Monday, April 6, 2009

Instantly Watch "South Park" and other shows from Nickelodeon on Netflix

Hi, Catherine Fisher here from Corporate Communications. I wanted to make sure everyone is aware that you can now instantly watch the first nine seasons of Comedy Central’s “South Park”. In case you missed it, South Park recently made fun of Netflix in “The Ring” But please be advised that the content is for mature adults!

And in the event you don’t want to listen to four foul-mouthed young boys, you can entertain your children with content from Nickelodeon including episodes of “Blues Clues,” “Dora the Explorer,” “iCarly,” “True Jackson, VP,” and “SpongeBob SquarePants”.

We hope you enjoy the new content.


  1. Except that anyone that has Time Warner's RoadRunner as their internet provider now will have bandwidth caps that will make streaming expensive...

    Sorry NetFlix, Time Warner just made your streaming solutions too expensive to use.. I was going to start using it for my kids video rentals, but....

  2. except that no, anyone that has TWC does NOT have bandwidth caps, that is only in select markets.

  3. Thank you so much for adding this content! My daughter loves these shows and getting them in the mail isn't as practical as being able to stream them. Hope you're able to add more of these shows to Watch Instantly, including The Backyardigans. Thank you for a great service!

  4. Love. love, love South Park!

    I was so excited to see them on INSTANT, I have missed a lot of episodes since I do not have cable.

    Thanks Netflix, you Rock!

    Long Beach Netflix Fan

  5. This is off topic sorry wasnt sure where to put this. New to Netflix. I was wondering if the ability to browse and watch instant movies is ever going to be available to the XBOX instead of having to add movies to the instant queue on the computer then watch them on the XBOX.

  6. Thank you for adding the content, but your comment on Adult Content brings up the glaring problem with Watch Instantly - I want to be able to add all this content (especially SP) to my instant queue without exposing my children to it. Don't need to make it complicated with profiles - just a simple password key for content rated over PG would work.
    I know it is ultimately up to us parents, but I also remember how 'resourceful' I was at 13.

  7. This is great. Hope more classic TV comes to streaming. I'm watching 30 Rock for the 2nd time now.

  8. That's great and all... but there are no captions! Since I cannot hear, there is no way I can enjoy anything on Watch Instantly unless it is a foreign flick with subtitles...

    This should be remedied.

  9. movies i've recieved are b- or least.the last 3 were not in my genre,were very boring.bad disc and all.wish i never subcribed.

  10. I Love South Park! That crazy Carmen. When will they add Monsters, Inc.?

    I know it is being release this Friday.
    I checked on Amazon, they listed as being available on Friday, April 10th but I don't see a blu-ray version.

    If Netfix has it on blu-ray, Friday than I would dl it instead.

    I will keep everyone posted.

  11. Does anyone know if they have
    Dragon Ball Z
    on Nickelodeon on Netflix? Newbie question.

  12. I highly doubt that DragonBall Z would be listed as a Nickelodeon show. I guess I should say that DBZ should never be listed as a Nick channel show, that would be degrading to Toriyama-San's work. Simple as that.

  13. I just finished watching Season 1 of Nickelodeon's AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER and I loved it! When will you be getting Seasons 2 and 3 available to Watch Instantly? Thanks.

  14. Maybe I am one of the few frustrated people. 75% of the time when I watch a "watch instantly" movie, it says I'm out of memory. I have 2gb, which was plenty for your flash player before. This Silverlight player is horrible. Every video I watch has horizontal line artifacts. Never had the problem before. I am quite disatisfied, and will cancel my membership very soon if this isn't fixed.

  15. I would like to suggest that you add FullMetal Alchemist as an instant download

  16. when are you guys adding Puerto Rico to yous "allowed list" of viewers?????!?!?!?!?

  17. I want to know why netflix instant cartoons rarely change. I want to see variety and something other than Kiper and Thomas the Train. It has been months since there has been any real change. The same cartoons keep rotating. Thinking this isn't worth $8 a month!

  18. Why do you routinely remove titles from the list of movies available for instant viewing and instead make them only available on DVD? These generally are not new hot titles. It has become annoying to be in the middle of a series and find several episodes "unavailable after blah-blah date." Is this due to Netflix running out of computer space or what? Don't get me wrong---I have loved my Netflix account and my Roku player for streaming content to my TV. Just wished you wouldn't remove titles---please just stick to adding titles.

  19. Come on.... Netflix for LINUX!!

    Where is it?

    Rokr is a linux device, they can have it, why can't us regular linux users have it?!

  20. broadway51b@yahoo.comApril 28, 2009 at 2:32 PM

    last(5) movies were from 1957 to 1962.not ordered!all subtitled,not wanted. but had to pay anyway,not watched.not happy with net flix.

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  24. I have to agree with toddig, especially if I am reading things correctly that you can have more than one ROKU player work with an account. It would be great to have a ROKU player link with a kids profile and another link with the main (parents) account.

  25. When does the rest of South Park sessions get on "watch instantly" It is a tease when you watch till 9 and have to Queue 10-12. I notice this on other TV series like Weeds.

  26. I love Netflix... putting the fun back into movie watching... especially after recovering from Ballbuster Video. I used to get movies from Netflix and other places but I gave up Netflix several years ago because I was only getting TV shows and letting them lay around the house. Now I am back and loving it because I can get movies in the mail while watching TV shows instantly... as April 7, 2009 11:16am (Long Beach Netflix fan) best said it Thanks Netflix you Rock... by giving us The Rock along with 100,000 other movies.

    Special thanks for The IT crowd (British Comedy Series)

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