Thursday, February 19, 2009

Add and Play Netflix Movies from the New York Times and Rotten Tomatoes

How many times have you read about a great movie on a web site and then forgotten to add it to your queue? Netflix has partnered with some of the web's top movie sites so you can add movies to your queue or start watching them instantly with just one click.

We're very excited about our first two partners, The New York Times and Rotten Tomatoes, and we'll be continuing on our quest to help you get the most out of your Netflix subscription wherever you find great movies.

Michael Hart
Director of Engineering
Community and API


  1. This will be pretty nice. One site that I would love to see you partnered with if possible would be I watch most of my trailers for new movies there, and always have to open a new tab to enter the movies I see to my queue. Most of the time this isn't too big of a deal, but when the movie isn't yet in netflix database, it is a bummer.

    Also, it would be nice if you could add a movie directly from the RSS feed, as I watch the new release feed in Google reader, and being able to one-click that into my queue would be awesome.

  2. Oh just thought of this too. maybe just making a bookmarklet that you could use on a page, would be more versital and just as useful as integrating with a specific web service.

  3. @Melsana, this functionality is open to all partners, so could integrate it should they wish to do so.

    Your other two suggestions have challenges. Bookmarklets wouldn't work because there is no easy way to identify the movie in the web page. Adding buttons to RSS isn't possible since RSS can't host javascript which is needed for the button actions.

  4. Cool, about apple, I wonder if they would do it (probalby not, :( )

    Bummer about the RSS thing, but that does makes.

    I clearly don't know that much about all this technology. :) For the bookmarklet thing, would it be possible if it required you to hightlight the movie name first? Like I said, I don't know much about writing bookmarklets, so I don't know if that is even possible.

  5. I would also suggest the as a good site to give this capability.

    They do quite good film & DVD critiques & recommendations & I frequently stock my queue based on their articles.

  6. You guys used to have the option to submit movie requests on your web site, but I can't find it anymore. I wonted to suggest

    Pepe with Mario Moreno a.k.a. Cantinflas

    This film has half of Hollywood in it. It's really cool.

  7. Awesome! Would be great if you worked with IMDB too, that would be the ultimate, since they catalog all flicks.

  8. I see the link on Rotten Tomatoes but not NYTimes.

  9. I have been adding movies from Rotten Tomatoes for at least the last month. I like it but its not new news. I would love to be able to add movies now from IMDB, the place I hang out even more than RT. Any hope of that one coming in the future? =)

    Cheers ALL! keep up the great stuff!


  10. Actually, "Anonymous", there is a page for adding suggestions, including new titles. However, it isn't as easy to find as it used to be:

    There are three pre-defined subjects:
    1. Title Request
    2. Movie Correction, and
    3 User Suggestion

  11. this isn't completely related, but everytime i see a new Netflix viewing feature reported and get my hopes up (and then dashed) that they are reconciling the instant play for Macs. is there any update on getting instant viewing up for non-intel-based Macs?? the last entry i could find about this subject was from 2007.

  12. Just a friendly reminder that the GNU/Linux users are STILL waiting for support.

  13. Re: IMDB, et. al., this feature is "open" so any website can add it without negotiating a special partnership or anything.

    We'd love to see more sites doing this. Feel free to send a suggestion to your favorite movie sites ;-)

  14. Is there a way to suggest movies that have been out a while but are not on Netflix? Such as "Our Friends in the North" from the BBC.

    I really like the link with imdb idea made by a previous poster.


  15. I just moved to Europe and desperately miss my Netflix subscription. Any chance this will ever happen? Maybe in stream only format?

  16. How about Netflix make Top 250 most highest rated titles.

    Similar to IMDB's Top 250, it will use the ratings data which Netflix already has from it's users.

    And like Minimum 10,000 ratings.

    Just a suggestion...

    An advantage to NFLX Top 250 will be people have rated movies honestly to get recommendations vs. IMdb.

  17. I've read that they are thinking about stopping the mailing of DVDs and just streamline to computers, or I guess tv if you buy their box for $99. Not really crazy about that idea. I think they'd lose a ton of people if they do that. I'd be one of them. Well, I guess Blockbuster will thank them.

  18. RE: Joyce said...

    I've read that they are thinking about stopping the mailing of DVDs and just streamline to computers, or I guess tv if you buy their box for $99. Not really crazy about that idea. I think they'd lose a ton of people if they do that. I'd be one of them. Well, I guess Blockbuster will thank them.


    They can't do that any time soon. The selection of the Watch it now stuff still has quite a bit to be desired, not to mention they rarely get any new releases to Watch it now. I too wouldn't like it though even if they did have all the new titles instantly. You couldn't take the dvd on vacation with you. You couldn't lend it to a friend. You couldn't watch the special features. You couldn't watch it in the car. You couldn't watch it if your internet company had an outage. There are just too many reasons why that is a bad idea. But they probably would love to go that way, since it would be cheaper for their bottom line.

  19. on your website, when watching trailers for movies, the quality is horrible. it keeps stopping, one can't even watch an entire trailer through. i find myself going to youtube instead to look up trailers rather than watch them on the netflix website.

  20. Regarding Trailers, I think they should put Theatrical trailers, not the ones found on DVDs.

  21. Contrary to what you may have heard or read, Netflix is not abandoning the red envelope! DVDs are still central to Netflix.

  22. Help - Maybe I'm just bleary eyed, but I can't find any email addresses on your website for Customer Service (only a phone number). So please pass this along - I just wanted to thank them for a great experience a few minutes ago. Virtually no wait time when I called, a CSR who spoke English (at 10pm PST), knew exactly how to fix my problem (and proceeded to do it) and didn't try to sell me anything in the process. You're giving Zappos a run for their money... now if only my cable company would take some lessons from the two of you.

  23. the movie Bottle Shock on instant play has been broke for weeks with a JS null error in IE7..please fix it.

  24. The only thing keeping me from being a netflix customer is the annoying pop under ads from Netflix that are always littering my desktop.

  25. Because I can't email Customer Service or find a better place to post ... I would like a FAQ entry for keyboard shortcuts for Netflix instant moving playing on the PC. I use my home-built DVR box to watch Netflix movies on my TV and I would like to be able to use my computer remote to control playback. I just discovered that the spacebar equals pause/play, but it would be nice to use arrow keys (or other) for FFWD and RWD.

  26. I would LOVE to purchase netflex online. I just got the free trial, only to find that NONE of the movies are closed captioned. This means I have to wait for the actual DVD, instead of enjoying a quick movie or show. Is there a way I am missing in which to get CC with my movies?

    This would be totally helpful!

  27. would be a good one for this as well.

  28. This may not be the place to submit this, but I cannot find anywhere else to air my complaints. I just received my Roku and am beyond disappointed with the Watch It Instantly movie selections. I mean really?! I have not recommended this brilliant idea because the movie selection is horrendous. Does anyone know what the status is on getting better movies? They don't even have to be the newest releases. Just something other than sequel #6.

  29. your system has some flaws.

    It is recommending a gay/lesbian movie [fire] because i watched two children's animation movies [my neighbor totoro] and [the cat returns] - fix your system before you add features.

  30. Due to the fact that you have nowhere to submit complaints, I'm posting this here and under another blog. Listen to your customers, please.

    My top 18-

    1. Blu Ray - Long Wait
    2. DVD - Very Long Wait
    3. Blu Ray - Short Wait
    4. Blu Ray - Short Wait
    5. Blu Ray - Long Wait
    6. Blu Ray - Long Wait
    7. DVD - Very Long Wait
    8. Blu Ray - Short Wait
    9. DVD - Long Wait
    10. DVD - Short Wait
    11. DVD - Short Wait
    12. Blu Ray - Short Wait
    13. Blu Ray - Short Wait
    14. Blu Ray - Short Wait
    15. Blu Ray - Short Wait
    16. DVD - Long Wait
    17. Blu Ray - Short Wait
    18. DVD - Long Wait

    Side note, 90% of those on 'Short Wait' have been that way for MONTHS. I have 7 films coming out on the 10th, and I can only imagine what my queue will look like for the next 5 months.


  31. Can't find any other place to add this comment, ahem...complaint. We have had Netflix for YEARS and have rarely had a problem getting our dvds. However, for the past few months almost every movie at the top of our queue has a long wait, very long wait, etc. Some have been out on dvd for awhile so I don't understand what the problem is--Netflix, you need to get more copies!!

  32. Lately more and more of the movies in my queue have "wait times". It started with "Short wait" but now I am seeing more "Long" to "Very Long". I am not doing anything different. I do the 2 per month subscription and pay the extra for Blu-Ray. I only queue new movies, because I do not care for watching the older movies multiple times... it is not what I signed up for. Could someone (from Netflix or other) please give me some insight on this? If it continues to stay like this, it is not worth my monthly investment to stay a member. I can pay the same amount at the local rental store and get the same amount of (new) movies each month.

  33. Frustrating!! I have been unable to instant watch movies - I keep getting this "Error 8152-Individualzation failed - unable to download DRM-protected content." I have an iMac Intel running Leopard. When I upgraded to Leopard, the streaming worked for a week, but now it's back to the error message again, and I'm not the only one having problems. Nobody, including Microsoft can recommend a solution. What to do??

  34. Can someone help me? I downloaded teh silverlight player and now i can't watch videos instantly. I called netflix tech support and they said it "could be a lot of things." my download bandwidth was greater than 1200 kp/s. I'm wireless. I'm a longtime customer so I'm paying a decent amount per month since I can't get new deals, so I'd like to have this feature back. Ideas? thanks.

  35. I want to see the UK film version of 'Blithe Spirit.' Why dont you have it?

    Also want Robt Siodmak's film noir
    "Phantom Lady.' Both avail in vid

    Get with it!!

  36. silverlight sucks it will not install on my system... it says " Processor not supported"
    i have a AMD ATHLON XP _M

  37. I know that this might not be the place for it, but the entry that I wanted to comment on was locked for comments.

    I just had a suggestion for the queue. Maybe you could put a RANDOMIZE button for those times when we have a long list, but we don't know which one we want next?

  38. This would be great if your streaming worked. Please switch to something like Flash that is supported better. The Silver thingy is a POS!!!subrel

  39. This would be great if your streaming worked. Please switch to something like Flash that is supported better. The Silver thingy is a POS!!!subrel

  40. I'm not quite sure how to use this.

    I have a NYTimes online account and I go on there all the time, but I dont see where to go to add movies to my queue from the articles. maybe im blind?

    also, i've seen ways to link your yahoo account to netflix, but am still not quite sure how to do this either.

    this seems to be issues with the other sites. i dont know if its anything netflix can "solve"

  41. There needs to be an "easy" button for suggesting movies to add to the inventory. The online player's volume is too low even on high !

  42. So,addressing some of these comments:
    1)I wouldn't bother with using that suggestion link that was given by Mark. Basically, no one is there monitoring those anymore. They were removed for a reason. Netflix will obtain any and all available and potential titles it can get its hands on.
    2)For Anonymous who bought a Roku player and is not happy with the title selection;you should have gone through the library of Watch instant titles Before you invested in it. So, that one is on you.
    3)NEW RELEASES: Netflix is a service that provides all types of movies. It has never claimed to cater to only those who want new releases, they could never meet that demand, based on how many titles they can purchase from the studios. It is a service that has NO DUE DATES, so renters hold on to movies as long as they like, which of course doesnt help that availability open up. It is a service that works best when one has a majority of old and new titles in their queue. Blockbuster in store has due dates and cycle through more a week. If people don't want to put older titles in their queue, then that service isnt a good fit for them and they should not stay with them. Not every service works for everybody.
    4)Silverlight is a great Microsoft player. It allows most browsers to use it and even Macs now with Intel processors. If is isnt working, you havent tried hard enough to find a resolution. Or you didn't read the system requirements before you installed it. It is an upgrade and most websites now a days do upgrade to better performing venues.
    5) Stop whining and complaining, for entertainment these days,you'd pay a heck of alot more if you went out to a movie, you get streaming for free and you don't have to spend gas to go get your movies and return by a due date. Its such an economical service and worth every penny.

  43. To the previous blogger with the itemized "helpful" list. Your self-given air of superiority has lessened your social graces. Please, get out, date, and learn how to get along with others.

  44. I do a weekly movie release post on my blog, and would love to add a Netflix button to each title I post about. I couldn't find a postable link to the buttons anywhere on the site, how could I go about this?

  45. I think Netflix should worry less about linking with Rotten Tomatoes and recreating movie kisses and worry more about giving their customers what they want, more copies of new releases. I've never seen a company get so many complaints about something and not do anything about it. Would they prefer to lose a million customers and their tens of million of monthly dues rather than buy an extra 10,000 copies of the big releases??? Its not like ten hit movies are released a week, its usually one or two.

  46. I second the comment about IMDB... rottentomatoes is OK, but Netflix ratings are more useful for me. IMDB actually has more movies and much better listings of actors than Netflix, so adding a feature that would enable you to track what movies people want you to buy (if Netflix currently doesn't have it) and linking to IMDB from Netflix would be really fantastic.

    How many users have to request a movie to make it economically viable to get the rights for it?

  47. Instead of continuing to branch out to other mediums, Netflix seriously needs to go back and focus on its contents - why is there no closed captioning functioning on its "Watch It Instantly" feature???,,, and even are already doing this. Netflix is falling behind...

  48. How stupid is the Netflix policy on new releases? People who get less movies get priority. So someone like me, who gets 4-5 movies a week and has a normal turnaround of 2-4 days, doesn't get the new releases. Yet, someone who gets a movie and lets it sit at home for a week or two, gets new releases. No wonder it takes so long to get new releases. They could get the new releases out twice as quick if they did it the opposite way.

  49. Hi -- There's no place to send an e-mail for Help anywhere that I can find on, so I'm leaving an inappropriate comment here -- I've been trying to get my account put on Hold, and I still continue to receive discs and bills for them. If you're visiting here to find out more about netflix, I'd sau my experience has been really bad, and don't join. Thanks!

  50. So great. Somebody finally responds to mucomplaint, more than 24 hours after I given up and canceled my netflix account, and the e-mail they used won't accept replies, so I can't respond to an e-mail with an e-mail. I guess my time is absolutely worthless, since I'm supposed to spend my day on hold waiting to be worth your time, netflix. Thanks for nothing.
    Dear Netflix User,

    Your email has reached an automated mailbox. Email sent to this
    address does not reach our Customer Service team and will not
    receive a personal response.

    If you have a question you need answered right away, we are always
    happy to help. Feel free to call us at 1-877-638-3549 anytme or visit
    our Help Center at

    Your friends at Netflix

  51. What about IMDB ? How come Amazon owns it and netflix has no way of sharing with IMDB?

  52. is there anyway that one can watch instant movies from netflix through the Dish Satellite receiver? My computer sytem won't support this and I have dish but don't get the movies....wanted to watch instantly over my tv... can this be done through Dish???? please let me know... thanks

  53. If you ware looking for a site that displays only the most popular new releases available for rent, check out
    Only shows box office hits now available on DVD and Blu-ray. Also allows you to directly add the movie to your Netflix queue. How cool is that!!

  54. I have been a NETFLIX customer for many years and am finally getting fed up with not receiving DVDs in a timely fashion. Every new movie that comes out either has a short wait, a long wait or a very long wait so I pay $18 a month for no movies. I register for the movies when they come out in the theater so I should be in the queue for movies when they are released in DVD. What a ripoff!
    D Trolan

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