Thursday, January 10, 2008

This Weekend's Release

I'm only going to address some of the smaller items that the Community team has opportunistically tweaked on the site.

The first is simply a very prominently presented link to the blog (the link is on the far right):

The second is a simple re-ordering of the movies in actors/director's filmographies. It may not seem like much, but this has been somewhat irksome to many of us here for some time. On the left/top is the presentation today (movies sorted alphabetically), on the right/bottom is the new presentation (sorted by release date).

We've cleaned up some of the logic on the Movie Lists page, which should make this more useful -- although the improvements may not be so obvious. Most of the work in Community these days is behind-the-scenes: a larger effort that will take some time to roll out. I promise to alert you to what is coming as it approaches release later this quarter. In the meantime, my team will only be releasing smaller tweaks (some might not even be noticable) to the site you use.

These changes were live on the site beginning at 6pm Friday evening, Jan 11. Check 'em out.

(I will let some others around here blog post news about the New Release pages, which i believe will be shortly.)
UPDATE 1/11/08 - I've just been told that the more official update won't be posted to the blog until mid-next week, I'm sorry to report.
UPDATE 1/17/08 3pm - All the teams here continue to read your comments and work on this issue, but there is nothing new to report.