Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Netflixish Blogs

Well, one nice thing i've found from the bulletin board (experiment) is that a few folks have blogs where they review or discuss movies. Here are some:



Anyone have any more good ones?


  1. I review all of my Netflix rentals on The Movies Made Me Do It, and I even set up a queue display system using the RSS feed (check out mine here).

  2. Tried to find a link to send an e-mail to Net Flix but found this communtiy blog instead. I just wanted to say that I like the old page for New Releases much better. I liked to be check out the soon to be released new releases and also the children's genre. Do not like the new way it is set up at all.

  3. Thank you for putting a link to "DVDs Releasing This Week" on the community blog page.
    In appreciation, I took all of the long wait dvds and moved them lower in the que so they won't impact your numbers anymore, (the how many people get the first movie in their que rating).

  4. I read the news that netflix is making instant viewing movies unlimited, but my computer still shows that I have used up my viewing time for this month. Any comments on this? when will the unlimited viewing start? Thanks.

  5. I have a good one. How about: www.why_the_hell_did_you_decide_to change_your_service_to_windows media_player_11.com

    Netflix has been extremely unfair to non-microsoft users (I use Ubuntu on a regular basis) and now they are abandoning everyone who uses a MCE that is older than 2005!!! I can't very well go buy a new computer, and I'm certainly not going to buy another OS! I'm really disappointed in Netflix. I hope that they'll stop ignoring users like me and offer a service that is accessible to all of the subscribers...

  6. Are you going the keep the "releasing This Week" feature or not? It was a totally bone-headed move to remove itto the obscurity of the commnity page. This was how I used to use NetFlix. I started a Blockbuster account and will be leaing NetFlix by the end of the month.

  7. I don't review movies but I have a growing collection of movie quotes at The Movie Quotes Project:


  8. I am so glad that Netflix exists! It is so convenient and I love the service. I like the preview movies feature on the site too.

    I do find my self switching back and forth between how many movies to take at a time though. At first I had just the 2 a month, but then I started putting so many movies on my queue I had to change it to 2 at a time unlimited. I didn't really realize there were so many movies I hadn't seen yet!

    It's great!


  9. I run a film review site with some friends:


    We're having a fun blogathon coming up called the White Elephant Film Blogathon, it's a whole lot of fun and I encourage anyone with a film blog to sign up to participate. There's more info about it on our site.

  10. michael, thanks for the stennieville link. i'm now in love. how could i have never seen this before? my god, i'm driving to burbank tonight! hope the wife and kids understand.

  11. Thanks for the plug, guys. I love Netflix and wanted to share my opinions on what I was watching from Netflix with my friends and anyone else who was interested. :) I haven't posted in about two months, but you guys have inspired me to get back to work on it. :)

    Thanks again, guys,
    Christian Calaway

  12. I have a Blog I am just starting to figure out. I will be doing much more with it in the future. http://www.baphatz.blogspot.com/

    Christian Calaway of ireviewnetflix.com, that is a very impressive blog sir. Well done. =)

    Cheers Friends!

  13. I review mostly weird and cult films at www.liarsociety.com. Many Netflix releases featured.

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    grow it up a little.

  16. My reviews (plus those for movies Netflix doesn't stock or list -- it happens despite my dozens of title requests) appear on Moviette (moviette.blogspot.com).

  17. Our movie review blog is centered around Netflix:


    Reviews are initially to our Yahoo discussion group (Netflix Cinemajig), where we talk (a LOT!), play movie-related games, and generally have a good time.

  18. Has no one suggested http://www.hackingnetflix.com/ ?!?