Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Participate in the Netflix Community

For a couple weeks we've been playing with a more dynamic and social set of community features, and about 450 people have joined up. Unlike this blog, which is primarily me talking to you (with a running commentary, of course), the Community Forums offer an opportunity for y'all to interact with each other: to share movie ideas and to create special interest groups on whatever topics that you'd like. You can ask questions that others can answer, and because many employees (and very active Netflix members) visit there as well, there are plenty of good sources for information and answers.

It improves constantly, but I think the "early adopters" have done some fine work and it might be ready for more of you to visit or "join" (yes, you must sign up when you arrive - but it's quick and painless and pretty easy to connect with your profile on Netflix). It's not part of the Netflix website (it is run at a place called Ning), but it's fun and social and all about Netflix and movies.