflix = sucks.

    Netflix will be in business school as how to turn a golden goose into a turkey in 3 months.

  117. Yay! Dreamworks content will be available so I can watch 3 year old cartoons 2 years from now.

    Stupid idiots at Netflix. Monkeys at the wheel problem.

  118. I need to cancel my membership but the website doesn't let me do it. It says my account info is not available at the moment and I've tried doing it many times for several days. PLEASE HELP ME CANCEL IT

  119. Why are you no longer shipping the next available DVD on my queue list? Surely they can't ALL have a wait. I am getting EXTREMELY tired of seeing "short wait" or "not available until..." When the show is a new release. I can get movies from RED BOX quicker than crapy netflix

  120. So Netflix increase the fees and will separate into 2 companies yet they still put on shitty movie, like Indyfans Kissing cousins, Waiting for Dublin, Betty Blue to name a few.
    YOU SUCK NETFLIX!! Cancelled membership and signed on to Amazon Prime.

  121. we're all tired of your crappy attitude netflix .why are you hiding from us ? why won't you return our calls? we know you're in there. you have to answer the door sometime. seriously get your heads out and do what the people want. stop messing with the user interface. it worked better couple months ago. and please for the love of bill gates dont insult us by disguising the cheap crap your acquiring lately as new arrivals. it implies that they are newish movies. they are not. and do not think that just because i can only afford your 7.99 service that i will be fine with the decline in the quality of the product. millions of others i think would agree on that. the ones that are left anyway. and i really dont care about how «humble» your owner is or isnt. thats a really steep price hike for the dvd subscribers . low blow. in need of fast cash? stop taking the private jet to hawaii. too late? thats what i thought. but you're gonna sell the whole thing anyway so what do you care? this is one example of how and why our economy is on life support. but we all fall for still each day. phhhhhhhhhhhht

  122. I just checked the steaming que. THANKS NETFLIX!for adding better movies and shows to the streaming selection :)

  123. I've already watched the limited amount of streaming content of value, and am now reduced to the 3rd tier rubbish that a German cable provider would be ashamed to broadcast. If you are not very, very afraid after reading the tide of negative posts, you deserve to go down in flames. FYI-your CEO sent his message to the wrong e-mail. I've been trying to get your service people to change it to the right one with zero success. Weak streaming selection, unresponsive service, price increase, and a self-serving apology that just irritated us more - doesn't take an MBA to see where that's leading.

  124. Terrible streaming selection. I cancelled my DVD/streaming and then just restarted the streaming and was appalled at the pathetic selection. I guess I will be cancelling the streaming too especially since I have cable and Amazon Prime.

  125. New streaming content is 5% interesting, 95% third-tier junk.

    Interesting is the 1959 western 'Warlock,' 'Once Upon a Time in the West,' 'Assassination Tango,' 'M. Butterfly,' the Richard Pryor comedy 'Moving' (because it's not on DVD), and -- in the Interesting Trash department - 'Poltergeist II' and 'Poltergeist III,' 'Death Wish II,' and 'Ghoulies.' Not interesting is every post-1996 direct-to-video title, which represents the bulk of new content. In fact, only about 40 new titles date prior to 1993. This is a problem, in my opinion, and does not evidence any of the recently promised improvement in content or quality.

  126. WOW! Netflix, you added a few good TV shows but the movies still suck. You know it is only a 28 day wait too add new movies to streaming and yet you find a way to add shitty movies. Way to win back customers.

    Thanks for nothing.

  127. I just saw that a bunch of British series were added. Really cool. I haven't been happy with the selection lately, so this was a very nice surprise.

  128. Netflix, come closer. Closer...

    [Plants a kiss]

    Thank you for adding 4 seasons of The Unit. I've dreamed of this for months and you read my mind.

    There's the content acquisition issues, sure. But it's not your fault and the subscription was worth it long before today.

    The crazy additions you made over this weekend are both numerous and high quality (Black Swan, American Gangster...we'll ignore Gigli).

    Keep. It. Coming. Winter's Bone would be a good one (hint, hint)


    Much appreciated. Thank you! Merci,

  129. American Gangster and Winter's Bone have been available for streaming since May and June, respectively (both before the price hike and Netsplit announcement). Black Swan is not available for instant play.

    There is definitely something in the streaming library for everyone, especially if you are new to NF, or are a very casual user. But after a while it becomes slim pickings. There just isn't enough fresh, varied, and quality content being added. Certainly not enough to justify the price hike.

    Also take into account that some instant-play series are incomplete, which defeats the purpose of a series. (examples: Touching Evil, Dark Shadows, Columbo) After the company split, what are streaming-only subscribers going to do? Formerly, members could opt to get the missing bits on DVD. Soon, it won't even be an option.

    And, as many have noted, streaming quality is abominable. Pixel-y, blurry, halting video, and frequent buffering issues hamper the viewing experience. And when the screen is re-sized down from fullscreen, it does a spazzy little jump that it didn't used to do.

    So many issues. So little resolution.

  130. Wow, I was going to finally dip into some James Bond and start with Dr. No, but it expired today!

    Just my luck.

    Of course, they only had it available on streaming for about 15 days.

    That seems kind of pointless. Will it renew in the near future? If not, I wonder how much Netflix paid to show Dr. No on streaming for about half a month.

  131. @GeeEmm, I am glad someone else notices the problems with Netflix streaming quality. You mention a glitch that occurs when resizing from fullscreen (which I've also noticed), but I often experience another bug when going in the opposite direction. Quite often, when I go to fullscreen the video freezes. I can fix it by resizing downward and then returning to fullscreen mode, but I wonder why I don't have such issues elsewhere?

    For example, I recently bought a season pass to the 6th season of Doctor Who on Amazon (since Netflix hasn't even begun to stream it yet). I can go fullscreen, resize downward, minimize and then restore the browser window, and the video never so much as hiccups. In fact, I have yet to encounter a single streaming issue with Amazon. And I'm not intending to plug Amazon here, I'm just wondering why Netflix--which wishes to position itself as the King of Streaming and has been making drastic changes recently to secure that title--can't make similar 'drastic' changes to obvious and ongoing issues with streaming quality and reliability?

  132. hey netflix can you please upload some FRESH PRINCE OF BEL AIR EPISODES... its simply the best show ever.. thank you

  133. hey netflix can you please upload some DOCTOR WHO SEASON 6 episodes... its simply been available on Amazon forever and they get the latest episodes the day after they air on cable... thank you

  134. I am still a fan of NF however I do agree with much of the previous sentiment. Now that NF is charging more for essentially the same content I expect to see positive changes in the near future. I am looking for better, newer and more movies. NF don't let us down.

  135. I am so happy about the new expanded selection!

    Megared Coupon

  136. I can't believe how bad the streaming selection on Netflix is, now I look back I realize I used the DVDs to plug holes in the streaming selection. I didn't realize how crappy it was until they separated the plans!

  137. I am really shocked to learn how Netflix stifles customer feedback. They don't even have an email address for customer contact, or at least customer feedback? No wonder they're tanking. They are clearly out of touch with their customers.

  138. I can not believe WORD WORLD is no longer available for streaming by NETFLIX, I alomost want to drop my account, this si the favorite show for my kid. This is a grate mistake on behalf of NETFLIX and they should fix it for the benefit of all their minor audience.

  139. Very brief (e.g., 31-day) licenses on quality titles like 'Mississippi Masala,' while very long licenses on forgotten, made-for-television shit with Judith Light, that looks converted from a VHS recorded in EP mode, such as 'In Defense of Married Men.' 5478 days on that one. Netflix execs, you are lowlife, cynical trash. Your throats should be violently cut.

  140. The aspect ratio for 'Revolution OS' is 2.35:1. The streaming copy Netflix is running is squashed into 1.85:1. Everything is distorted, and the transfer quality overall is quite terrible. Please fix or remove this.

  141. Anonymous said...

    @GeeEmm, I am glad someone else notices the problems with Netflix streaming quality. You mention a glitch that occurs when resizing from fullscreen (which I've also noticed), but I often experience another bug when going in the opposite direction. Quite often, when I go to fullscreen the video freezes. I can fix it by resizing downward and then returning to fullscreen mode, but I wonder why I don't have such issues elsewhere?

    For example, I recently bought a season pass to the 6th season of Doctor Who on Amazon (since Netflix hasn't even begun to stream it yet). I can go fullscreen, resize downward, minimize and then restore the browser window, and the video never so much as hiccups. In fact, I have yet to encounter a single streaming issue with Amazon. And I'm not intending to plug Amazon here, I'm just wondering why Netflix--which wishes to position itself as the King of Streaming and has been making drastic changes recently to secure that title--can't make similar 'drastic' changes to obvious and ongoing issues with streaming quality and reliability?

    October 1, 2011 7:59 PM

    Yes! I have been experiencing that freeze (often with the audio continuing on in the background) with more and more frequency.

    Anonymous said...

    I can't believe how bad the streaming selection on Netflix is, now I look back I realize I used the DVDs to plug holes in the streaming selection. I didn't realize how crappy it was until they separated the plans!

    October 1, 2011 8:54 PM

    Indeed. And streaming-only subscribers can no longer plug those holes. They are left hanging.

    JMoore said...

    The aspect ratio for 'Revolution OS' is 2.35:1. The streaming copy Netflix is running is squashed into 1.85:1. Everything is distorted, and the transfer quality overall is quite terrible. Please fix or remove this.

    October 2, 2011 4:52 AM

    Yet another example of folks at NF being asleep at the wheel.

    To all you NF execs and techs, there are real issues with your service that need to be addressed. Why has no one acknowledged them and pledged to make them right? (And then done so.) You can't keep reducing the basic functionality of your service, and ignoring subscriber complaints, if you expect to keep them around.

    And keep in mind that folks who use your free trial are probably doing the same concurrently with other providers. Once they can see the enormous disparity in quality of streaming delivery, many will say 'No thanks' to NF and sign on with your competitors.

    Arrogance and a blind eye won't keep this biz afloat.

  142. The site layout (I stream through my game console) is still absolutely terrible. I thought with time I will get used to the new layout, but it's just not intuitive. I log in, and on some days I see a 'recently watched' section and some days I don't. Please go back to the old layout!! This is just a total mess!!

  143. So, I think they should add a feature which I call "U-CHOOSE". How many times do you browse through your instant queue and cannot choose what to watch, since there is so much to choose from. Well, here is the answer. It's called "U-CHOOSE. This would be a separate channel that opens within the Netflix app. First, you go to your queue, and there would be a check box that said "U-CHOOSE" next to each entry in your queue. You choose the TV shows, Movies..ect that you want to queue up. They would now play on the separate "U-CHOOSE" channel automatically and in a random order. It's like having your very own TV station playing only the TV shows and movies YOU want to see. Imagine doing chores around the house, cooking, or just being a couch potato and not having to worry about selecting the next TV show or movie to watch. "U-CHOOSE" does it for you...wow!!!

  144. Dan Siciliano,

    That's a marvelous idea! Maybe post that on the NF API forum:

    Unfortunately, since NF can't seem to even get its interface and streaming technology figured out, I doubt they would add that kind of new integrated feature. But the unaffiliated developers (if they haven't given up on NF by now) might have a go at it.

    And, because I'm sure the NF competition is reading member complaints, comments and suggestions on this blog and elsewhere, I wouldn't be surprised to find some incarnation of your U-Choose idea implemented by one (or more) streaming service providers at some point in the near future.

    Snooze you lose, NF.

  145. I have only been watching streamed movies from NF for 3 months. I must say, I am impressed with the selection of foreign movies in particular. I have 80 movies in my Instant Queue, all of them rated at least 3.5 stars. So I am a happy camper so far!

    However, I must say, it takes work to find the good stuff. What I do is open the Internet Movie Database on my iPad, look up the films by a specific director or actor I like, and use the search feature on NF (on my TV) to look up those films and see what is available. My usual search ratio is one available film for every four I look up.

    Here's why I'm writing : please add a feature—preferably in the NF streaming interface, or else, here at the home website—where customers could type in suggested movie titles & years of release (the latter to avoid confusion when there is more than one movie with the same title) to be added to the movies available for streaming. When I search, for example, on ”Treasure of the Sierra Madre" and find that it's not available (it's not!), I could then go type it in as a suggestion. Ideally, then you would get those movies, and then notify the customer when they arrive.

    Thanks! Keep up the good work, especially with the older films, both foreign and American.

  146. Hmmm. Looks like someone has already suggested something like that, Dan.


    No one has jumped on it, or even commented. Seems like that forum is deadsville. Not much going on anymore.

    Sad when even the techies lose interest.

    I wonder what NF plans to do about the account restriction on streaming. I guarantee that people are not going to shell out even more just to be able to share a subscription with their family members. And, really, there need to be optional stream-enabled sub-accounts (at least 2), such that

    a) the master account can create, view, edit, and place restrictions on, all the subs, but

    b) the subs cannot view, access, or edit, the master or any other subs

    This is especially important in households with younger kids. The adults ought to be able to watch whatever they want, without the kids exploring their viewing history, which may be age-inapprapriate for them.

    NF, you want to be the giant in streaming? Then listen to what your subscribers want and need in order to make it worth their while.

    You have a long way to go.

    In the meantime, your competition is getting poised to overtake, overshadow, and basically outdo you.

  147. It is hard to imagine but I think as far as movies go your selection in streaming gets worse and worse. I don't watch TV so if I wasn't interested in watching those shows in the first place I didn't suddenly get a desire to watch them now. I want movies. When you first started streaming there were some decent movies even if they were old, now there is nothing but B movies. Yikes.

  148. Another great idea from FiWebster.

    A title suggestion feature is sorely needed (and has been requested before). And getting an account notification if/when that title becomes available would be even better.

    PS - I do the IMDB search trick, too.

  149. Big Announcement (comments disabled):
    More TV shows to stream.

    What happened to the mantra, "We're also rabid movie fans"?

    I didn't join to get reruns of what I can already see on cable/satellite. What I enjoy are feature films and shorts, obscure/hard to find gems and old classics, independent offerings and international fare. NF is getting out of balance, with too much television and not enough of the movies that subscribers actually want.

    Some TV in the mix is okay, but I think NF is just trying to bulk up its streaming library with cheap cable series, instead of paying for the good stuff.

    Another disappointment.

  150. i just bought 4 seasons of Word World on dvd through amazon so if i want to i can drop netflix streaming, you see that was the only reason i stayed with your instant. also to all you parents who like word world check out www.wordworld.com there u can print out pages to color buy and so much more.

  151. look under( for kids) at www.wordworld.com

  152. Pssst, Netflix:

    Some (perhaps many) of those NBCU shows are available for streaming elsewhere online. For free.

    A quick search online and, voilà, free episodes galore.

    Not a big selling point for your paying subscribers.

  153. I dropped the mail DVD service after the increase, but kept the instant streaming. Now it looks like a huge number of movies and TV shows were removed from instant streaming around Oct. 1st. You weren't ready to make this move. Netflix is promising more in the future, but we are paying now. I probably will drop the instant streaming next month if there is not a big improvement soon. You really blew it, Netflix.

  154. Netflix continues its bold strides toward becoming the premiere provider of the worst of cable TV.

    Since they're splitting services and renaming their DVD branch, why not also give their streaming service a new name--one that more accurately and honestly describes what Netflix is now focused on acquiring and offering?

    It's not movies any more. Now it's crappy and cheap 'reality' cable TV shows.

    I think they should therefore rename their streaming service "Netcrap."

    It's certainly more intuitive, simpler to spell and easier to remember than the name they came up with for their DVD service. What was it? Qwiksand or something?

  155. I think Cindy Holland just forgot to disable comments on this entry.

  156. Ugh.

    Why are you truncating every single streaming video? Every. Single. One.

    Not only must we put up with the glitchy behavior and poor quality of instant play, but now NF is cutting everything short. The loss of one or two seconds was annoying, but 9 and 10 seconds? That's outrageous. What next? Is Netflix going to cut off the credits of every streaming movie and TV show altogether? What about the classics and old B&W films and programs that run the credits at the beginning?

    By the way, if the streaming gets interrupted during the last 5-7 minutes, reloading/rebuffering re-starts the movie instead of picking up where it left off - which means you might miss the ending altogether. The only way to finish the video is to use the slider and hope you can get it to reload at the proper scene.

    This just gets more and more ridiculous.

  157. It just keeps getting better and better.

    Trying to watch Ang Lee's The Wedding Banquet on instant play.

    First, the audio doesn't work unless you select the Chinese language option, even though the movie is primarily in English. (English language is the default setting on the player.)

    Second, each time the playback is interrupted and needs to be reloaded (a frequent occurrence), the language option resets (no audio).

    Third, fifteen minutes in it cuts off and I get this message:

    Title Temporarily Unavailable
    Error code: N8301

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    An occasional streaming issue is tolerable. But that is the new norm for Netflix, not the exception.

  158. hi netflix will a haunting bee on netflix streaming from discovery channel would love to bee able to watch it on netflix streaming hope its comeing soon

  159. Man, I sure wish you would stream Northern Exposure.

  160. The decline of Netflix has been fascinating to watch.

    To me the most interesting aspect of all this is how Netflix pathologically chooses to ignore its customers, yet the CEO himself will break out the webcam, make a stuttering apology and respond to a few Facebook commenters over the space of about an hour once he realizes that people are canceling their accounts.

    "Hi, Netflix here. We don't give a crap what you think. Wait, where's your money? Okay, here's our CEO."

    And yet they still aren't listening, and haven't been for years. Here's a company that's so smug it thinks it doesn't need to listen to the opinions of its customers--in fact it actively controls and stifles them--yet how can it expect to satisfy its customers when it treats their collective voices with such disregard and contempt?

    It's just really interesting to observe all of this happening.

  161. dear netflix

    i hope u are able to improve your site.

    that says it all

  162. I love the tv selection you guys have... Please try to get Bravo's Top Chef (and Top Chef Masters) as well as Inside The Actors' Studio. That would really round out your selection nicely. :)

  163. When is Discovery Channel coming to Netflix Canada