Sunday, February 10, 2008

Help with Pangea Day

Filmmaker Jehane Noujaim, best known for her films Control Room (2004) and (2001), is putting together a world day of movies and peace which she calls Pangea Day. She won the coveted TED Prize which galvanized her dream, and now she's wondering if the Netflix Community can help her find movies (or scenes in movies) that uniquely capture the spirit of world peace or human experience. In her words:
"If you had the entire world's attention for only a few minutes, what short film or scene would you show everyone? Movies have such a remarkable way to capture the commonality in us all, sometimes so little can be so inspiring. What would you show?"

Jehane came to the Netflix Community to see if y'all could come up with moments she had not. Only 88 days until Pangea Day. Got suggestions for her?