Friday, November 14, 2008

Behind the Scenes at NewTeeVee Conference

Hey there. Steve Swasey here, Netflix VP of Corp. Communications. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and I enjoyed the NewTeeVee Conference yesterday in San Francisco, where Reed gave the afternoon keynote.

You've probably read about Reed's presentation in the blogosphere -- some of the greats covered it: Om Malik, GigaOm; Chris Albrecht, NewTeeVee; Will Richmond, Videonuze; Rafat Ali, PaidContent; Mike Kaltschnee, HackingNetflix.

Not reported though was a behind-the-scenes exchange between Reed and YouTube sensation "Fred" (15-year-old Nebraskan Lucas Cruikshank).

Reed introduced himself to the young phenom, who said he's a member of Netflix.

Reed congratulated Lucas on his composure -- the kid interviewed on stage with Chris Albrecht like an industry veteran -- adding, "Great that success hasn't gone to your head."

Replied Lucas: "You too."