Monday, February 11, 2008


So as not to totally hijack Meghan's posting about Search, this is a space for gripes (or cheers) of today's announcement concerning the Netflix support of the Blu-Ray HD format. I have little to add to the press release. Netflix has inventory of HD-DVD titles currently, and will continue to ship them to those who Queue them as possible. I think it was clear that the plan is simply not to continue to purchase that format, which over time will naturally phase out. Money that might have been spent on new titles in that format will shift to increasing inventory of the Blu-Ray titles, which will improve availability, and I believe that the end of an industry war will ultimately make more titles available and lower prices on associated hardware and software.

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  1. As a customer i find this to be a disgrace, I joined netflix because it offered both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray dvd. I will probably cancel my service in the next few months because of your decision in this matter. As a consumer, i joined because you offered selection that others do not. You are taking this selection and choice away from your customer, and in doing so it will result in the loss of my business and those I recommended. If you look at my Que you will notice I have selected HD-DVD and Blu-Ray, standard DVD is not an option to me. Your offer of replacing HD-DVD in my que with standard dvd is a disgrace, I have a dual player so that i never had to watch a Standard DVD again. You doing away with HD-DVD limits me and my choices. i'm sorry to say that I will be taking my business else where after this change is complete. I suggest in the future that if you continue to be a company that provides a service with choices, that you consult / poll your subscribers before you make decisions that afftect their selection and choice.

    Nicholas R. Hoyer
    A Former "Valued" Customer.

  2. Any chance the HD DVD's will be added to the previously viewed for sale DVD's soon?


  3. What happend to format Neutral? i have been a member since 1999. I purchased a hddvd player based on the fact that netflix was fromat neutral. bluray players are far to expensive and the standerd is'nt even solid yet. you should stay format neutral untill there are no more studios suporting hddvd. this is more like blockbuster than the netfix i know. hope you reconsider

  4. I will never subscribe again.

  5. Michael, thanks for your post. While I don't agree with the business decision, what you post makes sense. I'm not sure why they didn't consult you before publishing the announcement because there's a difference between "improve availability" as you say and "better selection" as the announcement says. Improved availability is a plausible/sound argument. "Better selection" is at best stupidity and at worst out right dishonesty.

    This battle reminds me of the battle between SuperCDs and Audio DVDs... you know the one that was made moot in a few years time by digital downloads. With cable companies promising even more impressive download speeds than FIOS, it would be silly to shell out money (if cost is a factor for you) for hardware that is on the verge of being replaced before it's even been adopted.

    I guess anyone with a BluRay player or an HD DVD player will know what it felt like to be that person who owned a LaserDisc player.

    I assumed that I would move along with NetFlix to the digital download age in a couple of years from now. I guess I'll instead wait for Apple to release its next generation AppleTV and get my HD content that way.

  6. Netflix is a conduit for delivering content whether it be DVD, HD DVD or BluRay. It should provide more service and not eliminate them.

    As for cheaper format, HD-DVD is easier to manufacture since it relies on existing DVD manufacturing equipment has has higher yields. BluRay is inherently more difficult to manufacture because of the the thin cover sheet and its smaller depth of focus. The yield is lower. Also all manufacturers must spend additional millions of dollars per line play in the BluRay game. This cost is amortized and end up with consumers holding the bill. The majority of the margin on profit is in the content. Given the same content, the price should be cheaper to produce HD-DVD. The higher cost for the studios or the content holders is because they need to produce discs for 2 distribution channels, HD and BR. Inevitably there will be left over stock for one format or the other depending on which region had higher adoption of a particular format.

    In the game industry, Wii uses DVD, PS3 uses BluRay, and X-Box supports HD-DVD. Of those Wii is outselling both the higher definition formats combined. It's the enjoyment factor that counts. For some it is in the high def, others in the sound, and many it's the content. Don't compare cable standard def to high def as to DVD to HD. If a DVD movie has good authoring with high bitrate, the line doubled experience is just as enjoyable as any high def. Corporate greed should pave way for the consumers because we have enable them to enjoy fat profits from DVD. In return they want more in the way of converting catalog titles into a different format so we have no choice but upgrade. Corporate greed. If the optical disc industry doesn't stop its sibbling in fighting, there are alternative technologies just waiting to chomp at the bit.

    Netflix is doing a disservice to its members by reducing customer choices and picking a format that would incur a higher manufacturing cost. Luckily Blockbuster still offers HDDVD. I might convert after having been a loyal Netflix customer for many years. I like the statistical intelligence Netflix provides but to cut services is unacceptable.

  7. I was on the edge of considering whether or not to cancel my subscription of 3 years. This announcement has been the nail in my coffin.

    ars technica has a nice write up about Netflix's decision.

  8. I bought a HD DVD player as well based on the concept that netflix was going to support this format. I am unhappy as well with the decision.

  9. I agree completly with Nicholas Hoyer (the first blog I read) although for a slightly different reason. Two months ago I spent $200for an external USB hd dvd drive. I also upgraded my computer that I use as a media center. Now, already I'm SOL. Netflix just lost my loyalty after six years. Period.

  10. i agree with your decision. these people who are a bit disgruntled here knew that there was a format battle that had to end. major studios have gone +50% to blu-ray. blockbuster went all blu-ray. netflix has a major say in the battle. by going with the majority, it will make it easier for those consumers (like me) who have been waiting for the end of the battle can now buy a blu-ray dvd player and know that their format will be supported a year from now.

    hd-dvd is dead. netflix just put a nail in its coffin.

  11. I hate to sound crass, but all of you knew you were risking getting a "beta vcr" when gambling this early on HD-DVD or Blu-ray. As someone who hasn't rolled the dice, I resent paying the same fees as those requiring all this additional purchasing. Either I'm paying too much or getting too little so that you can play with your hi-tech toys, while the rest of us (who either can't afford to or don't want to piss away our money) sit back to see which one turns into an Edsel.

  12. Likewise disappointed about the decision since I just purchased an HD DVD player for my xbox 360.

    When I spoke to "Brandon" at Netflix, he let me know that they would also be purging their stock of HD DVDs. So even the older titles will not be around to borrow in a few months.

    So, I called to express my disappointment. I encourage you to do the same.

    We'll see what happens.

  13. Mad in Antelope (David)February 11, 2008 at 6:41 PM

    As an owner of an HD-DVD player, I am not to pleased with the email that I received in relation to your decision to go Blu-ray only. Now I understand that most everything has been leaning towards the Blu-ray format, but I feel that you should still support us, your loyal customers until the end of the format war and not before it has been officially declared over. I understand that you will be making your current inventory available to us, but the email shows us that you are going to leave us high and dry with new releases. I feel that you should at least offer any new releases that will still come out in HD-DVD until the day it is dead.

    I do not have a Blu-Ray player at this time, nor will I be getting one for some time.

  14. I am a newer customer of Netflix and I joined Netflix because of the HD-DVD support. I am canceling my service since I do not plan on purchasing Blueray. Since Netflix does not need my money, I have Comcast and my $17 a month will get me on demand HD content without the need to waste money on the expensive Blueray players.

  15. I have been a satisfied customer of Netflix for a few years UNTIL NOW. I am extremely disappointed by the drop of HD-DVD and will definitely be using my local video stores, like Hollywood Video, more often as they have a wide HD DVD selection available and are not catering to one sector while discriminating against another! As another poster said, Blu-Ray is far more expensive and complicated to produce and this makes no sense. What's next, higher subscription fees to offset the purchase of Blu-Ray? No thanks, I'm taking my business to someone who respects and welcomes ALL customers!

  16. So, how much did Sony pay or what incredible incentives has Sony promised to Netflix to phase out the HD-DVD format? If there wasn't a significant pay-off involved, why else would a company like Netflix make such a ballsy move to alienate so many current and potential customers? Do you realize how many new HD-DVD players have been selling the past month now that prices are so low? A fire sale? Maybe. But all of those new HD-DVD player owners will be looking to pay good money for media to play in their new machines. How can a company who is in the business of providing rental media to customers rationalize making an announcement like this before a clear winner in the format war has been decided. When you are one of the sole providers of rental media for a format, why wouldn't you instead wait until paying customers actually stopped demanding the product before making such an announcement? Buying off studios and companies like Netflix and Blockbuster with future incentives in return for dropping support for the competing format is a brilliant move by Sony. Shame on you Netflix and the rest of you greedy companies for taking the bait. This is a major setback for consumers. HD-DVD is clearly the better format. Be assured that Sony is not your friend. They are making whatever deals and taking whatever steps are necessary to avoid another Betamax-type defeat. So, do you think the prices will come way down on Blu-Ray hardware with HD-DVD out of the way? Think again. That is not "Sony-style" (pun intended). In terms of equipment and media sales, HD-DVD has been holding its own against Blu-Ray. But that doesn't matter, folks. It's all about politics and money. The studios and retailers who are now lining up behind Sony are in it purely because Sony has offered them a deal. Trust me - they care nothing about what's right for the consumer. The Blu-Ray followers are going with whoever is the highest bidder for their vote. I for one will never again buy another SONY product, set foot again in a Best Buy store, or order another Netflix movie.

    So Long Netflix and all you Sony fanboy cronies.

    Another angry "ex" customer.

    Littleton, CO

  17. I wonder if the same people suddenly ready to unsubscribe are also the people who were set to unsubscribe when the "New Releases Page" fiasco began?

    Odds are, same people, they got over it.

    Blu-ray for the win.

  18. I for one will never again buy another SONY product, set foot again in a Best Buy store, or order another Netflix movie.

    Ha ha, good luck with that! Try to also avoid driving an American-made car, visiting McDonald's and using internet service. It might be kind of hard to do.

    Oh, and you are seriously misinformed. It's not called "Sony Blu-ray". Many manufacturers co-produced the Blu-ray format. Sony backs it like all of the others. Get your facts straight, and go pick up a PS3.

  19. Wonderful decision Netflix. I can fully understand your logic. You can only diversify so many ways and I've found that Blu-ray delivery tends to take a very long time due to limited availability. Now that all the money can be spent on one format this will improve the situation.

    Don't worry about the upset HD-DVD naysayers. This is what happens when you live on the bleeding edge.

    Bravo Netflix!

  20. I am appalled they would ignore customers that currently have an HD DVD player.
    I can not affored to purchase a Blu-Ray player and therefore will be taking my business to their competitor.

    Shame on you Netflix, you should offer all that is on the market to your dedicated customers.

    I can go to Wal-Mart and have a wide selection of a particular product, not just one type, just because it may be cheaper to purchase.

    I’ve been a customer for a while and am sad to say that I am very disappointed in your company.

    Thank you

  21. id also like to post my disappointment for cancelling HD-DVD availability. Must have been some kick back on this one, because the war is not over. Moreover, what is the harm in still offering hd-dvd? thanks netflix for stopping a neutral service. very much considering cancelling my membership over this.

  22. I am very disappointed in Netflix's decision to discontinue support of HD DVD and their customers that support the format. I hope someone at Netflix is paying attention. We will be discontinuing our subscription. suck!

  23. Going to get a Blu-Ray player this coming weekend. I knew better than to bite too early and now it looks like my patience will pay off.

    Thanks Netflix for making the right decision.

  24. Dam! I retired on SS last October, bought a new LCDHDTV for my 2 boys and I and an XBOX360 for them. We use the XBOX to watch HD films. No way, now living on very small fixed income, that I can afford a Blu-Ray---guess I will have to wait until I win the lottery or a Blu-Ray player. I'll be cancelling my membership when I can no longer get a good selection of HiDef movies I haven't yet seen...what with you guys and Blockbuster saddling up with the Blu-Ray folks and leaving all of us who went with HD players behind will just loose us in your dust. Happy Trails to you but I'm pissed! Is this decision based on your customers, i.e. have you been getting more requests for Blu-Ray then HD discs? Or is this a kick-back deal with the Blu-Ray folks funding this market take-over? Bottom line thinking be damed!

  25. and by the way, complaining here will not make them change on this. We learned that from the RTW rant. But if it makes you feel better, then rant away.

  26. Let Netflix know your concerns. Don't call Cus/Svc, call their corp office.

    Corporate Headquarters:
    100 Winchester Circle, Los Gatos, CA 95032,
    (408) 540-3700

    Fax 408 540 3737

    Senior Management Team:
    Reed Hastings, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

    Neil Hunt,
    Chief Product Officer

    Leslie Kilgore, Chief Marketing Officer

    Barry McCarthy, Chief Financial Officer

    Some of you may remember what fans did for the TV shoe Jericho, they send tons of "Nuts" to the CSB Corp office.

  27. I'm sorry to see Netflix make the decision to be a follower rather than a leader. Just because the tide is turning on Hd-DVD doesn't mean it has no support. I liked that Netflix was format nuetral since I own both formats but it's a shame that you've cut out half of my selection just to save some money. I suppose that's a good business idea just like what you did with the RTW page, but just like that decision, it isn't very customer friendly.

  28. I suppose that's a good business idea just like what you did with the RTW page

    then sounds like you undertsnad why they did it.


  30. I cancelled my account because of this decision. You can read more on my blog at

  31. It's difficult to avoid Sony, NetFlix, and Best Buy?

    I guess if you don't have Internet access and/or never heard of Crutchfield or SamGoody, I could understand why you might think Best Buy is difficult to avoid. I assume you think that Red Lobster is also excellent sea food.

    I think the Walkman I purchased 20 years ago was the last Sony product I had.

    As for NetFlix, I had nothing but good things to say about it until their decision today. I don't care about the format war -- if HD DVD dies, so be it. As I've posted before, the winner is likely to be the champion for as long as Buster Douglas ruled the heavyweight class. What makes no sense is offering consumers less choice but packaging it as "better selection". Did Putin or Chavez retire and become marketing director for NetFlix? Who else but socialists could try to package fewer options as more options. On the bright side, Apple will be starting their HD rental service in a couple of weeks, so the transition away from NetFlix won't be a difficult one.

  32. What makes no sense is offering consumers less choice but packaging it as "better selection"

    Hmm....sounds awfully like the argument for removing the RTW page to "improve customer satisfaction".

    If you're going to do it, just do it, and accept the consequences without trying to spin it as being "for our benefit." That's what's really galling.

  33. People People !!! Come On !!!

    Have None of you people learned throughout your lives that Big Business cares nothing about what you think or say as long as they know the money will still be flowing!!!

    And yes it still will be flowing!!

    Hd Dvd Owners are such a small percentage of their customer base that they are willing to take you as a loss.. And knowing that alot will still stay anyway...

    The blame really goes to YOU the Hd Dvd Consumer!!! You people knew that there was a format war going on and that certain studios weren't going with certain formats... People with any BRAINS at all would know that something was going to finally happen..

    But with the lure of CHEAP.... You all fell for the wrong format.. And that is what you get..

    And you know what is going to make you even more mad than reading what I just said about you?

    Yes you will eventually Buy the more expensive brand .... Because it will be the only available one and you all have to have it....

    kinda like buying oil at prices you can't and won't do anything about... You will do what Big Business wants whether you like it or not

  34. The choice of Warner Brothers has not done anything in the consumer's benefit. If anything, they used their own power to supposedly decide for the consumer and take away choices, rather than allowing free markets to determine the next high-definition format. I am extremely disappointed with Netflix in it's disregard for the consumer in this matter, and in supporting a format that embraces DRM and limited content licensing, do the detriment of fair use.

  35. @Jeld.

    Yea, go tell that to PanAm, WorldCom, Enron and Polaroid, buster. "Tell someone that cares" isn't such an effective marketing strategy any more.

  36. I can only assume Sony bought off Netflix, because no other factor could influence a company to make such a customer unfriendly decision. I only bought HD-DVD because it was supported by Netflix, and I'm betting Sony knows a lot of people thought likewise.

    The email made me want to laugh. "In order to provide the best selection of high-definition titles for our members, we have decided to go exclusively with Blu-ray." There is no logic whatsoever in that statement. If Netflix gave a damn, they would support whatever format customers wanted.

    Disappointed subscriber since 1999

  37. The end of the format war leading to cheaper hardware and software? I kinda doubt it. I can't think of a company or cartel that lowered prices after the competition folded.

    Even with the lower industry support, I decided that the low price of the HD-DVD players coupled with the titles available from Netflix justified the upgrade from my trusty old DVD player. So I bought an HD-DVD player and joined Netflix. Blu-ray isn't worth the money, at least not now, and at twice the price of HD-DVD, probably won't be for a while.

    Less than a week after I joined, Netflix starts pulling support. Oh, well, if I bought an Edsel, might as well patronize a company that supports an Edsel.

    Hello Blockbuster Online! Goodbye Netflix!

  38. I am appalled! I want Netflix to offer every format! I have a VHS player and the fact that VHS tapes are still being made and Netflix isn't offering them to me!!! Sickening...

    BTW... Reed Hastings is on the board of directors for Microsoft. Ever heard of the XBox360? Yeah it is also an HD DVD player. HD DVD's are being fazed out. The two remaining studios that are still making HD DVD's will be fazing out making them by the end of the year as well. It is the new Beta Max.

  39. NF is the last company who i thought would do this to the customers. Many were using the HDDVD service.Now you go and do wrong to some of your most loyal customers. I would understand if no one was renting that format but by the look of my hddvds with long waits that was not the case. Bad decision...A very frustrated and upset customer

  40. From a business standpoint, it makes no sense for *any* business to buy/sell/support DRM'ed content.

    First of all, encryption only works if *both* parties know the "key" to make it work. I have no idea what the code does (and since I don't buy DVDs, it's of no interest to me to google it), but likely it somehow enables you to unlock the DVD YOU LEGALLY BOUGHT and play it on your computer.

    So, for an analogy (search google and you'll find someone on CNet came up with this before me =) His article was called "Why DRM Doesn't Work), DRMing doesn't work because it's like taking chalk and drawing a square on the sidewalk, putting money into that square and then telling people they can't access it (when quite clearly, yeah, they can).

    DRM'ing is a *great* way to lose money. You treat your users like pirates. You make them have to pay the latest gadget that will have the ability to play them (and the gadgets change as people "crack" the code. Or you know, *find* it).

    DRM'ing is a lot like closing the gates after all the cows are gone. If you *bought* the DVD, you're obviously not the one who's copying it, now are you?

    DRMing and other crap corporations use only makes them shoot themselves in the foot. Why? Because Pirates get stuff for free. They have nothing to lose.

    Say you install a game to your computer. It installs malware that ruins your computer/nags you a lot mentioning you're a pirate. The Pirate at this point will accept the fact that s/he is a pirate and go on a search to find a solution to the problem.

    The Legitimate customer will call up your Tech Support and complain about how you ruined their computer and how they're a paying customer blah blah woof woof (you get the idea).

    *That* is why Pirates will win. Because pirates don't go into the deal expecting it to *work* They accept that there's a possibility that it *won't* work.

    Legitimate users have a lot more to risk, since some games, you're unable to return (again, due to the company trying to keep people from pirating it).

    The problem these days, though, is that because you can copy a file an infinite number of times, it's no longer worth anything. Supply and Demand.

    The more there is of something, the less the demand for it. For example: all the Britney Spears news stories. Germany in WWI (they over-manufactured their money). Paris Hilton. Sequels.

    I'm not really sure what else applies (because I've yet to *completely* grasp the full concept of supply and demand, but I'm sure NetFlix knows (though I don't blame them if they don't tag in ;) The Walls have eyes who have lawyers and all that).

    Btw: I *highly* applaud your business model, but noted that under "Jobs" you had no where to apply. I'm currently looking for a job and was wondering if you're even hiring currently, and if so, what positions are you looking to fill?

  41. I am quite unhappy with the decision Netflix has made -- but what can I do? I'll probably end up canceling my subscription until I cave in and buy a blu-ray player. That'll probably be months, though. Bummer :(

  42. rick said...

    Yea, go tell that to PanAm, WorldCom, Enron and Polaroid, buster. "Tell someone that cares" isn't such an effective marketing strategy any more

    Seriously did you just use the word " buster "

  43. Although I understand the business decision to ditch HD-DVD and go exclusively Blu-Ray, it is disappointing to me that Netflix won't at least keep up with whatever HD-DVD offerings come down the pipe. I picked Netflix over other rental models because, in my naivete, thought this company chose the side of movie-lovers and prided themselves on offering product we couldn't get elsewhere. I am sticking with Netflix for now, even though this particular change is short-sighted and heart-breaking to those of us who continue to enjoy HD-DVDs.

  44. I canceled my account this morning. I only had it for the HD-DVDs. While I could care less which format wins and buying a new player isn't that big of a hassle. I won't be buying one that will be made obsolete in 6 months because the Blu-ray spec isn't solid, and no the PS-3 doesn't count as a player. It might be nice for the kiddies but I want a true stand alone player. Maybe once profile 2.0 players are common I will look at my decision again until then an upconverted DVD player will be fine and since regular DVD's are so cheap netflix is not needed.

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  46. Oh god, anybody who is upset by Netflix's decision is just showing how ignorant they are on so many different levels.

    First of all, there was a FORMAT WAR going on that did not yet have a winner -- most consumers were holding off on HD purchases until the format wars were over. Just because you decided to be an early adopter and make a risky investment in your Beta machine (oops, I meant HD-DVD machine) before the format war was over doesn't mean that the whole world now has to support your dead technology.


Second of all, none of the studios are going to be putting their movies on HD-DVD, so complaining to Netflix about this accomplishes absolutely nothing. What HD-DVD movies is Netflix going to carry, if there aren't any HD-DVD movies that are going to be made?

    Third, Netflix is a business, with extremely high expenses, that is trying to be profitable. By eliminating the dead technology known as HD-DVD from their inventory, they can focus on being even more profitable.


And finally, HD DVD is backed by Microsoft -- one of the worst software companies on the planet -- which is a reason in & of itself to abandon the technology.

    Granted, it is truly annoying that the movie studios are treating all of their customers like thieves by standardizing on a DVD format that has DRM in it, but this is not Netflix's fault. This is a war that we must wage against the movie studios, not against Netflix.

    If you are upset, you are targeting the wrong company. Target the movie studios instead with your complaints!

  47. 1. Anyone who is angry about this should only be angry at themselves, like selecting a cheap product -- maybe on sale! (car, TV, toaster), taking it home, finding it breaks easily or doesn't work as promised, and being angry at the retailer. You chose early. You chose poorly. This is what everyone knew could happen if you moved too quickly. Only someone with limited forethought could be shocked by this news. Stop pointing fingers and take responsibility for your own actions.

    2) Quit Netflix? Where are you going to go? The whole point is NO ONE is going to have HD-DVDs pretty soon. Blockbuster? Didn't they already do what Netflix just did, but months ago? Be mad at the industry, certainly. But this is just not a Netflix issue.

  48. Funny. If Netflix had selected HD-DVD over Bluray, there would have been a cry throughout the land that CEO Hastings, on the board of Microsoft, was in Gate's pocket, making a stupid decision because of his connection there.

    Now that Hastings has selected against Microsoft's invested interests, I'd imagine people should be admiring of his backbone (little guy stands up to big corporate parent to do 'what is right'). But no one says this. They only think Netflix is in Sony's pocket.

    How about skipping the conspiracy theories and trusting for a moment that Netflix dispassionately evaluated the options and made the best decision for their business and customers - even if it upsets some, it's the best for the rest of us. Or is this too obvious?

  49. Dear Netflix,

    Your decision to discontinue HD-DVD's is a logical, yet poor one. Simply put: You are abandoning a segment of your customer base.

    Many of us can't afford BluRay players. Your customers were extremely appreciative of your support over both formats because you gave us a choice. Why you couldn't continue to do so as another subscriber said and carry both formats until the end is beyond me. Toshiba isn't going to simply "throw in the towel". They are not. If they do, then fine, you'll have advanced warning, but in the meantime you should have stayed neutral.

    This decision will have an equal an opposite reaction with many of your HD Disc customers. We are going to cancel our subscriptions. Your decision may prove to be profitable in the future, but the short term is going to leave many of your loyal customers at odds with where to go.

    You did not have to give in. You could have waited it out. You showed your cards too soon to many of us and now you will pay the price. Thank God there's competition in this country.


    Ticked-off subscriber!!!

  50. Your decision may prove to be profitable in the future, but the short term is going to leave many of your loyal customers at odds with where to go.

    Then you certainly understand that the goal of Netflix is to make money in the long run. Not to make a few customers happy at the expense of its stock price.

  51. I picked Netflix over other rental models because, in my naivete, thought this company chose the side of movie-lovers and prided themselves on offering product we couldn't get elsewhere

    Yes, that is very naive to think that a company would choose to lose money so that movie lovers could enjoy their movies. They are in the business to make money. Diddling around with both formats was not an economically sound practice, so they went with the winner of the format wars.

  52. Quote Mr Sarandos "While only a portion of Netflix subscribers have elected to receive high- def DVDs, a majority of those subscribers have chosen Blu-ray over HD DVD."

    There's why the decision for Blu-Ray was made.

  53. Well, while all of you videofiles fall on the floor, kicking and screaming that netflix did this, I'm still enjoying my movies via standard DVD. It's called WAIT A FEW YEARS UNTIL THE DUST SETTLES(can you say BETAMAX?).

  54. Bluray is not comparable to VHS, in fact $ony was Beta. Bluray is Circuit City's DIVX format that fought to destroy DVD. At one time, 4 out of 6 major studios were DIVX only. DVD still WON the format war despite greedy studios.

    I cancelled my Netflix account last night after I received the email notice. I joined Netflix after I bought my Toshiba HD-A3 - to rent HD-DVDs. Any company that is too stupid to deny their customers what they want deserves to lose them. You will get no more of my money.

    Even though my account is paid through next month, you cut off my viewing of video online. That's another statement of how you could care less about your customers. Shame on you!

  55. Well, it's a sad day when an on-line rental store that prides itself on carrying just about everything is going to totally blow off HD-DVD customers. Well, I shortly will have no use for the rental service so this is one HD-DVD customer that will be leaving Netflix.

    Former loyal HD-DVD Netflix customer

  56. The reason I like Netflix is that it provides a good service at a great price. Knowing that it operates in reality, I understand that the company has to make smart business decisions to be able to give customers such a value. I think this is the right business decision with so many of the major studios siding with BR. A format war means there will be a loser, and adopting early means dealing with the risk of losing. I totally support the decision and find these people that seem personally affronted laughable.

  57. Netflix dropping HD-DVD is a disgrace.

    I have canceled by netflix membership.

  58. Wise business decision. I'm hoping this reduces the wait for blu-ray movies because now you won't have to supply two hd formats and can stock more blu-ray discs. The wait is way too long now and we've thought about leaving netflix because of this. But we'll give it some more time.

  59. Scott Rose: Oh god, anybody who is upset by Netflix's decision is just showing how ignorant they are on so many different levels.

    ...and continues on in this condescending way. Scott, you might be a little more effective if you didn't treat people annoyed by Netflix's decision as idiots.

    Even if HD-DVD is a dying format, that doesn't mean that its users shouldn't get the most they can out of its players. There are still 400+ titles and more are coming. Netflix made a business decision to stop catering to that part of its clientele. Fine. That part of its clientele still has alternatives and can take its business elsewhere. It's that simple. Ciao!

  60. I am very displeased that you've decided to phase out HD-DVDs, and I am seriously considering canceling my membership.

    Given Netflix’s economies of scale, the cost to carry the library of HD-DVD titles that are available is insignificant. Combine that with the fact that the whole idea of a Netflix subscription is that if a movie is available on disc, Netflix has it and the subscriber can keep it for as long as he wants. You have no excuse for suddenly deciding not to carry certain movies.

    High definition movies in either format cost $20-40, twice as much as standard definition DVDs. That’s a ridiculous price point, one at which I’m not going to purchase a lot of HD titles. Being able to rent these movies from Netflix instead of buying them was part of the reason I chose to get an HD-DVD player.

    I’ve been a customer for over five years and have never had any complaints until now. Great job, Netflix, for angering me enough that I want to cancel my subscription.

  61. I just signed up for Blockbusters's online service and will be dumping Netflix today.

    I own both HD DVD and Blu-ray players. Why in the living h e double tooth picks would I want to stay with a company that offers me only two choices, when there is a company out there that is still willing to offer me 3 choices?

    If/when Blockbuster drops HD DVD, what would my incentive be for switching back to Netflix? There wouldn't be any incentive at at that point in doing so. Right now, there is an incentive to take the trouble of dropping Netflix and signing up with Blockbuster -- Blockbuster offers me more choices.

    So long Netflix, it was short but not sweet enough to keep my business.

  62. If/when Blockbuster drops HD DVD

    I guess he missed the memo. BB has already pledged to Blu-ray

  63. Finally some headway is being made in this format war. Didn't care which way it went but looks like HD-DVD is dead and Netflix might have put the final nail in the coffin. Glad I waited, and I think this is a great decision for netflix. Now, no wasted money on a dieing format.

  64. Did you guys really think that both formats would live forever? And do you guys really think that Netlfix continuing to support HD-DVD is a sound financial decision? And do all 130 of you threatening to cancel your account think it will make them change their stance? Get real guys.

  65. I completely support this decision. There is no reason for Netflix to continue to support a format that will be obsolete within the next year. All the complainers are bitter because they invested in the wrong format. They fail to realize that eventually they will not be able to get HD-DVDs ANYWHERE. Continuing to stock HD-DVD makes as much sense as stocking Beta or Laserdisc. Blu-ray is the superior format, and even the deep pockets of Micro$oft can't save it at this point. Netflix has simply come to the same realization as Best Buy, Warner, and many other companies across the world: Blu-ray is the future of High Definition Media. Deal with it!

  66. As a new member this is really disappointing! One of the reasons I joined was the availability of HD-DVD selections. There have been way more HD-DVD players than Blu-Ray players sold. Sony was able to buy off the studios, but that doesn't mean that Netflix has to stop buying new HD-DVD's this year. The customers with those players will keep them for years.

  67. I am very disappointed! Sounds like Netflix has been bought off by the Goliath known as Sony. One of the reasons I joined Netflix was the availability of HD-DVD. Now I'll have to consider canceling my Netflix subscription.


    Last week I cancelled my Netflix account, and 11 other people were prepared to do it as well. Well golly jeepers, they notified me at the end of the call "oh by the way" and showed me this :

    Yup it's still there, and thanx to some savvy phone rep, Netflix still has 11 accounts (4 of which are the highest end accounts).

    If that link doesn't take you there it's easy: When you are on community blog main page, it's to the right , directly under the red Netflix logo 'DVD's releasing this week'. It takes you right to the old page.

    LET NETFLIX KNOW BY PHONE YOU ARE HAPPY THE OLD PAGE IS STILL THERE, AND THAT YOU WILL CANCEL YOUR ACCOUNT IF IT DISAPPEARS! When I spoke to the rep she said it 'probably' wasn't going anywhere, that they ARE indeed getting many complaints.

    So know it's there, use it, and call the customer service number to let them know it's wanted.

    Yes I know this has nothing to do with this topic, but since the blog continues to ignore the issue I will post it and repost it in every blog. Sue me.

  69. Yes I know this has nothing to do with this topic, but since the blog continues to ignore the issue I will post it and repost it in every blog. Sue me.

    Yes, you are correct it is off topic! And no this blog has not continued to ignore the issue. The RTW page has its own blog posting - post it there. What is your complaint? Are you complaining that the RTW page is still up?

  70. It's a wonder that Netflix manages to stay in business with all of the completely idiotic decisions they make. Dropping support of HD-DVD, no instant watching on Mac, removing the RTW page, ....

    Rabble, rabble, rabble.

  71. Let's set the record straight. SONY DID NOT PAY OFF ANYONE. The only payoffs given out during this war were from Microsoft/Toshiba to Paramount to go exclusive last year, otherwise the war would have already ended. Netflix made the only smart business decision there was to make. YOU invested in the wrong format, not Netflix.

  72. I was a Netflix customer years ago and ended up switching to Blockbuster b/c they had a great promotion running. Since then their prices have sky rocketed. We decided to go back to Netflix not only b/c of the price of service but b/c you offer HD DVD (like no one else!). We went out and bought an HD DVD because Netflix offered that format and the system was cheaper than Blu-Ray. Here we are 2 months after purchasing the system and now Netflix is no longer going to carry that format! BOO ON NETFLIX! Netflix was the only company offering these movies, you had the upper hand by offering all formats!!!! Thanks for making me feel as though I wasted my very hard earned money. As a consumer, we can't ever win!

  73. I'm not so surprised, but it's too bad about abandoning HD-DVD. If it will help them buy more copies of bluray movies, it might be better overall, because I did get a bluray player not that long ago, and the waits on pretty much all the bluray movies are pretty comically large.

  74. You know I just have to go there. This degree of whining and crying and saying goodbye reminds me of the whole, what was it? Oh yeah, new release page changing.

    Look people, nobody strong armed you into buying an HDDVD player, irregardless of what anyone says, when a technology is "NEW" and there are differing factions "FIGHTING" to dominate the market, there will be winners and there will be losers.

    When it boils down to the bottom line, the choice to buy an HDDVD player was made solely "To Keep Up With The Jones" and be able to have conversation pieces hold bragging rights on. And please hold the mustard folks!

    I guarantee that each and every person who will say they did NOT buy an HDDVD so they could brag are full of BS, and have bragged at least once, and reveled in the Ooo's and Ahh's received from those you did.

    Netflix is a business, its clear which format will win, better or worse is a moot point. Just like VCR and BETAMAX, one format dominated the other, and those who still have betamax players in their attics STILL reminisce about how unfair it all was.

    Besides, if you own an HDDVD player it will STILL up convert standard DVDs for many years to come, and by then most content will be broadcast over broadband anyway. Without the need of players at all.

    With that said Im certainly not going to cry foul and run screaming like a little baby simply because Netflix made a Sound and Logical business decission.

  75. The post by Jordan Bradford about sums up my feelings.

    I got a HD-DVD player for my birthday only one month ago. The giver, my significant other, decided to buy it *because* Netflix offers the best selection of HD movies to rent. Our local rental store only offers a slim selection of available HD movies. So needless to say, we are both disappointed that Netflix has made this decision.

    It seems rather odd considering that HD movies have been on wait. Clearly, they are in demand. Why alienate that customer base?

    I enjoy Netflix too much to threaten to cancel, and I will continue to rent standard DVDs... That said, Netflix has lost points in my book, which probably doesn't count for much in the business world, unfortunately.

  76. Hey 2McAbre,

    Don't you look at anything with a critical mind? Aren't you concerned that Sony is becoming a large monopoly which will eventually make every consumer's prices go up? Do you want a large, international corporation to decide for you what version to watch? It's a fact that Sony has a hand in everything from Making the movies all the way down to burning the disk. I guess we aren't smart enough to make our own decisions and we need Sony to do it for us through manipulation. This is the same tactic that made Microsoft the only REAL software company and why you now pay large amounts of money for the software. These issues are much more complicated than just a business decision by Netflix. If next year Sony decides to drop blue-ray for something else and there is no other competition, then what? Do you stop watching movies? OR comply with Sony since they now better than the consumer. I guess what we need is ONE company providing ALL THE ENTERTAINMENT for us. This way we don't have to struggle with making any choices for ourselves. Anyway, this is my rant. Netflix will lose customers over this. I am one that came to netflix because of the hd dvd movies available. Let's hope Sony doesn't decide to also get into the dvd rental business or Netflix may be in trouble.

    my .02 worth...

  77. I have both an HD-DVD player and PS3. However, I am still disappointed by this decision for a couple of reasons. First, I believe HD-DVD is more consumer friendly (costs must less); second, Univeral and Paramount are HD-DVD. So even if you have a Bluray player, you will not be able to get hi-def movies from them. Universal and Paramount are GIANT movie studios. Universal has a huge backlog of movies. Now I can only rent SOME movies in HD.

    All those people that support Netflix decision, please understand that a lot of movies will no longer be available to rent in hi def.

    Your decision would have made more sense if ALL studios released in Bluray, but they don't. Until that day, I urge you to continue with both formats. I'd pay a higher subscription rate if necessary, unfortunately I was not given a choice.

  78. By the way, people who are rebuking posters that are switching to Blockbuster...

    Although Blockbuster doesn't stock HD-DVD in stores, the online service DOES.

    At the end of my billing cycle I am considering switching to Blockbuster so I can continue to use my month-old HD-DVD player.

  79. Netflix would obviously have been much better off just quietly phasing out HD-DVD's in step with the marketplace itself (and we can be sure they have better intel on the subject that any of us), but, as others have said, it was inevitable sooner or later - and being the steely-eyed pragmatists that are (and need to be to stay competitive), they opted for sooner, yanking off the band-aid in one swift motion, as recommended.

    But shouldn't they at least be applauded for taking the trouble to let us know the moment they made the decision so that we could plan accordingly? Especially after we yelled at them (and rightly so) for sneakily removing the RTW page in the dead of night. Isn't this a case of dammed if you do and damned if you don't?

    But that doesn't mean that I don't feel bad for all those that have gone out and bought expensive HD players. Why are they being taunted and mocked when the industry could so easily have gone the other way, revealing them to be far wiser and more prescient that any of us fence straddlers?

  80. I don't understand the sentiment that Netflix is "no longer supporting a segment of their customer base." Anyone with an HD-DVD player can still rent and watch movies on DVD. Just because you "can't afford a Blu-Ray player" doesn't mean you can't still enjoy the Netflix service. Standard DVD is the great majority of Netflix's current offerings anyway. You haven't been abandoned at all... your HD-DVD player has been abandoned, and you should have known when you purchased it that it may become obsolete very soon.

    I, personally, am a complete snob when it comes to picture quality. As such, it has been very difficult for me to be patient and NOT purchase an HD player until after the format wars ended. In the meantime (and since 2000) I've been a loyal and completely satisfied standard-DVD Netflix subscriber.

    I'm thrilled that the format war is coming to an end. I look forward to the purchase of my Blu-Ray player in 6 months or so when I know the dust is really settled.

    Having one format will be best for consumers because it will bring down the cost of hardware and software. Why? Because companies will no longer need put money into producing hardware/software for two different formats, neither of which was guaranteed a future. It will allow Netflix to put its entire HD-buying budget into getting more supply of the chosen format's titles.

    And seriously, to people who say they will no longer be a Netflix customer because they chose to drop HD-DVD... will you now refuse to ever see another Warner Brothers film? Will you stop watching movies altogether when HD-DVD is gone for good?

    People may disagree on which format is best, but having two formats hurts everyone -- studios, rental companies, and consumers alike.

  81. Oh... FYI. I had a LaserDisc player. I was sad to see it go, as DVD doesn't even come close to the beautiful image quality LaserDisc provided. I was upset to see the switch to DVD for personal reasons, but I understood the business reasons behind the industry decision. I took a risk when I bought my LaserDisc player and when I invested in my LaserDisc collection (Which was expensive at $40-$60 a pop!)... but that was my risk and my responsibility. I don't blame the studios for making my collection obsolete.

    ... I still watch my LaserDiscs on occasion. :-)

  82. this is what you get for being an early adopter! I'm not shedding a tear for any of you rich idiots who shelled out early for HD.

  83. This decision for Netflix to not support HD-DVD is premature and a Public Relations mistake.

    The drop in price of the Toshiba HD-DVD players puts it in the price point of up-converts. I purchased one just a month ago and was happy to get my movies in this format and Blu-Ray was not an option at their prices. I believe Toshiba still has the chance to win this war by bringing more HD to the masses.

    Netflix please step up and admidt you made a mistake and retract your decision.

    A long time Netflix subscriber who WAS very happy PRIOR to this decision.

  84. I think that the companies that stand up and choose one format should be applauded as industry leaders. It's plain to see that continuation of this format war will only harm the transition to HD content.

    For every one person screaming bloody murder because they adapted, early, the loosing format there are many more that have been quietly waiting in the wings hoping that the HD format war will end so that they can get on with it.

    It's a bitter pill for the vocal minority, but, we need companies like Netflix, Best Buy, Warner who will take the helm and drive the industry instead of waiting around to see what direction the prevailing winds take us.

    Hopefully, the HD DVD camp will look at the current landscape, see that continuing the format war will only harm the industry and bow out gracefully.

    Ultimately, this variation on the format war bears little difference from the Beta/VHS conflict, or any other time when the industry attempts to change or introduce a new element to drive itself forward. It was never in question that a single format would win; it's just not economically feasible to support multiple formats. A singular format means improving one technology, it means bringing the price down on a single, agreed upon element, and it means that this specific tech will be improved at a fast, solid pace. This is the best move for the industry as a whole.

  85. I like others joined Netflix after buying an HDDVD player because Netflix supported the format. Like others, I will also be leaving Netflix after my HDDVDs are converted to DVDs. With the New Release fiasco and now this, Netflix has proven it is not looking out for its customers.

    I am fine with a format war but this has not been decided by consumers. It has been decided by bribe-lined pocket books.

  86. "I purchased [an HD-DVD player] just a month ago and was happy to get my movies in this format..."

    And you'll still be able to rent them till the end of the year or so. Plus you'll be getting a considerably enhanced image quality (1080 pix vs 720) for regular DVD's as well.

    Life can certainly be tough, but generally because we're being thrown out of our home, or having bills for major surgery turned down by the insurance company we've been paying $2,000 a month to. So let's please try to keep these things in a little perspective, folks.

  87. All those people that support Netflix decision, please understand that a lot of movies will no longer be available to rent in hi def.

    Your decision would have made more sense if ALL studios released in Bluray, but they don't

    In 6 months all studios will release in Blu-Ray

  88. In 6 months all studios will release in Blu-Ray.

    I'm in no position to challenge this, and would welcome it if it turns out to be true, but it would be great to have a reference or link for these kinds of 'statements of fact' that people seem to pull out of thin air.

  89. I thought netflix was for Movie lovers. If Paramount,Dreamworks and universal are HDDVD exclusive that means i can only get certain movies on HDDVD. Why is NF doing this. This is very upsetting. I am seriously thinking about dropping NF.
    NF should cater to the customers not the studios. If we are renting HDDVD, and I know we are because they are all "long wait " why would you stop renting them.

    From a Upset "Valued" customer.

  90. Netflix, this is a cop out to all your subscribers who have been using your service to get HD-DVD movies. While HD-DVD is in the minority, the fight is not over on a number of fronts. Might as well switch to BlockBuster now. At least I can get service from them on the weekends. You blew it Netflix!!

  91. I'm likely to no longer be a customer after this horrible decision.

    What really peeves is that, as a major purchaser of DVD's, Netflix could have advocated for customer choice. Instead they give the appearance of laying down for the studios. The fact that Sony is a movid studio and creator of the standard and benefits from hardware sales puts a really unsavory spin on the format war.

    The fact that 2 out of the last 4 HD-DVD's that Netflix shipped me were unplayable is now salt on the wound.

    They know how many customers prefer HD-DVD & how many select blu-ray, so removing HD-DVD doesn't improve availability for anyone - they simply shift their purchases away from pissed-off HD DVD customers to some combination of blu ray customers & regular DVD customers.

    Lots they aren't telling us about the thinking behind this. Terrible PR.

  92. As someone who's been saying out of the format war till it's over, allow me to say:

    Cheers, Netflix. Good on ya. Thanks for NOT being "format neutral". Thanks for having the forsight to see that the format war is BAD for the consumer. I'd rather Netflix make a tough decision now that's business smart and stick around than try to appease everybody.

    r3v (member since 2000)

  93. Subject: User Suggestion
    Message: Just to let you know, I will be canceling my account at the end of this month due to your irresponsible and customer hostile decision to drop HD-DVD, which is the only reason I have this account in the first place.

  94. The notion that there is so much more BR content, or that BR is winning is hogwash, that's like comparing one bucket of water (HD-DVD) and one and a quarter buckets of water (BR) to the sea (DVD). The format war may not be going HD-DVD's way, no, and it will probably lose in the end, yes, but it is by no means a foregone conclusion. Just as some studios were "bought", they can be bought again. And so it goes.

    Regardless, plenty of your customers have HD-DVD players, which they got cheaply, and which are superior (their standards were set from Day1, whereas I hate to break it to most of you BR owners, your players are either already obsolete or soon will be). Why annoy a group of people who are obviously passionate about an incredible movie experience?

    So after a Christmas which saw relatively high HD-DVD player adoption (due to lower prices), you do what? You drop HD-DVD and abandon them. And you likewise do the same to those of us who have come to rely on your service, and have been loyal customers for years.

    I know you get many threats of "but I'll leave!", except, this time, honestly, people will. Because if they DON'T go to Blockbuster, you'll have just bricked their HD-DVD player. Do you really think they love you *that* much?

    No. The second my HD-DVD movies switch to DVD in my queue, I'm out of here. There may be no guarantee that Blockbuster won't do the same, but, hey, the longer I extend the life of my HD-DVD player, the better, and it'll be worth it to me.

    There is no logical business reason to dump HD-DVD at this point. Maybe in a year. Maybe even in six months (if not likely) if things continue to worsen. But now the only logical reason is that you got bought off.

    Bought off.

    How do I respect that? It's no secret they've bought off studios. And so for you to make this business-dumb decision on the SAME DAY that Best Buy does clearly evokes the classic notion that somethin' stinks in Denmark.

  95. Being a long time member of Netflix (from inception) I don't like the idea that Netflix will stop carrying HD-DVDs and is making the decision for me. I have been a die-hard supporter of Netflix and expected much better. I have already invested in an HD DVD player and believe it is a better technology in the current specifications than Blu-ray and it seems that Sony is bribing all the companies into selecting Bluray. I hope Netflix would carry the HD DVD titles atleast while they are available and supported. Netflix should not be making a technology purchase decision for it's members but rather providing all the available formats for the benefit of the Netflix community.


  96. I have both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray players, and I will also be canceling my Netflix service before the next billing cycle.

    Limiting the customers choices is not the way to "end the format war".

  97. I agree with the decision to forgo the HD-DVD titles- Blu-Ray appears to be winning the format 'war'..

    I'm glad I stuck w/ Blu-ray!

  98. With that said Im certainly not going to cry foul and run screaming like a little baby simply because Netflix made a Sound and Logical business decission.

    So, in your opinion people who own HD DVD who say they will now quit Netflix and go to Blockbuster, who does support their format, are screaming little babies? And in the same breath you have the audacity to speak of "sound and logical" business decisions? HA! You have got to be kidding me.

    Yeah, right, people who own HD DVD players and go with a company that supports their format are big screaming babies. HAHAHAHAHA

    You wouldn't per chance be one of those aggravating pimpled faced PS3 fan bois would you?

  99. "No matter which format of DVD you choose, Netflix will carry all HD DVD and Blu-ray movies that are released. You will need a new DVD player that can play the format you choose, as well as a high-definition TV and cables that support high-definition images."

    Straight from the website. False advertising? You bet. I am glad all of these decisions were made after the holiday season. I mean, so many people, including myself, are getting screwed by this. I was hoping that the cheaper hardware will make Time Warner reconsider. The problem is that both formats are too expensive. Who wants to buy a 30 doller movie when you can get it for half on DVD? That's why we use Netflix because we can't afford to buy them! Now that Netflix has basically lied to us, I don't know what to do. I wish someone would take Netflix to court because the above statement is false advertising.

  100. "I guess he missed the memo. BB has already pledged to Blu-ray"

    I guess YOU missed the memo, BB dropped Hd-DVD's at the walk in stores but still have HD-DVD's online.

    As for NetFlix, how much was the pay-off from Sony?

  101. Anyone who would buy a dvd player that won't even play all the movie studios movies... HD DVD and BLU-RAY...

    Are Complete Morons... Yes people who bought either one. You are stupid!!!!

    Regular Dvd's are of Wonderful quality and not even close to being bad enough to change to a player that we all knew wouldn't play certain studios Movies!!

    It's not even a big deal!! What you purchased is just like a upconvert dvd player at the same price as one. It will still play movies in a really nice quality!!!

    I do understand that you are all Pouting!!! Because all of us Americans are spoiled Brats no matter what our income is and we will always pout when we feel ripped off....

    But just watch your damn upconverted movies and shut the hell up...

  102. I'm disappointed, and I canceled my account. There are high definition titles coming up yet that are available only on HD DVD which you are now excluding from your service.

  103. I'll be cancelling my Netflix subscription over their dropping of HD-DVD.

    I do have both HD-DVD and Blu-ray players, but the HDM party is over for me. When HD downloads become an alternative to physical media rentals, I'll consider them; until then, it's back to SDVD for me.

  104. To those of you who don't think that Netflix shouldn't drop a format until it is dead... you know that you can still buy new VHS, BetaMAX, LaserDisk, cassette tape, 8-track tape releases? What does a format have to be to be dead? Lack of commercial viability seems the best one for a business... oh look, HD-DVD seesmt o be becoming commercially unviable... damn shame but someone had to win and someone had to lose - that's what you get for being an early adopter.

    And those of you who bought a cheap HD-DVD player over the holidays... why do you think they were cheap? Do you not think there were at least a few companies who decided that they just wanted rid of stock? Like some of you have said, these guys are much more in the know than we are, they heard the way things were going and ditched their players ASAP, better to get cost price for them than have to bin them.

    Fianlly to those of you who think someone was buying people out... Yes, Sony is big and probably had something to do with it... you think that Toshiba isn't big? How about Microsoft? Seriously, they both do as much buying off as each other, Micrsoft probably more so given it's already a convicted monopoly and whose surveillance has recently been extended due to failure to comlpy sufficiently with past judicial rulings.

    And if you think Apple is your saviour, you may be right, but that format war has barely fired the opening shots... so, do you feel lucky? (given past experience I wouldn't have thought so!)


  105. I have been a netflix subscriber for some time now and I too am very disappointed in this news. I currently only own an HD DVD player and have no plans to purchase BR until the spec is finalized and prices on the complete players come down. I am currently re-thinking my options as I may now switch over to Blockbuster since their online service plans to still support HD DVD. Netflix made a bad decision with only supporting Blu Ray has they're limiting people's options. There are a million HD DVD players out in North America and Netflix is now telling those people that they'll have to take their business elsewhere if they want to rent HD DVDs.

    It seems many people have cancelled their netflix accounts over this decision and I know I'm considering it myself. Hoping Netflix will reconsider in the coming months.

  106. This was an intelligent decision by Netflix. Everyone crying about HD DVD losing this format war should turn their anger to Toshiba for continuing the fight. Throw in the towel already. All of you who purchased an HD DVD player made a gamble and lost knowing their were two formats out their competing. Netflix is showing market leadership by helping to end this war to increase adoption of the clear winner of this competition. While many of you have posted that download services will quickly replace this format. You are absolutely wrong. The vast majority of Americans either do not have sufficient bandwidth or can not afford it. All of you canceling your subscriptions, where are you going to go to get HD DVD? Over 70% of HD optical content will be on Blu-Ray in May. No major rental company is offering HD DVDs and with the Paramount and Universal switch now imminent you will be able to get everything on Blu-Ray in the coming months. I applaud you Netflix for stepping up and helping end this war and helping further increase the adoption of the next generation players. This will help drive down the costs for all of us. Quit whining at Netflix and realize you just bought today's beta and your purchasing decision was wrong.

  107. Not that I care, becuase I don't have either format, but I'm wondering...

    how much did Sony pay you? I'm serious. No judgment, but I'm curious.

  108. I joined netflix exlusively for HDDVD content. Without that content I will be moving over to Blockbuster.

    How can carrying a few hundred HDDVD movies be any kind of burden to them.

    I am very dissapointed in their actions are will reccomend against them to anybody who asks - and even those who don't.

  109. We too were so disappointed to hear that Netflix will only carry new releases on Blu-ray, because of the this we are now forced to look into renting from another HD-DVD carrier. After being with Netflix for so long, and recommending Netflix to so many friends and family members, it will be with sadness that we leave. Good luck!

  110. All of you people complaining about Netflix dropping HD-DVD need to do your research. HD-DVD is DEAD! ALL but one of the major studios has swithced to Blu-Ray, and the last one will be changing soon no matter what anyone thinks. The format war is over, and Blu-Ray has won. This is a logical choice by Netflix, and they did not do it to "take away" your choices. They did it because soon there will be no more HD-DVD releases.

    Pay attention to the technology news if you are going to gripe about something!

  111. I too have an HD DVD player and I am less than happy with this decision. Of course with over 1 million HD DVD players out there I guess Netflix did not wish to have $18 x 1million users. Go figure. Actually from a business aspect we all know that Netflix is leaning to streaming/downloadable movies in the long term strategy. I wouldn't be suprised to see them drop BluRay in a bit once they roll out a more suitable on demand HD solution, hint hint set top box. Microsoft does it for the Xbox, Comcast On Demand, Netflix will be jumping in too, down goes HD discs all together.

    Long time Netflix customer

  112. As format-neutral Netflix subscriber, I must say: The end may be near for HD DVD, but this decision by Netflix was premature. There are, and still will be, quite a few HD DVD exclusives from Universal and Paramount. To not make these available for rental just makes no sense. I think I may need to downgrade my subscription

  113. Netflix already is developing a settop box with LG Electronics to deliver VOD. They were hoping for end of the year release.

    According to Netflix Chief Executive Reed Hastings, the LG partnership will hopefully be "the first of many such deals" for the company, and he added that he'd love to "see a hundred Netflix-capable boxes," suggesting that there could be deals struck with internet-connected gaming consoles as well as cable / satellite providers. We'll be keeping an ear to the ground for further details.

    Man, when that happens, I can't wait for the whining and squeal fest coming from the blu-ray fan boys. LOL! I'll bet you'll hear them all the way to China, and they won't be screaming what a Wise and Logical business decision it was. I can't wait for Netflix to get their VOD up and going. "Pay attention to the technology news" -- Blu-ray will always remain a small niche, and then flop over dead like HD DVD. The future belongs to VOD! GO VOD, GO!

  114. lame decision. looks like i'll be switching to blockbuster

  115. bullcrap. no there is no reason for me not to switch to blockbuster as well.

  116. Well, I just signed up with Blockbuster, and all those upcoming new HD DVD releases that were saved in my Netflix account that were changed from HD DVD to DVD by Netflix, are now in my new Blockbuster account listed as HD DVD again. I will now be able to watch them in HD DVD when they are released this month and next month. As for how long term that is? Who cares. I get to watch them for now.

    After Netflix's announcemnt and changes to my saved list, switching to Blockbuster was a no brainer for me. It was the only logical decision to make. No regrets.

  117. As someone who owns both formats, I've remained format neutral throughout this entire format "war". I realized that there could be a winner declared at any given time...and at this point, it looks as if Blu-ray will become the dominant format. I've accepted that. What's NOT acceptable to me is that Netflix has not only downright lied regarding their neutrality stance, but they've also alienated customers by denying them certain titles in HD. Is it really too much to ask them to simply wait until all HD-DVD titles are available in Blu-ray? As a customer since 1999, this is honestly the first time I've ever contemplated canceling my service.

  118. While I do agree that VOD is the future, and I am already embracing it with their Watch Now and other methods, but this thread is about HD-DVD.

    That said, Check the news, and sale ads, HD-DVD players are dropping to $100 or lower. There is a reason for that....they are getting rid of inventory before nobody wants them. The studios and hardware mfgs. already know the war is over, and are just getting ready for the take over. Blu-Ray is the next format to replace DVD, just like DVD replaced VHS. I was not for one ore the other, I just wanted one to win so we could get on with life already.

    It was a poor strategy for Netflix to instantly replace all of your HD-DVDs with DVDs in a queue. They should have just kept renting the current inventory until the Blu-Ray take over was complete.

  119. Disappointed subscriber since 1999

    My my... I leave this blog for the Ning boards and look at the slew of fun I've been missing out.

    I too want to voice my conspiracy theory errr... I meant voice my disappointment.

    I did not get an email from Netflix that they will no longer be carrying HD-DVD in the future. Why was I not told of this? Am I not an important enough customer that I didn't need to be informed of this decision? I am sooooooooooo disappointed in you Netflix. I will be cancelling my subscription just as soon as I receive Blade Runner: The Final Directors Final Cut.

    By the way, you (Netflix) are in the movie rental business so why the hell do you not offer your movies in Laser Disc and Beta formats? I'm sure there are still tons of people out there who still have these players. How dare you alienate them? I actually still have two VCRs. Where's my damn VHS tape selections? I'm leaving and I'm calling customer support a dozen times before I go. Let it be known, this is not the end of it. I will post this in every blog I see. You will pay Netflix. You.. will.. paaaaaaaaaay!

  120. But shouldn't they at least be applauded for taking the trouble to let us know the moment they made the decision so that we could plan accordingly?

    Applaud them? Why? They didn't send me an email saying they will no longer buy HD-DVD movies.

    How can I plan accordingly if I didn't know that? Lucky for me this blog exist. What if I went out and bought a HD-DVD player because they are so dirt cheap now? It's as if the big box stores know they are about to go obsolete so they are trying to liquify their assets and get whatever they can from it.

    Anyway, I can not forgive Netflix for this. You will pay Netflix. You.. will.. paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aarrghhhh cough cough (excuse me... hairball) paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy!

  121. I have also canceled my account and moved to Blockbuster because of this decision.

    I want a service that supports both HD and Blueray until all movies are only available in one of the formats.

    I don't particularly like Blockbuster's user interface - but I can put up with it over this issue.

  122. As for NetFlix, how much was the pay-off from Sony?

    Well I hope it's a sum big enough for them to buy more regular copies of The Game Plan. I mean, it stars The Rock, as a football player and it turns out he has a kid whom he didn't know existed. Who wouldn't want to watch that?

  123. What? No petition yet? It worked so well with the "RTW" page.

  124. To say I am disappointed would be a real understatement. My HD-DVD player is all of 2 months old, and now it's effectively useless since you are my main source of viewing material (or at least, had been).

    I seem to recall your own statement recently that HD-DVD rentals were outpacing those of Blue Ray. Hmmm. I suppose I understand the issue, with the uncertain studio support and all, but what's the real cost to you of keeping the format? Granted, there is the capital cost of the media, but this should be more that offset by the rental fees, and you cannot assume that people will just switch over to BR. You have to factor in the lost revenue from folks who will invariably defect.

    Blockbuster's web page says that they still support HD-DVD. Looks like I will be calling them to see if they plan to continue. If so, you'll probably loose me as a customer, and I have been with you since almost the beginning. It's quite unfortunate, but the cost of switching is pretty much nill.

  125. Blu-Ray is the next format to replace DVD, just like DVD replaced VHS. I was not for one ore the other, I just wanted one to win so we could get on with life already.

    In my opinion you are wrong there. You can't compare VHS and DVD with upconverted DVD's and blu-ray. There isn't the vast difference as there was with VHS and DVD. Blu-ray will not take over the DVD market. The majority of the general public are as happy as can be with their upconverted DVDs, don't see that big of a difference to make the switch and invest the money - and will remain so until not in the too distant future VOD makes it's stand. Blu-ray doesn't have the luxury of time that DVD had over VHS. Too many other technologies are too hot on it's ass.

    As for "so we could get on with life already", Except for maybe 1 or 2 percent of the market, the rest HAVE gotten on with their lives already. In fact, they have never even noticed, or cared enough, for it to make any difference at all in their lives.

    In my opinion, upconverted DVDs will remain the standard until VOD - and VOD will be the next standard the masses embrace.

  126. if this comment queue and/or the ning forums are any sort of litmus test, or, more importantly, if the voice of the paying customer carries any weight whatsoever, netflix needs to seriously consider returning the kickback to whichever corporation it came from. as it stands, netflix is about to experience its first epic fail.

    notwithstanding the fact that hd-dvd and blu-ray will both be eclipsed by several other hd formats within the next 5 years, or the fact that hd-dvd sales have doubled in the past three weeks, or the fact that users are forced to abandon netflix if they want to rent upcoming hd-dvd exclusive titles, or the fact that they'll soon be fielding complaints from technologically illiterate users angry that the latest blu-ray titles won't play correctly in their pre-2.0 consoles, or the fact that the previous fact will cost them yet more customers, or a myriad of other issues, netflix shouldn't be in the business of attempting to sway public opinion. and make no mistake, that's what this move amounts to.

    don't let those six 0's blind you just yet. the backsplash from the new yacht you're skiing behind may come with a complimentary dose of backlash as well.

  127. I am disappointed in Netflix' decision to go ONLY Blu-Ray by the end of the year. As a customer i need to have a choice. I know that there is a competition between formats, but as a major supplier of DVDs, Netflix should offer product choice. At least until the final verdict comes to light.

    HD-DVD is not dead yet, even if the majority of businesses are pushing Blu-Ray over HD-DVD. I think HD-DVD has an advantage right now because of cheaper players and the combo format of some of their HD movies, for the same if not lower price of competitors Blu-Ray movies.

    That's my take.


  128. The remaining HD DVD studios haven't even announced a change yet!

    Netflix, I've been a loyal customer since June 2000 but this rankles me.

    You made Feb 11 a rather dark day for many of us who purchated HD DVD hardware - in large part - because you and your HD DVDs were available. You provided a terrific service to us. I'll grant you that. But this decision is not well timed, nor well handled.

  129. Hey, I own an hd-dvd player in my laptop. Naturally, I seek out hd-dvds over that of standard ones. But, I am fine with blue-ray because I expect to own a ps3 in the near future. Both formats are great, but it seems a necessary evil in the "consumer world" to choose one or the other.

    But, does hd-dvd *have* to disappear? I can definitely envision a niche market...

  130. Bravo!!! I think this was an excellent decision. This format war has been bad for everybody involved, except Microsoft because they got what they wanted.

    It is great that you decided to help end this stupid format war. You will be able to serve HD content on disc via Blu-Ray even better to your customers. (The 99% who don't care that you are dropping HD-DVD.)

    When you bought into HD-DVD you were taking a risk. Every single early adopter knew that jumping to either side of the format war was a risk. Just because there is a clear winner in this format war, doesn't mean that companies need to subsidize your wrong choice.

    This is exactly why Netflix will keep my business... because they adapt to changing market conditions. Instant Viewing, switching to Blu-Ray when it is the clear winner. Smart moves.

  131. After Netflix's announcemnt and changes to my saved list, switching to Blockbuster was a no brainer for me. It was the only logical decision to make. No regrets.

    I'm glad your happy. Now if all the other hardcore HD-DVD fanatics would switch over as well (rather than just threaten to) then everyone will be happy and we can move on.

    And Netflix will welcome you all back warmly when Blockbuster cancels HD-DVD support completely or you decide that their higher prices and poor service aren't worth it just for HD.

  132. Dear Netflix,
    So nice of you to abandon so MANY of your customers. I hope Sony is paying you well to do so as I think it will cost you money and customers going forward. There are a lot of us out here with HD-DVD players who subscribe to Netflix. I have been with you since 2001 and am now thinking of switching to Blockbuster so that I will still be able to get HD-DVD movies. I guess the consumer just loses again. Let's hope for your sake they can at least finish the Blu-ray standard. Your own statistics show HD-DVD is the preferred format selected by your CUSTOMERS who have a preference. What a shame that does not mean anything to you. I have sent many customers your way over these last seven years, I doubt that will ever be the case again. You used to be the best service out there.

    Dale Richardson
    Member since 2001

  133. We are canceling our 2 years membership too.

    It is irritating watching at companies responding to interests others than their customers'

  134. And Netflix will welcome you all back warmly when Blockbuster cancels HD-DVD support completely or you decide that their higher prices and poor service aren't worth it just for HD.

    Of course Netflix would welcome anybody back with open arms. Why wouldn't they? Their a fricken company after the easiest buck they can get, just like all other companies. You're talking like their some grand daddy that will forgive their kin for straying or something. Now, that's a laugh.

    The point is, what would my motivation be to come back? When Blockbuster quits renting out HD DVDs, I assume they will continue with blu-ray (until that niche falls to the wayside at least). Since I still will have my blu-ray player, and be able to rent blu-rays and SD DVDs from Blockbuster, what would be the point in switching yet once again? That wouldn't make sense. I would have no incentive to leave Blockbuster at that point.

    As for the crappy service you speak of, two movies I have had on my queue at Netflix for a few weeks now with "long wait" attached to them, are already mailed out from Blockbuster and should be here tomorrow.

    An extra buck or two isn't going to break me. It would take a hell of lot more than that. But so far, it hasn't cost me a penny extra.

    I have no idea why you die hard blus seem to get a pickle up your ass worrying about what others do. Go purple, dude, and quit stressing so much what others do with their lives. Worry about your own. Netflix don't need you stressing or for them either -- their big boys, they can defend and take care of themelves.

  135. One of the reasons I purchased my HD DVD player last year was because Netflix offered HD DVD rentals at the same price as DVDs.

    We are told that there isn't as much demand for HD DVD, yet titles sit at the top of my queue for months and months.

    We are told that they will remain neutral since members are choosing each equally, yet have chosen a side, even though there is still strong demand for both formats.

    They tell us that if a single format prevails, prices are likely to go up. A week later the BD announcement is made.

    Sorry, but Netflix no longer serves my needs. I have cancelled my service and joined Blockbuster Online. The cost is the same, and they offer HD DVD titles that Netflix doesn't.

    This was not a good business decision, unless there was some additional "financial motivation" involved, that we will never know about.

    Those of us that feel betrayed over this will have long memories of the decision.

    And to you gloating PS3/Blu-ray fans, please keep in mind that this decision could have easily gone the other way, with only a few changes. Your feelings of betrayal would have been just as strong as ours.

  136. I just love how some of these members really think Netflix gives a ratzass about them. Thinking they have to "defend" Netfix's honor or something. HAHAHAHAHAHA

    They care about your money, other than that, like any other company, they could care less if you were laying dying in the street -- as long as a surviving member of your family keeps that payment coming in every month. They aren't going to bother to send flowers to the funeral home either. HAHAHA Get real you clowns.

  137. I'll say. I almost feel bad for these snapping, yapping little lap dogs that feel compelled to agree with every decision that 'big daddy' makes. But what classroom or boardroom doesn't have at least one?

  138. Of course Netflix would welcome anybody back with open arms. Why wouldn't they? Their a fricken company after the easiest buck they can get, just like all other companies.

    Fantastic! You guys are finally starting to realize that Netflix is a business and therefore making decisions that benefit their long term profits.

    So what are you bitching about again? That they are too good at it and putting other services out of business, apparently.

  139. Where was I bitching? Where did I ever imply they weren't a business? I didn't complain. There's another company out there that can handle my business. So why should I complain? You quit bitching that other people are voicing their opinion and taking THEIR business elsewhere. Besides, why in the hell should you care?

  140. umm people you did read the whole article right?, or didnt you notice the point where they said that the elimination of hd dvd will drop the price of blu ray...

  141. Anonymous said... (above)
    " umm people you did read the whole article right?, or didnt you notice the point where they said that the elimination of hd dvd will drop the price of blu ray... "

    I'm curious, why would the elimination of the HD-DVD competition make prices of Blu-Ray go DOWN? Sure, over time prices will naturally decrease, as the technology gets developed. But traditionally prices are lower when there is competition between multiple businesses for consumer's money. Just my two cents.

  142. because of the fact that evryone will buy them, giving them more money, therefore not having to charge so much to get a profit

  143. So how much money did Sony give Netflix to screw your HD DVD customers? This is a disgrace.

    Why even bother to carry unpopular DVDs. Why not just carry the top 100 if you are going to start picking winners?

    What has made Netflix great is that Netflix has a ton of movies--that's why I subscribed 7 years ago. Now Netflix is turning it's back on a lot of good high-def movies.

    It doesn't make any sense, so the only thing that makes sense is that Sony paid Netflix to do this.

  144. It doesn't make any sense, so the only thing that makes sense is that Sony paid Netflix to do this

    Their decision has been explained over and over again. It was not economical to flounder around in 2 battling formats. They were waiting until a clear winner emerged. Once that winner emerged, Netflix latched onto it. It's actually very simple. Sure, early adopters are angry, but one side had to win, and HD-DVD lost. Switch to Blockbuster. Don 't come on here threatening to do it. Just do it. No one wants to hear you whine.

  145. Don 't come on here threatening to do it. Just do it. No one wants to hear you whine.

    Really? Is that so?

    this is a space for gripes (or cheers) of today's announcement concerning the Netflix

    And just who the hell are you to tell people this isn't the place for people to voice their digust over this move? Netflix's official spokeperson or something? Another thing they flip flopped on, ask people to voice their opinion, and then tell them to shut up?

    The fact is you ain't Jack Shee-at, or even his cousin twice removed They have just as much right to voice their opinion and bitch as you had to bitch and voice yours. Nobody wants to hear you bitch about people bitching either. How about them apples, sparky?

  146. dudes you got to learn to suck it up and move on. I know how you feel but you gotta make the best of it and move on. I bought a ps3 and it turned out to be the loser game system of the century. but we didn't whine about it for long! we made the best of it and turned it into a set top movie box! there is always a bright side you just gotta look for it!

  147. Netflix is obviously at the mercy of market forces just like everyone else, but would it really have killed them to wait until every last studios had committed to blu-ray, so they could be seen as having no choice in the matter? The problem with their opting to maximize profits at every turn with no apparent regard for the damage that that's doing to the relationship with its (until very recently) unusually loyal and supportive customer base, is that the perceived contempt soon becomes mutual. So even if people didn't leave after the RTW debacle, they're much more likely to do so over this; or, if they have blu-ray whatever the next feather ruffler happens to be. Because once a company looses its warm and fuzzy, it can never get it back. Particularly now that word-of-mouth travels at close to the speed of light.

  148. Wow you guys are amazing. Netflix clearly chooses a format that's winning to cut their costs of production and have more availability for the format with the most world wide support.

    Blu ray is clearly the winner of this format war. I hope this is CLEAR ENOUGH, BLU RAY WINS. HD DUD is done with, you all knew the risks of buying into HDM this early and now you're all crying and moaning about it.

    Netflix, I applaud you for having the courage to stand up and make a decision that not only supports true consumer choice but what is in the best interest of your own company.

    I hope you customers enjoy "boycotting" them, they don't need your shadey business anyway.

  149. Now, c'mon, gabriel... tell the truth. You cut and pasted that part about "HD DUD" off of, didn't you? Either that, or one of your PS3 buddies stayed up late last night with you helping you come up with it, right? That's when you guys started talking about "giiiirlz" and what it would be like to have sex with one, and then he punched you, and you shoved him back, and the next thing you know his pelvic bones were buried in your ass cheeks and you were moaning in a pillow so his mom didn't hear. Does that about sum it up?

  150. Woa.... Anonymous. Way WAY too much info about your fevered inner world!

  151. @Gabriel
    No, Consumers did not make the choice. It has been the studios that did it for us By not releasing all movies on both formats has made the uniformed consumer make a bad choice.Choosing a unifinished product.

    Now we have Netflix and Best Buy and others making it for us. The sad thing is Netflix who @ first stood with their customers and "Promised" to rent all formats, has now become a pawn & no better than the studios who care nothing about customers.

    I hope NF reconsiders and truly lets the consumer decide. If anyone from NF has read these posts, 95% are very upset, some even going to BB. It is the same on other forums....Please reconsider...Sad part is i dont think anyone from netflix even reads these posts. I hope i am wrong.

    A upset customer

  152. When HD DVD titles are no longer available I will cease to be a Netflix suscriber. My business will go to Block Buster instead. I was saddened and disappointed by Netflix decision to drop HD DVD support. As a consumer I prefer to have the option to pick the format of my choice and resent Sony's attempts to force us to use their standard. Having invested in HD DVD technology I was relying on Netflix as a major provider of my HD content. I feel Netflix should continue renting HD DVD titles as long as they are available and not deny HD DVD users.

  153. DVD didn't have any competition, and prices for them seem awfully low.

    Instead of running out and buying right away, I figured I would do the fiscally responsible thing, and wait until a winner emerged. Netflix's decision doesn't bother me a bit.

    Also, if you think whatever other company you are going to is going to keep backing HDDVD, you are more than likely wrong. If Bluray is the ultimate winner, everybody offering HiDef discs will turn to Bluray.

  154. I hope NF reconsiders and truly lets the consumer decide. If anyone from NF has read these posts, 95% are very upset, some even going to BB. It is the same on other forums....

    I think you left out something in that statement. Perhaps you meant 95% of HD-DVD player owners are very upset?

  155. I knew buying an HD-DVD player was a gamble with the format war. But I thought at least I can rent them from netflix, so that was what made me decide to buy the player. I rarely buy movies (on any format I've owned, vhs, dvd, etc), and haved no problem waiting a year or two to be sure it was worth buying hddvds, while enjoying rentals.

    I feel betrayed by Netflix. I only rent HDDVD so obviously this means I'll be cancelling soon. I dont even understand the reasons behind their decision. HDDVDs cost the same or less than bluray discs, so its not saving them any money, only losing them customers. Makes no sense whatsoever.

  156. HDDVDs cost the same or less than bluray discs, so its not saving them any money, only losing them customers. Makes no sense whatsoever.

    If they don't spend the money to buy HD-DVD, that is money they are saving. If they have to spend even a dollar on HD-DVD, that is money that could be saved and spent elsewhere like more BluRay copies or more SD dvds.

    So once again for everyone else who doesn't seem to grasp this little tidbit, if they don't spend the money to buy HD-DVD, then they are saving money. It matters not how much HD-DVD costs compared to BluRay. The only part that matters is if they don't spend it on HD-DVD, then that is money saved adn can be spent elsewhere. What part makes no sense again?

  157. Alaninsb said "Perhaps you meant 95% of HD-DVD player owners are very upset?"

    No. Clearly 100% of those members are upset, and so are naturally generating a high percentage of the posts. The rest are coming from the usual handful of pot stirrers who seem to have nothing better to do with their time than needle people, whatever the topic happens to be. But at least you're up front about it with your "I'm only here to annoy you" tag.

  158. I hate that Netflix bombards me with pop-up ads at so many websites. I will never use Netflix because of that.

  159. by by netflix
    hello blockbuster

    So, netflix cares more about money from Sony than their customers.

  160. I too am a bit disturbed by this announcment, all though this is not unexpected what with the apparent demise of HD-DVD as a viable format.

    What disturbes me even more is the extremely long waits I have encountered with the blu-ray and hd movies. I have had several movies in my queue for over 3 months. And I don't seem to get any responses from Netflix about my concerns.

    I hope that Netflix will use some of the savings from this decision to increase the numbers of blu-ray movies so I can enjoy them as I should.

  161. I also am not happy with this decision, and I too will most likely cancel my subscription soon. Companies like Netflix should be supporting their customers not alienating them. HD DVD was economical for me and the fact that you had them is why I joined. It is a terrible state to see that the format is being given up on. In the long run I think that everyone who doesn't have a Playstation 3 will be done a disservice by companies such as yours.

  162. "The only part that matters is if they don't spend it on HD-DVD, then that is money saved adn can be spent elsewhere. What part makes no sense again?"

    Hey alanisb,
    Yeah and in the process screw over over many of their "Valued" customers because they are a minority.

    Should Netflix save money by not offering "Documentaries" or "How To" DVDs because their not popular.

    Terrible PR move...Alienating good & valued customers.

  163. Should Netflix save money by not offering "Documentaries" or "How To" DVDs because their not popular.

    Well yeah, actually. That is if by continuing to carry those categories it negatively affected their long term profitability.

    Any more questions on business you need help with?

  164. I don't find this disgraceful at all. It is a Business Decision, and NetFlix is making that decision for the greater good. The vast majority of High Def titles NetFlix shipps is Blu-Ray. Blu-Ray customers want more Blu-Ray Titles. So cutting HD, which appears is going to lose the battle anyway, to make room for more Blu-Ray is a SMART decision.

    You should never base a purchase on electronic equipment because one company supports it.

    DO YOUR HOMEWORK. It has been apparent for some time now that HD is losing ground to BluRay.

    Chances are, your HD-DVD Player will be worthless in a year or so (Should BluRay win the war). Can't Blame that on NetFlix.

  165. Anybody who thinks that this isn't because the Sony group is offering huge cash incentives to companies that drop HD DVD is ignorant.

    The Sony group is paying off Netflix and Best Buy to the detriment of the consumer. This smells like anti-trust to me.

  166. I just switched from Blockbuster because netflix carried HDDVDs. I will cancel because of this. Bluray is not any kind of option at this point, given how expensive the players are. I also don't appreciate that Bluray has been forced down our throats because Sony is bribing everybody to not support HD. Maybe they players wouldn't be so expensive if we didn't have to pay for those huge bribes. I wonder how much Netflix was paid for this.

  167. What a bunch of whiners. They pick the wrong format in a format war, and then complain because a business stops supplying the dying format. Seems to me that money not spent on the declining format numbers can be spent on the winning format and maybe the wait for Blu-Ray's will be measured in weeks instead of months.

    And if you're using just Netflix for HD content, you must have the patience of a saint. I went back to regular DVD's because the wait on Blu-Ray's is absurd.

  168. The only payments that have been made in the format war were by Microsoft to Paramount last year, otherwise the war would have been over already. It's beyond ignorant for any company or individual to argue for supporting an inferior product with little US support, and virtually NO international support. Check international sales figures and you'll see just how ignorant these kind of HD DVD and Microsoft fanboy statements are. I guess you would claim that Sony paid all these companies, since they have all gone Blu since the beginning of the year:
    -- 02-15-08 Walmart announces they will go Blu exclusive in June
    -- 02-14-08 Cameo (Spain) Goes Blu-ray Exclusive.
    -- 02-12-08 Hi-Fi Klubben (Scandinavia) Goes Blu-ray Exclusive.
    -- 02-12-08 Tripictures (Spain) Goes Blu-ray Exclusive.
    -- 02-11-08 Best Buy to promote & recommend Blu-Ray Exlcusively.
    -- 02-11-08 Netflix Goes Blu-Ray Exlcusive.
    -- 02-07-08 SF Films (Sweden) Goes Blu-ray Exclusive.
    -- 02-07-08 Scanbox (Sweden) Goes Blu-ray Exclusive.
    -- 02-07-08 Filmax Goes Blu-ray Exclusive.
    -- 02-06-08 MK2, distributor (France), Blu-ray Exclusive.
    -- 02-05-08 OVA Films goes Blu-ray exclusive.
    -- 02-04-08 BAC Films (France) Goes Blu-ray Exclusive.
    -- 02-04-08 Manga Films Goes Blu-ray Exclusive.
    -- 02-01-08 ADV Films to go Blu-ray Exclusive in 2008.
    -- 02-01-08 Imation stops HD-DVD-R/RW media, goes Blu-ray exclusive.
    -- 01-31-08 Highlight Video (Germany) Goes Blu-ray Exclusive.
    -- 01-30-08 National Geographic Goes Blu-ray Exclusive.
    -- 01-30-08 EMI (Japan) Goes Blu-ray Exclusive.
    -- 01-30-08 Sonic Solutions Scenarist Goes Blu-ray Exclusive.
    -- 01-29-08 Saturn (Germany) Goes Blu-ray Exclusive.
    -- 01-28-08 Woolworths Retail Outlet (UK) goes Blu-ray exclusive in store.
    -- 01-22-08 Grant's Appliances to go Blu-ray exclusive in 2008.
    -- 01-20-08 R&B Films goes Blu-ray exclusive.
    -- 01-16-08 Senator Entertainment to go Blu-ray exclusive in 2008.
    -- 01-16-08 Digital Playground to go Blu-ray exclusive in 2008.
    -- 01-11-08 Constantin Film goes Blu-ray exclusive.
    -- 01-10-08 HBO goes Blu-ray exclusive.
    -- 01-05-08 New Line goes Blu-ray exclusive.
    -- 01-04-08 Warner goes Blu-ray exclusive.

    I guess all these companies are just ignorant, but everyone that bought an inferior product are really the smart ones.

  169. In addition to all the companies listed above, the Hollywood Reporter says inside sources have divulged that Toshiba will be dropping HD DVD support in the coming weeks.

    Time to put your HD DUD players in the closet with the Beta and Laserdisk, and buy a Blu-ray player. The whining just makes you look sad.

  170. Time to put your HD DUD players in the closet with the Beta and Laserdisk, and buy a Blu-ray player. The whining just makes you look sad.

    Even if they put their HD DVD's away, why would they to buy Blu-ray? Just throwing more money away at that point, as blu-ray is just going to remain a small niche market that will fall to the wayside also.

    And surely you are joking when you state HD DVD was the inferior product to blu-ray. Give me a break, you're just being plain silly now. Who can ever take you seriously with when you make silly comments like that?

  171. Blu-ray is superior. Higher storage capacity ( 50GB(dual layer) to 30GB(dual layer)), a hard coat protecting against scratches, higher audio/video data transfer rate (54.0Mbps to 36.55Mbps), and higher video bit rate(40.0Mbps to 28.0Mpbs). Claiming that HD DUD is superior showing either ignorance, and that you simply haven't done the research.

    And if you don't believe me, ask Michael Bay: "Blu-ray's better, and I told everyone. I was very vocal about it. I knew HD [DVD] was not going to make it."

    Or talk to George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Francis Ford Coppola, Sam Raimi and Ridley Scott who are all Blu-ray supporters. But I guess people should take your word over these nobody directors.

  172. "Steven is a supporter of Blu-Ray but is not exclusive to either format."
    - Spielberg spokesman Marvin Levy

    "As a director, my critical eye is that Blu-ray is where my money is."
    - Michael Bay

  173. I work at a company that installs custom home theaters and the nationwide average says that people purchase HDDVD players, 7 to 1 over Blu-ray. Also, our main distributor only stocks HDDVD players because they sell. They do not stock Bluray, 1-because they do not sell and 2-because reliable availability is sketchy.

    At our company we believe that Blu-ray is using bribery and blackmail to "win" over the production studios. Unfortunately, someone at Netflix fell prey to this wholly unethical ploy. Blockbuster Online still carries HDDVD although they do not offer it in their physical stores. I ask that those of us who fall into the "disgruntled customer" class change their account to Blockbuster AND write them and tell them we appreciate the fact they still carry both formats online.

    Since money talks...more people have HDDVD players and as a result, more HDDVD's will be rented if they're available. Consumer demand has always led the market...don't let bribery change that. Make war now.

    Eryn Edelen
    Also a "former" valued customer.

  174. I do find it surprising that Netflix didn't poll their customers, however, they do have the data to see which customers have the format in their queues, so I am sure that played a roll in their decision.

    I am happy to see Netflix make a decision, not because I support one format over another (I'll probably buy a dual player before I buy a format specific one), but because this will end the format war all the quicker.

    While the initial competition between the two formats helped each other strive for better quality, the writing has been on the wall for a year that support for HD is significantly less that for BR.

  175. To anonymous at 1:24 PM: If HD-DVD is that technologically inferior to Blu-ray (which still doesn't have features that HD-DVD had from the get-go), why did Netflix support it in the first place?

    Why should Michael Bay, the rest of the directors, or anybody else for that matter decide for me the value of one format or another? I can do my own research, thanks, just like I read rather than take Michael Bay et al.'s word that their latest film is worth my time and money.

    I can judge the value of HD-DVD vs Blu-ray through CNET, by my own eyes and ears, and how much money I have in my wallet. Blu-ray's good, but not yet worth the money. I can compare the formats at Best Buy etc., see what titles are available, and decide that HD-DVD is good enough for now, even with less support. I'll buy Blu-ray later when the prices go down and the features go up. People can make their own decisions.

    Netflix can use whatever strategic or bean-counting criteria they want in deciding to cut support for HD-DVD. I'm disappointed, and I think it's a bad business move, but it's Netflix's right to make that choice. However, if I were to stay with them, it would have the effect of accelerating the obsolescence of my HD-DVD player. I'd like to get some more use of my player, so I'm off to Blockbuster Online. Other people are finding it in their interest to do the same.

    I'm not whining. I'm walking!

  176. "They haven’t sold enough Blu-Ray DVD units to make it worth our while to release the Star Wars films in the Blu-Ray format. We waited until the DVD market was fully mature before we initially released the Star Wars films on DVD. Likewise, we will wait for Blu-Ray and HD DVD to maximize the number of units sold. It may be ten years or a little less before you see Star Wars." -- George Lucas

    And we ALL know in 10 years blu-ray ain't going to be around. They will be laying in people's closets right next the the abandoned HD DVD players.

    Michael Bay? AHAHAHAHAHA Oh yeah, now there is an all time great. Such great movies he's put out. Like the blu bois over on the blu-ray forum sit and chant in threads. "I'm lovin on Michael Bay!" "I'm lovin on him too, dude!" "Michael Bay is my hero!" "He's my hero too, dude!" "Someone should make Michael Bay blu-ray's hero!" "Yeah, dudes, and they should erect a statue and stuff. Michael Bay rulz!" "Agree with you guys. I'm lovin on the Bay too!"

    And that folks, is the mentality of the blu-ray Michael Bay fans and his movies... Pitiable, but laughable.

  177. George Lucas believes VOD will be what replaces DVD. And he's right.

  178. It's over for HD DVD. Get over it people. Best Buy and Walmart have both announced that they will top selling HD DVD's and players. 6 of the 8 major studios are going strictly Blu-Ray and once this year is up all 8 studios will be strictly Blu-Ray. Stop blaming Netflix for not carrying HD DVD's, the market made the decision for them. The battle is over.

  179. If Netflix had ditched Booray, you prematurely gloating fanboys would be making the exact same complaints, so stop trampling on people's opinions, this is still a free country. Also, get your heads out of the headlines and look around, all this nonsense is just pissing people off and dragging this thing out, completely the opposite of what was hoped for. SD upconverter sales are crushing BOTH formats, does that tell you anything? There is no winning in this, only degrees of losing.

  180. When your HD DVD library is gone, I will no longer be your customer. I do this as a warning-I am not closing my account immediately, but when the library is finished, why should I continue to give Netflix money? Choices for viewing movies are so great these days, that if I want to watch it in HD, I will probably just go out and buy it for my own collection. The only time I rent a movie is if I haven’t seen it, and wondering if it is worth buying. From now on I will just be more thoughtful in my selections. BTW-a competitor of yours will be getting my business as they still support HD DVD. A business decision to drive away loyal customers is ALWAYS a bad decision. I can only hope Sony has made it worth your while.

  181. I'm very disappointed along with a lot of other people about the decision to only have Blu-Ray. I do not have a Blu-Ray player & can't afford one, so I will be left out as will a lot of others. I'm fairly new to Netflix, but was very happy with the service until this announcement. Now I don't know where I will turn for service after this. I feel like Netflix could have waited until at least the final decision was made as to what format is going to be used & then made the change. I hope they can withstand the mass exodus when all of us who won't be buying Blu-Ray players leave.

  182. I am EXTREMELY disappointed in Netflix for dropping HD-DVD. This is a rental site not a political arena. As long as people are willing to rent both formats then both should be supported. I have lost a tremendous amount of respect for Netflix. Perhaps it is time to explore other options.

  183. After you all leave to go to Blockbuster for HD-DVDs, where will you go when they don't carry HD-DVDs anymore either?

    Maybe you can go to the company that rents DIVX discs.

    You are deluding yourself.

  184. No, you Bluray fanboys are the delusional ones, thinking that a few corporate kickbacks are going to define a standard. It bears noting that Laserdisc had 100% support from ALL studios, distributors, retail, etc., and it still got trounced by DVD before it ever took off beyond a niche market. This 'fomat war' is pants. Take pictures of your POS3's and frame em, I'm holding out for HVD or HDVOD or whichever of the dozen or so next gen formats that are coming out within the next couple of years and sending Bluray/HDDVD to the nostalgia file faster than you can say 'obsolescence'.

  185. Like many other comments on this string, I also strongly disagree with Netflix's decision to drop HD-DVD. There are still titles being released on HD-DVD in the form of library titles as well as new releases (American Gangster, Beowulf, Michael Clayton, etc). Netflix's decision to drop this format is severely limiting the HD selection for users with HD-DVD players and is, I believe, reason to cancel my subscription to Netflix and utilize my new AppleTV for HD movie rentals as well as purchase HD-DVDs from Wal-Mart.

  186. yah, count me out too, I hate it for them lol

    bye Netflix

  187. ^lol I remember laserdiscs one day they were all the rage the next day they just disappeard

    You know, I could care less since I'm not into hdtv yet (I have a 15" crt tv I'm poor lol), but it doesn't matter if people clinging to HD dvd are idiots for doing so, they're still PAYING CUSTOMERS duh. I'd like to hear a Netflix response to this mass exodus/revolt/whatevers going on here, this can't be makin them look good. Jump the gun a bit early maybe? And why oh why did they have to side with the more expensive one?! now I'll never upgrade lmao

  188. You've got to be kidding me. A "mass exodus" from Netflix. Only 187 comments, probably only about 150 people making the comments, and only about 3/4 in support of HD DUD. I don't see that as a mass exodus. If there were really that many HD DUD owners, then Netflix, Blockbuster-instore, BestBuy, Walmart, Warner and many, MANY others companies wouldn't have gone Blu-ray exclusive. The only way there are more HD DUD players is if you don't count the PS3, which is one of the most popular Blu-ray players. There is a reason HD DUD players were so much cheaper. IT'S AN INFERIOR PRODUCT. The specs prove it. Yet, no one seems to actually refer to the actual media specs. Pretty funny actually. I can't wait to see what you're all saying when there is no studio support by the end of year, if not sooner. Then you'll go on and on about VOD. Anyone with any sense can plainly see that the technology just isn't there to support VOD that provides the same quality as Blu-ray or even HD DVD does. Can quickly do you think you can download a 51GB (superior size of Blu-ray dual-layer discs) movie. I love HD DUD and Microsoft fanboys. They can always make me laugh.

  189. I wish you Bluray sockpuppets would get lost and let us paying customers discuss this without having to sift through your BS.

  190. It's almost funny watching other customers freak out over Netflix's format decision. I haven't watched a single high definition DVD in my life, don't own an HDTV, and I will continue to subscribe to Netflix no matter which way they go on the HD format because so far *it doesn't affect me*! It doesn't affect me because I haven't wasted my money investing in a platform that might evaporate in the next year or two. Netflix can do whatever they want, and you're certainly at liberty to complain or take your business elsewhere, but you signed up for this volatile market when you bought your HD player.

  191. VOD

    It's coming...
    It's getting closer...
    It will be here before you know it...

    DVD people that are happy with your upconverter players don't be a fool and throw away your money on a format like Blu-Ray that is already doomed to the extinction heap with Laser Disc and HD DVD. There isn't that big of a difference at all, and don't let them try and tell you there is. Don't end up being suckered. Don't set yourself up to be with the next batch of people in here whining that their format, blu ray, is discontinued. Even Netflix is betting the bank on VOD.

    "Comcast Corp. will provide thousands of high-definition movies on demand and a new "wide-band" Internet service that can download high-def titles in four minutes over the Internet by the end of the year, CEO Brian Roberts told participants at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.

    Roberts, the first cable CEO to give a keynote address at the annual convention, said Comcast would prove that cable will be the leader in entertainment-related innovation.

    He predicted that Comcast will be able to provide more than 6,000 movies on demand a month, including 3,000 in high-def to households within the early testing areas.

    The wide-band architecture, called DOCSIS 3.0 technology, is created by recapturing and bonding together analogue channels falling into disuse as cable operators switch over to all-digital channels. Using that infrastructure, Comcast also will be able to deliver a new level of Internet connectivity, dwarfing current broadband speeds.

    Comcast also is embracing a new philosophy of opening its cable box platform to third-party developers in order to innovate faster. The cable box platform will be called Tru2way and will be standardized so that manufacturers can embed the platform in their products, such as the new Panasonic wireless HDTV, which has a Comcast platform integrated within its system.

    "This open platform model has already been embraced by many of the biggest names, like Panasonic, Samsung, Intel, Cisco, LG, Microsoft, Motorola, TiVo, Sun Microsystems and more," Roberts said. "Virtually the entire cable industry will support Tru2way technology on our local systems by the end of this year. By that time, Tru2way consumer electronic devices will already be in the marketplace."

  192. And how much do you think Comcast, et. al., are going to charge you for this wonderful higher speed service. I doubt very much they will be doing it and keeping your cost the same. Cable companies are already talking about tiered service, and trying it out in some places. Cable companies are not known for their altruistic actions.

    VOD may be coming but methinks it will not be cheap.

  193. Well, Blu-ray sure as hell isn't cheap either, now is it? What do you think they are going to charge for those 2.0 complient players? What do they charge for movies in BD? It's not cheap now, and the BD 2.0 players sure aren't going to be cheaper.

    VOD will be cheaper for the general public to get into than Blu-ray is by far.

    You guys keep talking about the HD DVD people to face the facts and reality, but yet you BD people refuse to do the samething. You BD people talk about the HD DVD camp whining, yet mention the reality of VOD and the whine from the BD camp echos through out the land.

  194. any victory in this is purely pyrrhic. let the sony camp have its fun. rest assured in the knowledge that when the bluray bubble bursts in a few years, gloating fanboys will start searching for a shoulder to cry on, at which point you can either sympathize with them or laugh at them. i recommend the latter for posterity.

  195. All these members on Netflix, do they join Netlix to "buy" DVD's or HD's? Or do they join so they can "rent".

    Here's the deeal, the days of massive home pysical libraries of hard copies is over. Nobody I know, friends, people I work with, relatives, whatever invests their money in home video libraries, and most of them work in very high tech industries. THEY RENT, just as the majority of the general public does. Most don't want a bunch of movies they will never watch again cluttering up their homes. The days of clutter are over also. It's just fanatical videophiles who still belive they have to have these huge physical libraries. I mean, how many times do you think people actually sit and watch the same movie over and over and over. They DON'T.

    Just like Pay Per View now, download it unto your DVR, it sits there a month, allowing for the opportunity for anybody in the house to watch it individually on their own time. After a month, it's gone, and who cares at that point. Who in the hell wants it laying around for years "just in case 5 years from now they get a hair and feel like watching it again on a show boring day. Most people have better things to do with their money, besides throwing it at discs so they can clutter up their houses for years to come.

    Renting has been where it is at for a while now, and that is proven by the drop in DVD sales that the studios were all whining about.

    VOD will allow them to continue to do just what they want to do, which is RENT.

  196. "Well, Blu-ray sure as hell isn't cheap either, now is it? What do you think they are going to charge for those 2.0 complient players? What do they charge for movies in BD? It's not cheap now, and the BD 2.0 players sure aren't going to be cheaper."

    Since the PS3 will be 2.0 compliant by a firmware update when the standard is released, I suppose the price for the new PS3 will be the same or cheaper than now.

    FWIW, rumors are about that Toshiba will pull the plug on HD-DVD sometime in the coming weeks. "...Toshiba is incurring with each HD DVD player sold -- a figure sources say could be as high as several hundred dollars...". This could explain why HD-DVD players were so much cheaper than the Blu-Ray players.

    Personally I think the much ballyhooed HD/Blu-Ray discs are hyped overmuch. I've watch some that were noticeably WOW, but mostly the differences are fairly subtle, not worth the waiting time to rent IMO.

    I have a new Mitsubishi 73" DLP 1080p FWIW.

  197. "Since the PS3 will be 2.0 compliant by a firmware update when the standard is released, I suppose the price for the new PS3 will be the same or cheaper than now."

    Four hundred dollars, is still four hundred dollars -- and that is still a lot of money to spend on a set-top box when they can go out and by a nice up-converter for 60 bucks. And as you, yourself, just said, for the majority of the films, the difference just isn't there to make it worth the money or the wait.

    Also, then we come to the problem with the PS3 itself. Most people don't want a gaming system for their movie player. The majority want a stand alone. They don't want some monilith sitting up there. PS3 gamers? Sure. But most of the non-gamers don't. Some Moms and pops may even buy their kids a PS3, but one thing they dont' want to do, is fight the kids for the machine when they want to watch a movie, but the kids want to play a game. Then you have the problem of the old vhs/tv combos. One goes out, it's off for repair and you aren't only not playing games, mom and dad and the rest of the family aren't watching movies either. The main obstacle is always going to be that the majority just don't want a gaming machine for a movie machine, for whatever reason.

    Also, the reason you aren't hearing anything from Microsoft, or a show of great interest in this latest format war, is they also are, and always having been, betting their bank on VOD. People can say what they want about Microsoft, but they didn't get where they are by being "stoopid" like the blu-way fans boys like to chant. And Microsoft has a mighty big bank to bet. They usually end up getting to where they aim their sites.

  198. I think what Netflix did is now a moot point since HD DVD is now dead. There is an article which says that says that Toshiba will be discontinuing there HD-DVD players in a few months. Once there are no more HD-DVD players being manufacturerd, movie company will be phasing out their HD-DVDs and either only manufacture DVDs or DVDs and Blu-Ray movies.

    I bought my sister/brother-in-law an HD-DVD player for Christmas thinking that the format war will take a little longer to make the final decision and also since I had a Blu-Ray player (PS3) I figured it would work out for both of us. Now that Netflix made their decision, I regret that purchase, but I am not upset with Netflix. They had to make their decision based on many factors. I am sure it was not an easy decision for them either. They saw one movie manufacture decide to go with Blu-Ray instead of HD-DVD. Are you going to not see their movies because they now back Blu-Ray instead of HD-DVDs?

  199. One thing I do not understand, there are a few posters that say they only rent hd-dvds. For one thing, there are a lot more movies available in blu-ray instead of hd-dvds. 2nd, not all movies are available in a hi-def format, so they may have a very small queue.