Friday, February 1, 2008

Questions? Ask the Gurus.

Got a question about movies you want answered? Can't think of the title of something you saw years ago? Maybe you've got a question about using the Netflix website? Try posting it to the (Experimental) Netflix Community Forum at Ning. There reside hundreds of very smart movie watchers, and I would wager it is hard to stump them. You need to register (it's quick and easy) to be able to post a question (this isn't part of Netflix, it's a sort of fan-run site), but once you do, you can return whenever you want with any sort of question. Try it out, and report back how it went.

UPDATE 2/4/08: I shifted this to focus on the Ning community to keep from confusing everyone.


  1. How many out there are getting sick and tired of the long waits for Blue Ray titles. I have been a member of netflix since they started when I live in the Bay Area and I am disturbed that the #1 supplier of movie rentals does not have their act together for the New HD disc's. Almost all Blue Ray disc I order tells me it has a very long wait. This is getting old fast since I can go to my local rental store and pick one up. If Netflix jumped the gun to quick in offering these then they should have waited because I for one will not tolerate it much longer before I just cancel an almost 10 year relationship because they cannot supply the product to their customers. Netflix get your act together and fix the problem. those of us that are ordering these disc have invested into expensive machines to play these movies.

  2. I have a question sure to stump the Netflix community...

    When will Netflix make some kind of official (and substantive)comment about the removal of the "Releasing this Week" page? It has been over a month now with no authoritative response.

    Sorry to be a pain about this but all I want is a response other than the vague "some kind of response will definitely come sometime in the near or far future."

    I don't think this is an unreasonable request considering you had a petition with over 2,000 signatures, and a blog with almost 2,000 comments about it.

    Seems like someone at Netflix could find the 5 or 10 minutes it would take to write something.

    Thank you.

  3. I don't like the redesigned "New Releases" page--it's much less useful than the old page design was. Ideally, I would like to be able to see a list of dvd releases for the current week, for the upcoming weeks, and for the past month or two--it would be nice to be able to search by release date, even, but I'd be happy if they just brought back the old page design.

  4. Netflix definitely gives me the highest dollar to enjoyment ratio of almost any product that I've gotten in a long time, so thank you. With that out of the way, I'd like to say that the unlimited downloads is a wonderful addition to this service. As much as I like this service, I don't always want to watch movies on my computer. I have heard rumors that Netflix is developing a box for home t.v. viewing. This sounds expensive and overly complicated. Since the new download service seems to be Windows based why not build an application for the XBOX 360. XBOX owners that like your service could download movies to their XBOX's and watch them on their televisions. It seems like a win, win. I know that Microsoft should be looking for a way to compete with Apple TV, so why not?

  5. "How many out there are getting sick and tired of the long waits for Blue Ray titles."

    If you had just followed Michael's advice and gone to the forum, you would have gotten the answer you were seeking.

    Steve Swasey of Netflix said last week: "The studios are not replicating (discs) as fast and that's causing the slowdown. This is short term. It should be fixed in the next couple of weeks."

  6. I must admit I am not a fan of the revamped New Releases section either, but there is still a way to view movies released this week. The 3rd box down says RELEASED IN THE LAST.... From there you can pick the last week. You can even pick up to the last 12 months if you like. It's not as nice as the old page, but it's something.

  7. Annon - you said
    The 3rd box down says RELEASED IN THE LAST.... From there you can pick the last week. You can even pick up to the last 12 months if you like.

    What 3rd box down from where? I can't find this and I'm sure a lot of people would like to see what released last week. Please give more directions.

  8. He is talking about the RSS page for new releases.

  9. Hey, I tried the streaming movies. Pretty cool, for the most part. I run a very fast quad core machine so the response is pretty much like the physical DVD. However, I am really displeased with one thing. Because you demand that we download IE 7.0 to watch these videos, which I did, you have cut out a very large portion of the population that refuse to use any browsers from Microsoft, and here's why.

    Microsoft loads many pieces of software that will (I am an ex-developer for them), interfere with many functions of your system. I have been running WinXP Pro, and now, ever since I loaded IE 7.0 the machine it's loaded on no longer can communicate with the other systems in my home. The result, after spending over a week to fix this extremely critical problem, I'm forced to completely wipe clean and rebuild my operating system..

    I want to thank you guys for creating a tremendous amount of work for me, and frustration and anger. I WILL NOT EVER download another movie from you. Its bad enough that your DVDs ALWAYS get stuck in the middle because your customers have no clue how to properly handle and care for your DVDs.. Oh.. to other customers, do not, I repeat do not buy any of their used DVDs, they are no doubt in very poor condition, and you'd be wasting your money, and time, and expectations.

    I hope that some day you, Netflix, take the time to get out of bed with Microsoft, and start supporting the rest of us computer users (round the world) that despise the way microsoft does sneaking things behind our backs..

    You do realize that nearly all viruses that are found on the PC only attack microsoft products. So Microsoft, and the Virus protection companies are in fact the ones that are creating them in the first place. It's call insurance that they continue to have sales. Everyone knows that capitalism is pretty much motivated by pure greed. So, as the stock market crashes by November 2008, you will, as usual wonder why someone didn't do something about before hand..

    Have a nice life, and enjoy that color of greed-green you so proudly wear, as you lavish yourselves in your riches..

    It will come to an end.. I promise you.. It's a vision, and I've never been wrong yet..

    Have a nice life..

  10. Thank you for at least admitting that you work for BB.

  11. bylbo said: It's a vision, and I've never been wrong yet..

    So, tell me again, why was it you left as a developer for Microsoft?

    Pffoor, pull the other one, it's got bells on it! :-)

  12. Here's a weird one. I rented a DVD called "Peppino D'Agostino: Guitar 2002," which I thought would be a performance video by one of the truly great solo guitarists around.

    I popped it in and I got a stationary background and buttons down the left side to select individual tunes.

    When I chose a song, only the audio track played; the background remained unchanged; no video at all.

    I turned the DVD over and got the same result.

    This has never happened before in the three years I've had the player and a Netflix account.

    So the question is: Is this particular DVD audio only? The Netflix blurb on it isn't really clear, but it does say "...this performance SEES him accompanied by percussion and drums."

    For reference, the DVD player is a Phillips model 726. The DVD is Netflix # 122267, and below that is another, smaller number: 01-90076401

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and, if you can sort it out, great. If not, I'll have to take my chances with Netflix tech support.



  13. michael, from netflixFebruary 4, 2008 at 8:25 AM

    sf: sounds odd. We'll check into this. thanks.

  14. sf: I just got this response from the team:

    "Sadly, it is indeed DVD-Audio…

    The site content coordinators in LA have dealt with this before and are going to kill the title. Thanks for the info."

  15. From what I've read, Netflix online viewing is set up for Windows use only. Is that correct? Is there an option for Mac users like myself? (It seems odd to me that so many websites aren't mac friendly especially since most often mac users are creatives... these are sites designed by creative people often offering a product- music, movies, games- produced by other creative people.) Maybe I don't know something that someone can help me with... if I subscribe to Netflix, would I be able to view online on my Mac?

  16. If a broken disc is sent to me and I report it, do I just send the broken one back or throw it away?

  17. Re Mac viewing online : if you have an older (power PC) Mac, check out the 2 threads on the subject in the archives. If you have a newer (intel chip) Mac and run OSX you can buy and dual-boot a 'Parallels' version of Windows that will allow you to Watch Instantly.

    Re broken discs : who's to say that we aren't just adding a perfectly good DVD to our library if we don't send it back? As far as I know, all mailings are pre-paid as round-trips so it wouldn't even save them any money.

  18. I have only one friend and it will show his current movies he has at home But his queue has not updated for me in months!!! same movies from top to bottom and they never move! Has anyone else had this problem?
    It doesn't sound like a big deal.. but he is where i get most of my movie ideas from.. and i like to see what he is up to.

  19. I used to be able to check to see how many instant viewing minutes I have left before the billing cycle ends.
    Where did that information go? I thought it was in my account, but now I can't find it.

  20. It's unlimited. No more minutes.

  21. im searching for a movie from years ago with charlie shean in it. It involed stealing cars.

  22. Just got an email from Netflix re: HD DVD. What the heck is the difference between: "Toward the end of February, HD DVDs in your Saved Queue will automatically be changed to standard definition DVDs" and "Then toward the end of this year, all HD DVDs in your Queue will be changed to standard definition DVDs"?

  23. i just got netflix today if i knew i could rent bd dvd's i would have gotten it a long time ago since i have the ps3 just a lil problem it comes with a two week free trial but i was charged twice on my card whats the deal with that if i can get some info or a number i can call please hit me up on my email or

    thanks for reading me out!!!

  24. I subscribed to Netflix a few months ago and enjoyed the instant watch option very much. However, I eventually became very unhappy with being forced to use internet explorer. You folks stated on this blog in August that you hoped to have an option for Firefox users by early 2008. Its now early 2008. Do those of us who don't like being beholden to MS have the ability to instant watch with your service yet? Once we do you'll have me as a customer once more.

  25. I would like to inform netflix that after receiving notice that they will no longer handle HD-DVDs and will be moving to blu-ray HD-DVDs i will be taking my business elseware thank you Netflix.

  26. I've been a netflix subscriber since the very beginning and am disgusted that netflix only offers the 'watch online' option to pc users. Here is a company that styled itself as a bit of a renegade, attracted customers that think outside the box enough to give them a shot, then bent them over and fracked them. Nice, makes me feel like they don't care who their base is. Worse yet, I've written several times about this and haven't even received the courtesy of a response, not even an automated one. And I thought blockbuster was bad... Seems to me I shouldn't be paying the same $$ as I can't get the same services, when does the class action start?

  27. Oh great, so every post on every thread is now going to be about either 'Instant Watch', the RTW page or the demise of HD-DVDs???

  28. Thank you for responding to my instant viewing minutes question on Feb. 7th.

    I do appreciate a community blog that answers questions. Thanks.

  29. I don't know why any of the new releases are not listed. I had to go to another site that sells recent releases and type in the newer movies, and even though you may have them they are never in the newer releases.

  30. I am having a problem with extremely low audio when I instantly watch a movie. This has been happening for about three weeks now.
    Any ideas?

  31. Slow Webpages using FireFox.

    Your website - particularly the Queue page and Instant Browse page - are extremely slow (2-3 mins) to display fully in Firefox, but not a problem in IE6.0. Please revisit the coding to ensure it doesn't incorporate proprietary Microsoft extended coding, etc.

    10 month's ago I noticed (and reported to Cust Svcs) that your website Queue Update function didn't work with Firefox browser, but did work with IE6. I concluded that your web-designer had made changes to the Queue page or Routines that incorporated some of Microsoft's proprietary XML coding (which only works properly with Microsoft's IE browser).

    I expressed my frustration with your web-designer pandering to Microsoft's deliberate strategy for isolating (undermining) competing browsers. (See -

    Eventually, about 2 -3 months ago I noticed the Queue Update function was finally working. I assumed your website programmer got the message, or was instructed to eliminated the incompatibilities. However, it took nearly 5 months for this to happen - far too long, as it should have been right from the outset.

    Can you please revisit the current website design for these two sets of pages as these unnecessary delays and lock-up hassles are unacceptable? Seeing how critically dependent NETFLIX is on it's accurate and easy-to-use website interface, this problem fix should be MISSION-CRITICAL.

  32. Does anyone have trouble getting new releases in a timely manner? I have had some movies at the top of my list since mid February and still haven't gotten them! We went to the video store this weekend because everybody was tired of waiting on American Gangster and now they want to go rent The Assassination of Jesse James. If I have to keep going to the video store to rent DVD's, what's the point of having Netflix?

  33. I am in the military in Afghanistan and when I tried to subscribe it allowed me to load my APO AE and zip but it stated that my "street address could not be found at that zip code" As there is no street address with an APO AE I am not sure how to get this sorted out. Cannot call customer service from where I am. Any help would be appreciated.

  34. Since I could not change email accounts on my account page, I setup new account with current email address. I want to cancel the old one with hotmail. New accont number is 601829.

  35. Please help !!!
    I could not switch email addresses at your website. I entered my new email address and new password and now I have two accounts. Want the hotmail one canceled.

  36. Question: I was running NetFlix's Watch Instantly over a DVI-HDMI cable as a temporary solution to connect to my HDTV. That meant I had to keep switching the HDMI input of my TV from my computer to my DVD player (I've only got one HDMI input). I recently got a DVI-to-Component dongle from ATI and started having apparently unrelated DRM problems with Watch Instantly. After reinstalling windows, getting everything set back up again and still getting the same error, I decided to decrease the resolution of my computer's output. NetFlix seems to only work at resolutions of 480p and below. I haven't seen ANYWHERE that Netflix has this documented, and I'm kinda annoyed at the hours of my life I've spent monkeying with my computer. Is the move a CYA on NetFlix's part to protect them from possible MPAA problems? Why isn't this limitation described anywhere on NetFlix's website? Is there any way around this problem?

    Windows is not useable at 480p so I find myself having to switch back and forth between 480p and the higher, usable, resolutions on my computer.

  37. I can't locate any working telephone number for Netflix from Charleston, SC. I have called information at 1 800 5551212 only to be told that they don't list anything. The number on the netflix home page doesn't work from here. HELP--can I contact this company?

  38. I would like to see a better New Release Page. Like new releases from Cinemax to DVD. I tried to look for August Rush and couldn't find it in the new release section. I remembered the name and had to look for that way. I don't remember all the titles of all the movies out so how will i find them? Blockbuster has this why can't Netflix get it fixed that way.

  39. I have just been on my Netlfix page and for some reason earilier this day I was unable to access it. When it came available the ratings of the movies were gone what is going on. I can only see what the ratings are on the movies when I click on a specific movie. This kinda stinks. Maybe it's just a glitch or something else.

  40. is there any way, other than going to the blog link, to get to the 'old style' new releases page, with the 'more new releases' and the 'dvds released this week' options? I really dislike the new "new releases" page, and from what I've read in comments, pretty much everyone else dislikes it too. Can you please change it back? If not, why not?

  41. What happened to the one I just typed?
    Are there any human beings working at netflix, or is it all done by machines?
    I have a major complaint - your system refuses to allow me to post it or enter it anywhere.
    Even my password is not accepted.
    I look forward to reciving the rest of the selections in my queue. After that, we're done.

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  43. How can a person get comments to Netflix to improve their service or to submit other suggestions? An email address would be fabulous but that doesn't seem to be available.

    Anyway, for you Netflix Product Management Team folks that run this blog - here are two things from a long-time customer that maybe you could put through to the powers-that-be:

    1) PLEASE find a way to make Closed Captioning for the Hearing Impaired available on Instant Watching titles. If they're on the actual DVD's, why can't they be available online? Those of us afflicted with less-than-perfect hearing like to do online movies too.

    2) On the topic of referrals: I put links to people's books at Amazon on my websites, and get a small revenue for the clickthrus. Google Adsense does a similar thing. I'd be thrilled to put links to Netflix if it generated a little income.

  44. THis is the 4th time in a row that the series I've been waiting for has not been shipped to me. Instead Netflix is going around it and shipping all the titles below it. I want to know when this will be stopped/fixed.