Friday, April 2, 2010

Netflix Available on iPad

Hi, this is Bill Holmes, VP of Business Development and tomorrow is the day many of you have been waiting for . . . the iPad will be available. I am thrilled to announce that you will be able to instantly watch TV episodes and movies streamed from Netflix on iPad! Netflix unlimited memberships start as low as $8.99 a month and allow you to instantly watch unlimited TV episodes and movies. The Netflix App for iPad is available for free from the App Store on iPad or at For more information, click here. So tell us, what’s the first movie you will instantly watch on your iPad?


  1. Will we still be able to watch Netflix on other devices? Like the TiVo or PS3, or can only only watch on the iPad if we wish to do so?

  2. cool.

    now how about an app for the iphone/ipod touch?

  3. How come Nelfix buries the new releases so that you have to search to find them? How come Sherlock Holmes isn't on the new release page? Where is Fantastic Mr Fox? Are you hiding it so that you don't have to stock enough copies to satisfy all your viewers? You charge but you don't deliver - so disappointing!

  4. When do we get the iPhone version?!?

    It's the iPhone that I have with me at the airport or in a hotel where I need to kill time. I want Netflix on my iPhone!

  5. Pretty nifty. Maybe Netflix will expand on the mobile device platform to social networking. Wouldn't it be nice to share the movie experience (ratings, reviews, lists, etc) with friends? Oh wait...NFLX just killed that feature. #FAIL

  6. This from Hacking Netflix:

    "I asked Todd Yellin (SVP Netflix Marketing) what to do about all these nonsense "Protest reviews" a week ago, via e-mail, and his response:

    If the system works the way it was designed all those non-reviews should be sorted to the bottom by the preponderance of regular users who are bothered as you are. Many users will also flag them out of existence."

    Apparently, Yellin is too much of a putz to bother with confirming or denying any rumored e-mails attributed to him.

  7. Bill,

    Can you please tell us what the plan is for Netflix on iTouch?

    Must everything be a big secret until its announced?

  8. So much whining. Jesus.

    Look forward to playing with this at the Apple store.

    Still hoping for HD streams in the browser.

  9. Great. Now make an iPod touch/iphone app, as I will not be buying an iPad.

    subscriber since 2004

  10. And the iphone/touch app is...

    Or is Netflix just dropping the ball again...

  11. Please make the iPhone version available as well. I can only fit so much in my travel bag.

  12. This is great but the iPhone and iPod touch! Have a laptop and no immediate plans for iPad. Nokia has one now where is the iPhone version? Come on Netflix. Don't leave us hanging. We have been patient for a while now.

  13. This is exciting to me only because it looks like a step in the right direction for Netflix bringing a streaming app to the iPhone.

    Why must we wait so long for a Netflix app? Right now, I'd even settle for an official Netflix app that I could use just for queue manipulation and browsing. We shouldn't have to go through 3rd party developers to have basic functionality for our Netflix account on our phone.

  14. iPhone compatibility PLEASE!! There are times when my ipad will be pointless and I am ALWAYS on my iPhone. PLEASE IPHONE APP!! PLEEEEEEASE! IPHONE APP!!!!! Thanks!

  15. The first movie I'll watch on an iPad will be Erich von Stroheim's 1924 movie Greed.

  16. This is one of the best iPad entertainment announcements we could have hoped for.

    Thank you!

    Satisfied member since Jan 06.

  17. I would love to answer your question but you've severely limited my ability to find movies by removing friend functionality.

  18. iPhone app please - know its on here already, just thought I would add my request to the queue...

  19. iphone APP????????

  20. How did you do it? Looks like the iPad just got its killer app. Thank you Netflix, this is a great surprise and will be the first app I download to the iPad. Think I'll watch The Cable Guy, before the reference is completely obsolete.

  21. There will be no iphone app folks.. get real, there's no nokia app--pay attention the nokia app is only a previewer/que manager..

    This stuff won't stream over 3G..

    The best you can hope for is a jailbreak/hack of the ipad that will maybe work on the iphone 3GS/3rd gen touch.

  22. Iphone app please. I've left NetFlix in the past due to this limitation, but if an app for the iPhone ever comes out, I'll be back onboard again.

  23. Netflix: If Blockbuster online or any other service comes out with a movie streaming app for iPhone and iPod touch before you do, consider my Netflix subscription cancelled. Even if the competition's prices are double yours.

  24. yes its coming iphone/itouch.

  25. iphone app please! i would be ok with a wifi only version!!! i just want to watch stuff on it when i can!! please!! release next week!

  26. You shouldn't be able to stream content designed for a movie or TV screen onto such a small device, such as the iPhone or iTouch! Why would you want to watch something that a team of creative people put a lot of thought, care, and money into, just so you can watch on a screen a couple of inches wide. You would lose the essence of the entertainment. This is why they put it on the iPad since its screen can do the moving image justice.
    And people, if you want to vent about something off topic, there are other places to do it besides here.

  27. It's great you've released an app for a device that hasn't been released yet! How about an app for the iPhone/iPod touch which has been out several years now and has sold millions? Even if it were wifi only, it would still be great.

  28. Do you regret asking for comments?

  29. please make an iPhone APP.
    it is great you jumped about the bandwagon for iPad, but there are millions of devices that would be more than willing to get streaming on their iPhone/iTouch even if that was just wifi.

  30. When do we get a android version?. To be honest I am sort of disappointed that this new apple product gets it when there are so many mobile iphone/android/
    mameo/symbian rim users. If I can use orb to stream movies to my droid then there should be a netflix watch instantly client. The only reason I use netflix is for the streaming and if a service comes along that offers it to my pc and phone I will switch.

  31. Hope an android client is in the works.

  32. Don't forget an app for the millions of iPhone users. Not all of us will be getting iPad when we already have the pocket version. I look forward to watching Instant Watch on the iPhone (the small screen will be perfect for those SD TV shows on Netflix).

  33. Nice work. Thanks! Also, nice work on the Wii port. Better than I expected. But you can plainly see there is demand for iphone/ipod app too. I will be dl-ing the ipad app tomorrow.

  34. Great job, Netflix! We enjoy your service a lot. Between the DVDs that come in the mail and watching instantly over the Wii, you've got it covered.

    Very happy customer here. We tell everyone about Netflix.

  35. Sigh...iPod touch please. iPad...meh. I've got the touch in my pocket all the time and wifi everywhere I go. Nothing like some mythbuster while waiting for the bus.

  36. I'm happy to be a loyal Netflix subscriber and to see your efforts to expand service delivery options to Wii and IPad. Moving to iphone, itouch, Nintendo DS, PSP Go, etc. will only increase subscriptions and make the company stronger and i hope you are considering these. I know you cannot announce these things until they come out because of legal constraints. Good job reacting to the market. Your continuing to do so will only strengthen your company. (I'd personally love to see an iphone application like millions of others!) Kudos!

  37. Hey, Anonymous..AKA MR Wizard!! can find new releases on the blog page, under links...."DVD's releasing this week"..updates every Sunday for all genres, and WI too.
    and, if you don't like the service...Leave, quit, adios!!..simple.

  38. what's really needed is an "app" for Apple TV.

    You can do it!

  39. WTF get the Netflix app for touch! Can't fit an iPad in my pocket! btw iPad sounds too much like a female hygiene product.

  40. Omg. So many complainers. For a generation so keen on the biggest lcd, everyone sure seems eager to watch tv and movies on a 3" screen. No thanks. The iPad is a device I could actually see myself watching videos on. Not sure if I'll get one or not, but this announcement has me thinking about it a lot more that I was before.

  41. I am trying to download but the download button is "grayed" out...anyone else unable to download it yet?

  42. Cool!!! Now release it on the iPhone please!!

  43. I'm very curious how this works... I'm not too up on things, but I thought every Netflix implementation was either Flash, Silverlight, or an embedded proprietary system. The iPad doesn't support Flash or Silverlight (a fact for which I am grateful). So either you've written your own playback engine (which wouldn't support hardware decoding thus would kill the battery), or are supporting standard H.264. And if using H.264, are you getting on the HTTP Live Streaming bandwagon? If so, that's HUGE in a very good way. Also curious how you deal with DRM in that situation. But mostly curious on the H.264/HTTP Live Streaming thing.

  44. So you have an iPad player and we've seen the windows phone 7 player. You're working on an Android player right?... right?

  45. Netflix is the best. Can't wait to use it on my iPad! Thanks!

  46. So Netflix has no trouble bringing out service to a brand new platform, the iPad, or to an older one, the Wii, and they have all kinds of interest in predicting movies to recommend, yet they do nothing about captioning on download movies.

    I just canceled my trial membership, and among the many possible reasons for canceling, they failed to include, "No captions on downloads." So I came here to give that feedback.

  47. So lets see, you create an application for a device that will have barely 1M users vs. the iPhone that has 10's of million users? That's lame. The iPhone should have been first or at the least released at the same time.

  48. Great info, I would like the app for my iPod touch where I can update the queue and even stream shows onto the iPod touch. I know everything is flash, but maybe you have that solved now! I have a roku-HD and watch netflix on my tv, too. Thanks netflix! Streaming is the future right?

  49. Good going Netflix.

  50. This app fails on the iPad if you have to reset your password. I jumped out of the app to mail to reset my password and when I go back into the app it's on the enter email for password reset screen and I can't use the back arrows to get to the home screen and there is no link to get to the home screen. So I'm stuck at that screen and can't use the app!

  51. That's nice. Perhaps for your next technological feat you could bring back the Friends section of the website.

  52. This comment has been removed by the author.

  53. Looks like i will be reviving by subscription to NetFlix.

  54. The next Netflix blog post says there was "terrific response" to the news that Netflix would be streaming to ipad. There are, as of this writing, a total of 58 responses to that blog announcement, some of which continue to protest the crippling of the Friends and lists features. I somehow doubt that the customer support phone lines were flooded with people calling just to say how great future streaming to ipad is. There have been 20 times plus this many comments protesting the removal of Friends features, which Netflix spokesmen minimize as representing "only 2 percent of users" who are "atypical." In what statistical world does 58 posts equal a "terrific response" while 1000+ posts across 3 blog messages represents a trivial minority view?

  55. I hope Android gets the same special treatment as Apple. Being that both of these devices are UNIX and Linux ... the argument of no Linux support should be a non issue. I love your service but I think you are leaving a lot of people out by not support Linux and Android.

  56. I just signed up and downloaded the iPad player. Works great, except it does not output to tv over the componet cable. I suspect this is because it was not possible to test this in the simulator.

    Any chance this can be fixed? Certainly makes the iPad more usable for netflix!

  57. Bitrate used for ipad seems to be less that what is used for streaming to PC/laptops, why is it lesser quality for ipad?

  58. Please stop developing for micro-niche devices that offer customers negligable benfit, but deliver marketing power to you, and start getting your queue fixed. I have SIX movies in "long wait" or not available. Spend the money and get movies like "The Blind Side" in your queue the day they come out. I'm not here to have movies on a phone, I'm here to get new releases into my home.

  59. I have the Wii disc for 2 weeks now. It is GREAT!!!

  60. Bought an IPAD and streaming video from Netflix works great. Here is the problem ...I don't get video on my TV that I've connected using Apple composite cables to my IPAD. Doesnt Netflix allow the streaming through the IPAD connector? Youtube works but not netflix

  61. What about netflix on Android? This phone has the highest growth rate of any smartphone currently.

  62. How about a "watch instantly" app for Android. With the coming release of the HTC EVO using Sprint's 4G network, download speed won't be a problem. Come on Netflix, make it happen!

  63. Instantly watching on the iPad works great - connecting the TV Audio Component cable plays only sound, not video - the cable successfully plays iTunes and Youtube, so it's not the device or the connection. Can't find any settings that could make it work.

  64. >>> "So much whining. Jesus."

    Sad, isn't it? Netflix is one of the best things to come out of the Internet boom, but there is nothing in this world that won't collect a set of blubbering crybabies shouting "oh woe is me!" over the most trivial things.

    The Netflix streaming may actually sell me an iPad.

    Re: new releases: the page is there, folks, for people who want it. If having it out of the way means it sticks around, then so be it. Geez, there *is* a link for it on the official blog.


    Gosh, that was hard to find! I'm a regular Indiana Jones here!

    Now this guy:

    >>> Where is Fantastic Mr Fox?
    >>> Are you hiding it... ?

    Have you tried, like, typing the movie title into the search box? In the time it took you to post your preschool blubbering, you could have found the film's page. It's in *my* queue. *I* got it off the new releases page that seems to elude the clueless here.

    Seriously, some of you sound like you are mentally handicapped. Are you really this helpless?

  65. >>> "This phone has the highest
    >>> growth rate of any smartphone
    >>> currently."

    Everyone does this. They see Product A go from 1 million units to 1.1 million units (100,000 unit increase, or 10%) and Product B go from 1000 to 2000 and say "ZOMFG! Priduct B has 100% increase!!1!! It's totally pwning Product A!!!!!"

    Not knocking the Android, just the general innumeracy of the populace.

  66. The App is great, but I can't select individual episodes from a Season. It just starts playing episode one.

    If you can fix this it will be darn near perfect.

  67. Thanks Netflix guys! You were listening!

    Subscriber from way back.

  68. We need a watch instantly app for Android!

    And we need it soon!

    Netflix & Motorola Droid

    A match made in heaven!

  69. Awesome App. Just what I was looking for to renew my Netflix subscription.
    Netflix + iPad

  70. Since I can't find any way to send positive feedback via email, I'll leave a note here: Thanks. This prompted me to un-suspend my account, since previously the only "device" I had to watch streaming media on was my computer, with the corresponding low quality video.

    Thanks for a great app.

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  72. Waaaah! I want this on Linux and my Atari 2600! Why don't they listen!?! Waaaah! I won't cancel my sub or anything, I'll just stay here and cry..Woe woe woe.

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  74. Many users won't use Mac products.

    Many users do use your friends feature.

  75. Yo! Looking at your categories, i see Caption (1)

    You promised closed caption almost a year ago. After numerous of platforms, yet no closed ???

    Say something please! It takes lot of work to do multiple platform, and work to sounds and yet no caption ??

    Microsoft already has Closed Caption demos, almost a year ago. So I re-iterate, where are the captions ??

  76. please don't forget about ipod touch/iphone.

  77. Please make a Droid app too if you're going to reach for the over rated iPhone. I can understand the iPad because of the size of the screen. But why make an iPhone app and leave out the better smart phone?

  78. you put netflix on this stupid device before linux???

  79. This app is awesome, the only problem is it does not support the component video cables or the USB cables. The point of the ipad and this app is so I don't have to buy a blue-ray player with streaming media for my home theater. The iPad can be my multi-media device for my home theater, so Netflix, please fix the app, as I undestand you just have to add a call in the app to enable them just like youtube and apple videos do.

  80. I have to agree with Corey from NJ in that I'd like to see the Netflix streaming on the iPad be available through the TV out composite/componant/vga cables, similar to how other sites, like, are doing it.

  81. I have a suggestion. What would make this application so much better would be the ability to watch movies/shows offline. Being able to save a select few movies that download to the device for offline viewing like a long plane trip for instance. I don't think there should be licensing problems with this, since the media is still encoded, and controlled through the Netflix application.

    Grooveshark's official-unofficial iPhone/iPod touch app does this, and I find it to be a great feature, but the Netflix app would benefit from it so much more!

    Next version?! yeah? please?

  82. I just signed up and downloaded the iPad player. Works great, except it does not output to tv over the componet cable.

    Please fix this. It would certainly make the iPad more usable for netflix!

  83. bring back the friend section you jerks.

  84. iPad app has user interface glitches

    The search box is covered with a tab, so it's almost impossible to search for movies using the iPad app. There is no way to report this issue on the Netflix website

  85. Look at the ABC app! They make it look so good. Why are we stuck with a ridiculous browser-like experience?

  86. The netflix app for the iPad is great but I do have a question: why can I not connect my iPad to my TV and view my netflix stream on the TV?

  87. The first one I'll watch will be the first one you provide captions for. How's that "technologically difficult" (LOL!!) promise of yours going

  88. Not giving us Avatar and getting in bed with Newline, 20th Century Fox and Universal is going to cost you a LOT of subscribers!

    How dare you think we'll just sit around and get screwed out of new releases.

    Making the deal to deny us Avatar and tossing us all under the bus is definitely going to effect your bottom line more than you think.

    The nerve!

  89. The iPad app does not send video out the dock so I can watch it on my TV.

    Please include this in the next update. PLEEEEESE


  90. Where are the closed captioning options for streaming content? This should be a non-issue by now. Hulu is doing it and their content is free. Empty explanations about how the coding is different or whatever doesn't cut it.

    All online content providers, Netflix, Blockbuster, Apple, Amazon, etc should be ashamed of themselves for not providing closed captioning. They are disenfranchising deaf and hard of hearing viewers, not to mention those who just prefer to have captioning.

  91. I am so surprised by the continual complaints about Netflix. I've been a member since 2000 and never had a problem with them. Damaged disks replaced promptly, one lost disk I was not charged for. Then the ability to watch movies via my computer and now the ability to watch them via television. Closed captioning would be a plus for me, but I believe they'll get it done in due time.

    I say give these people a break. Maybe they're not doing things as fast as some would like, but they are making progress. I'll be sticking with them for a long time. Haven't received my disk for the Wii either, but I can live without it until it gets here. Movies are great,a but there's more to life than parking in front of your TV set.

  92. Oops, got the above post in the wrong thread.

  93. It's a shame there are so many folks putting what I assume is advertising on this blog. I guess they consider it free advertising, but I would never buy anything from anyone who is so intrusive and pushy as to invade a blog with their ads.

  94. Oh no! It doesn't display video using the iPad's component output. Please fix this!

  95. 1 more for iphone.

  96. This comment has been removed by the author.

  97. Hey guys at netflix

    i recently received the Ipad as a gift and when i heard netflix was coming i started to celebrate. My issue with the app is that i tried to use the official apple AV cable(since you know not every Tv in hotels,homes etc are HDTV's)and all i get is the audio but no video what gives guys? can we fix this ok

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  99. The Star Ratings don't work on the iPad. Is this something that will be addressed in a future update?

  100. Add video out functionality to Netflix app!!!

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  103. The Netflix iPad app is just awesome. Thanx and continue the good work. Looking forward to having it on my iPhone as well for those times when I just want to watch something on the fly (like on a train or bus).

  104. I saw a review where all was well, except you cannot port the video to an external monitor/TV/device....hopefully this will be corrected. Seems to be an Apple "feature" See it at - Dock Connector to VGA Adaptor article.

  105. Perhaps Netflix will finally get around to supporting the older G5 based Macs. I've got a dual core connected to a 30 inch monitor that I'd love to be able to have Netflix stream to. Unfortunately with the way Apple's designing their products, none of their newer non-MacPro machines or laptops will support their 30 inch monitor without a $99 cable that seems to get poor reviews. Surely the G5 processors have more power than an iPad.

  106. If your engineers cannot figure out how to do TV out for netflix app, Apple provides the code to do that, It is copied below. I am hoping to see the support TV out in the next release of netflix app.

    To display content on an external display, do the following:

    Use the screens class method of the UIScreen class to determine if an external display is available.
    If an external screen is available, get the screen object and look at the values in its availableModes property. This property contains the configurations supported by the screen.
    Select the UIScreenMode object corresponding to the desired resolution and assign it to the currentMode property of the screen object.
    Create a new window object (UIWindow) to display your content.
    Assign the screen object to the screen property of your new window.
    Configure the window (by adding views or setting up your OpenGL ES rendering context).
    Show the window.

    Check "Support for External Displays and Projectors" section of below link

  107. Got ipad, one big reason was the netflix app. Hooked up to tv and yep, no video how lame. Only youtube, etc.

    Now I hear new releases being dropped.

    Then, I figure I'll get into some great old tv shows I missed the boat on. Nope. Only plays first episode of the DVD then quits. Great. I was really looking forward to that too...

    Lame app. Now I can't save the cash and i have to get a blue Ray with streaming support. And will make darn sure it supports Blockbuster and whatever else...

  108. I love this app !! Honestly, I renewed my netflix account after a 2 year lapse just to try it, and I'm hooked. However, I am very, ah,... amused (?) with all of the animosity toward this app not including iPhone/ iPod touch support. The iPad has a great screen size and resolution to present this type of application. I see that there will be an iPhone app soon, but I, for one, couldn't watch my iPhone screen for two hours without a headache, or worse. But for those who economically are unable to purchase an iPad, I can understand the frustration. While the rest of us enjoy !

  109. Where is streaming for Linux computers?

  110. Where is streaming for Linux computers?

  111. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add video out support for those of us with cables!

  112. When will the Netflix app play in fullscreen mode so we can watch movies without the status bar at the top of the iPad?

    It really ruins the experience of watching a film when there's interface elements getting in the way.

  113. We just waiting for NetFlix on to my device . I just love to iPad devices and NetFlix is really a great advantage of it. Follow on to this link to know more...

  114. Update today provides VGA Ouput!

  115. New version of Netflix for iPad came out today, but the search box is still covered by the tabs on the top of the user interface! Very frustrating because it makes it very difficult to search for movies on the iPad.

  116. how about the ipod? a regular ipod? i know it doesn't have streaming but isn't there a way to download a movie for a short amount of time - like on itunes? (i don't want to pay $3.99 to rent a movie on itunes when i'm already paying for netflix. plus, netflix's selection is far superior.) i'm not getting an ipad/iphone/ipod touch anytime soon.
    Btw, i'm very pleased with my netflix on the wii! love it!

  117. Desperate for this on iPhone/itouch! The install base is simply staggering and it would be such an inducement for people to sign up for netflix!

  118. Please, oh please...make it work on apple tv. Why has Apple left us in the dark!

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  120. I would like to see an update to the iPad app that allows you to select which episode you are watching on a streaming series. I'm tired of watching the same episode of Leverage!

  121. Bill, I can honestly say that this is the worst app I have ever used on my iPad. All this app has to do is do ONE THING: stream videos. And it completely fails at that. The video streaming is completely choppy, the audio cuts in and out, and worst of all, you can't even rewind or fast forward your video! The people at Netflix should look at themselves in the mirror and shame themselves for writing such a lousy app that doesn't even work. The app is crap.

  122. Oh, iPad is cool...Linux would also be great.

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  127. That is awesome. Now just waiting on the app for the iphone/ ipod touch. All in due time I'm sure.

  128. I'll jump on the bandwagon and say, where is the app for the iPhone?
    I just saw the iPad app this evening and really makes me want the iPhone app.

  129. my account gives me 4 tabs at the top—obscuring the "search" and "sign out" selection. i want to remove the "watch comedy instantly" tab. other people that i've gotten to join netflix don't have this fourth tab (only 3).

    it's been present from day one. i don't watch much comedy. how do i delete it?

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  134. Hi Bill
    We are airing a Wii bundle on QVC (shop at home retailer) and would like to highlight Netflix functionality on the Wii. Is this something we can work together on? Please let me know, it would be great if we can get someone from Netflix to go on air and demo how easy it is to use. Please let me know

  135. Hi,
    Using iPad. I am getting an error box. Alert Failed to Register. I have reinstalled and disconnected from my PC account. Any thoughts?

  136. You people bitch too much. Netflix is a great service and too be honest I dont see the value in an IPad with out Netflix and reading ebooks on it.

    Its not like it is a game machine or good for work. It is an entertainment tool and Netflix is critical to that.

    And all you do is complain. Wow.

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  138. tabs still cover search in the ipad UI - of course none of the people in phone support have touched an iPad so they play dumb on the phone.

    They've also broken the application with the latest update. You get your clock/battery status bar viewable, but the app itself is now so laggy that you're best bet is to not update, or to manage movies in safari, and then use the app to view movies only.

    Seriously, there's iPad dev groups out there if you can't manage a simple SDK. Hire one.

  139. Actually it no longer works at all on the iPad. We've tested it on a WiFi connection and a 3G connection. I don't mind the lack, but having an app that sets you up for disappointment is mighty frustrating.

  140. Does anyone know if I can watch Netflix on an iPad with internet download speeds of only 1 to maybe 2 mbps?


  141. I have some comments from my experience with user interface. I like the iPad version however there are some suggestions:

    1) In the PC version, you hover over the blue “Play” button and it shows “Add to instant queue” We need that in the iPad version. You could make the blue play button have two parts – one is Play and the other Add to Instant Queue.

    2) We need the titles over the movie icon/cover art like in the PC version. Many titles cannot be read from the cover/icon.

    3) It’s very slow at times. Try to speed it up.

    4) I keep accidentally hitting the “Play” button when I am try to do something else.

    5) The UI in general looks like a copy of the PC version. Please put the time and effort into an iPad version. There are many apps that do this like WebMD.

    Thanks for reading. Michael
    You can contact me at mjgillen at yahoo dotdotdot com.

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  146. How about an app for android phone? Mac Dylan

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  148. I realize there are a lot of junk posts, but will netflix ever address the issue of only being able to watch the first episode of a season on the ipad - PLEASE!!!!

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  151. Love it but it needs some work on the scrubbing as it does not always work properly. I also have had some problems with seeing exactly where I left off after completing an episode.

  152. Why is it that the "free" movies stop/pause every 10 seconds?! Seriously- it's annoying for me but try watching a movie w/ a 3 year old and it gets crazy old FAST! Hope it gets fixed soon- as in NOW (as the kids say).

  153. This comment has been removed by the author.

  154. I have made an article on how to use Netflix on the iPad outside the US. See the guide here

  155. This comment has been removed by the author.

  156. Once again, Netflix outdoes themselves! I'm really looking forward to trying this (my family just purchased an iPad), but I just have one small question: how large is the size of each film? If each film uses several gigabytes to stream (hard to imagine, but possible), our family would obviously only want to use the application over Wifi. Thank you so much!

  157. Aug 8,2010: I am impressed with Netflix on iPad when it works: good streaming, no jitter, very good quality video; BUT I am very disappointed that there is no rhyme or reason to when it crashes the entire app, when it halts in mid-streaming, when it jitters, and then either returns to smooth movie-play or else folds its tent altogether. It is even worse trying to get stable movie playback on HDTV using Apple Component Cable: in 3 days 3 movies all in the evening, 2 crashed, 1 sailed through the complete movie perfectly. Netflix on MacBook Pro (mid-2009) with Kanex DVI-HDMI cable works fine almost every time for a dozen plus movies. - AW


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