Monday, June 1, 2009

New Ways to Enjoy Netflix on your Xbox 360

Hi, Catherine Fisher here from Netflix Corporate Communications. Microsoft swept E3 today with some exciting new ways to experience the Xbox 360. The news we are most excited about, of course, involves Netflix. Available this Fall, if you are an Xbox Gold LIVE member, you will be able to browse and add movies and TV episodes to your instant Queue directly from your Xbox 360 – you don’t have to go to your computer. And with the announcement of Xbox LIVE Party, you will be able to simultaneously watch movies on your Xbox 360 with up to seven friends – bantering back and forth about what you are watching. More than one million Xbox LIVE Gold members have already enjoyed more than 1.5 billion minutes of movies and TV episodes via Netflix since November 2008, and we hope you are as excited about the new ways to enjoy movies and TV episodes from Netflix on your Xbox 360 as we are.  


  1. Are these new features available now?

  2. When will these features be available?

  3. Yeah, when will it be available? I knew this was gonna happen eventually, but like most things MS did today at E3, I was more impressed then I thought it would be. ^_^

  4. When will we see more instant streaming titles? The selection right now is just not that good.

  5. I'm looking forward to the new updates, but I want to know when will Microsoft stop triple dipping and allow Vista users to use Media Center? I don't feel it's justified for them to get money from me having the OS, the Xbox, *AND* a Gold subscription...Perhaps the Silver subscribers can have just plain viewing and no more once the updates are done?

  6. When will we see these new features?

  7. I know this isn't the right place to ask, but I cannot find an "email us" link anywhere on the website, and none of the help stuff is answering my question.

    Where does one go on the website to suggest a purchase?

    Please do not tell me you don't take suggestions for purchase from your subscribers.

    Thank you.

  8. Netflix Hate oh no thats too much of a harsh word. Disliked Maybe?? Yeah I'll use that Netflix dislike Deaf people, hard of hearing people and anyone who has some sort of hearing loss... I say we together should unit and fight against netflix to make it work for us.. there are over 2million deafies out there in the USA and is still counting... If all of us could just unite and cancel out netflix, I like to see what would happen!!

    Crash and Burn netflix!!!

  9. I suppose this means the same meager selection of Watch Instantly titles? You're still the best Netflix, but I hope you can add more and better choices to your Watch Instantly library. Is it an issue of licensing?

  10. Did you know that the new release section on your website doesn't show most of the latest new releases? I have to go to other websites to find out what they are. For example, "Defiance", "Revolutionary Road", and "He's Just Not That Into You" all come out on DVD today, June 2, but cannot be found on your new release section. What's up with that?

  11. To Anonymous poster, Netflix is not into promoting new releases because that would create more "long waits" in their customers queue. With over 10 million members, it would be hard to accommodate all members requesting new realeases especially the first two weeks of its release date.


    Can we please have a blog post called "Problems and Recommendations"???????

  13. Who cares about watching a movie at the same time? How about having some sort of decent XBOX cache size so that quality doesn't drop to YouTube levels the moment there's a tiny hiccup in the internet service?

  14. Big deal, get NetFlix on PS3 and I'll be impressed. No excuses; just do it.

  15. A new way to enjoy Netflix would be to add media center extender support to your new plugin. That would be AMAZING!!! Thanks!!

  16. How To Contact Netflix
    Questions? Lost DVD?
    Call Netflix at 866-716-0414.

  17. I saw this on site today and was outraged-- "Mr. Hastings said other sites didn't offer captions, and mentioned as one of them." This is a grossly incorrect statement, as Matthew points out. DOES have some captioned video. But that's not all. Netflix's insensitive, ignorant CEO also said that when captioning technology was more widespread (i.e., improved) Netflix would "incorporate" it. Hello! The technology for online captioning has been available for years! And even that's not all. Hastings also had the nerve to exhibit a "let them eat cake" attitude, saying that deaf customers could get captioned DVDs in the mail!
    Well if that is the attitude of netflix then I guess I can go back to getting my DVD's at the mall also.

    Mr. Hastings, You should be ashamed of yourself!

  18. The wait for new releases is getting worse while subscriptions increase. Buy more copies, Netflix! Or get ready for some serious churn.

  19. I'd like to see Netflix on Playstation3.

  20. I just got a survey from Netflix on the relative importance between Watch Instantly and DVD-by-mail to my household.

    Unfortunately, the survey did not have a section to leave free-form comments. My main comment would be that we need better selection on the Watch Instantly titles.

    What happens now is that if we want to watch a movie and don't find something interesting on Watch Instantly (often the case), we end up going to the Redbox down the street, instead of waiting for the movie to come through the mail from Netflix. That's a lot of lost potential revenue to Netflix...

  21. Why doesn't netflix have closed captioning on their download movies?

  22. No! No streaming video, do not want, not interested, where's the place I can opt out?

    More mildly:
    It would be nice to be able to opt out of streaming video. I don't have the broadband firepower to download, and the need close-captioned or subtitled movies (notoriously and egregiously absent from streaming videos--) I don't have a cable connection. I get annoyed by all the offers for streaming video and would like to be able to click a button that says "Don't offer me streaming video..."

  23. Tiphanie and other have suggested that Netflix is unkind to deaf and hard of hearing folks or worse..."that Netflix dislike Deaf people, hard of hearing people and anyone who has some sort of hearing loss.."

    I don't think so. I need captions, but I am not at all interested in streaming video. Too bandwidth intensive, give me a DVD I can watch at my leisure -- and Netflix has a pretty good supply of captioned and subtitled DVDs -- in fact Netflix does a far better job than BB of providing information about captioning and subs -- misinformation sometimes, but not often enough to quibble. (you want to watch the latest movies/Teevee shows with subs? go to pirate Bay and Not that I would.)

  24. Great. Now where is the Playstation 3 support? Ok, xbox live is a paid subscription, so what? Make ps3 users download the netflix app for 9.99 or something from the store. Seriously, this is a whole segment of netflix users that are getting left out. Who cares about added features? Support the obvious devices first. Don't even get me started about lack of linux support.

  25. Great news for the new browsing feature on the Xbox. Any idea when we might see multi-channel\5.1 audio for streaming to the Xbox?

  26. If you are asking a question to Netflix here, don't hold your breath. (specifically responding to the first posters here)

    Almost 1200 comments on the Netflix Blu-Ray price increase and not a single response from Netflix.

    Don't let the blog format and ability to comment fool you. Netflix has no intentions (so far it seems) of making this site a conduit for a two-way dialogue about anything posted here. Sadly, it is nothing more than a site to put press releases on.

  27. That is great you are making your service available on more devices, however, if you don't seriously update your instantly available catalog, people are not going ot use your service. For example... how about the last couple years of LOST or any of the Stargate Atlantis series or Battlestar Galactica for that matter. Please add these quickly to your instantly available.

  28. How bout netflix on linux so I can use my mythbox with netflix?

  29. I love the ability to "watch instantly" on my Roku! When will more movies be available? PLEASE keep adding more titles!

  30. Netflix subscriberJune 6, 2009 at 2:34 PM

    can you please enable instant watch for those of us using Windows 7 RC? It will be a good opportunity for Netflix to understand the things you need to do to make it work before the Win7 launch this fall.

    - a subscriber

  31. I would be if I got even SD television quality when I stream to my Xbox360. My internet speed consistently tests at 15-19Mb/s, and yet I still am never able to make it all the way through any program without it dropping to the worst quality. And from there it's basically unwatchable. I certainly don't want to add my friends voices to my internet stream and just lower the quality even more.

  32. Big deal.. don't care about Netflix on XBox 360. I use PlayOn and watch it on whatever device I want that support DLNA.

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  34. What about the Nintendo Wii? When will Netflix support this device?

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  36. That would be great but what use of it when Netflix streaming sucks. At my download speed at 22 mbps I always get one or two bar (low quality) and then it interrupts constantly to "rduce further interruptions"


    It's not a joke though. The only reason I give you guys $8.99/month is for Xbox 360 Streaming. The selection is complete crap. WHY?

    It would save you shipping on a disc.
    It would save lost discs.
    I don't even want discs - EVER.
    I wouldn't think about cancelling my account every month.

  38. Now, time to get more content, and maybe more complete tv series instead of series with half the episodes as disc only.

  39. Who cares about Xbox support. what I want to know is: when are you going to support Linux?

  40. This is good news, a similar feature would be nice on my LG network player so I don't have to use the computer to find content first.

    On another note I'll second the Linux question. For the last year or so I've been watching this blog hoping each time I look that there will be something about support in Linux. Sadly there hasn't been any news of that kind.

  41. Netflix instant watch is a meger attempt to get people to join just because they have an xbox... The selection of movies and tv shows is poor and half the tv shows dont even have the whole season!!!! You get to watch a couple here and there than you have to get the discs anyways!!! What the Eff is the point of haveing half of a season of a show?! I for one am disapointed that they bait and switch people to make a buck!

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  43. Ok Im new to this and I didn't realize you could view movies on xbox 360...I am a gold member on live but can someone tell me how to get netflix and xbox connected? I dont see where I can watch movies...and its only the view instantly movies too right? If anyone can post a link on how to do this, Id be greatful.

    On another note, my wife joined !Netflix about 2 yrs ago and we had the unlimited plan...we always watched the movies and returned them so others could see them as well..well it got to the point that NONE of the new releases were ever available for weeks and she emailed or called and asked why when we were good customers and paid for the most expensive plan and Netflix said they give "first choice on new movies to the people with the 1 video at a time plan because people with video plans have more opportunties to watch..UNBELIEVEABLE..WE pay more and get treated like crap. She cancelled immediately and doesnt know yet I rejoined....but I stll cant believe they actually admitted that...not that paying more makes us any better, but it shouldnt put us at the bottom of the barrell and the 1 dvd customers get all the new releases first!

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  50. how does netflix work how do i stream if u can answer my name is slimmcmuffin on xbox

  51. yall definitely need MORE STREAMING CONTENT. and not just MORE content, but more A-rated content. All you stream is B level material with a few exceptions here and there and to be quite honest I just dont get it at all. I pay for 3 dvds a month and have been almost exclusively streaming for the past year plus.

    Please please please just make it all available by streaming. You already torture us with requiring a windows signed player, why cant we get some good content now?

  52. Love Netflix Streaming. Unfortunately the Xbox hardware itself is way too noisy, especially during the summer. Streaming on Wii would be neat. Otherwise, it's nice there are Blu Ray/Netflix options out there as well. Too bad Xbox 360 isn't the "one device to rule them all" we were hoping for :(

  53. For the new party viewing does everyone in the party Watching need to have netflix or can my friends watch movies with me if im the only one with netflix? Thanks

  54. I want Netflix on my Brand New PS3. Please. I cannot afford anything else. NETFLIX should think about Playstation too.

  55. Yes, Playstation.

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  61. we need to have instant movie capabilities on PS3! I didn't get to vote on netflix; will netflix make the instant tv capabilities for the Ps3? when? We need them!

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