Wednesday, August 13, 2008

DVD shipping update

Hi, it’s Andy Rendich back with an update. As of this morning, some (but not all) of our distribution centers are back up and shipping DVDs. Our goal is to resume normal shipping from all of our facilities as soon as possible, but we are still experiencing technical issues with our shipping systems. We apologize again for the inconvenience and continue to appreciate your understanding. We’ll keep you updated as there’s more to say. Thanks for now.


  1. What's going to happen to the:

    "Members who should have been shipped a DVD today will automatically receive a credit to their accounts"

  2. The never needing story continues... I just got off the phone from Customer service and they just admitted to me that they have bigger problems then shipping DVD's. Now they told me that people with accounts that are on hold are not getting updated correctly on their servers. Not only that but they are saying it could take up to 24 hours to updated their servers, if it ever should work.

    They are saying that they did not know until this morning about that problem. Yet, the last two days they have said to me, in person, that everything was alright with my account. So, here I sit with a worthless roku, no DVDs and customer service people who have no idea what's going on...

    Stay tune for Tomorrow's episode..


  3. So Andy? If things are this screwed up then why does this message appear to the right of your blog?

    Code Green: Netflix and Community are up.

    I'd say things are a lot more screwed up than you're letting us know about.

    Who's on first? Eh?

    Which facilities are shipping and which are not? How many DVD's have you lost in the shuffle? I returned a DVD on Saturday morning that still doesn't show up as received.

    Let me suggest that when you have problems your customers shouldn't have to find out by accidentally discovering an obscure link at the bottom of the page. Let us know. This will eliminate a lot of irate phone calls and there's no harm, though this isn't common knowledge, in open truthfulness. As Mark Twain said, "Be open and honest: i will please most and surprise everyone."

  4. i should have had two dvds shipped on tuesday from another location because they were not available at my site. the website still says they are shipping tuesday. and now the other dvd that I sent back on Monday has been delayed shipment until tomorrow.

    whats going on? this seems bigger than just shipping issues.

  5. I agree with ljr, customers shouldn't have to accidentally find an obscure link by googling (how I found the blog) or accidentally clicking on a link while trying to view their queue. This information should be on the home page when you first load Netflix. This is a dodgy way of telling people what is going on and I doubt the compensation will be equal to the pain. Yes, I said pain.

    For those with the "it's just a movie" attitude, it's also a school project. My daughter needs to watch Freedom Writers and write a report before school starts Monday. She should have had the DVD today but now it will be Friday??? Saturday??? This is unacceptable. I could live with the delays, it's the lies and deception I don't find acceptable.

  6. Yeah, I have not received any emails yet! Only way I even know about this is because of the blog. Don't you think Netflix should have been sending out a least a couple emails by now.

  7. "Code Green: Netflix and Community are up."

    That is funny. Anyways, still no email notification.. this is ridiculous.

  8. An already bad service has gotten worse.

  9. If you look at all the senior technical admin jobs that are open, it's a wonder the NF systems work at all. Can you spell "cost cutting"?

  10. Yes, I'm not happy about what I'm reading here... I'm really pondering the possibility that NF is not going to be the quality service that I was expecting... I'm giving them one more day to fix this mess and if they don't, I'm walking...

  11. Guys, Netflix has generally been very reliable. This is the first time i have noticed any issue in years, but I am mostly concerned they are not emailing out updates.

  12. Luckily, I can stream movies on my mac using the Netflix I can't.

  13. Here's the solution: buy into the new movie-streaming box service; I'm sure the company's other software (and service) is more reliable...

    I mean, they never had software trouble...right?

  14. If only this was my first problem with Netflix I might be forgiving but it isn't. Too many times they've shipped based on what they thought I wanted, i.e. putting television series disks "back" in order when in reality I wanted them out of order. If I want disk 5 before 4, they shouldn't assume I made a mistake. Did they ever think that maybe the contents of disk 4 were available on television and 5 wasn't? No, they don't think, they assume.

    Like now, they are assuming people actually know about this blog when a great many people simply do not.

  15. yeah, netflix has been reliable for me...for years. but im disappointed that they can't communicate the problem more effectively. like what areas of the country are being affected? whats being done?

    i understand that technical problems happen, but as a paying customer i'd like to be updated via email about the progress they're making.

  16. For the most part Netflix has been pretty dependable, but this time they don't even know whats the problem. Talked to customer service and couldn't get any answers. Why can't they put something on there home page?

  17. Netflix has been good to me except for the throttling. However, this is hindering my film review podcast. I live in St. Louis, MO, where there is a hub. A film that was shipped from Denver, CO, still hasn't appeared in my mail box. Add to the fact that the film should have shipped Tuesday, when they received my return, but shipped on Wednesday instead. Now, they are supposed to be sending a replacement as of yesterday which really means probably end of the week?? Unacceptable. I want some sort of discount credited to my account for this.

  18. I agree that I am most troubled by the lack of communication and I would like to have a credit posted to my account.

  19. Wow. Guys, computer glitches happen. Calm down. We'll get through this together, I promise.

  20. Seems to me that the problem is that even Netflix doesn't really know what's happening. When I spoke with a representative on the phone yesterday - after having to google for the number! - I discovered that the young lady had no more idea than I did about the difficulties. She "thought" they were having some trouble but wasn't really sure. She told me that she couldn't see anything on her screen other than what I see when I login.

    I sure hope they "share the pain" by crediting all customers with the time they have been down. Otherwise it hasn't cost them at all. In fact, other than customer grumbling, they make out since they don't have to pay shipping on films they don't mail!

    In fairness, this is the first real trouble I've ever had with them and I would guess they're in the process of learning a lesson that will result in:

    1. More reliable service.

    2. Establishment of an emergency response system with prompt and prominently displayed notification to customers when there is trouble.

    Everything about the Netflix website seems fully operational so I can't understand why we don't see a technical difficulty advisory on the Home and Queue page.

  21. ALL my movies have been quite delayed. Will I receive multiple credits? I know the last time I had difficulties, one of my friends received credits whereas I received none.

    Furthermore, I'm not amused at all by the fact that my queue has randomly reordered itself several times so that I'd receive movies from the bottom of my list instead of the top. And for several days now I can't put my queue in order.

    Finally, on top of not getting any DVDs, not getting the ones that I really want when I do get DVDs, I couldn't find any place on your Web site to contact customer service via e-mail. When I'm busy with things, a 9-minute wait on hold to talk to someone (likely just to get a brush-off) isn't something I look forward to.

    If these many problems continue, I'll be finding another provider.

    Therese Szymanski

  22. I still haven't received my next dvd for the one I mailed back Saturday. My queue says they expect to ship tomorrow. That's a four day delay.

    How much of the shipping problem is due to the emphasis on roku boxes?

    Or is it due to the settlement "upgrades" (which I never filed for because it sounded like a scam in the letter I received)? All the extra shipments broke the system?

  23. For me, the lack of communication from Netflix has been the worst part of this scenario. I'm an understanding and fairly laid back person about things of this nature, but I think it's shocking how poorly Netflix has handled things so far. How about learning a lesson or two from Typepad? They are certainly no strangers to technical issues, but they do three things right off the bat:

    1. Get a message up on the main page that's kept current.

    2. Send out a mass email, because some people don't look at the main page.

    3. Credit accounts.

    I'm still inconvenienced when there are issues with my Typepad account, but when I'm treated with respect, kept up to speed on their progress and credited for the down-time, I feel much better. I'm sure Netflix will experience problems in the future- which is to be expected with anyone/anything, really- but I hope the way they handle things gets better. Much better.

  24. For the last 2 days I have been trying to contact netflix without calling. I am glad I found this blog so I can fell like my concerns are addressed.Last week I was e-mailed that my dvd's were returned because my address was wrong. NOT TRUE. Netflex has my money and they are not living up to their end of the contract. Tell us the truth or I will cancell.

  25. I am with Rita. I have not received an email and noticed my shipments are delayed by 4 days....

    On the other hand, I have never received anything but excellent service from Netflix. Let's keep our fingers crossed that this is not cost-cutting and give them time to work out issues. Modern technology isn't always as relieable as we hope it to be.

  26. "E to the B said...

    Wow. Guys, computer glitches happen. Calm down. We'll get through this together, I promise."

    Oh, please, you aren't here so what is this crap you spew of "together" ~ you don't know my situation, or anyone else's. Keep your rah rah to yourself. Two days of no shipments isn't a computer glitch, it's a disaster that even Netflix can't fix the customer relations nightmare it's created.

  27. Let's face it, Netflix has a big technical problem on its hands. It's a good bet that their shipping database servers have crashed bigtime. They're not telling us what's going on because they're frantically trying to replace a badly damaged database with a version several days old. Can you just imagine the logistical nightmare they face? I'd guess that they are facing a Black Swan event - you know, something that just CAN'T HAPPEN. Right.

    They're sitting around with a at least a day's worth of DVD's that were received and entered into a now corrupt database. If they have to go back to a database even twenty four hours out of date they have the really awful situation of having a bunch of DVD's checked in and sitting on the shelf that the "restored" database is going to say haven't been returned. This is why the web page isn't showing these DVD's as returned.

    And it gets worse. The individual DVD's are identified with a generic UPC code. This means that unlike a Blockbuster store with unique codes for each DVD copy, they can't pull a DVD off the shelf and scan it to find out who rented it last. The DVD's are, in the vernacular, fungible. One's just alike another.

    So they are going to have to accept EVERBODY's word that the disks they claim to have returned really were returned. They have no way of proving otherwise. The count may come up short but they can't name the culprits.

    I suspect the warehouses right now are up to their necks in returned DVD's that can't be checked in until they resolve these issues.

    I predict that this may be one of the last, "Hi, it’s Andy Rendich back with an update." messages.

    The next one will be, "Hi, this the new Netflix head of operations letting you know that Andy Rendich has found a better opportunity elsewhere. We wish him well in his new career."

    I'm not picking on Andy because the system crashed but because of his lack of planning about how to recover and his rather flippant attitude. His first step should have been to advise customers NOT to return any more DVD's until the problems are resolved.

    He apparently feels that simply signing in once a day and saying "still SNAFU, folks. Have a nice day." is adequate.

  28. In response to ljr, aren't most companies of this size supposed to have a "disaster preparedness plan?"
    I just happened on to this blog when I was questioning the fact that they haven't sent me my movies for two days and was looking for a way to contact NF. So much for my email.
    But then, there is the economic way of voicing our opinion. Fewer customers might help them cleaning up the problem.

  29. I hate to be a twit about all this (I understand problems can happen), but googling about this, it appears they had a major glitch back in March....and that wasn't the first time. So, being a new customer, this is making me a little uneasy as it seems they have some serious issues that aren't being resolved.

    BTW, the credit for the last glitch was 5%.

  30. Amazing. Are we whining?
    I have no TV service-by choice. I have radio and Netflix. Yes, I want my movies NOW, too!

    Stuff happens. It's life. Netflix tries hard and will probably "make good" on this - they did last time! They do actually care about us. Stuff just happens!

    Yes, it would (at the least) have been nice to know to come to this blog rather than happen upon it. Maybe a customer service efficiency expert is needed. Sure, I'll apply! : ) Can I work from home?

    It will be over soon. Forgotten and forgiven. It is not the most important thing going on in our world right now - Neflix is only an escape from it.

  31. Since at this point no one knows the extent of the damage to Netflix's database -- if that's what the problem is -- it might not be a bad idea to take screenshots of your queue, just in case these might get wiped out.

  32. These so called shipping problems have been happening to me every month,sometimes 2 times in the same month for over a year, sense I moved to Denver CO. I get E-Mail notification that I will receive my movie on a certain date. I receive it three to four days after the promised date. I have yet to receive any type of credit to my account. This is really getting OLD.

  33. robin,

    Yes, companies are "supposed" to have an answer for any contingency. But, as Taleb has pointed out, there are always disasters you just don't plan for - Black Swans.

    I'm confident they have a journalling log of all the database activity up to the time of their "mishap" and that they eventually will be able to make the restored database current. But a database crash is a very serious event because it means closing down operations long enough to create a coherent copy from a previous time. Then they can start running the journalling log into the database and make it current.

    Sounds good on paper. But apparently the Netflix database is really two entities. There's the web database which seems intact and the shipping database which is responsible for managing physical inventory. The trick when dealing with two databases that share copies of some of the same information is to keep them synchronized with each other.

    Right now, for instance, the web database is advising me that two DVD's are "shipping today" but I'll wager that the shipping database doesn't know that anymore because it's been restored from a time prior to when the website told it to ship these DVD's. So we have a website database that thinks the DVD is ready to ship and a shipping database that has no record of being told to ship.

    There are some IT guys running around right now with flaming ulcers - guaranteed.

    Neflix isn't nearly as complex an operation as Amazon and I can't recollect Amazon ever being down for a day. I think some heads are going to roll over this. As someone else pointed out, Netflix was down for 11 hours in March for "undislosed" reasons. And they were down last July too. This isn't the first time by any means.

    Warrent Buffett is fond of saying that you don't get to see who's swimming naked until the tide goes out.

    So, cutting to the chase, Netflix SHOULD have an ironclad procedure for synchronizing the two databases if one or the other crashes. And they probably do. But it takes time and we're not getting our MTV in the interim.

    Obviously Netflix isn't down forever but it's clear they don't have an adequate backup strategy.

  34. I think I am ready to cancel

  35. I love how all the idiots in the world that can't keep their credit card numbers up to date or address correct try to latch on to this as Netflix fault. The only problems I have had over the years, as a fairly heavy user, is throttling, the extra day delay when DVD is shipped from remote facility (on top of the mailing time) and the profile debacle of Summer 2008. An actual problem that lasts a day or two, is announced at the top of the queue page and will be resolved by credits when full extent of the damage is computed does not a EPIC FAIL make.

  36. i woulod like if net flix didnt send me exactly what is at the top of my list but anything on the list that they will send the first moment i can get something nfrom the nearest shipping facility so i dont wait a week and hear how a week wait is actually only 3 business days, i am an engineering student and i havent taken a math class that showes me how to do that kind of math

  37. LOL at Sephora0128. Hell yeah.

    Still haven't got a email. I'd be more chill if they sent me one.

    Today I got a email saying:

    Rate your recent experience with Netflix Customer Service

    I laughed so hard and click "unsatisfied". I mean... It's just ironic.

  38. Dear Alarmist Complainers:

    I'm a Netflix user who also works in the IT field and I just wanted to let you know that your complaints and speculation sound foolish, ignorant and petty.

    FOOLISH: Examples of the dramatic hyperbole posted today: "the never needing story continues", “I could live with the delays, it's the lies and deception I don't find acceptable”, “Can you just imagine the logistical nightmare they face? I'd guess that they are facing a Black Swan event”, “this is hindering my film review podcast.” Triefy, heaven forfend that your film review podcast experience a (minor) obstacle. Oh the horror, will your millions of subscribers be able to make it through the week without the guidance of your expert cinematic opinions? Will they commit cinematic crimes like renting Weekend at Burnies??

    IGNORANT: Diagnosing IT issues is difficult enough when you have intimate knowledge of (and access to) an enterprise's infrastructure. Without such knowledge and access, speculation is pointless and only serves to spread unjustified fear, uncertainty and doubt.

    PETTY: Netflix is a great leisure entertainment service but it is just entertainment. Put things in perspective people: this is not a financial institution nor a SCADA system that controls part of the electrical grid or a System used by Air Traffic Controllers – it’s a freaking DVD rental service.

    Maybe it will do some of you good to go a few days with scratching your Netflix itch. Instead of sitting on your couch every evening, go outside and take a walk, engage in a (face-to-face) conversation with someone or create something.

    Netflix Developers: These things happen. I for one hope you don’t succumb to the pressure to get this fixed as quickly as possible. I hope that you are permitted to take your time to address the issues so that you can develop a solution that enhances your system’s stability, reliability and availability.

    Best wishes.

  39. chris m can go suck a f*ck.

  40. The hysterical responses by people here are the cause of the poll responses we see in the news about "Worst (fill in the blank) in decades!" No one has any sense of proportion (which means no sense of justice). Things have never been better. Yet when we get a pin-prick of a problem we act as if we have broken an arm or broken our backs.

    I am disabled. Netflix movies are one of my main sources of entertainment. Does this cause me to jump about insanely, yelling 'The Sky is falling! The end is near!"? No. Because I recognize this incident for what it is - a hiccup in an amazing system in an every increasingly amazing world. A day's delay - even a week's delay - is not calamitous. It's not even close. It is simply a stubbed toe. The momentary discomfort will pass.

    So stop whining like babies. Hysterics and absurd rantings against Netflix say nothing about Netflix and EVERYTHING about the blowhard doing the ranting.

  41. I was at 4-at-a-time, but have now downgraded to 1-at-a-time. I will remain on a 1-at-a-time plan until Netflix gets off its rotund, overly inflated keester and solves this problem. You don't have to cancel your account to let them know where you stand. As soon as the problem is rectified, you can always upgrade your account again.

  42. Hey, Chris the IT guy, we all got a kick out of your hyperbole, but nobody likes paying for a service that doesn't deliver. It's cool that you don't mind paying for a DVD rental service that doesn't work properly, but some of us aren't in the IT industry and don't like paying our hard-earned dollars for crappy service. Go back to your Stephanie Meyer book and Babylon 5 reruns if you have a hard time comprehending that. Either you are employed by Netflix, or sleeping with Mr. Netflix' sister, that much is certain.

  43. "increasingly amazing world"

    This world sucks. What are you talking about?

  44. I have been a customer with Netflix for about 8 years and have had mostly great experiences with them. Things happend, no matter how prepared you think you are when problems come up, you will never be fully prepared until it happends. What needs to happen is that they learn from this problem and try to fix it so it does not happen again. Who knows maybe it was not Netflix that caused this problem and some random hacker getting his kicks.

    Everyone is also forgetting that Netflix mails the DVDs, they do not hand deliver it to your mailbox, its the job of the USPS, if DVDs are not getting delivered in time, you can not blame Netflix, it is your postal carrier. Their delivery date is just an estimated time, they are not dumb enough to say "it will deliver tomorrow". I have noticed that when discs are shipped from a location outside your hub, it tacks on an additional business day to process.

    A few years ago, I started noticing that DVDs were getting lost in the mail, and Netflix put a hold on my account, I contacted them to find out what was going on and they told me to call the USPS, after calling the USPS, them removed the hold. I was getting DVDs fine for a few years until it started happening again, I called them immediately to tell them my concern and they were understanding, they told me the same thing to contact USPS, I did it, and so far so good.

  45. "Mr. Netflix' sister"

    Oh, I did her last night and his mom.

    Giggidy Giddidy!

    But seriously.


  46. Darko, given the alleged Netflix IT apocalypse it is not possible for me to go "suck a f*ck" (you meant, "flick" right?) I'd need a DVD for that. D’OH!

    Actually, since according to Scrotal Recall I'm doing the nasty||nasty with Netflix’s sister I guess I can go suck and fff... with her. That's far more fun than sitting on my ass watching a movie.

    Speaking of movies, don't all of you realize you can continue along with your passive and sedentary movie-watching life styles by making use of Netflix’s "Watch Instantly" service?? Go watch a decent movie like Klute.

    Scrotal Recall -- sorry to disappoint but I had to Google the name you referenced and I've never heard of any of her books. Babylon 5? No. As for movies, I'm partial to directors like Hitchcock, Jim Jarmusch & Orson Welles. For the written word, I prefer pretentious contemporary literary fiction.

  47. Problems suck, we understand, but compounded problems suck even more.

    Here's an illustration: I've got 3 DVD's "shipping today" that would have been great to have shipped when they should have been. They're classics and foreign films, which I only watch when the wife and kids are out of town (they like modern and kids stuff). Now that they're delayed two days, they're not going to do me any good because by time they arrive the family will be back and I'll have no time to watch them. So what I should do right now is to bump them down in the queue and put the family discs, currently in positions 1,2, and 3, into the shipping position. But the Web GUI doesn't allow me to do that. So what's actually going to happen is that at some point the non-useful discs will ship, I'll have to turn them around (we have 4-day round-trip in my parts) and then I'll finally get discs I can use 9 days after I last had a useful disc (if they're up tomorrow), for a quarter month of 'downtime' for me.

    So, 2 days is only 2 days, but only sometimes. The moral of the story is that the website should have an accommodation for this kind of shipping system problem that can be turned on by Netflix so customers don't wind up in this kind of bind. My particular situation may be unique, but doubtless there are many customers who no longer need the discs that have been stuck in the queue for days for whatever unique reasons they might have.

  48. The situation is very simple.

    I pay money for an advertised service, and I expect that advertised service to be delivered to me upon my payment.

    The matter at hand is that I am now paying for a service which I am not receiving!

    If the "credits" Netflix is planning on giving do not reimburse me for this interruption of service, I will be canceling my subscription.

    It is as simple as that. Make this right Netflix, or lose a customer.

  49. Has Netflix outsourced it's operational IT to a Georgian firm in Gori?

  50. I tried reading a book. Those things don't even move, and they're freakin' long, what the hell!

  51. ok, Many replies.

    Scrotal Recall - As another IT person, I also don't get the apparent stereotype you tried to pull off. its sad that you are so worried about you're "hard earned money" and the credits when there are bigger fish to fry in life. Its a dvd rental setup for gods sake. especially for all of $4.25 ($17 divided by 4 - four weeks in a month, as this is maximum a weeks long downtime) This goes to everyone else who's ready to chop someone's head off for this "injustice"

    Mike - I agree totally in that speculation might panic people, but its better to speculate than going insane over their "hard earned money down the drain".

    LJR - You're forgetting the accounting. There are 3 proprietary systems: user/web interface, database, and accounting. We are seeing reports of accounts on hold being messed up (ie payment method lost, shipping address, etc). As I don't know the system and how its setup, I can't speak to where the problem is, but if the entire company is crippled, you can bet they are rushing to fix it.

    Streaming on a Mac/PS3 - The DRM is Microsoft Media based. The studios requested it that way. Xbox360 is logical because it uses the same code as Windows Media Player (the program needed to decode the DRM) The studios wouldn't accept flash, since anyone who knows Youtube can tell you, its easy to download from. Some hope comes from Silverlight, but we won't see that for 10-20 years, given how slow Microsoft is now.

  52. Even though this is the first problem I have ever had in my years with netflic, my patience is growing thin. I have been waiting for delivery since Monday. Today is the first day that the instant announcement regarding the problems netflix is encountering. I would have appreciated the info much sooner. As this is a paid service I am expecting a credit to my account.

  53. Wow you guys need to chill out. This is not the end of the world.

  54. Just got notice that the movies in my queue will be shipped in next week! They rec'd our returns yesterday which makes an entire week delay....which means something really serious must have happened at headquarters.

  55. Have seen my returned DVD's get delayed in being credited, and whilst my queue tells me three new ones were to ship yesterday, they did not. I did NOT receive any personal notice from Netflix but had to read the Important message on the website when I logged in again. No personal touch, no clear explanation of what a credit means, nor whether or not I would receive one. I have enjoyed much better service and selection from Netflix over Blockbuster and am hesitant to dump and run back to them. However....a little better and more open communication from Netflix would be appropriate. After all, how hard is it to send an email:

  56. I suggest you all check your queues. Mine went from a "processing" state to my movie being completely removed from my queue. I had to re-add it back and send it to the top. Just make sure to keep tabs on your queues.

    If I had known about this issue before yesterday afternoon I never would have put my three remaining movies in the mail yesterday. However, they sent me an email yesterday morning so I thought the problems were resolved. Wish I had seen this blog first. I'm getting angrier by the day and a 5% credit "ain't gonna" cut it.

  57. Honestly I can live without DVDs for a few days. I just hope they don't rush the fix and that they actually try to fix all the bugs they can find. I would expect as a consumer to be reimbursed for my losses while the service was down at no fault of my own.

  58. Calm down folks. We're talking about movies here. Poop happens. Netflix has been great to me over the 3-4 years I've been a member.
    I can certainly put up with the occasional glitch in the system.

    People and their over reactions never cease to amaze me.

  59. It only irritates people more when someone says "calm down" especially when the person saying it doesn't know jack about other people's situations. I want to get what I pay for and I've prepaid to have DVDs at my house in a timely fashion. My daughter has a school assignment due Monday and she has to watch Freedom Writers, so it's not "just a Movie", it's how her senior year starts. Without the movie watched, she starts the year with an incomplete. I don't call that "just a movie."

  60. I wonder how many of these Netflix apoligist are actual Netflix employees?

    "Calm down, it's just a dvd" doesn't fly, it's not just a dvd. Netflix is a service which is paid for. Netflix has failed to provide said service and the customer has every right in the world to complain.

  61. Sephora0128, why not rent the movie at Blockbuster so your daughter can get her assignment done. I'm willing to cover your $5 rental fee for the day if the credit that Netflix will issue to your account is not enough to pay the rental cost.

    Netflix have provided excellent value for my membership for the past three years that I'm willing to give them the time to fix these current technical issues.

  62. Day 4... Checked my account.. Again, it's on hold.. Again, I fixed the problem.. Again, I call NF customer support to see what's going on.. Again, they say everything looks good.. But this time, they tell me to check with my bank to see if the address is correct on my card, which I did and everything is correct.

    Again, my Ruko and DVD's still are not working...

    What will Day 5 hold for me...

    Stay tuned..

  63. Sephora0128, why not rent the movie at Blockbuster so your daughter can get her assignment done.

    or you can get it from the public library for free!

  64. To those people who say this is "no big deal" or "chill out". This is still a service that is paid for and advertised as a three day delivery. I know that this is a meaningless problem in the grand scheme of life and in the world. But would you be so forgiving if it was your electricity, gas, or water that was interrupted for a week? If it was some other area of your life that a service was paid for that was impacted would you just write it off as Oh Well? For those who have not had problems with Netflix, that is great and I hope it continues. But this does happen to myself and other people on a regular basis. have a nice day

  65. Obviously Netflix recognizes that this is a service you paid for that you're not receiving which is why they said they would credit your account. Also comparing a non-necessary entertainment service to a necessary utility like gas or water is a poor analogy.

  66. Watch it now is not an option for us as we don't have enough room for the whole family to huddle around a 17" computer monitor to watch a movie. Plus the title selection and quality is horrible.

    They just need to be more open about the problem and timelines.

  67. Ken, it's not available at our one Blockbuster and there's a waiting list because the entire senior Honors English class has the same assignment and they all seem to have waited until the last weeks of summer to do the assignment.

    As for the library, yeah, right!! Our library doesn't rent DVDs. I live in a small town, my options are limited. I should be able to count on what I have already paid for.

  68. Bad timing Netflix. I just rejoined Netflix (was a non-stop customer for over 4 years) after giving up on their poor level of service. I was happy for many years, but found it was always getting worse. Finding out that they stunt the delivery of movies on purpose still angers me to no end.

    Now this "delivery problem" pops up just days after I rejoin. I am not impressed. I will go back to Blockbuster if this is not fixed by the end of the day today. And this time I will not come back.

    Also frustrating is that I can only leave this comment here. Netflix your site is purposefully set up so that I cannot send this any other way. Very bad protocol. The clock is ticking. You have gained a lot of customers from me, but I will speak ill of your company if this isn't resolved pronto. I want my money back.

  69. No biggie as far as I'm concerned, as long as it is/was relatively brief. And the fact that NF posted the issue on our home pages and offered compensation is - believe me - a huge leap forward in their communication skills and pro-activity. So it's rather ironic that when I tried to send them a note of appreciation via 'Suggestions : How can we improve our site?', I discover that even this last vestigial e-mail conduit has been nixxed. Now I'm mad too, since I've always thought that they should have phone and (functional!) e-mail customer service, depending on the nature of the issue. Maybe they think that this blog serves the same function, but then they should have a 'General Topic' thread that floats in, say, the #3 slot so poopheads like me don't post off-topic!

  70. My god people... It's a movie... If you have a dire need to sit on your couch and watch one - then may I suggest cable on-demand or maybe a local rental place... Netflix does a great job shipping tons in and out a day... It's not a simple operation and if they have an issue that makes ONE day slow down it really isn't a big deal...

    Get a LIFE!

  71. They received my movies on Tuesday and now it is saying they will not ship until next Wednesday. They are lying about sending emails and customer service does not care. Actually told me to cancel if I don't like it. I rejoined Blockbuster about an hour ago and they are sending my movies. Will cancel Netflix when and if they give credit for this screw up they are trying to keep secret. I have even seen a class action lawsuit on the boards about this because I am sure netflix will not send out credit because they can not send out an email. Plus the customer service lady said to call when I get my movies to get your credit, leading me to believe they are not going to do it proactively.

  72. If some of you want to go ballistic about Netflix having technical trouble knock yourselves out.
    As for you sephora, Freedom Writers is a great flick. I've seen it twice. Try calling your local library, maybe you can borrow it from them or they can get it for you.

  73. I see everyone complaining about e-mails not going out. Has anyone thought that maybe the technical difficulties could be affecting their e-mail capabilities as well?

  74. It looks like Netflix' throttling software has finally become self-aware and has chosen to take over their entire computer system. Nobody saw this coming? Where's John Connor when you need him?

  75. Look-- this is not a crisis. You have an extraordinary service and something went amiss. You'll fix it as fast as you can. Refund? Rebate? Heck-- instant movies still work.
    If you wanted to give 10.00 off the purchase of a player that would be fun--- but not if it destroyed margins entirely. Let's not forget-- a movie in a theatre is 10.00
    Good luck- thanks for the hard work to solve the problem.

  76. I'm this close to returning to Blockbuster, its been messed up since the previous week, and Blockbuster is on time every time