Thursday, March 26, 2009

Netflix Launches New Personalization Features

Hi, this is Todd Yellin, Director of Product Management at Netflix. We are rolling out several features to delight our members with a more personalized website that puts an emphasis on movie discovery. Some of you have already enjoyed the new experience; we expect all members to have it within the next week.

As we do with all new features, we will rapidly iterate and improve on what we launch—particularly on the ability to mix and match categories to improve on the personalized genres we offer. Any feedback you have is appreciated as we strive to perfect and expand these features.

The features include:

Taste Preferences: The ability to set taste preferences across a variety of moods (e.g. feel-good, dark, goofy, gritty, etc.); storylines (e.g. courtroom, dinosaurs, mid-life crisis, etc.); qualities (e.g. critically-acclaimed, visually-striking, etc.); and other category types, on a new, easier, three button system.

More Personalized Homepages: New site and watch instantly homepages that reflect both a member’s expressed taste preferences and recent activity (rentals, instant watching, queue adds and ratings). This results in a regularly refreshed set of personalized genres that combine various categories a user has shown an interest in (e.g. Feel-good Romantic Comedies, Biographical Sports Dramas, Critically-acclaimed Crime Thrillers, etc.). These are chosen for each member from thousands of possibilities.

Some of the rows will be based on what the member explicitly sets. Others will be based on a member’s recent activity.

Customized Browsing: When members click on any of their specially chosen personalized genres they’ll not only see relevant movies/TV shows, but also a way to mix and match other categories to create new combinations. Members find this to be a particularly good way to explore titles that are available to watch instantly.

Please comment on what you find helpful and suggest possible areas of improvement so we can continue to take personalized movie discovery to the next level for you.


  1. It's great that you come up with all this "cool" personalization stuff, but why can't you just add basic search and sort functionality? It would be great to sort by release year AND rating level. That way you won't search for top rated stuff and have to sort through 500 listing from 1934 etc.

    I'm mean really! Is search and sort so difficult? Less fancy crap and more basic stuff first please.

  2. The "Mix-and-match" is fantastically useful and well thought out. I really appreciate that you can filter by watch instantly (frees me from having to rely on the greasemonkey script i wrote for that) and I am impressed that when you select multiple categories, the options for which no combinations exist become automatically disabled. Good work! I've always been frustrated that many of the watch instantly are hard to find and seem hidden. Using this feature for five minutes I was able to find several watch instantly that I've never seen listed on the site before. These features will literally save me several hours a month. Also appreciate the 'mood' preference options.

  3. I'd like to complain loudly once more and very clearly. The advertisements about piracy at the beginning of each DVD are extremely annoying and insulting to me as your customer. It spoils my movie watching experience and accuses me and my family of being thieves. I am a paying subscriber of Netflix for many years, so don't talk down to me as if I am a thief. If I want to steal movies, I'll go steal instead of subscribing to Netflix. So DON'T preach to me at the beginning of each movie and spoil my movie wathing experience. And please tell the studios that they are pissing off your customers with those ads. I dont want to pay money and hear you guys preach to me. If studios had better sense, they'd make their DVDs cheaper and step into the 21st century.

  4. This is really cool. I just added a bunch of movie from some pretty out-there kinds of movie like "Suspenseful Courtroom Movies Based on Real Life." Wow, that's a mouthful!

  5. What I'd like to see is an option in my account preferences to not show movies that I've already rated. I am someone who, for the most part, does not watch a movie twice, so seeing movies that I've already rated come up in suggestion lists is not helpful to me.

    The new personalization stuff looks good. I like the suggestion above about sorting by rating. That'd really be useful.

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  7. I'm excited about the mix and match feature. I'm especially excited to be able to more easily find movies that are available to watch instantly.

    Does this mean that all profiles (not just the primary one) will now be able to add to the instant queue? That will be the feature that finally turns instant watching from experimental curiosity to fully useful function (in my household, anyway).

    By the way, I just want to give you all a tip of the hat for the great work you do in spite of all the crap we give you in the comments of this blog. I would also like to state for the record that I, for one, am aware that it is the distributors/publishers of the DVDs -- and not Netflix -- who are responsible for the content of the discs.

  8. Really love you guys but instead of focusing so much on all this personalization stuff how about working on things like getting
    Watch Instantly to work on Windows 7 (official release is around the corner, guys!).

    Also, I really think your old way of displaying newly released movies was way better. This slideshow thing totally sucks.

    Thank you

  9. Often when I receive a movie, I cannot remember why I put it in my queue. Could you add a 'notes' option so that I could type a quick note about why I chose it? This would also allow notes about how the movie was.

  10. I second the notes. I actually started building a website using the Netflix API for the express purpose of adding notes. I've since been distracted by other things, but this is the number one feature I'd like.

    It'd also be cool to have the ability to link in reviews. So if say Salon had a really interesting review I could add it as a publicly shared URL and other users would be able to see it and read why I thought it sounded like a good movie.

  11. I think it really stinks that you have no consideration for the hearing impaired. I think this technology is awesome and would love to be able to use it.

  12. Suggestion to make "Mix and Match" even better.
    Use scenario:
    You want to use mix and match for a specific mood that is not listed on the Browse DVD page.
    Currently, the mix and match search is only available indirectly through the few 'taste preference' terms that appear on the Browse DVD page.

    Possible solution:
    Allow users to access the mix and match page directly. When users access the mix and match page directly, present them with a drop down list of all 'taste preference' terms. When the user selects thier taste preference term, load up the related sub option check boxes. This approach 'decouples' the mix and match page from the "Browse DVD" page.

    Another suggestion. Don't output search results every time a user clicks a mix/match check box. Instead, add a button that allows the user to first choose multiple search options and then submit the search when they have checked the combination of boxes they want. Of course with this appearch you will still need to perform a back-end search for enablind/disabling the sub-option checkboxes. This approach would allow the user to drill down into the combination of options they want without having to wait for all the search results to load every time they click a check box.

  13. I love the new features, but something related to this that I would like to see is the ability to rate not just movies, but also favorite (and least favorite) actors and directors!
    Its such a pain to search for an actor and then try to filter through which of their movies I've seen already or may not care to see just to find something with them that I might like. It would be great if it showed up in my suggestions instead based on my other movie preferences.

  14. Why can't you show me the names of my friends instead of just initials which might or might not be the initials of their name? I invited my friends to be linked to me in Netflix, and many of them joined, but since you show me initials which only sometimes match their names I have little to no idea who each one is. I'm ready to just stop using your "community" features if this is what you think community is.

  15. Once again, I'm disappointed by Netflix' choice of language in the rating system. Why are the choices "Often", "Sometimes" and "Never"? From shades of gray to pure black. Somewhere between "sometimes" and "never" is a space called "rarely". I don't watch horror movies often or even as much as sometimes, but I can't say I never watch them. I watch them, but rarely. Seriously. No priggishness intended. And while you're at it, give us back the "It was OK" movie ranking. Same reasoning - between "liked it" and "didn't like it", "it was OK" (see also: "Not bad", "I've seen worse", "At least it wasn't Titantic", and "meh"). Cheers!

  16. This was the only comment forum that I could find, so my first suggestion would be to put something directly on your website for people to submit ideas. The reason I was looking for a suggestion vehicle is, it would be nice to have some more details regarding the individual DVDs in a television series. For instance, I would like to get only the DVDs with commentary on them, but I cannot tell that from the detail you provide. Thanks! I love netflix.

  17. The new Silverlight viewer is great. Thanks for that.

    I do have one complaint, however, regarding the queue. For delivery movies, a FIFO stack is a very efficient way to automatically deliver me the next movie i've said i want to see.

    Unfortunately, this is not the way I interact with my instant queue. I regularly comb through your listings to find movies in the online catalog that I would like to view at some point and add them to my instant queue. But it is a nightmare to access this list through the queue system as you have it implemented on the site.

    Imagine walking into a video store and having the guy behind the counter hand you a stack of 388 movies organized by the date you said you liked them. It's terrible (especially with the oh-so-slow scrolling through the queue in the browser).

    As yet, my account has not been rolled over to the new system. The descriptions I've read mostly focus on managing your delivery queue. I hope that the new organization system is extended to the instant queue as well.

    The two systems are unique and represent completely different forms of user interaction. I hope that, soon, Netflix will take some time to develop a new way for users to organize their online collections that reflects the particulars of that type of viewing.

  18. It would be great to be able to watch movies on Instant View in a format that doesn't involve opening IE or using WMP.

    Personally, I'm a Firefox and VLC user and so are many, many others.

    For instance, right now on my laptop, it's requiring I upgrade WMP once again (which everytime I do it, it seems the program gets more bloated and undesirable, much like IE).

  19. @ilikedginger: If you install the plugin "IE Tab" (v.1.5.2 for FF3) you can use Firefox to Watch Instantly. Furthermore, you can set IE Tab to automatically switch on when you go on to your Instant Queue, for instance, so you don't have to remember to do it manually if you want to watch something. It's not perfect, but workable.

  20. I'd like to see Netflix have a "request" area for members to request movies not currently available with Netflix.

  21. I agree "cool" stuff - a basic personal touch would be to email notifications of empty queue.

    My account is set for all emails but all I ever get is ship/receive notices... no newsletters, recent releases, etc.

  22. Netflix personalized pages is cool. I was falling in love with Netflix but the reviews are ALL flagged with Spoiler Alerts. it is sloppy anoying and usually they are wrong. WHAT is going on with that. Look at the top 7 reviews here:

    or here:

    or here:

    I would never rent any of these cuz I could never read far enough to find a review that wasn't flagged. but none of these actually have spoilers. The Community Features are great but the community seems to be falling apart. There are another 100 pages that look like this and it is bad for everyone.

    Someone needs to fix this!

  23. Nice work! I like the idea of the mix and match taste settings.

    However, I don't like the setting "Never" - I would like a "Rarely" setting for inbetween!

    Thanks Netflix!

    PS: Please add close captioning support to Instant Play!

  24. Netflix will be even better with this personalization feature:
    AT the time a customer puts a movie in queue, allow him/her to write a short reminder note to self about the film (e.g., a certain friend recommended it, was nominated for Golden Globe, etc.)
    Our experience is with 100+ movies in queue, we often don't recall why we added a particular film by the time we see it.

  25. Hey Todd,
    These innovations sound great.
    My 2 wishes (maybe these are already possible, if so please tell me how):
    1. A notes area. My wife and I always argue about who should get credit for putting a great movie in the queue. I want to put in "Pete heard about it on NPR"in the notes section so I can claim my due credit.
    2. A search for the the raters who are the most "like me". The netflix community is so deep with smart people, I'd like to see the recommendations of people who most share my taste.
    Keep up the good work.

  26. This is way important than closed captioning feature on Watch Instantly? It's been 2-3 YEARS since you guys said you would get it working. I am sick of you vandalizing the Disabilities Act and get away with it. Hire some people (which is good) to get the coding work. You are far way behind this is something I would except Netflix to get ahead, but still you're in the corner trying to stay away from Closed Captioning beast. Don't wait until the law has been made- this is something rewarding for millions of foreign lovers and hearing impaired/deaf people. Don't disappoint them, or you will convince me to study law to take you down. That is, if you don't touch closed captioning for another 5 years, which is highly predictable. Don't be slow, technology beast is faster than a blink of an eye.

  27. I like this too. I agree with the "Rarely" suggestion instead of Never. In fact if Rarely replaced never just changing that word to a more comfortable word would help me and other click on it. Still Well done! =)

    Of course people are always going to change off to other feature requests but Hats Netflix team for the continued improvements =)

    May a new "Desired features" Thread would help people stay on subject here. Thanks!


  28. @Peter Anonymous:
    There are several solutions to your first problem. You could set up a separate profile for each of you, that way you'd have separate queues and that would settle any dispute. A different solution is to use the Firefox browser with the "Greasemonkey"-plugin installed. Then go to and install the Greasemonkey script "Netflix Notes". This script enables short notes in your queue, but the information is stored on the machine the script is installed on, so it won't work if you use a different computer. Hope this helps.

  29. I can't wait for the new features!! They haven't been added to my account yet but I am so stoked for the taste preferences! The blog indicated we should all have them within a week, but I wish I had them now!

  30. This new system really, really, really sucks. I've rated over 1300 movies--which should give some idea as to my personal taste, and because I put down that I "sometimes" (as opposed to never or often) watch children's/family films/shows, that I must love "The Wiggles" and "Bob the Builder." Uh, no, I love watching Pixar films and "Invader Zim," but that's a far cry from the PBS pre-school lineup.

    The suggestions in other categories are also way off. The old system worked. The new system sucks so much I'm tempted to look into Netflix's competitors.

    Seriously, please change it back.

  31. I'm having very hard to time to get used to your new interface. Ir's very hard to browse the movies and it's driving me crazy . honestly I liked you old website much better it was so easy to navigate and find what you looking for ... are you going to do anything about this?

  32. I would like to sort my Queues (Instant especially) by genre, ratings and alphabetically.

  33. My comment has always been and will always be ---


    Their new release wall is MUCH easier to navigate as it shows everything newly released and not by type. Also, they have the coming soon calendar which is very EASY to read!

    I use their website to find the movies I want then come back to Netflix, type in the movie name and put it in my queue.

    And, they don't give you the stupid Pop-up that gives me a bunch of movies like what I just choose.

    Netflix website is very hard to use and find movies on! When we first started with them it was easy but when they changed last time is when I started going to Hollywood video first!

  34. I propose a feature where you can click on a movie and ask for "More Movies Like This" -- but then have a series of check boxes, so you can tell Netflix what you liked about that movie, such as
    - Actor(s)
    - Director
    - Writer
    - Plot
    - Theme
    - Humor Style
    - Language
    - Location/Setting
    and so on. That way I could more easily find black comedies set in the U.K., or whatever.

    Would work well with the proposed preference to not show movies that the customer has already rated.

    This idea is based on the stock image site, which has such a system to help find imagery.

    And also, please bring back the "Released This Week" list page. Seriously.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  35. RE:
    Mis.T said...

    Netflix personalized pages is cool. I was falling in love with Netflix but the reviews are ALL flagged with Spoiler Alerts. It is sloppy annoying and usually they are wrong. WHAT is going on with that? Look at the top 7 reviews here:

    or here:

    or here:

    I would never rent any of these cuz I could never read far enough to find a review that wasn't flagged. but none of these actually have spoilers. The Community Features are great but the community seems to be falling apart. There are another 100 pages that look like this and it is bad for everyone.

    Someone needs to fix this!


    Mis. T I can see you are being ignored here because this isn't the "Flagging Reviews" thread. I was going to suggest you go here: to post it but I see comments have been blocked there for some reason. I agree this gang of taggers needs stopped I'm just not sure where to go to discuss it? Netflix blog doesn't appear to have a way to get heard. Thanks for mentioning what I noticed too.

  36. How about the ability to opt out of this customization stuff? I don't want to take part, but its in my face and I can't get rid of it. Having things sort via my preferences is a nice touch- for folk that want to do that, so have it available as a tab. But how about if we DON'T want it? For some of us, it feels invasive and pushy.

  37. Could revert back to the old way to see new releases? I'm not a big fan of the new way to see them. It takes longer to go through them. The old way seems to only work for me if I go to the Blog >> New Releases This Week.

    Also, think you could do a "own it" option down the road? It would be nice to utilize Netflix as a way to catalog DVDs we own by capturing the DVD information provided by Netflix.

  38. it would be nice if you had the "old" recent releases for films by genre. thats about as personal as i need. if i want to search for a film i will.

    i should not have to click 15x to figure out if you have any recent european foreign language releases. speaking of which..what has happened to netflix foreign selection? its currently beyond meagre and one of the reasons i signed up for the service.

  39. One obvious bug is if I combine "Instantly Available + Scary" I only get one page of results. In fact, no matter what I do I only get one page of instantly available results. I have to click see all in order to see the remaining results, but this removes the thumbnail view and also removes the instantly available option.

  40. What I would like to see is a way to clear the setting for personal taste. It was presented on the home page in a way that suggested it was required, and the categories I rated (all as "sometimes") immediately outweighed the others, and I was sorry I did it. I could not clear them, so had to go rate all of the other categories to get them back to an even footing. I prefer a much wider range of suggestions as a way to be introduced to movies I would never hear of otherwise. This is too limiting for my personal tastes.

  41. I guess you have to piss and moan about the price increase on another blog entry since you turned off comments on the other line. Add me to the list of people who think it's shitty to bait-and-switch. I just sunk my $$ into a netflix enabled BluRay. Guess that money was wasted too. I think this sucks.

  42. I really don't mind the price increase... but I have 5 blu-ray movies sitting in my queue for over a week now and they still say long wait. I'm gonna give it another week. If I don't see some of the new releases getting sent.. bye bye netflix.

  43. I am a 9 year subscriber. This price increase is basically what broke the camels back, so to speak. I understood the $1 charge for blu-ray access. Heck, I probably would have supported the $2 or even $3 a month charge. But to go from $1 to $5 just hurts too much. It made me change from 4 dvd's at a time with blu-ray access to a limited 2 disc a month with blu-ray access. I needed to make some budget cuts and netflix finally gave me the motivation i needed to do so.

  44. Yawn. Netflix has never been able to successfully predict the movies I want to see, and never will. Just ship me the new releases in my queue. Here's hoping for another class action lawsuit against Netflix for discriminating against customers based on membership levels.

  45. I have 2 Teens with thier own shipping queue however since we watch more movies online, it would be more functional if they were able to have thier own instant queue. It's nerve racking to have all 3 of our selections & ratings under my queue alone. Is it possible to fix this? It seems that this would be an easy thing to add and quickly - thank you

  46. I HATE the new recommendation system.

    One of the really nice features about the old system was that it went off my ratings - something I'm happy to provide - rather than making me fill out endless screens of rather tedious and obnoxious questions about what sorts of movies I like. In other words, it didn't require a lot of extra effort on my part.

    Secondly, it didn't rely on these somewhat ridiculous categorizations. I have fairly eclectic taste in movies and am pretty open minded when it comes to new genres - I don't want to rule out 30 movies just because they happen to be about baseball. I just want to know what the GOOD baseball movies are. Not to mention, the categories are somewhat arbitrary - Hotel Rwanda and Forest Gump are listed under faith/spirituality? Huh?

    Thirdly - this may seem somewhat silly, but while the old system felt human and friendly, this feels highly computer generated. I'm not opposed to technology, or the idea that a computer can generate meaningful recommendations, but I don't really enjoy feeling like a lab rat.

  47. Your personalized taste page is real stupid. Why not have a link at the top for "complete new releases this week" at the top instead of making me scroll to the button and click several times? Your huge increases in Blu Ray made me cancel that option. You got any AIG/Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac/GM idiots running this company?

  48. Why did you remove the weekly page that listed that week's new releases? Please bring it back. As it is now, new releases are only the most popular movies and can be relatively ancient--Juno as a new release? I have to go to Amazon to find out what's new before I can come back to see if Netflix has it.

  49. Why did you remove the recommend to a friend in favor of the leave a note? It seems people never get the notes I've left. I wish instead it just sent a message to the friend with the recommendation.

    The browsing UI is a mess. You really need to redesign the layout. I also echo bring back this week's new releases!

  50. After using the mix-match every day since Friday, I've concluded that its great BUT frustrating. This feature frustrates me since its current implementation has so much untapped potential.

    Problem: right now, the check-box options listed on many of the mix-match pages are too closely related. Consider how useful it would be if dissimilar options were listed OR if you presented ALL the categories to users so they could freely mix-and-match among any options by cross-tabulating the category types against moods, genres, qualities, story lines and/or sub-genres.

    EXAMPLE: If you go to the mix-match page for Zombies located at: [root]/AltGenre?agid=3719 you are presented with options for 'scary', 'gory' 'suspenseful', and ‘end of the world' plus others. Since 99% of all movies in the zombie genre are scary, gory, suspenseful and take place in either end-of-the-world or post apocalypse scenarios these sub-options aren't useful , they generate results very similar to [root]/SubGenre/Horror/338/Zombies/719. I would find it much more useful if the sub-options included dissimilar categories such as: Martial Arts, Feel Good, inspiring, sentimental. I would LOVE to find a ‘feel good zombie film’ or a 'Kung-FU action zombie flick’ or maybe even a family oriented feel-good Zombie love story. With the current mix/match implementation, I’m not able to check such interesting combinations and that’s frustrating. Guess what: there’s even a movie currently in your database with the title “Kung FU Zombie" that cannot be found through the zombie mix-match page! Another example (among several): the mix-match page for thrillers lists these options: 'Sci-fi thrillers', 'Supernatural thrillers', ‘suspenseful’, 'Serial Killers', 'Psychological'. This combination of options is NOT USEFUL since ALL sci-fi thrillers and supernatural thrillers already fall into the thriller category and ‘psychological’ as well as ‘serial killers’ are already thriller sub-genres. Furthermore, by definition aren't 99% of all thrillers suspenseful? How about some interesting combination of choices like Thriller cross tabbed against ‘Creature Features’, ‘screw ball’, and/or ‘Blaxploitation’.

    The current implementation of the mix/match feature seems to value large result sets and that’s counter-productive for your customers. Please consider providing combinations of choices that produce small, finely targeted result sets. After-all, shouldn’t this feature save users time by allowing them to target specific movie/story-line interests instead of general and banal movie interests that are similar in nature??

    Your customers want to spend more time watching movies and less time searching for them. A mix-match implementation that allows us to cross-tabulate dissimilar categories might allow us to find movies of interest more quickly and that means more happy customers for you.

  51. Cookies, thanks for your thoughtful feedback. We are continuing to work on this feature and hope to launch improvements in the coming months. Your insight is quite helpful.

  52. Todd, are there plans to 'expose' the new taste preference terms and their facetids through the Netflix API?

    IE: I was looking at the request headers the JSON calls use and can see that the combination of Suspenseful + Space Travel + Future Dystopias generates a request to a URI that contains these identifiers: facetids=InGenreSciFiFantasy,IsCampy,IsDark,DepictsWar,MediaDownloadable&actionMethod=json

    If I ever have them time, I'd like to make an app that allows me to check lots of interesting combinations; to do that I would need docs on the terms and their facetids.

    Also, will the documentation on the query string params for the AGID key on the AltGenre page be made publicly available as well?

  53. I have ONE, and only one, criticism of Netflix, and that is the fact that it's almost impossible to communicate with you other than by means of the canned, ready-made responses you've set out on your web site.

    What I have tried, several times, to do is to send you this general correspondence. What I want to say is, aside from this little communications issue, yours is the best-run, best-organized, absolutely the finest service corporation I have ever encountered. I'm probably a loss-leader for you, because I'm on a one-at-a-time subscription and I fire them back to you the next day, almost always, and you just fire me back another one like you were the Pete Sampras of respondents.

    I couldn't, possibly, be more pleased with your operation. I wish you decades of overwhelming success and rich profits!

  54. Hello - I love the Friends feature & community however I don't like the fact that my real name (first and last) are veiwable once people accept me as a friend - I only want my Nickname to display - if i change my name under profiles it changes my name under the shipping info - I really feel this should be taken care of right away as this can be devistating to many people.

  55. It would be great if the release year was next to the title in the queue.

  56. Hi,

    I have a suggestion for the "Watch Now" feature on Netflix. If possble, please provide us with brightness/contrast/gamma controls in the browser player. I ask, because some videos are very dark/difficult to see, especially on LCD screens.

    Thanks for providing a great service otherwise!

  57. I like the new personalization features. I really like that you have so many subgenres listed.

    Have you considering a personalization section for favorite actors? There are many movies that I'll rent mostly because of the cast.

  58. It's been said before and I'll say it again. Kudos on the new features, really neat stuff. However for those of us that utilize the instant streaming feature on our set top devices (Samsung Blu-ray player in my case) the que system is HORRIBLE. All I want to do is be able to reorder my instant cue in a way that make sense to scroll through on the tv set. Alphabetical, by genre (genre would actually be really cool), by rating, etc.. Anything other than by "date added". Yes I know I can do it by hand but do you have any idea what a pain it is to sort hundreds of movies by hand? Anyways, just a thought from a happy customer who would be even happier if you added this feature.

  59. i hate the new system, i haven't got a single recommendation that is even remotely like my tastes. I wish all this customization was optional.

  60. I like the new personalization of the home page but the new release section still blows!!! Why can't I search by release date (or at least week of release)???

  61. I have now ordered 5 different movies twice, when I didn't want to. I forget the name of a movie that i have watched, and the cover doesn't always help me remember if I have already seen the movie. I would love for you to put "last date ordered" on the dvd I just put in my queue!!!! Then I can decide, yes, I want that movie again, or no, I just ordered that 2 months ago, I forgot. Please put this option! It's so disappointing to get a movie you've already watched and you don't want to watch it again. Then you have to wait 3 more days to get another movie:) Thank You!!!

    p.s. I cannot find a link to email customer service. I don't want to call on the phone. It's easier for me to email. I did find this blog, though. Maybe that's what you want.

  62. Is there a way to clear a preference? This would come in handy. Thanks!

  63. How about a "notes" section on the "queue" page? I'd like to leave a note as to who suggested the movie or other reason why it is in the queue. Sometimes when we see a movie we look at each other and say, "How did this get there?"

  64. Beware "Slumdog Millionaire"!

    Twice I received this DVD and twice it would not play. It was new, it was cleaned and it was in perfect condition. My player has no problem playing other disks.

    When I called Netflix, I was told the maker loads w/encryptions to prevent piracy and if I was to purchase at a store, I would encounter the same problem. I was also told many other people have complained of the same problem.

    Why wasn't I told this? If you are going to distribute films that require special equipment or brand new electronic merchandise, then I believe it is your obligation to advise the customer. What a waste of time.

  65. Beware "Slumdog Millionaire"!

    Twice I received this DVD and twice it would not play. It was new, it was cleaned and it was in perfect condition. My player has no problem playing other disks.

    When I called Netflix, I was told the maker loads w/encryptions to prevent piracy and if I was to purchase at a store, I would encounter the same problem. I was also told many other people have complained of the same problem.

    Why wasn't I told this? If you are going to distribute films that require special equipment or brand new electronic merchandise, then I believe it is your obligation to advise the customer. What a waste of time.

  66. Please PLEase PLEASE build basic functionality for filter and multi-field sorting!

  67. I was wondering where you can leave suggestions for improvement of the Netflix website. Since, I cannot find it, this was the closest place I could think of. I am not sure about other users, but I would like to see a section for upcoming movies. Maybe with the ability to see trailers. After watching the "ultimate trailer show" on HDNET, I find that I would like to see movies, but will probably not see them in the theater. I think the ability to view the trailer and immediately put the movie on the "queue" would be a great addition. Thanks

  68. Ideas to make a better netflix:

    1. take the lists of movies that people make (like top tens and whatnot) and have a way to choose a list so that all of their list goes onto your movie choices. it is often a pain, and time consuming to make your list. This way, it will be easier and quicker.

    2. Some movie choices (like Friends or Stargate sg1) are very long lists. Few people would want to have them put on your list of movies all in one lump. have a way where you can choose the distance between each episode.

    3. Make it easier to get to your phone number.

    4. have people with similar percentage ratings have ways to find each other (on netflix) Movies are often a great way for people to connect-even if they never speak to each other. Also, they can share lists if they want. This way, you don't have to spend hours searching for movies.

    5.I'm always coming up with more ideas...

  69. William J. HornbyApril 19, 2009 at 7:05 AM

    Why are we limited to such mediocre titles on-line. There are far too many low budget terrible foreign and independent movies from which to choose. presents the opportunity to purchase or rent immediately (on-line) over 25,000 excellent titles with no monthly fees. Netflix is a great idea. They have pioneered this mode of viewing feature films and television series on-line. However, my current monthly fees are over twenty dollars. I have already viewed all the titles on-line that are worthwhile. Many others I have seen recently, and do not care to watch them again, so soon. At the prices for rentals at, I can watch movies on-line for anywhere from $0.99 to $3.99. The higher priced films are for most recent films. With the huge audience available to Netflix, I would hope you would take some lessons from and make available a larger on-line content. In fact, I do not understand why the same titles available through the mail are not available on-line. Could someone please explain. To my simple mind, it seems that making more titles available on-line would present a cost savings to Netflix. Think of all the postage and DVD manufacturing costs you could save. Also, there is an environmental quality advantage in using less paper and energy (envelopes, fuel in manufacturing, and fuel for delivery of the discs). Netflix could also branch into the sales of "Still in the Theatre" movies for download which is not doing. Also, on-line viewing and downloads to hard drives presents another great benefit: think of all those movies with no quality deterioration due to scratches on the discs. WJH

  70. What would be even handier is if you could enable user profiles to disable certain "genres" from being available. There's a great deal of content out there that I would rather my kids not see as we are browsing for movies to watch. While we do appreciate your attempt to find movies we would like with your new feature, I would enjoy the ability to have greater control over my own account and the movies available to my family.

  71. could there be a feature added that says "i already own this movie" instead of just a rating? i don't like to click "not interested" because i am, but since i already own so many i get tired of seeing them come up in the recommendations (even after i've rated them)

  72. As a customer for sometime I find my self ordering movies only to start playing them and realize that I ordered the same movie some time ago. If would be helpful to those of us with limited memories if, when we click on "add" you would tell us that we have ordered this movie previously and do we want it any way.

  73. so i just spent a good amount of time reading the comments on the page. I was just wondering if nextflix ever answers these comments? if not it sure seems like a waste of time.

  74. I would love to get closed captioning on the Watch Instantly movies. I am not deaf but it can get really hectic in my house and sometimes I cannot hear what is being said.

  75. I hate this new personalization stuff. If you're going to keep it I want to be able to opt out of it or I may just have to opt out of Netflix itself.

  76. When I want to see New Releases, I want to see all new releases and not the one's you think I want to see. I have missed good movies because of this. How can I see a complete list of new releases?

    Tom Foreman

  77. Why can't, (or can we?) choose one of several choices of methods to "personalize" our search thru the "100,000" films available?

    And whatever happened to "Caper" as a film genre. What do you call 'Topkapai,' one of the great ones, or 'Lavender Hill Mob,' a hoot of an old caper film? ‘To Catch a Thief’ with Grant and Kelly looks great even today! Lately 'The Bank Job.' There are good ones based on real capers too, like the 'Great Train Robbery' (not the silent one, silly!)

  78. I usually ignore the 'movies you'll love' page because the suggestions were never in sync with my own choices. The new 'taste preferences' are much more on-target and my watching list is growing enormously.

    I like it.

  79. This feature is pretty cool. Now I can really see what movies will be best for the mood I'm in.

  80. Can you please add a feature that allows you to sort movies that are already in your queue without having to number them one by one. It would be most effective with instant movies because if i can sort my queue at once by genre for example, it makes it easier for family members to find the types of movies and or tv-shows they would like to watch allot quicker. and it makes it more organized for those of us who may access netflix from other netflix ready devices that do not allow you to sort the movies within them.

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  82. I have found a need with Watch instantly. We have netflix connected to our tivo and access it through now playing. The list is in access order and is inconvenient to scroll.
    Since we use it as a menu instead of a viewing order, it would be more convenient with our ~300 movies to be able to sort and browse them by genre and to have the TV seasons together. Or to place them alphabetically at least. Thanks

  83. How about giving subscribers the opportunity to turn off these personalization features?

  84. Maybe this is off the topic, but I've searched all over for where to request a movie that I can't find listed in Netflix. The film is "Freeheld" which won an Oscar in 2008. The other point is -- can the website have a page on which to make such requests? Thanks. This is the first problem I've had in a year of Netflix service.

  85. It would be extemely helpful to be able to sort searches by title and to have an easier way to find release dates for series such is the Inspector Lynely Series. It is difficult if not possible to get them in the right order - many of these "series" have some continuing story lines.

  86. it would be really cool for people like me who have huge queues and sometimes no patience to reorder to have a button on the my account screen that says "randomize next shipment"

  87. "When members click on any of their specially chosen personalized genres they’ll not only see relevant movies/TV shows [...]"

    OK, now give me a way to completely disable all suggestions of TV shows from my browser results. I've nuked the category from orbit in terms of likes/dislikes, but here is no way to just say "I'm not interested in getting recommendations in this category."

    Similarly, I can't stand musicals. Would love never to get a bollywood or musical recommendation.

    If I want something from either of the categories, I'll specifically search for the title.

  88. When will there be closed captioning for online viewing? Also is there any way to have it so that one can just search for closed capioned movies?

  89. I agree with the first person's comment. Also, I am a big Western fan but you don’t even add that as an option to pick. How come? You need to add "Western" to your "Genre" listing as well, at least.

    RETURNED TO YOU. 5/13/09 5:50 PM


  91. Here are all the comments that have crossed my mind since I started using the service this winter:

    - I'd really like to be able to leave ratings not only for genres and individual titles, but for actors and directors as well. Some I love and would like to flag whenever content is available, but as for others, I can safely say, it would be great to have a way to give the "Not Interested" rating to anything involving them.

    - I would also like to see the sorting features others have mentioned here, such as sorting by two or more characteristics. Countless retail sites let you do that; Netflix can't be much different, can it?

    - Why don't the Starz titles let you say Not Interested? I have to say "Hated It" for movies I've never seen just to make them go away.

    - I'm perplexed by the difference between list view and gallery view. They give you different rating options but you're looking at the same titles. I end up having to scroll through countless screens of gallery views so I can hit "Not Interested," which doesn't always show up in list view.

    - Is there a way to save myself a copy of my own ratings? If something should happen to your database, I'd like to know that I have a backup. I've rated thousands of movies to improve my listings. Viewer ratings are, I hope, a huge influence on the kind of content you choose to post, and I hope you acknowledge how valuable all this polling information is -- so it would be nice to have the option to keep a copy of our ratings history, as it is an option on other sites to keep a copy of our order history.

    - I'm sure I'm one of many who have made this comment: More Instant Titles! I get the impression that, for the most part, instant content is mostly obscure documentaries, less-popular movies (including a disturbingly large percentage of singing cowboy westerns - what's that about?) and really old, really bad TV shows. Come on - let's see better content there. We're paying customers already. I know there are complicated copyright issues, but if you can do something about it, please do.


  92. I want to be able to search for movies yet to be released. Such as Movies in Theaters or Tv shows that for some reason aren't out on dvd. Such as "Saved" with Tom Everett Scott and the first season of "1-800-missing". Also, my son only watches netflix via his xbox. I watch via my laptop. It would be great if there were also 2 instant ques. as it is, he can watch anything I saved for me which may not be appropriate.

  93. I too, would like to be able to at least sort my instant watch que by genre and by star rating. That way I can easily access the genre/movies that I am in the mood for at that moment, and even pick the highest rated of that genre list.

    Also, when rating movies I really would like an "it was okay" option. Frankly most movies fit into that category for me, which is neither "liked it" nor "didn't like it." IT WAS OKAY needs to be included! Thanks

  94. It took me forever to find a place on your website to give a suggestion or make a comment. I finally found this space under BLOG and a specific blog asking for comments. Since improving the user's experience is important to you, there should be easy access to a "Got a suggestion?" page. Thanks.

  95. I agree wholeheartedly with Anonymous. I'm no newbie to this and it took me close to 15 min. to figure out where to just ask a question! This sort of "treasure hunting" usually means that the Blog host really doesn't want questions asked.

    My question is: Why is it when I check for New Releases in Netflix's pull down menu, I am given far less actual titles than when I search Blockbuster or even Hollywood Video online. Even stranger, when I enter the movie titles (first not revealed by Netflix but found on these other sites) into the Netflix Search window ... voila! there they are! As if they were hiding. Why don't available movie titles show up in the first place? It makes no sense to have to leave, enter a competitor's site to find those movie titles, then return to Netflix to enter them, and discover that they've been there all along. Am I missing something?

  96. I'm a new Netflix member and was glad to see so much work had gone into helping me find movies I may like. My only suggestions are to have a reset button for for the personalization of movie choice, and provide a way to prevent specific types of material from showing up after personalizing your movie preference. After filling out all the options on the personalization feature it was disappointing to see things I said I was not interested in at all (ex: homosexual films, horror movies, entertainment for children under 5) still show up with 1-2.5 stars for what I may like.
    Netflix has a lot of education films I'd like to see but I'm annoyed by always having films I said I was not interested in at all show up when looking for something to borrow or instantly watch.

    Keep up the good work and thanks for the chance to make suggestions.

  97. You have no way to contact Netflix! I am a very frustrated customer who would like some help!!!!! You have sent me a series out of order and I can not do anything to change it..I will discontinue my netflix if I do not get any help soon! There is no phone number, and no contact location where i can write an email to netflix! this is ridiculous!!!
    ps I see a lot of other frustrated customers here who can not find a place to communicate with you guys!

  98. [I apologize if this is a little off-topic for this thread, but most of the other threads I found that DO relate to this won't allow comments anymore.]

    I think a fantastic feature for the queue would be a "randomize" option. Sometimes there's a film I just have to see right away, but more often than not, I find myself not caring what I see next. I figure if it's in my queue, I must be interested in it, and I'll take whatever comes.

    Obviously this would need to account for series discs and the like, and it would most definitely need an "undo" function for those accidental clicks, but that's all programming, and I've got the programming skills of a bowl of honey. So I'll just be the guy who says, "Hey, do this!" with no idea or recommendations as to how to go about it. But hey, do this!



  99. You really need to add closed captioning or English subtitles to the "Watch Instantly" movies. My husband, who is hard-of-hearing, and I are tired of movies without captioning. I thought this was required by law. Why are you not complying?

  100. I am not a big fan of the new personalization feature. I liked the old way where I could specify what I want and those would be the only things that showed up on my list. Now I have to weed through movies I would never watch because they fit into the categories of my likes. We need to have a fine tune feature to go with this. PLEASE???

  101. Can someone please post an e-mail or phone number to contact netflix to answer a question I have that doesn't exist in the FAQ's sections.

  102. I had dropped Netflix awhile ago because I wasn't able to watch any of the instant movies on my Laptop. I missed getting to see your movies at home and broke down and joined again. I don't know what made me try to watch an instant movie but I did. To my happy surprise I find I can watch them now. Thank you for whatever you did to make this possible. I'm now a happy camper.

  103. I would love to have the ability to rate actors/actresses so Netflix can recommend other movies featuring those actors.

  104. I just joined and I am getting used to all the ways that I can find the movies I really want to watch.

    What I wanted to know is that when I see a movie that I own, should I click "not interested" or does that effect the movie choices I get? I want to be able to rate them, but not have them cluttering up my choices.

    Is there a way for you to add a button like "I own it". That would be a help.

  105. A way to organize your instant queue would be really helpful.... a way to sort family movies, from cartoons, and action/adventure. So you dont have to scroll through hundreds of movies to find an episode of dora for your impatient toddler.

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  112. How about some basic contrast, brightness, user controls for the M$ Silverlight display? The same as WinDVD, Power-DVD, and VideoLAN?
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    The projector has a new lamp, and has been freshly calibrated to 6500K. The video adapter has been calibrated to 6500K. Why is the NetFlix viewer the odd man out? Even Hulu has got a better (brighter) picture.

  113. All your preferences are based on genre. I pick movies by actor or reviews (first problem). I've been trying to tell you this for a while, but (second problem) there doesn't seem to be any way to communicate that to you.

  114. I would love to see an option to randomize the order of movies in my queue. When I go on a browsing spree adding movies to my queue, they are usually in related groups. I select a Sandra Bullock movie, which leads to a recommendation for other Sandra Bullock movies. Or I choose a kid's movie, which leads to similar recommendations, and I end up adding half a dozen (or more) kids movies in a row. Rather than reorganizing my queue manually, I would love to have the option to just click a button and have the movies re-sorted into some random order.

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  116. Big user of instant streaming, and the only thing i would change are the browsing options. Currently, the "Sortable List" is only sortable by Title, Year, Maturity & Rating. It would be great if you added sortable columns for "Popularity", "The date the film/TV show was added to Netflix",(so I can see exactly which videos were added since the last time I browsed) and by the "Member Average" rating, rather than the "best guess" rating.
    Thanks, you guys are great!

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  124. This blog is old and seemingly overrun by spammers, but I'll still add my two cents:

    I'm with Cookie and the other few commenters that would like to have more access to mix-n-match. I like having movies suggested to me based on my taste preferences, and the suggestions are often reasonable.... but my moods change and I'd rather just add what I'm looking for in real time, on par with the varied options Cookie provided as examples. Sometimes I want a "visually striking violent thriller" and sometimes I want a "critically acclaimed dark drama", but more often I'd rather just input a series of qualities and see what comes up. I also often want to look for a specific movie, the name of which I can't remember, using these categories. I like using the suggested films as a jumping off point, but I'd prefer to also be able to start from scratch instead of hoping the first quality of the suggested film matches what I'm looking for.

    You replied that you were looking into implementing this over the next few months. This was back in April of last year. What happened? Am I missing something?

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