Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Movie Details Page Rolled Out

Hi everyone. Jamie from product management here. We just finished the roll out of our new movie details page. We've redesigned the page around the most important information (based on member surveys and user research). Here's some of the changes you'll find:
  • Important information is at the top of the page: synopsis, rating, length, year of release, cast, and genre are all at the top of the page along with the box shot.
  • Better support for episodic content such as TV shows: quick access to the next episode, easy to see, easy to see which episodes you've already watched.
  • One page for each title, regardless of if the title is streaming, DVD, or Blu-Ray. All the details for each format are presented on one page.
  • Easy to find similar content using the row of similar titles at the bottom of the page or by genre, cast member, or theme.
Happy watching!