Thursday, September 23, 2010


My Big American Foot is in my mouth. Yesterday, I made an awkward joke with a reporter in Toronto about Americans (like me) being self-absorbed relative to Netflix pricing in Canada. I was wrong to have made the joke, and I do not believe that one of the most philanthropically-minded nations in the world (America) is self-absorbed or full of self-absorbed people. The pricing Netflix is offering in Canada, $7.99 per month, does not include any DVD-by-mail option, and that is why it is cheaper than our $8.99 USA plan which has both DVD-by-mail and streaming in one plan. We are looking at adding a streaming-only option for the USA over the coming months. My apologies to anyone offended by my self-absorbed comment. Sincerely, -Reed

We Blew It

Steve Swasey, VP of corporate communications, here. I want to address an event held by Netflix in downtown Toronto yesterday as part of our launch of Netflix in Canada. The launch included the shooting of a corporate video with some hired extras, who, it turns out, were given improper direction to talk with the news media about their enthusiasm for the Netflix service. This was a mistake and was not intended to be part of our launch plan. Simply put: we blew it. We didn't intend to mislead the media or the public, and we can understand why some have raised questions. We're sorry that our misfire has given Canadians any reasons to doubt our authenticity or our sincerity.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Netflix Launches in Canada

Jessie Becker here, delighted to tell you that today our neighbors to the north (or “neighbours”, to use the Canadian spelling) can instantly watch unlimited movies and TV episodes streaming from Netflix to TVs and computers for only CDN$7.99 a month. It’s the first time Netflix will be available outside of the U.S and I can tell you we’re all excited about it.

Netflix members in Canada can instantly watch movies and popular shows – such as “Superbad,” “A Beautiful Mind” and “Mad Men” – right on their TVs via Nintendo’s Wii, Sony’s PS3 game console, and coming later this fall, Microsoft’s Xbox 360, as well as models from Sharp, VIZIO, Haier and Best Buy’s Insignia brand. Plus, they can instantly watch via Apple’s iPhone or iPad and on PCs and Macs.

A hearty welcome to our Canadian friends, from sea to shining sea.