Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Netflix Player by Roku is now available

This new device gives you movies and TV episodes in your living room, instantly. It’s just $99.99 and it works with any Netflix plan that includes unlimited instant watching.

The player is extremely easy to set up and use. Just plug it into your TV, connect it to a broadband Internet connection (wireless or wired), activate the device with your Netflix account and you’re away. The player automatically picks up the instant Queue from your Netflix account giving you a list of movies and TV episodes to watch instantly on your TV.

We’re very excited about the simplicity and cost of this device. It lets you use the full power of the Netflix website to find movies for your instant Queue, then quickly and easily choose from those movies on the player. We think that’s a major improvement over the clutter of trying to choose from 10,000 titles on the TV.

Get yours now at http://www.roku.com/netflixplayer