Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Predict the Oscar Winners

(this is a snapshot)

I wasn't sure if y'all would be interested in this, but I was playing with it myself and thought some of you are well-informed enough about such things and might have a "winning" opinion.
What's Your Oscar Vote?

Click on: www.netflix.com/Oscars


  1. ? Neither the checkboxes nor the Next button work for me. Tried Opera, Firefox and IE.

  2. This address works:


  3. That's cool. Having missed almost all of the movies in theaters (Save La Vie En Rose, thanks to the DVD), I had to make educated guesses based on all of the reviews and talk I have heard. I got pretty close to the average of the Netflix users with my guesses I reckon.

    It'd be cool if we won a free month of subscription if we nailed all of our guesses 100%. Ah, what a world that would be :(

  4. I think these awards will be fairly easy to predict. It just takes a little political logic.

    Which director(s) have been criminally overlooked throughout the years? Which actor does everyone drool over every few years when he reappears? Which actress is clearly the Tiger Woods of her generation...the same reason she'll be completed snubbed?

    Simple stuff, which means I'll be wrong on every prediction :)

  5. Windows Media Player 11 is horrible. I'm canceling Netflix if they keep making these kinds of req's.

  6. Welcome back Michael!

    While you were off at Sundance, we were here diligently waiting for the official word on the restoration of the Releasing This Week / New on DVD pages.

    Last we heard, the page was still being maintained behind the scenes, but without any promises, and it could be yanked entirely at any time. You told us that we would get an official Netflix response and update, and you've missed several deadlines.

  7. *daha*

    I understand your disappointment. I said that someone would post something at the tail of this posting:


    and on the week that I had hoped this would happen, i was told that there was nothing to report - nothing would be changed without notice, and that there was no way to predict how testing would go, when it would be completed, and what the results of that work would be -- and so -- I posted an UPDATE which said pretty much that.

    I am certain that is unsatisfying, but it's the truth. The old page remains linkable, and testing continues. And when there is something concrete to report, someone will report it.

  8. Hello Netflix,

    Could you please post something concerning the lack of support for Watch Instantly on Apple computers? What are you doing to fix this and when will it be fixed?

    Thank you,
    mac+netflix user

  9. The quiz was nicely built - simple and quick to take.

    Would be cool if there had been (or will be?) an element to it that ties in your friends on Nexflix where you can:
    1) challenge your friends
    2) compare your votes to your friends
    3) see who among your friends gets the most right

  10. Nothing will be changed without notice...like taking away features that we like? Oh wait...

  11. Thanks for this and your Sundance reports. What a relief that someone around here actually seems to be interested in 'movies', rather than just the mechanics of renting and decrypting bits of plastic, as most of your technojock 'gurus' seem to be.

  12. I think There Will Be Blood deserves it most.

  13. How did we do? The link with the overall vote tallies is gone.

  14. A comment. Though pre-paid gift subscription - service HELD x over 2 weeks when we had credit card (not our problem) issue. Resumed service. Since return of service - sent disc back 3/6/08. Still not noted as received and certainly next on list not sent. Again I say - poor customer service. No plan to continue after gift subscription completed.

  15. After seeing the field, Michael Clayton got robbed. I love the Coens, but that movie just did not do it for me.