Sunday, December 28, 2008

New DVD shipping process

Netflix recently changed the DVD shipping process when your first choice movie is not available at the shipping center nearest you.

Now, if your first choice is not available in your local shipping center, we immediately send the next locally available movie in your Queue. And whenever possible, we also send your first choice from another of our 55 shipping centers throughout the U.S. When this happens, you end up with a complimentary extra DVD rental.

Previously, if the movie you wanted was not in stock locally, we would simply try to send it from another shipping center. Since this DVD was typically delivered from farther away, it took longer to arrive and you could end up without a DVD for a few days. This was especially inconvenient for our members on 1-disc plans.

We want you to receive DVDs as quickly as possible, so we’re taking extra steps to ensure you have another movie to enjoy if your first choice will be delayed.

This change took effect Dec 11, 2008 and applies to all Netflix members.