Thursday, January 17, 2008

Nouveau Netflix Lexicon

I have to alert y'all about a very cool blog posting I just saw called "Terminology for the Netflix Fanatic" - where Ryan Sims (and his readers) present some terms for Netflixers, for instance:

- the act of Netflixing a movie, watching 15 minutes of it, deciding you don't like it and thus, promptly return it.

Notflixing - the act of Netflixing a movie which sits on your coffee table for at least a week (if not much, much longer) and you send it back without watching it.

Netflux – the period between movies, for those of us on the 1 DVD at a time plan.

- Recieve movie, start watching movie, becomes a bit boring, or not what you expected but you still want to know what happens in the end so you watch the movie in fast forward, occationally watching portions that look halfway intresting.

Read his entire set and the comments for the full entertaining flavor. (thanks to Andrea for sending this in)