Monday, November 3, 2008

Ending sales of previously viewed DVDs on website

Hi, it’s Meghan here, and I have some news for those of you who purchase previously viewed DVDs through the Netflix Web site.

As you know, our core business is delivering great movie rentals to you on DVD by mail and instantly to the computer and TV, so we’ve decided it makes sense for us to focus exclusively on that. This means we will stop selling previously viewed DVDs through the Web site. We’re sorry for any inconvenience for those of you who regularly purchase DVDs at Netflix, but we’re excited about being able to spend the extra time focusing on continually improving our core rental business for you.

Online sales will continue through the end of the day on November 30th. Until then, please feel free to shop our wide selection of previously viewed titles available at prices as low as $5.99. Click here to see the selection.

NOTE: I'd like to clarify that although we will stop selling our previously viewed DVDs on the website after November 30th, this is in no way an indicator of moving away from DVDs. On the contrary, we believe that DVDs will continue to be important for the next five to ten years at least, and are continually adding new DVD and Blu-ray discs to our catalog.