Friday, January 11, 2008

Reporting Problems

Just a quick note.

When you post comments that involve a problem you are having on your Netflix experience, or something odd that is happening, or anything you think we should investigate, we need to know who you are in order to look into it. It is unwise to post your email address in this public forum, and it doesn't really help us that much anyway. What we need is your customer ID. You can grab an encoded version of this by (a) go to the Community tab, then (b) click on your Profile tab in the sidebar. The URL includes the info we need. It's suitably useless to anyone else such that it doesn't jeopardize your privacy or security by posting it (and messing with these only makes for some odd screen anomalies, but no data risk). The full URL should look something like this (this is mine):

What we need is the prid=30381689 part.

Just to manage your expectations, this is no guarantee that we will be able to help -- and remember, the blog is NOT customer service, we're the engineering teams, but since many of you find bugs for us, this would really help in the research. It's up to you.

This has come up periodically over the past many months and i hope this will be the definitive source here.


  1. Thanks, Michael. I'll make sure to include that information the next time I see something specfic.

  2. Not real happy so far with the RSS as a New Releases replacement. There's a LOT missing

  3. @Michael

    Just thought of something that might be fun to see on reviews. How about using labels such as "horror" or "drama" or "comedy"?

    Then, letting us search on our friends and faves reviews based on these labels.

    You probably would not want to see every user review with that label, but it would be nice to pick out friend's reviews this way.

  4. Speaking of issues, I was drag and drop in the que going to be implemented for Safari 3.0 anytime soon? Really annoying that it doesn't work.



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  6. Michael,

    I was the one who posted about my Friends problem in the other thread. To reiterate, one of my Friends disappeared from my Friends page. I, apparently, disappeared from hers, too. I tried to invite her again, but got a message saying something along the lines of "You are already Friends with that user". My customer ID is prid=27460777

  7. I just remembered another problem in my Friends area. It used to be the slider bar for my queue showed the movies in my queue in the reverse order that I'd added them. Recent adds behave this way, but only the last 12 or so. After that, they seem to be in some jumbled up random order.

    Something that might be related...I was at a friend's place who is my Friend. He clicked on the link for my queue from his Friends page and the queue that showed up had the correct movies in it, but they were in a completely different order than they actually are in my queue. I wasn't able to check, but they might be in the order they're showing up in my slider bar.

    Again, prid=27460777. Thanks!

  8. -- Ordered Sliders

    I didn't even know that the slider were supposed to show the exact order of movies in the queue.

    It might be nice to see a little number that shows the slot number in our friend's queue.

  9. Has anyone else's que gone to almost all "short wait" over the past week? I'm starting to think that the distribution center near my house burned down or something. Even much older movies that have been in my que for a long time as available have now changed to short wait. They also shipped my last movie from California and I live in Tennessee.

  10. Figured out why my review wouldn't take. Shouldn't be using "ass" in those things.

    Thanks to Phatz for the heads up.

  11. On my outward facing Top 10 list page, the "favorites" are supposed to be my 5-star rated movies. There seems to be a minor glitch in that some movies that I rated 3 and 4 stars are on my favorites list: e.g., disk 1 of "Six Feet Under season 3" which I rated 3 stars and volumes 4,5,6 & 7 of "Ghost in the Shell SAC" which I rated 4 stars have been on my favorites list for several months now. They remain on the list despite my numerous attempt (i.e., clearing their ratings completely and re-rating them a few days later) to de-list them.
    My id is: prid=127370510. Thank you very much.

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  13. "I'm starting to think that the distribution center near my house burned down or something."

    That is unintentionally hilarious :P

    I like the customer ID thing. If I ever have a problem, I'll be sure to use it.

    But wait one second - if you say that this blog is NOT the customer support area, but are willing to help with problems, it seems kind of backwards.

    Why not have a email form, or even a separate blog to report bugs on, instead of having them be buried in between 1,000 other posts? You could use Reed Hasting's blog template, he obviously doesn't know how to post on it.


    Funny dig at Reed...

    As for the email support... this ISN'T CUSTOMER SUPPORT. I cannot stress that enough. People have problems and my team isn't able to solve them. Customer Service generally is. Call them. They are good.

    Now, that being said, bugs exist. And you guys often find them. You give us clues about them when you write in. Your ID number helps us with this process. And sometimes you'll provide a clue in a big problem. Sometimes you'll get something resembling "help" from here. But i don't think it's a good idea relying on this forum for feedback.

    Anyway, if you're ever gonna contact netflix about a prob, that ID number will help.

  15. We,too, are having problems with our queue and we recently received a 4th movie at home but we are on the 3-at-a-time plan. Does anyone know what is going on?

  16. We,too, are having problems with our queue and we recently received a 4th movie at home but we are on the 3-at-a-time plan. Does anyone know what is going on?

    See? That's why there's such a long wait on new releases! :-)

  17. Funny...

    I was trying to locate my id#, but wasn't paying full attention to what Michael actually wrote and just copied and pasted the link to his profile.

    What I got was a conglomeration profile of him and me. I was, like, wait a minute--I don't live there and that's not my picture!

  18. Seems like the "Latest member reviews" section has gone empty... I can't get it to work in FF or IE.

  19. prid # = 138988813

    Sometime between last night and today on my Community Page, the Latest Member Reviews has gone completely blank. No reviews featured from my friends and no scrolling reviews from others. That whole section of the page is just empty. Neither refreshing or clearing my cache fixes this issue.

    (oh, just noticed Knaldskalle beat met to it... but I'm glad to know it's not just me)

  20. "Has anyone else's que gone to almost all "short wait" over the past week?"

    Probably due to all the people who got a Netflix subscription for christmas.

  21. "Probably due to all the people who got a Netflix subscription for christmas."

    Speaking of which, with gift subscriptions, does anyone know how someone (Say, a non-Netflix subscriber) can buy a current Netflix subscriber a gift subscription? And if they don't have the subscriber's account info either, how do they do this? I've never understood how that worked exactly, never tried doing it...

  22. Is anyone else having problems with the "watch instantly"? It is informing me that it will take 4 hours or more to download a movie when before it was instantaneous.

  23. Is anyone else having problems with the "watch instantly"?

    Well, a bit. I've been trying to download a movie since mid January of '07, and got a message that it might be Spring or Summer of this year before the download is complete. ;-)

    Sorry, couldn't resist.

  24. There is a problem with the new releases page. This seems to be affecting ALL the users of Netflix. When trying to fix this problem you can use ANY users ID. At least Blockbuster is working and showing new releases.

    -Bob in Seattle

  25. Is anyone else having problems with the "watch instantly"? It is informing me that it will take 4 hours or more to download a movie when before it was instantaneous.

    I think there is a problem with their bandwidth detection. I've also been seeing long waits to start up recently (~5mins), but only because it is giving me a higher bitrate than I can stream consistently. Slower startup, but higher quality.

    (I prefer it this way actually, so please just keep this bug between the two of us.)

    Btw, you usually don't have to wait until it starts playing automatically. After a minute or two you can hit play and it will start immediately (at the risk of the buffer running dry a little sooner).

  26. Since last November, 9 (64%) of 14 discs shipped to me have been scratched to the point that the film skips during play. 4 (29%) of these skipped badly enough that I needed a replacement. I tried using a lens cleaner on my DVD player, which is only a few years old, but to no avail.

    Customer service made an adjustment for me. Nevertheless, Netflix has essentially become an unusable service. We can no longer count on sitting down and watching a movie end-to-end. We have to wait two days for a replacement disc. In one case, we had to request a replacement for the replacement. These discs are arriving heavily scratched, as is readily visible.

    My suggestion is that you use automated equipment to determine the quality level of discs that are returned to you. Perhaps you already do this, in which case you need to raise the bar of what you consider acceptable quality.

    This is reaching the point where I'm not sure I would use the service even if it were free. It's just too frustrating.


  27. You may want to consider getting a new DVD player. I get about 1 unplayable disc a year. Not counting broken discs, get about 1 of those a year too.

    Been about 4 months since I've had a problem with a disc. I stuck it into another player and it played just fine.

    Different players seem to have problems with different discs.

  28. These discs are arriving heavily scratched, as is readily visible.

    Not to say that you haven't had particularly bad luck, but a disc can looked 'heavily scratched' but still be perfectly playable. It's often finger marks that are causing the problem (which would be harder for an automated system to catch), so before you run out and get a new machine maybe try washing the troublesome discs and seeing if that helps - I have to wash about 10% of them. I'd suggest using warm water and small amount of dishwashing detergent, wiping very gently from one side of the disc to the other using a soft sponge - NEVER circular - and then rinsing thoroughly. Pat dry with a soft towel or soft paper towels (some can be surprisingly scratchy), and then give it another go.

    Second thing to check is the DVD's lens - they can get very dirty/dusty, and should be cleaned every so often using a special cleaning DVD (try Radio Shack).

    But it's true that some machines are particularly skippish, and it just might be time to invest in a new, more forgiving one. Check the web for the most highly rated ones - even those are now very cheap.

  29. I have attempted to enter my APO address in the box but it will not recognize the APO AE box and will not validate with the zipcode. I want to restart our account but this is stopping me from doing that.

    Thank you,
    Greg McMenimen
    Customer ID: 141729

  30. More of a general question than a Netflix one, but does anyone know whether Firefox add-ons are known to slow down processing speed even when they're not activated. I dumped a whole slew of them earlier today and everything's downloading quite a bit faster now. Just a coincidence?

  31. This is more of a suggestion than a problem, but that Contact Us suggestion page inspires no confidence whatsoever.

    There's obviously a gap right now between how many DVD's are available, and how many people want them. Something that could in theory be solved by buying a zillion more DVD's, which either means increasing our rates, cutting back on services or going out of business. None of them good options. But do not despair there's still fruit to be shaken from them thar trees.

    I know of one member who'll hold onto a DVD for literally months, not wanting to send it back, but 'never quite being in the mood to watch it'. And 2 others that aren't much better. Now I know that your whole 'raison d'aitre' is "no late fees, ever", but there has to be SOME disincentive to take a movie out of circulation for weeks on end?

    What I propose is that once someone has had a DVD for more than a month they get no more DVD's until it's returned. Harsh, maybe, but I bet that if that rule were in place it would rarely have to be enforced, as long as the hoarder got plenty of advanced, and repeated, warnings. And I think you'd find that most of your members would support it, as we all wait patiently for that ever dustier copy sitting on someone's desk, never to be watched.

  32. Can anyone tell me WHY they went with a more net-intensive "new release" format?

    I have a very slow network at work, and it is excruciating to wait for the popups or scrolling to there any way to opt for the previous list format?

    And where did the "releasing this week" feature go? It's a lot easier to scan through a list (on a single page!)....and I don't have to download a whole bunch of graphics (DVD covers) that I don't care about.

    Can you at least allow the OPTION of viewing the no-graphics list format for new releases and releasing this week?

    My PRID is 30352787...been a member since 2000...and this is the ONLY complaint I have had with Netflix--but this is HUGE.

  33. @Dave -

    Where have you been, old chap? Under no circumstances should we turn this thread into a third 'releasing this week page' one, but if you check down below ('Happy New Year' and 'Releasing This Week, Dec Dec 21') you'll find 1,998 posts on this subject, with the vast majority of people (if not posts!) agreeing with you.

    There's to be an official announcement about this in the next few days, but in the meantime supporters of the old page ask that you call customer service and sign the petition :

    The old page is still accessible for now using (paste together with no gaps):

    Thank you for your very courteous but heartfelt contribution to our hoarse voices.

  34. Does it make really make any sense to send this message to those of us that haven't used one nanosecond of 'Watch Now' in 12 months, and therefore presumably can't or don't want to? :

    Dear Schlemiel,

    As part of your current Netflix subscription, you have the option to watch some movies and TV episodes from the Netflix library instantly on your PC at no additional charge. Now, we've made it unlimited!

    So watch instantly on your PC when you want, and as often as you want. Select from our separate, smaller library of over 6,000 familiar movies and TV episodes available to watch instantly.

    - Your friends at Netflix


  35. Hey, this looks like as good a place as any to add a voice to the chorus: your DRM solution blows!

    I would really like to be a good user and pay for my entertainment content, so I gave your streaming service a try. Well, really more like 20 tries, all to no avail. It appears that, since I use a TV as my monitor, my system doesn't pass your DRM checks. Nice. I suppose you can't imagine why someone would want to watch movies on a tv....

    I know, it's not Netflix's problem, it was imposed by the studios. Well, the next time you're meeting with the studios, let them know about the customers they are driving away with this ridiculous attitude.

    Can you imagine if every time you took an apple out of your refrigerator you had to call the apple company to confirm that you owned the apple before you could take a bite? I mean, I'm sure some people steal apples, but does that really make it appropriate to treat everyone who's interested in eating an apple like an apple thief? And if you do, don't you think a lot of them might just quit buying apples altogether? There's always some other fruit to eat (or I could just steal the apples, since stolen apples aren't so damn hard to eat).

  36. The instant movie means NOTHING to me. I am a MAC user and it does not function on a MAC.

    Thanks for disenfranchising the Apple community.

  37. JK prid=593020019

    Your mail-in service is great, very reliable and fast. When it works, the instant viewing is good. However, it is not working that well, probably due to its dependence on Microsoft Technology.
    A better way to view instant movies is to have a "fat" client (like Amazon) and have people download the entire movie first.
    The last movie I tried to watch had
    delays of 25, 35 and 42 minutes because "my internet connection slowed" I measured my connection speed and it did not slow down, your servers did. Having the customer download the entire movie then watch it is a much better solution. If you write your "fat client" in java, it works on Mac and Linux, as well as losing some of the non-deterministic Windows operation.

  38. netflix is really good. but for the passed month and a half. almost every DVD i receive starts skipping in one point in the movie if not multiple times. it starts to get annoying. but i deal with it. i also clean the disc very well each time i begin to play a DVD


  39. my profile number is 623354551.
    I got my first 2 DVD's and both were severely damaged! one cracked in half the other scratched so badly that it wouldnt play past a minute.

    Why should I stay with Netflix?

    Why do they ship in flimsy PAPER envelopes?

    Why isnt there a phone number I can call to complain?

  40. Netflix' number is :

    (888) or (877) 638 3549

    In 3 years we've only received a couple of broken discs and maybe half a dozen totally unplayable ones (all replaced immediately), although many needed washing. So I'd say that you've been pretty unlucky, and should speak to your local post office about it. I believe Netflix used to ship in much sturdier sleeves, but the cost became prohibitive.

  41. I heard that Netflix is redesigning the envelope in tandem with USPS since so many are getting jammed in auto-sorters. Any confirmation of that, or are they just haggling over money because so many have to be hand sorted?

  42. Movies I send out keep ( 3 at a time) disappearing after leaving my mailbox. Any ideas why?

    It usually takes about 3 days to get a new batch of movies. I have had to report the last three and might have to report the next three.


  43. @rocknflix7.

    If you haven't done so already, I'd recommend reporting the thefts to your local P.O. (plus an ultra thin envelope-cam to catch the dastardly pilferer!). This doesn't sound like a Netflix issue.

  44. @rocknflix7 - Sounds like you should talk to your local postmaster. There have been mailmen that have stolen or "borrowed" netflix movies. If that is the case here, they will fix it.

    Its also possible that someone (kids perhaps) in your neighborhood is taking them.

  45. When the local DC is unable to ship the next movie in line the company automatically decides to ship it from Baton Rouge, LA rather than the normal Columbia, SC which will take a week or more to be delivered. We would like to see an option to be able to skip that movie and go to the next one that can be shipped from Columbia, SC or ok the alternate DC. The automatic decision of the company to select the alt DC reduces us to 2 movies per week max or even less. Louisville, KY seems to be a better alternative via mail service to here and I would like that option of selecting the alt DC for shipping. Continuing on the same way will result in our probably dropping our account.

  46. I'm having a problem with play-back controls -- or the lack of them -- when I try playing "instant" viewing movies. The playback controls that are available seem to be only pause/play, volume control, and the film progress slide. Is there any way to get the standard review and fast forward controls?

  47. Hello, prid=453704568 having a problem instant watching with Windows Vista. I reinstalled Vista and it does the same thing.

    First time I go to watch, it donwloads the Netflix movie player, then says it needs to update a WMP component. Then says i have a problem with my drm and wants me to call netflix or run the reset drm utility. I run the utility. After that when I click on a movie to watch, it comes up with the testing my connection speed and then instantly crashes IE 7 every time. In other words, right after the testing internet connection screen flashes up, bam, it crashes. View problem details shows this

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: iexplore.exe
    Application Version: 7.0.6000.16575
    Application Timestamp: 470c3339
    Fault Module Name: Indiv01.key
    Fault Module Version: 11.0.6000.7000
    Fault Module Timestamp: 474e18ac
    Exception Code: c0000005
    Exception Offset: 000aa46c
    OS Version: 6.0.6000.
    Locale ID: 1033
    Additional Information 1: 8d13
    Additional Information 2: cdca9b1d21d12b77d84f02df48e34311
    Additional Information 3: 8d13
    Additional Information 4: cdca9b1d21d12b77d84f02df48e34311

    Anyone ever have this problem? The watch it now feature works fine on my XP laptop computer.


  48. I have recently lost the ability to watch movies instantly simply because my media center version is now considered too 'old'. windows media player 11 won't run on versions of Media center 2004 and earlier. I'm sure this is affecting other netflix customers, maybe just a small population, but I feel netflix has the technology to circumvent this. If not, they'll certainly loose me as a customer.

  49. Re "Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: iexplore.exe

    This info helps a lot. Although, to be honest, it's been a while since I worked on this particular system - but I'll give it a shot.

    After you rebooted Vista and got the same error message, did you try kicking the thing across the room, screaming "You %^&$*@$# piece of $%@#$#"? That can sometimes help.

  50. I downloaded the new watch instantly utility three times and once its downloaded, it wont run. it's not a "valid windows application." watch instantly always worked for me before.

  51. I cant watch movies with instant viewing, on my brand new laptop. I have audio but no video, where can I find troubleshooting help.

  52. Netflix has announced recntly that now there is no limit on online watching activity, but before this announcement, our online viewing was brought to another screaming halt. This time, Internet Explorer is giving us an "exe" error every time we attempt online viewing. We attempted uninstalling and reinstalling Explorer, no better luck. We currently meet or exceed any and all online watching requirements and there isn't any firewall interference issues either. I'm currently on the phone waiting for Tech support, which said I'd have at least a 26 minute wait, and sure enough, it's now been 27 minutes--I've called twice before and hung up because of the expected wait time, but tonight I plan to stay on this phone till I get a rep. It's not easy doing what they do, I know, but customers stilldon't like waiting--at least I can blog while I wait!
    So, here's the requested URL:

    AND, I can't wait till Netflix supports running on Mozilla, I really don't like Internet Explorer very much at all.

  53. Well, you guessed it, I aqm STILL on the phone to Tech support, it has now been 42 minutes! Here's something I found in a bio of the head honchos, spefically Mr. Neil Hunts bio:
    "Neil leads the Web site development team that has designed and continuously improves the Netflix site, which has five times been ranked by ForeSee Results as the #1 rated Web site for customer satisfaction."
    Huh. Really? Since we started having this online viewing problem, Mitch talked to a friend at work and found out we aren't the only ones who may give up on it altogether. It did kick off on us once before, but we were able to get it up and running again (just like Mitch's friend at work was able to do), now NOTHING.
    You can pretty much bet I won't even think of trying this streaming idea!
    here's my URL again:

  54. HURRAY!!!! We're BACK to viewing instantly!!!! (Can you tell we watch WAY too many movies in this house?! lol) It may have been a danged long wait, but once James got on the line, he listened very well and took me right to the solution, walked me through it and VOILA! INSTANT MOVIE!
    It was a matter of resetting the DRM.
    Thanks James, of Tech Support!
    Hey, do you think perhaps Tech Support could be afforded a few more reps? With that long a wait, I'm guessing those folks are listening to phones ringing off the hook!!! Give 'em a break!

  55. Re "Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: iexplore.exe

    Stanley, it's me again, the guy with problems with watch it now in Vista. I may have stumbled upon something tonight.

    First let me explain that I just today finished installing a new motherboard, processor, and memory in my computer (major upgrade). I reinstalled and reactivated Vista. Believe it or not, Instant watching was working without a hitch!

    I moved my pc from my workbench back to my living room. Hooked it up, and settled in to watch a netflix movie. Bam, got the DRM error again.

    Now, the only difference between my setup on my workbench vs, moved my computer into the living room is that in the living room I hook the computer up to a wide screen monitor via a dvi connector w/hdcp (or whatever acronym that is). Over on the workbehcn i was hooked up to a standard RGB monitor.

    Think this might be causing your movie view ing software some problems???

  56. by the way, I just noticed i seem to be having the same DRM problem as the anonymous poster above who posted a message on January 15, 2008 5:22 PM.

    Looks like he's also trying to connect to a monitor which uses the content protection mechanism and your movie watching software isn't giving the secret handshake to make things happen.

  57. Although I consider myself a generally satisfied customer of Netflix, I often get e-mails from Netflix asking me when I received a certain DVD for QC purposes. However, I never get a QC e-mail asking how long it took from the time I mailed a DVD to the time Netflix confirmed receiving it. Last Friday I mailed one DVD, then another on Saturday and 3 on Tuesday. I received an e-mail this morning that all 5 were received. It took 6 days for the Friday DVD to be acknowledged!
    Cust#: 942454

  58. This is the third time this happened to me. I live in Pittsburgh and got a notice today they are shipping my next DVD from Tacoma Washington tomorrow. It will take about 5 days to get here and 5 days to get back before I get credit for it. I DO NOT want them sent from anywhere but here. Even NJ. I just got credit from one I returned to NJ and it took 3 days for my credit. I didn't want if from NJ. I don't want to wait a week for a DVD. Please have them write in the queue that there is a short or long wait like they do on some such as The Wire. Just tell them not to send from out of state or even city.

  59. We're having the "Instant Watch = Instant Crash" issue on my account (prid=349765254) too.

    Since MK 724873 didn't leave the explicit instructions (received from "James of tech support", may I be so lucky in the rep I get!) on how to correct/reset the DRM problem, I'm also currently on (what seems to be interminable) hold in the queue.

    If I get the issue resolved, I'll post the info back to the blog.

    Wish me luck...

  60. anon said: It will take about 5 days to get here and 5 days to get back before I get credit for it.

    Dear anon, put the WA-disc in one of the regular envelopes from your local Distribution Center ("DC") with the other disc. It is permitted to return two discs in one envelope (just read the white sleeve), and if you do this, your account will be credited the next day - not 5 days later. I know it's not a perfect solution, but at least it cuts the wait in half.

  61. And.... another success story! (But no thanks to anyone at Tech Support this time. Sorry, James...)

    After being on hold for approx. 45 minutes, I accidently disconnected when I moved out of range with my cordless. Dialling back in, I spent another 60 minutes listening to barely audible muzak as I searched the web for possible solutions... and finally found the info that was missing from MK 724873's post:

    C:\Program Files\Netflix\Netflix Movie Viewer\ResetDRM.exe

    That's it! The fix to the immediate crashing of IE when trying to "Instant Watch" a NetFlix movie WAS ALREADY ON MY SYSTEM! Just 'Start' -> 'Run' -> paste the full path/filename -> 'Enter'.

    [Caveat - It appears to wipe the DRM store clean, so if you've already paid for/obtained specific licenses for specific materials, this solution may not be appropriate for you.]

    After running ResetDRM.exe, as soon as I made a selection of an Instant Watch title the system identified it was missing something, requested it to be re-installed, and did so from the MS site when I agreed. Once that was done, it was on to John Lennon's 1988 "Imagine"!

    So thanks for pointing me in the right direction, MK 724873, and here's hoping that the next user with this issue doesn't spend two evenings and two hours on hold.

  62. I am trying to set up my account for the free trial period. At the info screen I enter my email, password, and zip code then click continue. Basically the exact same page comes up with nothing in the fields. There are no indications that incorrect info was put in. In other words, I cannot complete the registration process.

    I called netflix and a service rep setup my email with a password and had me try to sign-in by clicking member sign-in and use the password she set up for me. The result was the same. After clicking continue, the sign-in page comes up again with empty fields.

    I would like to try the service but I cannot get signed up.

  63. Queue issue. If a title at the top is not available locally, I would prefer to have one further down that is available locally shipped to me. I recently had this occur for Bourne Ultimatum which will not arrive until estimated Jan 28 due to shipping from Denver to Chicago. If I had a choice, I would have taken a locally available title and would have already had it.

    I have several hundred titles in my queue, so plenty of backup choices.

  64. @Need-a-netflix,

    This might help explain what's happening (customer service is prohibited from divulging this). Since about a month ago, when someone applies for membership, Netflix checks various databases to determine which movies he or she has checked-out at video stores and (where possible) seen in movie theatres over the last 12 months. If they see that you're drawn primarily to high profile megahits rather than obscure art-house movies, then your application is automatically rejected.

    Sorry, very much an 'in' joke. Netflix rox, so keep trying. We're just a little miffed with them right now.

  65. I am having problem viewing netflix dvd on my computer (windows xp on an hp) the dvd doesnt load. Can't open it.

  66. 6,000 online movies with 5900 titles I don't recognize.

    I also agree with 'anonymous' about the change in the way new releases are displayed - haven't got a clue until I waste an hour scrolling through the four at a time menu.

    This is definitly going downhill. Anybody try the Blockbuster online library? Any recognizable movies?

  67. I'm having some serious issues with instant viewing, i could watch movies just fine with the earlier version but when it asked me to update the player and to windows media player 11 the player stopped working and i get an error message saying security upgrade required and when i click install no pop-up window appears (even though i've turned my popup blocker off) i need help!

    my customer ID # is 113 927

  68. I am a former Blockbuster online subscriber, new to Netflix and not too impressed. I had added Season Two and Three of Lost and added them to my queue with Season Three to be shipped first, then Season Two. Season Three disk one arrived without issue along with two other movies. The next 3 movies shipped were Lost Season Two Disk One,Two and Three. I then reviewed my Queue and reordered my list. The most recent deliver was Lost Season Three, Disk Two, Four and Five. These constant errors are very disconcerting. Could you please send Lost Season Three, Disk Three so I view this series in order. Please also let me know what action I could take to ensure going forward, Multi-Disk items are sent in order?

  69. Having a nightmare with Instant viewing, initially, I would get sound but no video. Followed all the instructions to reset the DRM, and now I get an error message and and endless loop requesting reset of the DRM (click here), with no effective result. Running Vista. Considering how long the tech service waits are, I'm wondering if anyone knows the work around.

  70. Customer service and shipping problem! My number is 736133. NETFLIX changed my hub and now my shipping is slower and they (refuse) to change it back. I called to complain the first time the Macon GA hub shipped my movies late and was told then they would look into it. That didn't happen. My old hub was Lakeland FL and my movies would be shipped out the same day as my returns arrived in Jacksonville FL. I called customer service which is no easy feat (try finding a phone number to call) and asked the guy to change me back and he refused and told me that they would not even though the shipping is slower.
    I have had enough of companies with POOR customer service. I'll say it with my money! Cancel my account immediately!

  71. prid=609869170

    I have a problem viewing some movies instantly. We watch them on 3 laptops and one desktop. Generally everything works perfectly, but sometimes the picture will not show up on one of the computers. This has happened at least three times. Twice, the movies had already been watched on a different computer, but once the movie had not been accessed before. I have no idea what is going on!

  72. There seems to be a bit of a bug in the mailing out of discs in a series. If a disc in the sequence is not available from a local shipping center, NetFlix sends it out from another: good idea, good service. It takes another couple of days, but I'm happy with that.

    Unfortuately, if a new slot becomes available and the next disc in the series IS at the local mailing center, it is then ALSO sent out, in order. It will normally arrive the next day.

    he result is that I get them out of sequence. This creates a situation where I have a slot taken up by a disc I can't watch until the others arrive.

    I understand why this happens and sympathize, but if you could figure out a way around this, it would be great.


  73. So they are indeed sent in order, but not received in order?

    If that's the case, I think Netflix is doing all that can be expected of them. They don't really know what your intentions are and there will be some members who want to watch the series as quickly as possible, so they wouldn't want another disc sent instead of disc 2.

    You can avoid this problem by putting padding between your series discs.

  74. Just to add to the Instant Viewing problems. It was working fine for me... watched the entire season one of Hero's with no problems. Then a few days later I click on a movie and get the reset DRM prompt... so go though... several times. No luck. Uninstall the netflix viewer, re-install and it starts to work again... yipee I thought. Go to select another movie and get back in to the Reset DRM loop :-( Running x32 Vista. Any ideas welcome.



  77. Just like to add that we are also experincing problems with Watch Instantly. Previously, load times have been very short or non-existent. However, for approx. the past two weeks on two different dell/xp pc's, at various times of the day we have average wait times of 4-8 hrs for a 70 minute film. Running a decent cable connection, which has no problems with any other site's streaming video.

  78. I also have been having problems with the instant watch feature. I have gone through season 1-3 of the office and all of season 1 and half of season 2 of heros with an average load time of 2-5minutes. Two days ago that jumped to ~1 hour due to my "slow internet connection". I find it odd that my speeds stay the same (avg of ~16.5Mbps from Speed Test [I know that includes SpeedBoost from Comcast, but still...]) but the load times have increased 10x.

    Also, I cannot get rid of the DRM issues with Vista Ultimate x64. I can hit back and reload the page and it will work - but tech support was no help other than to try the fix which did not work.

    Now with load times of 50+min that reloading work around is not viable

  79. Thank GOD I'm not alone! I, too, have been experiencing sudden "Your Internet Connection Is Too slow" messages from the Netflix Viewer. Talked to Tech Support last week, who ran a bunch of tests and then concluded it was a problem on the Time/Warner road Runner end.

    Of course, Netflix is the only place I have this problem. What makes it worse is that it seems to affect Internet Explorer entirely. When the issue arises, IE essentially slows to less than a snail's crawl.

    Not sure what the problem is, much less the solution. But it's become very frustrating. and I'm about to do away with the whole darned thing.

    Customer 506500

  80. I too have a problem instant watching with Windows Vista. I reinstalled Vista and it does the same thing.

    First time I go to watch, it donwloads the Netflix movie player, then says it needs to update a WMP component. Then says i have a problem with my drm and wants me to call netflix or run the reset drm utility. I run the utility. After that when I click on a movie to watch, it comes up with the testing my connection speed and then instantly crashes IE 7 every time. In other words, right after the testing internet connection screen flashes up, bam, it crashes. I had it working under Vista for a while now this. Not sure what to t hink. At this point it's not a huge issue since the online selection is kind of limited, but if the selection grows I'd really like to watch. Hopefully SP1 Vista wil fix this as if by magic.

  81. I do have an issue that just occurred within the last 2 days. Using Vista x86, so it may be due to SP1. I have been using "Watch Now" on this machine for a while, and two days ago, I began running into an issue where the "play" webform button never highlights after license acquisition. The only option that is available is cancel. Upon cancellation, I am forced to reset the DRM (otherwise I get an error when attempting to play the movie), which upon re-attempting to play the movie, will allow me to accept the license agreement again but the "play" button continues to be greyed out on the license acquisition page.

    Strangely enough, it works on my two Vista x64 SP1 machines fine.


  82. I am having a problem with the Instant Viewer. It worked well for a while, now I only get sound and a green screen.


    I've tried all the troubleshooting I can, including re-installing Windows Media Player, and nothing's working.

  83. none of the images on the site have shown up for me in 3 days...unable to rate any videos and or "add to queue" as none of the images appear.

  84. im having a problem with my drm it keaps saying to reset and then i do but error message still pops up

  85. I watched part of a movie on Watch Instantly (it wasn't in a queue first). It shows up on my Friends page under "Watched/Rated" but is not shown on "Movie Privacy". If I go back and add it to my queue, it then shows up under "privacy" but marking it private still doesn't make it disappear from the friends page.

    If it helps, my prid is 138944064.


  86. prid 391773275
    Can't view instant movies. Says I have to download something so it goes through the motions and then tells me it couldn't install. To top it off it locks up my IE so everything shuts down. Does anyone know a way around this? It seems that if it should be included in what we pay, they should deliver a real solution

  87. At least 20% of the DVDs (I am being generous) are defective on arrival. I am so F_cking sick of this. I invite people over to watch movies on my EXTREMELY expensive AV system and the damn DVD fails. I complain to NetFlix and they do nothing. This sucks rockets. I intend to short the stock as long as they ignore this issue. This is their #1 weak spot. Their quality control sucks.

    PS - when I ask to NOT be given movie suggestions before 200, why can't these idiots respect my request? They have the software, they just do not give a sh_t. Such a good service, managed into bankruptcy.

  88. I'm a new netflix user,one month.
    At first putting the cursor on a movie poped up a synopsis box for that movie, now that function no longer works. I must now click on the movie to see what its about.
    The pop up dialog box was very handy and I really miss it now that it isn't working. I'v tried going thru all the javascript functions I could find to fix it
    but have not got it to work yet.
    Is there onyone with suggestions as to where the problem might be?

  89. Has anyone else noticed a drop in speed when watching a movie online? Well I sure have. My ISP assures me it's not on my end. I pay fifty bucks a month to have blazing fast internet thru Midcontinent. I hope Netflix is busy doing server grades or something along those lines to help bring my watch instantly experience back up to where it used to be. I have also noticed a 4 to 5 day turn around wait for movies by mail as opposed to one day that I was used to before. I love Netflix, I hope this is just a case of upgrades and retooling so they can provide the exceptional service I have become used to and love. Keep up the good work! prid=676493364

  90. Can anyone tell me what to do? I can't access netflix. I keep getting this "Whoops..." message about adjusting my browser to accept cookies. Well, needless to say, I've done that and more, but can't get to the site. I'm paying for service I'm not getting! Does anybody know what's going on?. I can't find a phone number to call either. Please help.