Friday, October 31, 2008

Opt-in for the new Netflix movie player

Hi, Brent here with an update on our new player for the Mac and PC. We're past the first phase of our beta already, so I'd like to give you a chance to join in. But before doing so you need to consider the following:
  • There may be bugs. We are logging all errors, but if you run into problems you can help out by posting details here in the blog comments.
  • Not all movies are available to watch with Silverlight. You may notice errors or lower than normal quality when watching certain titles.
  • Our new player works on PCs and Intel-based Macs.
  • Windows users should be aware that if you opt in, you will need to use Silverlight on all the machines you use to watch instantly.
Once you get up and running check out some of our newest content. We recently added a lot more movies, as well as recent episodes of many TV shows including Heroes, CSI and NCIS. You’ll find all these movies & TV episodes under the “Watch Instantly” tab of the website.

So here’s the opt-in link:



  1. Sorry, I wanted to try it, but this part in the link worries me:

    By joining the beta you will no longer be able to watch using the old Netflix movie player that uses Windows Media Player.

    If we were able to try out the Silverlight player separately, I'd try it in a heartbeat. I would rather not replace my working player, though. Thanks for telling us that clearly ahead.

  2. Thanks for the opt-in. I have been waiting for this since the original announcement. Hopefully this is one step further to releasing it officially.

  3. when are we going to see the post about netflix going hd? im very interested to get some stats about that and what movies will be launching (also when you plan on marking the hd content so we will know whats hd streaming and not)...

  4. Michael R. TomkinsOctober 31, 2008 at 3:10 PM

    Thanks, Netflix, for listening to your users and allowing us to opt in. You're half way to perfection.

    Now, could you please give us the ability to opt back out again if we find the new Silverlight player isn't ready for prime time? That way, you'll save yourself some support requests, and you'll find that more users will dare to opt in (and offer you feedback) in the first place.

    It shouldn't be that difficult to offer an opt-out to anybody who's opted into the beta.

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  6. I'd like to request a non-Silverlight option, particularly for Mac/Linux users. I'm not a Microsoft hater, I use Microsoft 90% of the time, but it is a little oppressive to be constantly pressured to use exclusively Microsoft run technologies even when I go out of my way to try a non-Microsoft computer.

  7. Michael R. TomkinsOctober 31, 2008 at 3:41 PM

    Early feedback: I'm already liking the Silverlight player much more than the old one. Picture quality is good for the first movie I've tried, buffering is *much* faster, fast-forward / rewind is working properly (and the preview images make it more useable). The biggest downside so far is that left-clicking anywhere in the picture doesn't start / stop playback. Yes, I can still do this by hitting spacebar, but my wireless keyboard doesn't have as good range as my wireless mouse - and it is much easier to click anywhere in the picture, than to click on a tiny "play" button.

    Also, it'd be nice to have a way to fix the bandwidth like you could with Shift-B in the old player, as well as to view buffering statistics like the Shift-Right-Click did previously.

    For the future, I think the biggest thing missing now is closed captioning / subtitles. I'd really, *really* love to see either closed captioning or subtitles support added to the Silverlight player in the future.

    Good work on the improvements already though, Netflix. Once the movie selection is on par with the old player, I have a feeling I'm going to be very much happier with Watch Instantly, if my early feelings are on the mark.

  8. I'm not sure if its possible to do this but it would be great if the monitor could be kept awake even if its set to sleep after X minutes.

  9. Great job guys, Thanks! The thumbnails when dragging forward in a film are really helpful. no problems yet.
    matt pinner

  10. I am testing it on mac. I'm liking it, kinda.... I was watching "Passenger 57" and it was glitching out so I switched from FF to SF and then the movie started to give me a problem and said call tech support, I didn't. I started to watch NCIS: 6 and quality is great and its running really well.

  11. The player is much faster than the old one when skippping around.

    It is really, really disappointing that we still don't have subtitles. Many people are hard of hearing, including myself and my girl friend, which is why DVDs are so valuable to us.

    Oh, and the previews while scrolling is just totally aswsome.

  12. I installed silverlight successfully, but when trying to play any video, i get "error code 8152" Individualization failed. Unable to play back protected (DRM) content. hope that helps. I tried with

    safar 3.0.4
    firefox 3.0.3

    os x 10.5 on a intel mac

  13. Thank you so much for listening to us!

  14. Looks good, but it seems as though my computer can no longer handle playing these movies. I meet the minimum requirements, but every video I've watched has been extremely choppy (as though every other frame was removed). My video quality is 'high' and I never had a problem before, so it's not my connection.

    Firefox 3
    768 megs of ram.

  15. A small bug: right-click in the player, and the only menu option says "LOC ERROR: Unable to locate localized string for resource ID 5007." Switch to full-screen mode, and you get the same message for resource 5000.

  16. Working great on my new aluminum MacBook ... finally. We've been waiting a long time for this.

  17. Another issue: when trying to play "Alien" from

    I get the message "Media Initialization Error" with ErrorCode 8051.

  18. I'm sorry, but I can't help but feel gypped by the fact that you're not writing an actual application for the Macintosh. My PowerPC iMac is still going strong, and this is literally the first thing that it has not been able to handle--and that's only because it's defective by design.

    Are you planning at all to make a real Mac player that will work on PowerPC macs? Because this just doesn't cut it for me. If Hulu can do it, why can't you?

    (And to all you people who will jump in saying that no one is ever satisfied and to stop whining, I bet that you are enjoying the full services that you are paying for.)

  19. overall im loving the silverlight version.... no more updating licenses, works in firefox, the new ff/rew works well.

    i do have a few requests though...

    1. id like to have some option in the nav section where i can overlay the movie info or tv episode info on the video. this was shown off in the early silverlight demos.

    2. i like the ff/rw system but would prefer if we had buttons for fast forward/rewind to trigger the thumbnail view. (make it more like the external players)

    other than that.... outstanding job. silverlight is a real winner here.

  20. I can't seem to get this working at all. Am I supposed to use Silverlight 1.0 or 2.0?

    Using an Intel-based MacBook Pro, running OS X 10.5.5, running Silverlight 2.0 in either Safari 3.1.2 or FireFox 3.0.3, all I'm getting is a blank black page. Checking the status bar, I see that something's loading, but once it's done loading - nothing happens.

    Right-clicking on the blank page gives me one option : "Silverlight Preferences". So, it's definitely loading some kind of Silverlight app. And, checking those preferences, I have "Allow DRM" checked on.

    I was excited to finally be able to "watch now" without having to launch VMWare, but I'm just not sure why this won't work.

    Any ideas?

  21. Thank you for giving us a choice to beta test it. Couple comments:
    Tried in in Windows XP.
    Great that we can now watch it in Firefox, too bad still can't watch in Opera even when mask as Firefox.

    While I was watching movie screen saver kept popping up, it did not happen before.

    Will wait when we will able to watch it in Linux and of course Playstation 3.

  22. Thank you for offering this opt-in so early. Appreciate it! Also looking forward to Netflix on the Xbox 360 and TiVo Series 3!

  23. Looks good, but found one TV series that looks very skewed during playback. Other movies and series look fine.

    Series: Keeping Up Appearances
    Browser: Firefox 3
    OS: Windows Vista

  24. If I opt in for the silverlight player, will my Roku player still work?

  25. Thanks! Working great so far on a 2 year old MacBook running Leopard and using Firefox.

    Very happy to have the ability to use this feature.

  26. The film Parrots of Telegraph acts like there is a sync issue. The image plays but the image is skewed diagonally.

  27. So, still not even a rote acknowledgment of your Linux-using customers?

  28. Thank you Netflix! For the past year I've watched films on my Intel iMac by switching to Windows, but now I can view movies on my laptop. What a treat!
    So far, it works beautifully (stayed up half the night watching movies in bed on my 15" Macbook Pro.)
    It works as well as Windows Media Player does on my Intel system.

  29. Wow. This looks horrible. I need to get this reset somehow. Grainy compared to before I opted in.

    Don't do it!!!!!!!

  30. Does not work on my brand new Macbook. Error code 810 2157 : "Sign in details are invalid, please try signing in again on"

    Can you fix that error so I can watch something please? I am signed into Netflix just fine thank you.

  31. The one thing I wanted isn't there: to be able to go next/back in full screen when you're watching a series. Perhaps there aren't a lot of people who watch series, but that's what I watch the most, so it's annoying to have to switch back and forth between the maximized screen just to go to the next episode.

    I would like to echo the earlier request for subtitles. I'd also like to know if there are shortcuts that would allow me NOT to use the mouse. I love keyboard shortcuts, but if you have them, as someone already mentioned, it'd be nice to have some help to know what they are. Discoverability is key to a good user experience.

  32. Is there a way to go back to the old player? So far it works pretty well on my Macbook Pro, but video quality was noticeably inferior to the old player on 30 Rock and Coupling episodes. I'm happy to see it moving forward, but would love the option to return to the old player when in Boot Camp.

    Other than video quality, the player looks really cool. Love the speed and functionality and of course support for Mac.

  33. Some early feedback and questions:

    1) Awesome that it picked right back up from where I left off when I was watching the movie on my PC last night. Didn't expect that.

    2) I have a PC that I use for instant watching as well. Will I not be able to use the old player on the PC now that I've opted in? (as per the "you will no longer be able to watch using the old Netflix movie player)

    3) If the answer to number 3 is "No", I would like to echo the request that others have made to opt out if you're opted in already.

    4) Quality is just as good as what I've been able to watch on my PC.

    5) How are things going to be handled for those of us who use both platforms? Are we only going to have the option to use the feature with one operating system?

    Overall, things aren't perfect. (firefox 2 on 10.5.5 quit the first time I went full screen but I just relaunched and haven't had issues since then) However, this is a great start.

    Thank you for listening and giving your current Mac users the ability to opt in to this beta.

  34. when using multiple screens and switching to full screen mode, the video always goes to the screen with the menu bar instead of staying in the screen that the browser is in. This is only slightly annoying because no other steaming media that I use does this, and I usually keep the menu bar on the laptop screen and use secondary monitors and TVs to view video.

    MacBook running 10.4.11
    Fire Fox 3.0.3

  35. Netflix, I just re-read your original post and saw this (primarily Mac but also a Windows user here)

    "Windows users should be aware that if you opt in, you will need to use Silverlight on all the machines you use to watch instantly."

    Which answers my questions about being able to continue watching movies instantly on my PC. Silverlight it is.

  36. When I attempted to watch the 2007 College Baseball game between Oregon St and North Carolina the picture was extremely pixelated and just about unwatchable

  37. No problems getting it up and running but I just wanted to let you know that Joe Rogan: Live has a serious synch issue. Right around a 50 second lag.

    Would this be a problem with Silverlight or is it a problem with the digital encoding of your supplier?

  38. I think someone was trying to explain this before but let me go in to detail. I have a dual monitor setup where I can move a window or video to the other screen (secondary) and play the movie full screen. So while the movie is playing on my secondary screen I am able to work on documents or view web pages on the Primary screen. However with the new silverlight player after I click the video to go full screen on my secondary monitor (television screen) and then click on anything on the Primary screen the movie reverts back to window mode.

    I was able to happily do full screen while working on other things with the windows media player viewer

  39. My media computer is a PowerPC Mac. Boo!

  40. So, I have both a mac and a pc, and I use my pc to watch netflix instantly. If I opt-in to silverlight on my mac, can I still watch with windows media on my pc, or will i have to switch to silver light there, too. Thanks!

  41. Thank you for the beta opt-in extension. Being able to watch shows on my MacBook without using a Windows VM is _really_ nice. Works great on Leopard+Firefox 3.

  42. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! You've made this Mac-using subscriber very happy.

  43. I was disappointed by the video quality at first, but it got better after a minute or so and it now looks even better than it used to.

    Unfortunately I'm getting this error:

    There is a problem with this movie. Please contact Netflix technical support at 1-866-658-3612 for assistance.

    ErrorCode: 8051

    when trying to watch several episodes of "Law & Order: Criminal Intent"- episodes 5 and 6, "Chinoiserie" and "Malignant".

  44. Wow, that was quick. Thanks for listening to your Mac users, and opening up the Beta!

    Works on a new MacBook Aluminum 2.0-notice a bit of voice synch issues (30 Rock, Season 1) but hey, its working! Looking forward to seeing what you guys have coming up next. Thanks again for getting the Mac users up and running so quickly.

  45. You need to add Seamonkey to the list of compatible browsers. This browser is a lot like Firefox, and it works fine. When I tell Seamonkey to give Netflix the Firefox user agent, Netflix accepts it and my movies play fine. The User Agent for Seamonkey is "Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X; en-US; rv: Gecko/20080703 SeaMonkey/1.1.11"

  46. Works on the Mac. I'm sold. But I won't be using it at all until you fix the animated bug. You can't watch animated films (animated=drawn) without the audio being outta sync. I wanted to watch Hellboy! Guess I'll still be waiting :(

  47. I'm having the identical symptoms as "rev. mitzc," with an almost identical set-up: Macbook Pro w/2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB RAM, OS 10.5.5, same browsers, etc., etc. The oddest thing (to me, anyway) is that Silverlight works on the Mac and streaming works under Parallels. So all the pieces are there; they just don't fit together.

    After banging my head on the wall alone for a while, I spent about 45 minutes on the phone with Michael at Netflix tech support. (After a while there were several several other tech support people listening over his shoulder.)

    We tried everything we could think of -- running in safe mode, reinstalling this and that, changing and resetting preferences in both Safari and Firefox, and finally, reluctantly, admitting defeat.

    So, the issue is being kicked upstairs (or "escalated" in techspeak) to the development team. Of course, no one will look at it until at least Monday: Tech support people work all weekend, while the coders get to go home once in a while.

  48. I'm also getting the "Individualization Failed" error (error code 8152). Safari and Firefox, and on a variety of movie and program selections. Mac Pro, up-to-date Leopard.

    Called tech support to let them know, but also wanted to post here, so folks will know this is a problem for several of us.

    Hope this is addressed soon -- thanks!

  49. I'm getting "Your video quality is high" but comparing selections I watched via the "old" player and the same selections on the new player, the quality of the video is not nearly as good (my family has watched all 6 seasons of Emergency! so I know what they look like). I see a lot more "blockiness." Is this a product of the new player being in beta?

  50. I still can't understand why linux is good enough for my Roku player, but I can't use linux on my computer to watch movies. It's sad to watch netflix, once known for its web-based innovation paint themselves into this corner. Too bad we live in a world where the bean-counters always trump the coders, huh? Wouldn't a more apt name for silverlight be twilight?

  51. I'm simply annoyed... I have a new MacBook Pro w/ OX 10.5.5, Safari 3.1.2, Firefox 3.0.3 and a whopping 4GB RAM. I'm running the latest build of Parallels 3.0 with Windows Vista installed. I have never been able to watch Netflix streaming within Parallels due to a lovely video driver error. I just opted in for the new Netflix Mac player only to get the "your operating system is not supported" message when I try to play a movie. And now after wasting hours of my Saturday night on my computer trying to get this to work in any which way I can I discover that once I opt in for the Mac player I can't use the streaming players anymore! WTF? Nor can I opt out. If anyone has the same system set up and has gotten Parallels to stream their videos please let me know! And I strongly agree with other beta testers who've made the point that a true Mac player should be developed. Is there no way for Netflix & Mac to partner up using Mac's FrontRow or iTunes?? The last thing I want is Microsoft's bugs to invade my clean Mac OS!

  52. The Silverlight player has ruined 'watch instantly' for me, because it does not seem to utilize the fullscreen video overlay (for S-video out) on my ATI 9600 video card properly.

    I've been meaning to get a Roku box, so this problem has just accelerated that decision - but I'm disappointed that the new player has taken a step back in functionality, at least for me.

  53. I like it except many macbook users will want to play the movie fullscreen on their external monitor they plug in. Currently the fullscreen opens up in my primary screen which I'd like to remain free to do other things.


  54. The Silverlight player doesn't deactivate the screensaver in Full Screen mode.

    Verified on XP and on Leopard 10.5.5, watching in Full Screen, it goes to screen saver. Only work around is to disable the screensaver while using Watch Instantly.

    Hope this gets fixed...

  55. Works well in Vista on my MacBook Pro, but in OSX 10.5.5 on both MacBook Pro and Mac Pro video stutters slightly and in areas of movement, the frames are skewed slightly. Very distracting.

    Dido on the screensaver/energy saver. Definitely needs to disable that until the videos are finished. Very annoying to have to move the mouse every few minutes.

    Other than that, it's great to not have to restart into Windows just to watch a movie.

  56. Individualization failed. Unable to playback protected (DRM) content. Error 8152.

    Works fine on my WinXP system.

    I hope this problem is fixed soon, so I can watch on my x86 based Mac!

    Sigh, back to Windows I go... :(

  57. I just opted in, and I'm almost through watching Heroes Season 1, Episode 4 on my 2 GHz MacBook with 2GB RAM. The video is for the most part okay, but there are occasional flashes where the contrast or color temperature (not sure which; maybe both) will go way up. Also, the audio falls 2-3 seconds behind (out of sync with the video) often.

    But all in all, this is still a much better experience than the stuttering in IE7 and Parallels. Thanks for letting us opt-in!

  58. Oh man, I'm so dissappointed with the Silverlight video quality. I chose to opt in thinking this would be better and faster. It does seem faster, and works with Firefox, but quality with Silverlight on both IE and Firefox is noticeably worse than the old Watch Instantly player, even with my net speed read as High. I tried Heroes since I know that was one of the cleanest, sharpest looking series on Netflix, but with Silverlight it is just a grainy picture. I use my HDTV to watch and compare the quality and it is definitely not the same. Netflix, please enable an OPT-OUT option now, PLEASE, so I can go back to using the old better video quality player!!!!

  59. So far no major complaints from the Mac end, the aspect ratio seems a little off, but not a show-stopper, going to try it on my Vista machine later as it has Silverlight as well.

    A great start! More and more options for instant gratification - 360 this month, the roku, now my Mac, like Christmas come early ;)

  60. Why only Intel-based Macs? That's bullshit--I have two perfectly good non-Intel based Macs at home.

  61. I have 2 Bug reports to give on the new player.

    #1 Player doesnt use Nvidia's FUll screen video , I use 2 monitors and normally whatever i play on the first monitor goes fullscreen on the second even when minimized, the new player wont do this and its very annoying.

    #2 I am disabled and use windows magnifier, I cant use it anymore with the new player it causes internet explorer to crash moments after the player apears.

  62. Video is very choppy, audio is fine. Using IE 7 on Windows XP SP3. My PC meets the system requirements and connection is "High." Also is there any chance of adding Opera to the approved browsers?

  63. Thanks for the beta. Works great for me so far. I tried a few different titles and they looked great. I have the Roku player on my TV, but it's nice to be able to watch a movie on my iMac if someone is using the TV.

    Apple iMac:
    2.8 Core 2 Duo, NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GS 512MB, 4GB RAM

  64. What I really don't understand is why Netflix is having such issues. All the major TV networks and other sites like offer streaming video in standard & hi-res along with small, large, and full-screen player sizes. C'mon Netflix!! What is the problem?? Why are you attempting to use a proprietary thing like Silverlight when you could most likely build your player with an open source SDK that is a lot less buggy?

  65. Hi,
    Just got my membership; and, there's so much more to it than I imagined!
    My daughter got it for me, I'm disabled, I was lamenting all the movies I was missing; especially the docs.
    So, hello to all my fellow movie mavens; glad to be here.

  66. Just wanted to let you know there are lip sync issues when watching first film from Mac Book Pro with latest leopard updates.

  67. I just "Opt In" and now it doesn't reconize my login. I get the message 8102 157. Please help get this back online.

  68. I dunno if this should be a bug report (and if so, how do we do that?) or just a blog gripe. Repeated speed tests show I get about 6.5 mb downstream speed. The player insists I am under 1.0, so I get "basic" quality.

    Since I cannot force the quality level to change, it's sorta useless and broken. We don't like this in low quality mode.

  69. But when can I watch instantly with other profiles than the master account?

  70. Using a MacBook Pro, 2.4 GHz.

    Just opted in, and I'm noticing that the audio is off sync by quite a bit. The audio was about 4 seconds behind the video.

    Also the video quality is not as good as when I used to access Watch Instant on my Windows XP partition through boot camp.

  71. a few things I would like to see changed.

    1. Timed Out Error Code
    The first isn't a bug per se, but I had started a movie and had walked away to get something to eat while I let it load a little. When I came back, there was a scary error code that basically said I timed out. I don't know if it's characteristic of the beta only, but a simple message that says it timed out would be fine.

    2. Fullscreen and Screensaver
    I have the same problem with the screen saver activating during fullscreen mode as everyone else.

    3. Change Bitrate Option
    I miss the option of the old player to be able to change bitrate. I don't know if it's still there and the key combination is different but I miss that feature.

    4. Loading of Stream Ahead of Playback
    Could you guys let the video load a little farther ahead of the playback? I have a wireless internet connection that is shared with several other people and can get slow sometimes when several people are on. Because of the stream only loading a few minutes ahead of the playback, the video was constantly interrupted to change bitrates. Quite annoying.

    That's all the things that have stood out to me so far.

    I would also like to thank the developers for allowing an opt in. I'm a software developer also and know the process of bringing a web app from beta to full usage. When you made it available, I willing gave up the ability to watch movies now with the old player and Parallels to be able to test the new player for future improvement .


  72. It's working fine in Firefox 3.0 for me. However, in Internet Explorer 7, I'm getting an "Unable to authenticate the Netflix movie server" error message. The error code is 8101 103. I've run IE8 Beta 2 in the past and downgraded to IE7 to be able to install my printer (weird error message...). I'm running on Windows XP SP3.

    Works fine on my Mac, though :)

  73. Hello

    Thank you allowing us to "opt-in".

    I'd really like to try it, as I enjoyed the nbc olympics site that was using silverlight (really good quality).

    Yet, it seems that there are quite a few reports of bugs (hey, it's a beta, I understand), so I think you guys should really add an "opt-out" option.

    Ideally, I'd like to try it, report bugs, switch back to the old player for a week/until new rev is pushed (and in few iterations, I'm sure we'll all be happy).

    Without that, I won't switch to it, sad :(

  74. As a Mac user it's nice to be able to use this feature of Netflix. However you are still discriminating against people who rely on closed captioning or subtitles. Until that functionality exists I can't use your movie player at all.

  75. Terrible video quality compared to the old Windows Media Player version of Watch Instantly...

    Please tell us it will be improved!

  76. Thanks for giving us the chance to opt in for this! As expected, I've found a few titles that don't seem to be working with the new player. One that bothered me was Pride and Prejudice (1980 version). It is a miniseries and I watched episodes 1+2 without a problem, but episodes 3-5 return an error (error code 8051). Due to the fact that it's the middle of the story, this is a bit frustrating! I mention it here in the hope that it can be resolved before the instant viewing expires 12/1.

  77. I have to agree with what Michael R. Tomkins said...

    Now, could you please give us the ability to opt back out again if we find the new Silverlight player isn't ready for prime time?

    I am not afraid to beta test, however I will note a few early views.

    The page did not properly recognize that I already had the most current version of Silverlight installed. After clicking on the link to install it again, the page refreshed in the background and loaded the player.

    Playback on my computer is terrible compared to the old viewer. There was not a smooth moment during the entire movie. I have a "Good" connection, and with the old viewer could shift-B and select the 1000 (instead of the default 500) and get a very smooth clear playback.

    However, if I am "Stuck" in beta mode, I will not be of much help if the movies are all going to playback in choppy/jerky motion.

  78. Tried to watch on a Mac mini with Intel Core 2 Duo 1.83Ghz, 2GB RAM (runs h.264 video smoothly). Speed test on my Comcast cable connection just clocked in at 18.4Mbps (imagine my surprise and delight). Safari 3.1.2, OS X 10.5.5. Mac mini is connected to an 26" HDTV via DVI/HDMI. (I use this set up to watch web video, iTunes downloads, and DVDs)

    Used an Episode of CSI: Miami as my first test, since it has vivid and fast images. Viewed full-screen.

    The fast cuts did not hold up well. The video was "jumpy." It didn't stutter, it didn't appear to lose frames, but the fast pans were difficult to watch.

    Slow (regular scene speeds) video was clear enough, though I would have liked to see it at higher resolution (something that would match a SD iTunes download in video quality).

    Feel free to contact me for more info, if you'd like. My member name is listed under the brianwc*

  79. I think that it is ridiculous that those who intentionally opted to avoid Microsoft are being forced to install Microsoft software to work with Netflix. What a disappointment. I am a Linux user, and there is no way I will ever install Microsoft software on this computer. They are not to be trusted, and they have intentionally sabotaged things like this in the past.

    Note to NETFLIX:

    Please stop working with Microsoft!

  80. You guys need to stop crying about Microsoft being a part of computer software.

  81. The new movie player looks good on my iMac unless I go to full screen. Then the frame rate of the video goes way down. The Activity Monitor shows that Firefox is using 100% of both cores. Reducing the movie window size to the point where CPU Usage goes below max restores smooth video.

    I have the original Intel iMac, 2GHz Core Duo, 2GB memory, OS 10.5.5.

  82. Works great, 1 bug:
    When watching a movie in full screen monitor sleeping is not disabled by the player which is really annoying.

  83. Please fix the video quality i

    know is a beta but this needs to

    improve also video lags i have

    3bars full video quality and still

    the video sucks also the audio is

    out of sync.

  84. fix fullscreen video it lags and

    its way too compresssed alot of

    artifacts on screen poor video

  85. Works in OmniWeb on Mac, but you have to tell OmniWeb to pretend to be Safari. There's no reason for that, since OmniWeb uses the same rendering engine as Safari. Suggest a little smarter browser sniffing. :-)

  86. The silverlight player works in Opera if you change the settings in Opera to identify as Firefox. Why not just add Opera to the stupported browsers?

  87. Not ready yet. I am on a Mac Book Pro, Core Duo 2.16, Tiger 10.5.11. tried to watch to programs. One was a Hellboy cartoon where the sound was about 15 or so seconds out of sync with the video on both Safari and Firefox. Then tried Justice League, New Frontier which plays great until it crashes my entire computer resulting in automatically shutting down and re-starting. I appreciate NetFlix's efforts here, but Silverlight just isn't ready for prime time yet. As of now, it's unusable.

  88. So is there anyway to get any feedback here. It appears that Silverlight is working on same Macs. the question is why not mine?

  89. Loving it!!! works great!!!! finally Netflix on the mac!!!! :)

  90. I second this comment:
    I like it except many macbook users will want to play the movie fullscreen on their external monitor they plug in. Currently the fullscreen opens up in my primary screen which I'd like to remain free to do other things.

    Also it seems like the frame rate is low, like 15 fps as oppsed to 30fps when using the old player.

  91. In the first movie I watched with the new player (on ff), "Country Remedy," the aspect ratio changed back and forth from original to horizontally narrower for about the first 20 minutes before settling for the proper one.
    The frame rate also seemed to be less than before when watching "Angels in the Outfield."

  92. It sure would be nice to be able to have:
    - PowerPC Mac support
    - Closed caption
    - Linux support


  93. nice! looks like they listen to us rant and rave on these comments. think thats why i respect the company. lets get this on the ps3 now. maybe even some iphone love later on down the road.

  94. Re-iterating the call for "opt-out"; the playback performance and quality are terrible - buffering is (at least) far faster, though.

  95. Watched one movie without a hitch, at reasonable quality. When watching; "The_Rape_of_Europa"
    the sound went out of synch with the picture. Basically the picture progressively speeded up until it was 10+ minutes off the sound.
    I use a 15" MBP with all current updates.
    Also, wouldn't it make more sense to integrate beta feedback into the site itself? This seems roundabout.

  96. Installed on two Macs tonight: my laptop and a mini running on my TV. Laptop works fine, but the mini keeps getting the Media Initialization Error 8106...the "movie already being watched" error. I've signed out on the laptop, shut it down, turned of the Roku box and still get the error. Continues to work fine on the laptop. Any ideas or is this just a Beta bug?

  97. Watched a couple of flix already with Silverlight. Agree that the load, stream, etc. are MUCH faster than the old player.

    I'm still out on video quality in one over the other.

    Biggest complaint, seen here with others, is need a way to defeat the screen saver. I kept having to move my mouse ever 5-8 minutes, which makes the player controls pop up and the movie jump.

    Other than that, so far so good!

  98. Sadly I am not able to get the player working. I am getting a Silverlight failed to load. I am using Safari 3.1.2 on 10.5.5 system, 4gb
    Many thanks

  99. Am I the only person who's getting this page?

    Our apologies — instant watching is not supported for your operating system.


    * An Intel-based Mac with OS 10.4.8 or later
    * Safari 3 or higher; or Firefox 2 or higher
    * 1 GB RAM

    I meet all those requirements! I don't get it.

  100. I installed Silverlight and opted in and so far so good. Streaming works. However I don't understand how I can rate only a "Basic" signal when on the same computer while booted into Windows I get an "Excellent". I also get an "Excellent" on my Roku.
    I have a 2 x 2.8 Ghz Quad-Core Intel Mac, 2 GB RAM, Running 10.5.5

  101. you have about 100+ comments on here and you may never read my comment, but I wanted to write to someone official at netflix to say that I just cancelled my subscription to blockbuster so I could join/pay for the netflix subscription program now that you opened the online streaming beta for the mac to the public. i'm also anticipating the HD functionality feature for the new xbox live in a few days and I'm really excited to be part of netflix again.

  102. RE: my previous post about "Media Initialization Error 8106...the "movie already being watched" error. Talked with support, who told me that if you don't exit the mac player using the "back to browsing" button the player will not release the license. It must then wait two hours to release and you won't be able to access instant viewing with any other device during that time. It's been about two hours and it still hasn't released for me, but I'll give it until tomorrow before I call back. If like me you access from more than one device and you've been testing the new player, BE SURE TO EXIT THOSE TEST VIDEOS WITH THE BACK TO BROWSING BUTTON. Hope that's really it and not a bug...I'll update tomorrow.

  103. FYI re: above, that is of course the case with those whose account only allows one viewing stream at a time. Those with multiple viewing rights may not experience this.

  104. I'm trying to playback contact on a Mac Book (1.83 GHz Core 2 Duo, 10.5.5, 2GB RAM) and all movies play with the picture skewed roughly 45 degrees to the right. I tried several films and they all play the same way.

  105. Gah! Still no PowerPC support!

  106. Finally able to watch on my mac -- nowhere near DVD quality is forgivable at this point -- but presenting films shot in 2:35 widescreen in a cropped 1:85 version is unforgivable. Why am I missing quality and a 1/3 of the frame? Please present the WHOLE film, not some bastardized cropped version. Blockbuster wouldn't stock widescreen back in the day, causing an abundance of pan and scan. Netflix, do the right thing. Present films as they are shot.

  107. Another PowerPC user here. I'm really bummed that I waited all this time only to find out after much anticipation that you're only going to release it for Intel-based Macs. Why didn't you tell us that earlier?

  108. I want to echo Dosha's comment about playing video on a shared network. I am on my college's network. Because student demands on the network vary minute-to-minute, the bandwidth available to me can change frequently. As I watched a few shows, I was forced to wait several times while I was told that the player was loading more to prevent my viewing experience from being choppy. I would have preferred to load as much as I feel necessary before playing and know when I am about to run out of streamed video. I would prefer to be able to pause and load as much as I want rather than be told several times in succession that it was loading more due to bandwidth changes.

    Also, I found it difficult to switch between individual episodes of a TV series. The best thing would be if I could more easily select individual episodes (ie "click here to play season 2, episode 3") on the Netflix page for the show and in Searchlight.

    Otherwise, AMAZING! Thank you! This definitely makes me more likely to continue using Netflix despite being on a tight student budget.

  109. So far, very very nice. Excellent job, guys. Buffering is extremely quick! UI is better than the old player. Happy that spacebar still pauses, happy with new fullscreen view, happy with cross-browser, cross-OS support, happy with new thumbnail scrubbing. Beautiful.

  110. wen can i expect this on powerbook g4?

  111. "By joining the beta you will no longer be able to watch using the old Netflix movie player that uses Windows Media Player"

    Does that mean I won't be able to use my Xbox 360 with Netflix in a couple of weeks?

  112. Tested it out on my Win XP Pro box used pretty much exclusively because of netflix and worked nicely. Loads much faster than the previous player and I really like the seeking preview that lets me know what scene I am at. But it seems one of the main points of the new player is to be cross platform... so where is the Linux player? Release it for Linux and I'll be a much happier customer... all my other computers are open systems, would love to get my media computer switched as well without dealing with a VM because I have some old computers LOL. But really, thanks for the work and hope you continue working to improve your service.

  113. Pretty good! I like the new visible scenes when scrolling through the progress bar.

    Mac issues:

    Audio seems out of sync with the video by about a second.

    Also, there seems to be some frequent screen tearing going on, as if VSYNC weren't working properly.

  114. It is sad that Netflix is not considering the GNU/Linux users in this move to adapt itself to a larger market. This move certainly isn't turning me into a customer of a service I know I would otherwise be using. In fact the restrictions on the old player turned me off Netflix when it was released for renting DVDs. I switched to a competing DVD rental service. When will you guys learn that you upset your customers when you don't take into account everybody!

  115. While I understand the "need" for DRM, I believe that silverlight is not a good platform to be using. I'm not here to start any argument, simply to let it be known that some subscribers to netflix that are mac users dislike the decision to use Silverlight as a distribution platform. It is unfortunate because I was looking forward to using this service in OS X too. Hopefully you can come up with a different way for mac users to stream content in the future.

  116. Thanks for finally getting a mac version out. I agree it would nice if simply system 1p was supported rather than the chip. I have had the same common problem with audio being out of sync on half the movies i watched. I am very impressed with the number of movies you have available for streaming, however. Finnly I would also request that you assigne some keys on the keyboard for pause, ff, rr so that we can you our apple remote to control the movie. I am a macbook pro 2.4Gh core duo, 2GB ram

  117. SCUMCAST (Comcast) has a 250 GB limit that doesn't make it worth my money to subscribe to NETFLIX.

    Help would be appreciated.

  118. COMCAST sucks! 250GB limit, why??? Sheist, they are NOT the internet police.

    Take your business elsewhere.

  119. The player is working on my Mac, but the video is lagging behind the audio. I think the gap is expanding as I go. Both parts are playing fine; they're just not playing together. :)

    Thanks for working to provide Mac users with access to this feature!

  120. On my Mac Mini at home, it wouldn't work in Firefox (never seemed to load the player - I tested Silverlight and it worked on other sites). Worked fine in Safari though.
    Also, while in full screen mode my computer kept trying to blank the screen because of inactivity. I could turn that off, but it would be nice if the player could override it.
    Other than that it was perfect. I am very happy to be able to stream from Netflix on my Mac.

  121. Yet another linux userNovember 3, 2008 at 4:58 AM

    Please consider to have a linux player. I know i am not the only one in the case. Between the $1 extra tax for blu-rays and the non availability of the player for linux, netflix has scored some negative points lately.

  122. bad move using microsoft silverlight my mac is 100% microsoft free and i'm keeping it that way.

  123. > an update on our new player for
    > the Mac and PC

    Since when is a Mac not a personal computer (PC)? And where is the Linux support (which btw can also run a PC)?

    I've said it before: you should have created a plugin for Firefox and stayed away from Microsoft's technology completely. This is very disappointing, the last thing many of us want is more Microsoft control over what works and what does not in this world.

  124. Netflix - Why wouldn't you pick something that lets us Linux users watch as well? I've been a member for years, but this is becoming a sore point. Please don't rely on Microsoft's proprietary solutions.

  125. When do you plan to support Firefox on Linux?

  126. Or could it be that the Silverlight player is Microsoft and Linux is a threat
    because of the pure numbers.
    Mac numbers are based on hardware sales
    and are a Very small % and a non threat to Microsoft

  127. I hope that Netflix on the Xbox will still work on Nov. 19th for those of us that opted in. Will it?

  128. One more person wishing it worked on Linux. Roku shows it isn't a technical issue, so get off your asses and do it.

  129. I too would like Linux support. The Mythbuntu box is the gateway to my large hdtv. No linux support, no instant movies for me. Is Linux Next?

  130. Its good to know that I can rent your movies but can not use the streaming in Puerto Rico,

    Our systems indicate that the computer you are using is not located within the 50 United States or District of Columbia. Due to studio licensing reasons, movies are available to watch instantly only on computers in those locations.

  131. I experienced audio/video synchronization issues, where the audio started to lead the video by up to 3 seconds. This was on the "Adams Family" episode "Lerch learns to dance". Pausing, rewinding, fast forwarding didn't resolve it. The audio started off in sync, but got worse over time. It was unwatchable by the end.

    Mac OS X 10.5, Safari (all current).

    Thanks for bringing this to the Mac. I'd prefer to see a non-Microsoft solution in the future.

  132. I watched the first two episodes of Heroes, Season 1 on my 2GHz macbook via Wi-Fi last night. Overall, everything worked well. Two or three very brief pauses in the action per episode, but not enough to be distracting.

  133. I demand that NetFlix provide support for my TRS80 - it has served me well for 30 years. Why should I have to waste my money on a new PC just to Watch Instantly. And I have friends who feel the same way about the Apple II and the Commodore 64. Why are we always left out? If you don't do something about this we are going to cancel our NetFlix subs and go back to renting VHS from BlockBuster.

  134. I opted in and it seems to work fine.
    However I only get one bar for signal quality. When I reboot into Windows XP I get 3 bars. It's the same hardware and same ISP.

    I'm running OS 10.5.5, on an Intel Mac. Safari and Firefox on Mac. Explorer on Win XP.

  135. If Netflix can do this for Mac which is a Unix based distribution WHY not for Linux?

    Why can't some enterprising Linux hacker take the Mac version and make it play on Linux?

    I like Netflix but I hate their Microsoft centric approach. I know it's all about DRM but if they can do it for Mac why not Linux?

  136. Works for me in Camino, not in Safari (I get audio only and a black screen, not even any controls). Memory and CPU usage are terrific, much better than Flash video.

    Unlike someone else who posted, I get "high" video quality on the Mac versus "standard" video quality on Windows.

  137. I would love to see a Linux player, with the netbook's out, it would be great for the economy, with the one that coming out for HP MIE Netbook it would even be better the two would just role together, in perfection

  138. I'm having two issues, one more serious than the other. I'm running Leopard 10.5.5 w/ 1 GB RAM on a 1.83 GHz Mac Mini.

    1. When using Firefox, I get my usual 3 bars for watch it now. When I use Safari, it gives me 1. HOWEVER, when playing in Firefox or Safari, it appears that I'm actually getting 3.

    2 (the serious one). Full screen playback is unwatchable. Audio is fine, but I get a severe screen stutter, as if the processor can't keep up, about once a second. It becomes really noticeable on all pans. If I go back to watching in a browser window, the problem goes away.

    I'm pretty disappointed so far. Picture quality seems reasonable, but I use this Mac Mini as a media server, hooked up to my 100" home theater screen. Switching to Windows to "Watch It Now" has always been a hassle, but now I can't use my theater at all for it!

    Please help!

  139. Linux users, the moonlight plugin from Novell should support the Netflix player. Alas, the project is waiting for Microsoft to release a codec pack for Moonlight. Until then, we're stuck in 1st.

    I personally think Netflix should have used Flash like Hulu, but at this point, Microsoft is the one keeping us from our movies...

  140. Another angry PowerPC customer. It's really frustrating to pay the same price and receive inferior service.

  141. How do I report bugs, opt-out, etc? All I get in Safari 4 and FF 3 is a black window.

  142. I, for one, refuse to install any Microsoft software on my Mac, save for a virtual Windows machine under VMware specifically for testing web browsers. The fact that I have to install a Microsoft plugin to use this feature of the Netflix service is unacceptable. Guess I'll just wait for the TiVo/Netflix integration...

  143. I wish there was an opt-out... I thought there was. :(

    Windows XP SP3, Silverlight 2 RTW (2.0.31005.0)

    I get the "Individualization Failed" error 8152.

  144. I also get "Individualization failed". Unable to playback protected (DRM) content."

    ErrorCode: 8152

    Using a Mac Pro with 10.5.5.

  145. tried it, had some issues:

    1) unable to go full screen on external monitor without turning on screen mirroring.

    2) quality was very sub-par. i'm hoping this was the show (coupling season 1) and not typical of what quality will be.

    so far, my comparison is against hulu, cbs, and abc's hd service.

    net access: 7mbit dsl

    computer: macbook 2.0ghz, 2gb ram

    glad to finally utilize netflix on my mac, but was sorely disappointed so far.

  146. I opted in and downloaded the silverlight update and the website will let me start a movie but when it checks my login info it errors telling me that my sign in details are invalid.

    Error Code 8102 157

  147. So, I didn't try this yet and to be honest I'm not sure why it is being done this way. Abobe Flash does offer DRM. I believe you have to use their media server software but that doesn't seem like it should be that big of an issue.

    Also using flash would solve browser & operating system issues.
    Windows, Max, Linux, Solaris, it shouldn't matter.

    Next issue is install base. Last I knew something like 99% of internet computers had flash at least the ones polled.

    Granted Silverlight is a windows update now but your still cutting out users of other operating systems.

    But anyway I like the service I just don't think this is going in the right direction.

  148. Hello,

    I wanted to thank for providing a cross platform solution to watch the growing instant viewing library that is a paid part of my account.

    The website in general has been gaining accessibility features for those of us who are blind or severely visually impaired. We may not notice voice sync issues of course, but we do notice when we can't use the transport controls of the video interface. I am a Mac user, and thus I use Voiceover to interact with all portions of my Mac environment. This spoken user interface is very open, with much documentation on Apple's Developer Connection website.

    I find that once a movie or TV show is loaded, I am not able to interact with the player in any way. I can simply let the item play, but cannot control volume, transport controls, etc. Use the steps below to reproduce my issue:

    1) Open, login, and find a page with a "Play" link.
    2) Press Command-F5, this activates Voiceover.
    3) Press and hold Control and Option while using the arrow keys to navigate the Safari window.
    4) When encountering "HTML Content" you must "interact" with it. Press Control-Option-Shift down arrow to interact with the HTML. Control-Option-Shift Up to stop interacting if you choose later.
    5) Use Control-Option left and right to move through your HTML. Find a "Play" link.
    6) Press Control-Option Space to "press" the link and begin loading the item.
    6) After the window loads, use Control-Option arrows until you find "HTML Content" again.
    7) Press Control-Option-Shift down arrow to interact with the HTML, which should be the player.

    Expected Behavior: I expected to interact with the HTML content, containing the player. I should have encountered controls such as buttons, a time line slider, volume control slider, full screen button, etc.

    Actual Behavior: Voiceover issues its error tone, indicating that it is completely unable to interact with the HTML content. This occurs when the content area is blank, or no accessible objects exist.

    This description may be very extensive, but I don't expect many people, not even expert Mac users, to know how to operate Voiceover or other screen reading applications. I expect that my directions are easy enough for any Mac user to reproduce my issues. Please consider looking for a few visually impaired Mac users on the MacVisionaries list to try out further betas with direct contact with the Netflix team. We all want a great movie going experience!

    Ryan Dour

  149. linux version please!!! why not just make your software portable and platform-indifferent. it's just streaming video.

  150. I just tried to watch "Ghost in the Shell: Solid State Society" and there was really bad audio lag. In the very first shot where she says something her lips move, there's a pause and then you hear the sentence.
    This did not happen on the movie I watched yesterday - same system (Safari on a Mac Mini).

  151. Black screen only, here. Leopard 10.5.5, Intel tower, 5 GB RAM, Nvidia 8800. Safari 3.1.2 and Firefox 3 both black screen only. No sound, no controller.


  152. Played my first movie on Mac (True Stories). Very smooth process, movie started fine (I already had SL installed). Unfortunately, audio was out of sync with video, which quickly got too annoying to watch.

  153. OK I get the same results with either browser IE7 or FF3.

    Video playback is choppy and jittery, sound does not stay in sync with video.

    My system: (Not the best, but certainly not the worst.)

    Intel Chipset 850/860
    Intel P4 2.6 Ghz Processor
    1Gb Ram
    Radeon 1300 AGP video/ 256 Mb Ram
    Creative Platinum Live
    40Gb Drive/ 32 GB available (formated NTFS)
    XP Home Edition SP3
    IE 7.0 & FF 3.03

    Either the silverlight player is still "buggy" or Netflix supported usage needs a definite tweaking.

    I had none of these issues with the old player, and if this payer is going to replace the old one? Well it needs tweaking is all I'll say.

    I did some checking around.

    If you right click on the player a "SilverLight Configuration" dialog opens. If you select this you can change the players update preference, and also see that Netflix has a 1MB quota set for application storage.

    There are not any customizable options.

    However I did read the information here... Using Application Storage, and suspect that "maybe" Netflix should try requesting and using a larger quota then 1MB.

    I tried deleting the entry for Netflix, to see what would happen. (Thats what beta testers do right?)

    It causes the player to halt, and I got the "Your Internet connection has slowed..." message (both in IE7 & FF3) the player buffered for about 3-4 minutes (there was a good quarter inch of movie ahead of the slider).

    Video playback did get a little better, but the sound went out of sync even worse.

    But that was fixed by pausing play and restarting it.

    I do hope that playback smooths out before the final release, whenever that might be. Because if it replaces the current player, and the same playback issues remain.

    There will be tons of very unhappy campers!

  154. I'm so excited that Netflix is doing this for Mac. I had some problems with watching NCIS today. The video would skip and the sound would be off by a second or so. It got kinda annoying so I stopped watching.
    I just downloaded the Sliverlight plug-in today so it should be up-to-date.
    I'm running a Mac OS X 10.5.5
    2.2 GHz Intel processor
    and I have a DSL internet connection.

  155. I'd have to say that until subtitles become enabled, this really is useless to me. Please adda little more support for the hard of hearing.

  156. Seems to work OK - I do have a couple of feature requests (well some are requests and others are observations/bugs/ ;)

    -ability to force the player to re-detect speed (or explicitly set the speed). I used to be able to hit shift+B to readjust my speed as I found that sometimes netflix gets it wrong on the first try.
    -I noticed quite a bit of screen "tearing" or dropped frames in this version
    -ability to back out of the beta if I wish. I don't mind testing, but some issues (particularly the screen tearing are bothersome)

    The good:
    -seems faster to pause/start, skip around, start the movie, etc. Once the bugs are worked out it looks to be a good solution overall.
    -Works in FF and on the Mac ;)

  157. Hi, very happy to finally have Mac instant viewing. Thank you for opening the beta. I ran into to problems that might be worth reporting.

    I got an "Media Initialization Error" 8051 when trying to watch "Kurau Phantom Memory". It seems the problem only exists with episodes 1,2, & 5 so far, the rest that I've tested seem to be working.

    Additionally when I first tried to watch an instant movie, I was told I wasn't logged in, even though I could access my netflix queue. That said, it had been some time since I first logged in. Checking other pages seemed to work, and logging out and back in solved the problem. But whatever auto-login existed didn't seem to translate to instant view.



  158. thanks for the support on the Mac. Client seems to work fine on most of the things I have tried.

    Generally it appears that the picture is a bit dark. I am using FireFox 3.0.3, Web site looks fine and other content appears the correct brightness, just the movie in silverlight.

  159. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We recently switched from pcs to macs and we were so upset that we could not get netflix. In fact we were just about to cancel our subscription out of annoyance.
    I am using safari and it looks awesome! So, thank you Netflix!
    All the best, Lee

    BTW: All I can say to those complainers who don't like microsoft is get over it. You've been duped. As far as I can tell Mac wants you to pay for everything. They don't want you to join netflix, they don't want you to borrow from your local online library - they want you to use itunes and PAY for them! So, thanks Netflix, for doing something so awesome and for helping to redeem the mac -- in my eyes.

  160. Silverlight? I'm pretty sure that's not supported on ppc macs. So what you mean by support-for-macs is that only certain ones are supported, then clearly you're lying to your customers.

  161. Between Mac support and the Tivo announcement I'm happy to see you're working on keeping customers. Silverlight player works great. I actually like it better than the windows player.

  162. Do not upgrade...

    Significantly lower video quality since my upgrade. I called customer service and was told that everybody would have to switch to silverlight in January anyway (so I cannot switch back). Once in a while I'll get a message that my internet connection is too slow. I'm sure mine is very fast. I think for some reason the netflix' server cannot keep its capacity (maybe because there are significantly larger number of user since silverlight). Anyway, it's a very disappointment of Netflix at this point.

  163. I was so excited to read that mac is finally supported - until I realized that my power mac is not. My power PC G5 is still a great computer and I don't plan on replacing it for another two years. It's upsetting that I'm shut out of the on-demand feature. I hope that you will consider adding compatibility for power pc macs.

  164. I would like to see the ability to keep my player in full screen mode on my secondary monitor while I use other programs on my laptops main screen. Currently when I enable full screen and switch programs the player comes out of full screen mode.

  165. Login error as well.

    "Your Netflix signin details are invalid..."
    8102 157

  166. I'm running on a 24" Imac and the only bug I've seen so far is that the audio is out-of-sync (2-3 sec). Otherwise it's been great.

  167. Encoding errors on "Forty Shades of Blue". Video is jerky, like it's running slightly fast, and out-of-sync with the audio.

  168. It works on my PC and Mac at work, but at home it hangs up on "setting up your player" after buffering has occurred. Has anyone else seen this? Where do you report bugs?

  169. I had exactly the same problem that rev. mitcz reported... "Using an Intel-based MacBook Pro, running OS X 10.5.5, running Silverlight 2.0 in either Safari 3.1.2 or FireFox 3.0.3, all I'm getting is a blank black page. Checking the status bar, I see that something's loading, but once it's done loading - nothing happens."

    Then I tried it on my wife's MacBook, running all the same software versions, and it worked flawlessly. Still can't get anything more than a blank black screen on my MacBook Pro, though.

  170. I'm having problems with Audio being out of sync :-( I was watching Outer Limits New Series Season 1 - Episode 4.

    But it's a great effort by Netflix. I use Firefox and now I would not need to launch IE just for Netflix.

  171. First off, I was waaay stoked to hear you guys were finally getting around to the Mac OS X! Just installed Silverlight and watched my first streamed flick... So far so good!

    Picture quality was great ("high"), with the only noticeable flaw being some horizontal artifacts when there was a fast lateral move by the camera. I would say the overall loading speed/buffer time etc feels comparable to my experience with

    Overall, I have to say it was a great experience - keep up the good work!

    PS: It would be great if the instant queue took returned DVDs into account and automatically removed those movies.

    15" MBP 2.2, 4GB ram, OS X 10.5.5, Safari, AT&T DSL Pro.

  172. Working great, but I was trying to watch the Red Dwarf series, and it seems that from Season 5 "Demons and Angels" forward will not play. It gets to the point of starting to download the movie info and then gives an error. I get the same error under Windows as well as Mac OS... Playing to my Roku player is fine for these episodes.

  173. Media Initialization Error (code: 8051)

    Loading Saiyuki_Episode_11

  174. MacBook Pro Intel Core Duo. OSX.5.5. 2 GB RAM. Firefox 3.0.3. Safari 3.1.2. Camino 1.6.4. - Black screen on all. No player. Firefox says "Waiting for" then "Transferring... (something, something)" and then "Done" and nothing but a black screen. If I refresh repeatedly it will occasionally give me the "install" screen. Silverlight is most definitely installed. What up.

  175. I'm also just getting a black screen. 10.5.5 on MacBook Pro. Tried Safari and Firefox 3.

  176. Oh, one more thing... I also must register my complaint about NetFlix using Microsoft crapware. I strive to be Microsoft-free. Flash is bad enough, but a Microsoft copy of Flash? Gimmeabreak! I always thought rather highly of NetFlix. This is definitely a mark against them.

  177. More input, hopefully helpful. My black screen occurs (MacBook Pro) on all browsers, all movies even though Silverlight works on other sites. (Such as )

  178. I use Anthony Park's MyNetflix plug-in to watch instant movies in Vista Media Center. The Silverlight player is incompatible with his plug-in.

    I opted in on a spare machine and didn't realize I had to use it on all my machines. Now I'm stuck -- Anthony (new Netflix employee) please update your player or Netflix please offer an opt-out option.

  179. I'm having the exact problem that jon and rev. mitcz both reported...

    "Using an Intel-based MacBook Pro, running OS X 10.5.5, running Silverlight 2.0 in either Safari 3.1.2 or FireFox 3.0.3, all I'm getting is a blank black page. Checking the status bar, I see that something's loading, but once it's done loading - nothing happens."

  180. MacBookPro Mac OSX 10.5.5 (intel chip)

    I had trouble installing Silverlight 2, seemed like it didn't recognize that I'd already installed it, took several tries to get it to realize Silverlight was installed.

    When I go to play a movie I get a black screen with white dots moving in a circle, seems to indicate something is loading. This happens for about 5 seconds then the browser crashes. Both with Firefox 3.0.3 and Safari 3.1.2 Silverlight 2 RTW 2.0.21005.0

    I know this is still "beta" for Mac but I'd love this to work- good luck!

  181. I've set it up on several machines: Mac Mini, MacBook Pro C2D, and even a EEE PC 901 (that took some work) and they all work close to flawlessly.

    Thanks Netflix!! Going to cancel premium cable soon!

  182. Add me to the list of folks who would like to see a closed captioning or subtitling feature added.

  183. Hi,

    I am using OS X 10.5.5, Intel Core Duo Processor. I installed Silverlight to watch movies on Netflix but when I go to play it shows just a black screen, and shows done in the status bar. I tried the other silverlight applications on this site with the same problem, just shows the backround nothing else. To make sure it's not a connection issue I was able to install silverlight on my imac and it works perfectly.

    To try and fix the problem I removed the silverlight plugin from \\library\internet plugins\ then closed the browser (I get the same issue with firefox 3.0 or safari) and emptied the recycle bin. I then removed the original install download, then rebooted and re-installed. I still get the same issue.

    Looks like a few other people on this forum have posted the exact same issue. Is there a forum or case number or something tracking this?

    Any idea on how to fix this one?

  184. Works great! Far better than when I had to use it on a PC. The picture is better and I particularly like the ability to see earlier and later frames. It is also very fast. Don't change anything!

  185. I had been enjoying the new player since it came out (on my macbook pro) and I got hooked on Heroes. When I went to watch today I can't hear any speech. The background audio and effects come in fine but no conversation can be heard. I tested it on Heroes Season 1 episode .07% which worked fine yesterday but not today.

  186. Macbook Pro Intel Processor

    Using safari log into Netflix and then go to Watch Instantly and select movie, using Safari. I get this error.

    Using Safari, I get this error:

    Media Initialization Error
    Your Netflix sign in details are invalid. Please try signing i to the Netflix website again.
    Error Code: 8102 157

    But using Firefox I am able to connecto to movie, and it works correctly.

    Jim N.

  187. Just tried to watch "King Corn" with the new silverlight player on my macbook pro. The audio was out of sync with the video and therefore unwatchable

  188. Having troubles with the Silverlight player with windows XP and IE - audio and video are out of sync...

  189. Watching Red Dwarf Series 7. Episodes up to "Blue" will play then it throws the error code 8051 when it goes to the next episode.

    OS X 10.4.11
    Firefox 3.0.3

    I have seen other people get that error code, what does it mean?

  190. Netflix working with Apple TV:

  191. My issue where speech could not be heard has been resolved. I'm not sure if it fixed itself or if you guys fixed it but if it was you kudos for fixing it so quickly.

  192. Excellent player, great experience. Thanks for the Beta!

    I've got issues with Heroes - Season 1, episode 3. The content has a very bad quality and the sound is sometimes up to 500ms late (especially at the end around time 35:00) while other places are good. Restarting browser doesn't help (the same issues at the same time), episodes 1 and 2 display fine, so it's not connection issue. Is there a place where to report such issues?

    WinXP, IE 7, SilverLight 2.

  193. My first comment was removed for some reason... This player works excellent in OS X 10.5.5 with FireFox 3 , but on Vista it doesn't work at all. It hangs after it loads the movie up and says "setting up your movie player" indefinitely. This happens with both FireFox 3.0.3 and IE7 . I tried re-installing SilverLight and it made no change.

  194. I would really like an opt-out option. Will one be available soon?

  195. Nothing new to be added here. Just echoing what's already been said. I've been a Netflix subscriber for years and I love the Watch Instantly feature.
    I opted in and Silverlight version is a real improvement. Faster streaming and I like the FF/RW thumbnails.
    I too use Linux on my PS3 and would love to be able to get this service working natively in Firefox. It's close but not quite there.
    And definitely needs an OPT-OUT option available. C'mon guys...give people a chance to try it out...


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