Monday, October 29, 2007

I'm enjoying Favorites...

...but the unexpected cool part for me right now is the addition of the "New Reviews From" block when a Friend or Favorite pens a new review. I've got about 14 Favorites and consequently, i've not only got a new review here every single time I come to the website (which, as you can imagine, is fairly frequent), but i click on the "close" button to get rid of one after reading it, and then refresh the page, and generally have a steady stream of new reviews from people i've selected. I far prefer reviews from my Friends, but even with a dozen (and most folks have 2) they don't write much and this is a nice personalized filler. And once in awhile there are is something pretty cool unearthed here. Are any of you discovering interesting ways of using these features that may not be apparent to the rest of us? or are there parts you find unusually compelling?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

This Weekend's Release

Most of the improvements this coming weekend are internal - a range of bug fixes, and stuff like getting your reviews to stay put - but there are a handful of noteworthy exceptions:

1) Spoiler Alerts. We've been tracking the flagging, and effective this release, there will be a graphic that goes along with reviews that have been so flagged. Like other flags, it takes a handful of "votes" from different members in order to trigger this event.

2) Most Watched Actors/Directors (re: TV shows). We're starting to tune this such that TV series get less weight. It should be better now... and if it's still not ideal, we'll tweak it a little more. It's like cooking... and we're refining the recipe...

3) Faves Reviews. Up until now, when your Friends wrote a movie review, it was featured on your Community Home Page -- but Fave's reviews were not. Now Faves will be treated more like Friends, and when they write a new review, you'll see it.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


This seems to come up periodically here, so i thought i'd just raise the level of discussion a notch: Facebook. How many of you Netflix members are also frequent users of Facebook, and for those of you who are -- what would you think would be the most important features of a Netflix-Facebook application? If it could only do one thing, what would that be? And if I had all the time and resources in the world, what would an idealized tool do? (I'll post a poll to see how many of you use MySpace, Facebook, et al). If you have ideas, I want to hear 'em.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What do y'all think?

I've read your initial comments on today's release, and i tend to agree that the TV folks are gumming up the works. I'll see what we can do about that (don't go deleting ratings on shows just yet... give us a chance to refine this). Have you guys updated your "personal statements"? Did anyone notice that we got the movie information (the "BOB") to pop up on those Most Loved/Hated box shots on the Community Home page. Finally. And your Friends' names are back in the activity block.

As for the genre similarity: any one movie might be in a number of genres and subgenres; we don't only look at how many movies in a given genre you've seen, but consider these in proportion to how many movies are in that particular genre, and how you tended to rate the movies in that genre.

Anyway, i thought this posting would be a better locale for your release feedback. I'm also glad we're done discussing the grammar of "my bad," it was one of the more radical thread departures i can remember...

Thursday, October 11, 2007

My Bad.

The good news is that the new release should be in your hands by monday. The bad news is, well, we just noticed that it's not all that simple to see your own profile page. There is supposed to be a little link that lets you see yourself how others see you. It's not there. So, i'm not happy to report this, but the only way to see the external view of yourself is to go to your Friends & Faves page, visit one of your Friends (or Faves), go to their Friends & Faves page, find yourself, and come back to yourself.


We'll get this fixed for the next release. In the meantime... sorry.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Your Profile Page

By the weekend we'll be releasing the outward-facing version of your Profile page. We'll refine this page, but its basic elements are here: a personal statement, some explanation/exposition for how other people and you are similar, and eventually, more headlines from your movie watching (reviews, top 10 lists, activity). I had wanted to provide a place for you to post a link to your outside blog, website, myspace page, etc - but it may not make it by our deadline -- if not, you will at least be able to post the link in the text of your personal statement. See if that works for you.

I'll post some release notes here later this week. We've mostly been working on this profile page and lots of little bug fixes that we've introduced over the past month.

ONE MORE THING: Yes, i've been quiet these past few weeks. It was bound to happen: I couldn't easily juggle a post a day as well as building new features. As I ramp back into a very heavy period of new feature creation, I expect my postings to be more disparate (at least for awhile). I do, however, read everything posted here (they come to me as emails - so i don't miss any). My lack of immediate or complete response should be perceived as "more building, less talking". I have enjoyed all of your discussions with each other. I certainly encourage this. And as it is appropriate, i commit to very candid discussions about how the community will be evolving. As I've said all along here, what we now finally have on the Netflix site is the foundation for our community features. It is not completed. Frankly, it's just getting starting.