Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Netflix on Windows Media Center

Hi, Pedro Freitas here from Netflix product development.

We are pleased to announce Netflix is now available in Windows Media Center for Windows Vista-based PCs.

Windows Media Center is the first integration to take advantage of the new Netflix recommended category lists of titles that can be watched instantly.

In Windows Media Center, a new Netflix tile will appear under “TV + Movies”. To stream movies and TV shows from Netflix, just click on the new Netflix tile and login with your Netflix account.

The entire Netflix library can be searched using the PC keyboard or a Windows Media Center-compatible remote control and manage both the instant and DVD Queues.

See the news release for more details.

Enjoy the movies!

(update: added details on how to find Netflix on Windows Media Center)

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Netflix App Gallery

Hi, Michael Hart here from Netflix product development. I’m excited to tell you about the launch of the Netflix App Gallery. The App Gallery showcases the diversity of Netflix-integrated applications and websites from partners.

Looking for a way to access Netflix on your phone? Choose from nine different mobile applications. Want to search for movies and add them to your queue from Twitter? We’ve got you covered.

Watch this space: new applications are being developed every week, so come back and visit the Gallery often to see what's new as well as rate and review the apps you've already tried out.

Application developers looking for more information about how to develop their own Netflix-integrated applications can find more information at the Netflix Developer Portal.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Issue last night with watching instantly on the computer

Hi, this is Jessie Becker, VP of Marketing, with an update about a technical issue we had last night.

From about 5 to 11 Pacific time last night, most Netflix members who tried to instantly watch movies or TV shows on their PCs or Macs were unable to do so.

During this time period, our members could instantly watch movies and TV shows on their TVs via Netflix Ready Devices (Xbox 360, Roku, LG Electronics and Samsung Blu-ray disc players and TiVo HD DVR).

We apologize to those members who visited the site last night and couldn’t watch instantly on their computers. We are contacting those members today to offer a credit to their next billing statement.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

More Accurate Star Predictions

Hi, this is Todd Yellin, Director of Product Management, and Jon Sanders, Director of Recommendation Systems, here at Netflix. We’re pleased to announce that we have improved the way we predict the movies you’re going to love. We’ve deployed a new algorithm that allows us to make more accurate guesses at how much our members will enjoy each movie in our the vast Netflix catalog. We are indebted to the Netflix Prize contestants who made these improvements possible, and who continue to innovate in this area. (If you’re not familiar with the Netflix Prize, it’s kind of like “Who Wants to Be A Millionaire” for data miners. Read about it here: )

Members who rate movies will now receive better guidance on how many stars they’re likely to give movies they haven’t seen (aka “our best guess for you”). These star predictions influence the movies we feature on many pages of the Netflix website, in particular in the Movies You’ll Love area. For most members the effect of the new algorithm will be subtle, and we hope rewarding. In the coming months we’ll be testing ways to use these improved star predictions so our members can create even more personalized websites that make it faster and easier to explore the more than 100,000 titles available on DVD and Blu-ray disc and the more than 12,000 streaming titles at Netflix.

Enjoy the movies!