Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Found these widgets online. Pretty cool. They're from a company called AdaptiveBlue. They're developing some very interesting new objects they call "SmartLinks" which are also pretty interesting. Anyway, I've been talking to them about how we can help them make these tools better. We've got some ideas around here, but your input is always good. This is their blog:

and here is their pile of widgets for Netflix (and lots of other web services):

This is a design for a Netflix badge that would be attractive. Whatcha think?

If you have your own widgets/badges you'd like others to know about, post a comment with a link to your page. Mabye we can even generate some feedback for y'all about what works and what doesn't...

I'm trying various widgets over in the right column of this blog to see what works and what doesn't. Clearly, Blogger doesn't work with Flash... but this will be an ongoing experiment.


  1. I'm not quite sure what you are looking for, but...

    A widget I would like to see would be for my queue. With customizable columns, and drag & drop (I still have never seen this feature work on my computer), etc.

    A widget that would allow me to rate with 1/2 stars would be awesome.

  2. Found these widgets online. Pretty cool. They're from a company called AdaptiveBlue...

    mmmm. Michael. What about Netflix developping things of that nature?

    Nope....At Netflix we prefer to spend $40 to acquire a customer...

    I am an investor in NFLX and an avid user...Sorry for my criticism but NFLX needs to step it up one notch AMAZONSTYLE when it comes to innovation.

  3. I was using a Wordpress plugin for a while, but ended up pulling it off my site because every time I rented a TV series, it would say that the photo was unavailable. I'm not sure if these widgets have the same problem, but that would be one way that you could work towards improving support for these types of plugins.

  4. Fraser @ AdaptiveBlueDecember 20, 2007 at 6:32 AM

    Hi Michael! Thanks for covering our widgets on the Netflix blog, we really appreciate it.

    A few things

    @baff: you can easily create a custom widget for your queue with our widget - simply head to this page and enter your info into the box and hit "GO". The nice thing is that the widget is fed by your Netflix RSS feed so it will always be up-to-date and allows you to add a nice piece of self-expression to your blog, website or iGoogle home page.

    @davis: I'm happy to share that we work wonderfully with Wordpress and that the cover photos work in our widgets :)

    If anyone has any other questions please feel free to drop us a note, I think you'll be impressed with our level of service. fraser [dot] kelton [at] gmail [dot] com

  5. One last thing, each movie in the widget includes a SmartLink.

    When clicked the SmartLink makes the most relevant information from across the web for the specific movie available directly from your blog, allowing your readers to discover more right from your site. If you want to read more about this cool technology visit this page.

  6. About a year ago I created a Netflix widget to show movies at home, queue, etc.

    It is available at my website and allows for a decent amount of customization using just css.


  7. John, nice work! I hope more people with widgets will post links to them here.

  8. Ahh, I completely misunderstood what these were. I was thinking desktop widgets. Now it makes sense.

  9. mmmm. Michael. What about Netflix developping things of that nature?

    I'm not saying we're not. But many hands make light work, and the more folks out there empowered to make things they think would be good is, I believe, good.

    There are so many possible features that we at Netflix either have on lower priority or simply haven't thought of, that we like seeing passionate people develop elements themselves. There is more we can do to give y'all the tools to build interesting things, and I think that is worth spending some time setting up.

  10. Cool! I like that.

    I do not like to write reviews but I would love to comment on a movie throughout a Forum that is dedicated to a specific movie...That is a community feature...Amazon has Forum linked to each product...Some are quite Harry Potter, Kindle, etc. etc.

    That sort of things is not something you should do,,,it is something you should have already done.

  11. and may be open it up to the whole internet so that Forum becomes becomes the meeting place for that movie....Lots of value for Netlix in that sort of things.

  12. In the grand tradition of posting off-topic questions/comments, I'll go forward with this: Did I somehow miss a discussion about losing the feature to "hide" (make private) certain movies that I've rated (whether it's something I rented, watched instantly, or saw elsewhere)? I just called customer support (very helpful and fast response) and was told the only option now is to make your profile private (which I don't want to do-- I'm not a worrier about those things). This isn't a big deal as it affects maybe less than 5 movies out of my almost 2000 ratings. I don't care that my faves or fans see the rating-- it's more for explaining to friends why I would have watched a particular movie. Do you think this feature will be restored one day? Thanks!

  13. @Eleni - Customer Service really needs to take a 'Community Features' seminar. Click on your 'friends and faves' tab , and you'll see 'movie privacy' on the sub tab. Voila.

  14. @ Anon: Thanks so much! -- (I had this problem a month or so ago and Baff, so helpful he is, told me where to find it and I desperately searched previous posts to find his comments but failed. I blame my lapse of memory on poor caffeine titration today).

  15. Welcome. Even Baff has to sleep, eat and shop now and then, so happy to fill-in. And certainly worth it for 'titration', my newest absolute favorite word.

  16. Is there at Widget that shows 'At Home' that in any way can work on a MySpace page? I have yet to find one and I really, really want one!

  17. @seth definitely! here is how you make one.

    - Go to

    - Click Netflix => Personal Feed

    - Get the RSS feed from Netflix that says at home.

    - Plug it in and click next

    The widget is served!


  18. @Seth, that's how to create the "At Home" widget but it isn't available for Myspace just yet.

  19. Michael, I see that the New Releases screen has been completely redesigned, and I've lost my favorite feature - the releasing next week menu option. I use this every week to add new releases to my queue. Is there any other way to get to it that I'm not seeing or has it been pulled?


  20. I think widegts are great and I'm glad to see a possible "official" Netflix one.

    Concerning design, I think making them look like the Netflix envelope would be fun.

  21. "Releasing This Week"
    I second the motion- Put it back!
    I use this constantly. I LOVE this feature.

  22. I agree that the new page for "new Releases" should be marked very unhelpful!

    I much prefer the old version which had "Releasing this Week" - a very helpful list of movies.

    I guess Netflix members used the new release lists and too many people added those to their queue so NF decided to stop showing which ones were releasing rather than buy enough to service their customers needs. Since NF sells the used DVDs why not just buy enough so there aren't those very long waits? That seems to be the better customer service decision instead of just hiding which DVD's they are receiving each week.

    I'm actually not one to add the newest releases often but I did enjoy checking the list weekly and sometimes found something that I really wanted to see.

    Please bring the Releasing this Week back. It will just cause people to go look on another website and that's never good to force customers to go somewhere else to get their information.

    Michael, I know this isn't your area but please let the correct group know that this change isn't popular.

  23. I've never used the Netflix new release page. This one is much better anyway:

  24. @ Seth, Thanks for posting that list. There are at least 6 places that are better than NF ever was in that area anyway so I think... move on.

    To the subject at hand. I have been using one on my new Blog and on myspace for a few moths now. It was customized by my friend, Mr. Tangent. Check it out:

    You can click get this widget if you like. HOWEVER, I like what I see with some of these other ones and as soon I as get a chance to play with them more I may consider changing. The challenge I have had with the 'springwidgets' one is load time. When I had the list set to open on my Reviews, which is the way I would like it; The load time for the page was simply too long. I had to change it to open on my short list, called BEER and then leave instructions "click the right arrow" to get reviews to show up. If someone uses the Adaptive Blue one, please get back to me on load times.

    Also, my other challenge with the sprigwidget one is that it doesn't show my whole review. The NF character limit is 2000, so I would like to set the widget to show 2000 characters of my review and not get cut off.

    Finally, I want to make sure the widget is viewable by non-NF members. I am pleased with how simple the one I'm using seems to be, and for people with short lists or few reviews I think it'll work well. But I am open to some other suggestions for the future.

    Cheers All!

  25. The Adaptive blue page seems to be running EXTREMELY slow so I am having tremendous amount of difficulty creating a widget to even play with. I'll try again, later.

    Thanks for the info Alex Iskold. It seems promising That this may be a good option.


  26. @Seth is running normally, not sure why you are experiencing difficulties. Please try again.

  27. I made my own which you can see on my myspace page (scroll down on the left side). I integrated several of my feeds in to it. I've been using it since August or so. I made it using Spring Widgets. and showed our good friend Phatz how to use it as well. You can see (and modify) my custom Netflix widget here.

    I didn't do any custom Netflix artwork for it since 1) technically that's copyright infringement and 2) I prefer minimalism.

  28. Thanks Mr. Tangent =)

    The Mr. Tangent widget is simple and effective. I need to do a bit more editing but just to see that it works with the new releases feature I added a second one to my blog page. I will fix it up more later. you can scroll through the new releases click on one and then add it to your queue.

    I haven't played with the Adaptive Blue one but I have been pleased with this one, and since I am not as web savvy the help was much appreciated. Thank you Mr. Tangent! =)

  29. I think more people would create "cool applications" like this if there was a published API (and/or webservice) they could use to do so. I for one would love to develop a Vista Media Center plug-in to allow for watching the "Watch Instantly" movies on my home theater pc.

    However, due to the structure of your URL's in the "Watch Instantly" section, searching for movies and obtaining the detailed information for each is almost impossible, and ridiculous to program for as the data could change at any moment (you use index numbers in the URL which will change if you add more content to this section).

    Please create a published API and/or webservice for programmers to use!

  30. I'm not sure if this counts as a Widget per se, but i would love to see a Windows Media Center plugin for Netflix, particularily with the functionality to stream Instant Watch movies to the TV through the Xbox 360 or other media center extenders.

  31. Sorry for my absence I was away over the Holiday. I like where this is going but I don't think it has completely arrived yet

    I installed the Adaptive Blue New releases widget on my blog. see:

    I really like the smart links feature well done.

    I tried the Dapper on. I like the look but when I click the "next tab" to go to edit input it skips over and goes to color.

    My entire intention in all this and what I have yet to accomplish is to get a feed of my reviews to the blog. With Mr. Tangent's I got close to that. I would like to figure out how to change the size and feed on the Dapper one. What I really like about those is the scroll bar on the right but hey if I could get the rss feed to work with the adaptive blue on and get my reviews up there I would be elated.

    Another question I had. Can non-Netflix members see the feeds? That was a problem I had with the first widget. I would love to be able to share my reviews with people who aren't logged into NF and now that the 'smart link' is there people who are, can add from that widget. VERY COOL (if I can get my reviews in there that is).

    Now to another question. If I get my reviews up there do you keep track of traffic adding from a feed of my reviews? Not that it matter really but you know... =) Thanks all!

    Cheers and Happy New Year!


  32. Hi Matt,

    Glad you liked our widget!

    You can use it to display the reviews on your blog. There is RSS feed for the reviews, then you can go to our widget gallery:

    click netflix and then select Personal Feed

    Paste the RSS feed URL and you will get a widget.

    You can also do this with your Top Lists, see the blog post below for details:

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  35. I want a Netflix Widget! For my blog to show my friends my top rated and recently seen movies! that would be great.

  36. @Anonymous, you can grab a widget that displays your Netflix queue, or your Netflix @home list, from this link:

    Many bloggers are already using the widgets to display their lists (the widget updates via RSS to reflect the most recent info).

    If you have any questions drop me a note - support[AT]adaptiveblue[dot]com



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  38. If the NF site allowed [code][/code] I could post the php to make your own NF Widget.

    Shout Out to NF...Please make your blog with WYSIWYG posting function! This way community members are more able to help each other:)