Monday, February 11, 2008

Search Updates

Hi! It's me, Meghan.

Perhaps you've noticed some changes in the search results page. I'd like to hear what you think of them.

I'll point out a couple of elements:

We added bigger box shots and better genre matches, as well as a column on the right with movies that you can watch instantly. We also show all formats - so you can tell at a glance, for any movie, if it's available on DVD (and if it's Blu-ray), to watch instantly, or to buy.

We took out the tabs to simplify the page. There's more to come, but I'm interested in hearing what you think of this set of changes. There are still some specific things that you'd like to see happen (like searching synopses, for example), and many of those items are still in progress. I hope you find it easier and more useful.


  1. Is it true that Netflix is going to stop carrying HD-DVD? I saw in your post that you only mentioned Blu-Ray and I read somewhere else today that HD-DVD is on it's way out.

    If so, I think it's an extremely poor move on Netflix's part hopping on the bandwagon and abandoning anybody that fell victim to the format war. While I know that most studios are Blu-Ray, I don't see why Netflix would just forgo carrying the movies and shows that are on HD-DVD currently and are to be released in the future. Until the format war is officially over (i.e. only one format is available), I don't see how Netflix can think that this is a positive move. Hopefully others will join in and let Netflix know that this isn't acceptable before it's too late. I know that my subscription is going to be cancelled soon, let alone anyone else out there that has a lonely HD-DVD player.

  2. I think the new search feature is OK, but the removal of the "releasing this week" feature is VERY frustrating! I don't have time to keep up with what is releasing each week, and the old system of showing all titles coming out for a given week was by far easier than the current system. Is this a ploy by netflix to keep more of the new release DVD's available instead of having "short" or "long" wait times? This feature needs to come back or I may not!!!!

  3. Hate it. MUCH harder to scan results, which is presumably the point of a search results page.

    Some of the details are good in theory (all formats as one!) but the room taken up for any one result is over the top.

    I have also never used the related stuff to the side.

    And, I'll agree with the new releases comment. I use the RSS feed, so please don't kill that one at least. New releases is how I add 99% of movies in my queue(s).

  4. Hi, I just registered to Netflix (currently in my FREE trial and I have to decide if I will continue or not).

    I am quite baffled by the lack of a specific functionality on your site, wich is to sort movies by release date.

    It's such a basic thing that you don't offer (the only explanation I can think of is that you would want to hide the fact that you don't have much new releases, but since Netflix is quite a big company, I assume that you do get most new releases).

    The problem is accute for someone like me intererested in French movies. When I go to the French movie section, I get listings based on user rating, which means browsing through tons of movies before I find the new releases. Now, you do have a box with "new releases" but you only have 2 movies in there without a functionality that would allow me to "see more French new releases"). The New realeases main page has foreign movies, but not French ones only.

    So I am aksing you to please listen to a new customer (I am the future of your company) and add this functionality throughout your site, that would enable people to get freedom as to how they search and sort movies. I could then go to the French page and sort by release date, and get the latest movies accessible. That would not preclude me from exploring other movies. As of now, the lack of release date sorting makes your company look like a dusty old shop trying to mask its lack of new releases with classics. I love classics! but I love new releases too, and if I can't find the French new releases, the site is not of much use to me, and I am now considering wheather to transform my trial into a paid relationship with Netflix or not.

    Please give freedom to your customers. Don't hold them hostage of your marketing policy trying to position yourself as a repository of all movies without emphasis on new releases. Enable your customers to sort search results and channels by release date. Thanks you. And if you forward my email to your CEO, double thank you (and please don't forget the user interface people, they get paid a lot, they should hear what the users are saying). And if you give me my freedom back to search and sort as I want, then triple thank you, and also thank me, since I'm then likely to not only transform my trial in a paid relationship but also to upgrade to a higher plan.


    a User

  5. I don't mind the changes too much, but I do agree about it not being as easy to scan through the pages now.

    I also agree with Lord Kaio. I am very disappointed in the move to Blu only. I cancelled my subscription with Blockbuster to come to Netflix based solely on the fact that Netflix carries HD-DVD. I do agree that BD is aviable format, but it is not as stable or mature as what HD-DVD technology at this point. It just seems that this move is premature, and I find it frustrating.

  6. 1) The new "browse" is pretty, but does not serve its function well, as, prior, it was easier to see new releases "at a glance". And I don't have time to sit and scroll through all the variations and box shots.

    2) If you drop HD-DVD I will drop Netflix. That is, unless you are willing to supplement my purchase of a Blu-Ray player, so that its price matches that of the much cheaper (and more stable) HD-DVD.

    3) I am serious about 2

    4) Neither Blu-Ray or HD-DVD are significant sales/rentals, so any move on your part to jump on a bandwagon is premature, and will save relatively little (if any) of your time and money. So please don't insult us with a song and dance routine. Did you get paid off by the Blu-Ray camp,or what?

  7. Thanks to everyone that's commented on the HD-DVD drop. Perhaps we can get this on Digg or some other social news sites to get some momentum going?

  8. Personally, I like the new search page. I rarely, if ever, use the search function as a way of browsing for random movies. Rather, when I search, I'm looking for something specific, so I don't really notice if it's harder to dig through the results or not. Like most search engine users, I rarely look past the first five results, and almost never go past the first page.

    One question I've always had about searching, though, is related to the drop-down that appears whenever I'm typing in the search box at the top of a page. Within a few keystrokes, that box often lists whatever I'm searching for, so I just click on it. So why, if I click on the exact thing that I'm searching for, does it still take me to a search page instead of directly to that movie's page? It seems like I should only get taken to the search page if there is more than one exact match to my selection.

  9. I also want to give a big "thank you" to whoever just added the Play button to all of the movies in my queue that are available for instant viewing. I noticed it for the first time today, and I couldn't be more excited!

  10. Meghan,

    I seem to be a lone voice so far, but I really like the changes you have made to Search. I particularly like the split buttons that show whether the movie is available to either add to my queue or play now, and I would love to see those same buttons appear elsewhere in the site, like on the main browse page.

    Thanks to you and your team for working so hard to improve my user experience.

  11. I agree with the previous poster that what is seriously missing is the ability to sort by release date.

    I won't bother opening the can of worms that is the removal of the Releasing This Week page because you folks at Netflix have already proven that you're just going to ignore us on that. However, the least you could do is give us the ability to find that information ourselves by letting us sort through search results by release date (as well as for putting that functionality on all the pages, most importantly, when browsing by genre).

    Changing the cosmetics of the pages is nice and all, but it's very frustrating that you continue to ignore the feedback that you receive, as evidenced by not adding in some very simple changes that would improve the usability of your site immensely.

    Being able to find out what new movies have been released within specific genres is a lot more important to me than now being able to see a box cover image that is slightly larger. I realize you guys are working hard to make improvements, but why not make the improvements that really matter and that your customers are actually asking for?

    I'm sure whoever's in charge over there is very happy that the uproar over taking away the RTW page has died down, but those of us who it pissed off have not forgotten. The least you could do is put some functionality back into the website that serves to some degree a similar purpose as what was taken away. It's ridiculous that if I want to see, for example, what newer movies have come out from Germany or Japan or even in Documentaries, I need to look through the entire list of films instead of being able to sort them by release date. It baffles the mind why this feature is still being overlooked and held back.

  12. erc said: One question I've always had about searching, though, is related to the drop-down that appears whenever I'm typing in the search box at the top of a page. Within a few keystrokes, that box often lists whatever I'm searching for, so I just click on it. So why, if I click on the exact thing that I'm searching for, does it still take me to a search page instead of directly to that movie's page?

    Ditto. This makes no sense and is SOOOOO annoying! Please remove this redundancy!

  13. If so, I think it's an extremely poor move on Netflix's part hopping on the bandwagon and abandoning anybody that fell victim to the format war

    So you would like Netflix to go against the grain and continue to support a slowly dieing format? Then why are they not continuing to support Beta?

  14. NetFlix kind of stabbed us all in the back today with its Blu-Ray move. I'll not give you one more dollar. Hope you make a fortune joining the side of the anti-consumer.

  15. I do agree that BD is aviable format, but it is not as stable or mature as what HD-DVD technology at this point. It just seems that this move is premature, and I find it frustrating.

    The move is not premature. It's just that you bought into the HD-DVD format and are feeling cornered by the industry. Griping about your decision will not cause Netflix to support a dieing format.

  16. Hope you make a fortune joining the side of the anti-consumer.

    Woops, I think you made a typo. You probably meant to say "hope you make a fortune joining the side of the format war winner."

  17. In response to anon's comments:

    "So you would like Netflix to go against the grain and continue to support a slowly dieing format? Then why are they not continuing to support Beta?"


    "The move is not premature. It's just that you bought into the HD-DVD format and are feeling cornered by the industry. Griping about your decision will not cause Netflix to support a dieing format."

    It's not that I want Netflix to save HD-DVD from its deathbed, I know it's going to die eventually. I just would like to see them not abandon what they currently have, not to mention that some movies/tv shows are still going to be sold as HD-DVD (not every studio is abandoning the format yet).

    I just don't see any positive for Netflix dropping HD-DVD while people are still using it and content is still being released on the format. I, like another poster, picked up Netflix specifically because they carried HD-DVDs.

    I can't imagine restocking HD-DVDs (while still available) can be that cost prohibitive (surely they forecast and monitor demand and buy accordingly), not to mention losing any user base that keeps Netflix for specifically the HD-DVD selections.

    Personally, I wouldn't have anything against Netflix if this were similar to the old divx (the actual discs, not the digital files) ordeal. But that was a much smaller number of users, at a much higher cost, with alot of overhead.

    This time around though, it's a slow goodbye for the format, that's going to still have many, many users (thanks to sub-$200 players), many great (exclusive) releases (Heroes, Transformers) and the same cost as its competing format (if not cheaper now).

    Again, I just can't see any real positive from Netflix's side.

    If someone has any insight (especially from Netflix themselves), I'd be glad to listen.

    I'm not an HD-DVD fanboy by any means, I just got it cause it's HD and it was cheaper than any Blu-Ray player. I'm just kinda miffed because I've always liked the way Netflix treats their users (giving us nice perks like Watch Now and super fast shipping while keeping prices reasonable) and I think this is a huge step in the wrong direction edging Netflix into the dark waters of corporate shadiness.

    In short...if this goes though, I shake my fist at the execs at Netflix, and I'm sure angry monkeys (from Family Guy for the uninitiated) will surely point at you for your deeds.

  18. I have cancelled Netflix! I only needed it to rent HD-DVDs but since you no longer are going to carry them I will rent my HD movies from Xbox Live.

  19. Well, it looks like I'll be canceling. Just got the official notice from Netflix saying that my queue would start to be converted to standard DVDs by the end of this month.

    Sigh...I don't want to drop Netflix, but it's of no use to me anymore. :-(

  20. I'm another that's mad that Netflix is dropping HDDVD. I guess if you want to watch a Paramount or Universal HD movie you will have to go elsewhere. That's just dumb to alienate all the people who have HDDVD players. I would assume that they are the ones who really like movies anyways.

  21. "and I would love to see those same buttons appear elsewhere in the site"

    I would love to see the Watch Now button appear when I am looking at an actor's filmography page. If I want to watch something with Roy Scheider - as a tribute and as an easy to hand example - I should not need to click each individual movie's link in his filmography to see if it is available to watch instantly. In the Search Results page (which lists only four Roy Scheider films), the button appears; when I click through to his full filmography, no Watch Now/Instantly buttons.

  22. HUH? What's the blazes have all these HD rants got to do with the search engine?

    So, to answer your question, Meghan, I'm with Tygger, and like the ongoing improvements a lot. Ideally, as Eric suggests, the drop-down title would take you straight to the movie page, skipping step two of the search. And if the drop-down included dates, that would work for re-makes as well - i.e. '3:10' to Yuma (1957) or (2007). If we didn't know the date we could use that intermediary page to get more info.

    I originally thought there should be a way to specify whether we're looking for a movie, actor or director, but this upgraded version managed to nail Robert De Niro with as little as 'de' (someone's earlier complaint). Looking forward to search by plot key-words, which would save us a trip to IMDb!

    But at least a smattering of applause from us grumps for your great efforts, right? You'd think all that relaxing in front of the TV would... well... relax us!

  23. I'm with Lord Kaio on the HD-DVD issue. Even though it certainly seems like Blu-Ray will win out in the end, there is still content solely on HD-DVD and will be for some time to come. Most importantly it really is silly to burn all the NETFLIX CUSTOMERS that have HD-DVD.

    I'm not cancelling over this -- unless I find out that Netflix is getting pushed some cash to go Blu-Ray exclusive.

  24. I signed up last week for the fact of hd-dvd being availble through your site. I bought the player during the holidays and am pleased with what the pic. quality and sound-actually amazed. It helps me want to see a movie I certainly wasn't motivated to watch in the first place.

    Since about half of the movie companies picked sides at the beginning of this, I picked the side that matched my price.

    I am in agreement from other posters comments on your company's outlook to the 2 formats.

    It's frustrating I just started your using your service and may have to re-think if I want use it. Their are certainly more choices to watch movies as time goes on.

    By the way when are you selling used hd-dvd's for $5.99

  25. I noticed a recent problem with the search engine. I searched for a specific movie (just re-released on DVD) - "Pierrot Le Fou."

    I typed it in, spelled it completely correctly, and the search results page came up with hundreds of results...and yet "Pierrot Le Fou" was not near the top of the list. (I didn't bother going through the whole list to see if it was on there somewhere.)

    I just don't really get that at all. I searched for an exact title - one that DOES exist in your system - and yet your search engine couldn't even find the exact match. Ultimately I just went to Jean-Luc Godard's page and added it from there - no big deal, but it was certainly aggravating.

    This is one of the problems I had with Blockbuster's search engine (which is a complete piece of shit, by the way). I've never had that kind of problem with Netflix until now. Perhaps you can figure out that little problem.

  26. Dropping HD-DVD: really bad business decision that is sure to alienate part of the user base. Why do it? It's like deciding to drop a movie studio or two just because they don't make quite as many movies as the biggest studio.

    I wish Netflix would reconsider this. The race is not over yet; Sony has proven it manages to fail in proprietary format wars time after time.


  27. Pierrot Le Fou is at this URL:

  28. Hi Meghan,

    As I wrote on the ning-board, I'm not too crazy about the new look. Adding more white space doesn't make it simpler, reducing the number of search results shown per page to 10 doesn't make it simpler, making the covers bigger doesn't make it simpler, nor does removing the subdivision of people/movies (that' in fact, only makes it more confusing to look at).

    "witness prosecution" yields

    Witness for the prosecution (1957)
    Witness (1985)
    Witness (apparently a person)
    Imaginary Witness: Hollywood and the holocaust.
    and 6 more results on that page - out of 179.

    Why is that person in the middle of everything? Why are there only 10 results being displayed of 179? And why are there only 179 results for "witness prosecution" when the search "witness for the prosecution" yields 20,255 - despite the fact that it's a narrower search (or at least should be)?

    I thought the upgrade of the search engine some months ago was fine, but turning the Search Results into another "New Releases"-page is definitely yet another step in the wrong direction for Netflix. That kind of "simplicity" is not, nor should it be, desirable.

  29. It is not that anyone backed a 'dieing format' - it's that they have HD-DVD hardware, and it costs little for Netflix to stock HD-DVD movies. Why unnecessarily piss off a group of people who are, obviously, fans of both movies and HD?

    Beyond which, the amount of BOTH BR an HD-DVD is _tiny_ compared to DVD, and, at the moment HD-DVD has only slightly fewer movies available. In addition, it's been by far the superior format (you'll never have an obsolete HD-DVD player, but nearly all BR players are already obsolete, as they did not lock their code, and started way behind HD-DVD).

    There is absolutely no business sense in dropping HD-DVD - that is UNLESS they've been paid off by the BR camp.

    As I have an entire queue devoted SOLELY to HD-DVD, of course I'm pissed. Wouldn't you be? That in order for me to enjoy high def movies on my TV I'm going to go get a BR player? The same BR players which go obsolete and yet STILL cost a fortune more?

    Yeah, just as soon as Netflix pays for it. Until then, Netflix has screwed me over, and can do the same to themselves, thankyouverymuch.

    As for as "why HD DVD" comments in a format thread....because Netflix, cowardly, has not provided us (yet) with a thread of our own. So here we are.

  30. Is there no longer any shame? It's rude and inconsiderate to hijack a blog comment thread like this. Meghan was nice enough to come on here looking for our thoughts about her search engine project and she gets this?

    This is not a place to bitch and gripe about off-topic subjects and to threaten account closure with hopes of evoking change. Look at it as an opportunity for us all to provide constructive and genuine feedback to help make Netflix a better place to enjoy movies - and that involves being considerate and on topic.

    I wouldn't be surprised if this opportunity were someday taken away from us.

  31. and it costs little for Netflix to stock HD-DVD movies.
    no, actually it costs a lot.

    Why unnecessarily piss off a group of people who are, obviously, fans of both movies and HD?
    a fairly small group but it is necessary as that format is going away. I don't want them to support HD-DVD. They should support Blu-Ray now.

    In addition, it's been by far the superior format
    The question is not about format superiority. It's about which format won the war.

    There is absolutely no business sense in dropping HD-DVD
    Yes there is. It lost the war and is going away.

    As I have an entire queue devoted SOLELY to HD-DVD, of course I'm pissed. Wouldn't you be?
    Yes, I would be. But I wouldn't be coming to Netflix complaining about why HD-DVD is losing. I assume you're going to the discussion boards of the studios that back Blue_Ray and giving them an earful too.

    Until then, Netflix has screwed me over, and can do the same to themselves, thankyouverymuch
    Immaturity aside, it's not Netflix that screwed you over. You kind of .. umm, jumped the gun a bit early going with HD-DVD. Now it's your problem, not Netflix's.

    As for as "why HD DVD" comments in a format thread....because Netflix, cowardly, has not provided us (yet) with a thread of our own. So here we are
    Go start a Blu-Ray forum and cry there. Leave us alone.

  32. @Chris -

    How odd. "Pierrot Le Fou" came up for me just fine. In fact the drop-down included it by the time I'd gotten to 'Pie'. But I did find that if you go on typing and write 'Pierot...' by mistake, then it disappeares, which doesn't make too much sense, with either French or English misspellings.

    @Spindaddydad -

    Hear, hear.

  33. Spindaddy -- it's actually not off topic because the post references movies being available in DVD or BluRay. Moreover, if NetFlix doesn't want to receive customer feedback if it's negative, then they'll quickly become like all of the other companies that chose to stick their head in the sand rather than consider what their customers are telling them.

    If it's cheaper for NetFlix only to carry one HD format, then they should come out and say that's why they are making the change. Don't send your users an e-mail in which you blatantly LIE.

    From the duplicitous e-mail ... "In order to provide the best selection of high-definition titles for our members, we have decided to go exclusively with Blu-ray as well."

    Huh? Last time I checked Universal, Paramount, and DreamWorks films were only in HD DVD, so how has NetFlix just helped provide the best selection of titles to its members?

    Please don't insult your customers' intelligence. I have loved NetFlix up until today -- but having access to HD DVD movies was a big part of why I am a NetFlix subscriber. I may have just been annoyed if you had honestly told me about the reason for dropping HD DVDs, but your seeming lack of respect for your customers (both in terms of their intelligence and their wants) has me looking for another service provider.

  34. if NetFlix doesn't want to receive customer feedback if it's negative, then they'll quickly become like all of the other companies that chose to stick their head in the sand

    If they wanted our feedback (neg or pos) on which HD format to choose, I think they would have started a blog topic for it. Since they didn't, we have to assume they've made the decision and are moving forward. Those who want to discuss the HD format wars should search the blog. I'm sure there are already topics that cover it and those would be a better place to comment than here.

  35. NetflixsucksthebigoneFebruary 11, 2008 at 4:05 PM

    Netflix, you suck. Thanks for going with Blue Ray. HD DVD is better. Big mistake. later dudes I'll be going somewhere else. But first thing I'm going to do is short your stock.

  36. Netflix, you suck. Thanks for going with Blue Ray. HD DVD is better. Big mistake. later dudes I'll be going somewhere else. But first thing I'm going to do is short your stock.

    Why not move to Blockbuster. Oh wait... they switched to Blu-Ray too. Well, there's always GameznFlix

  37. The new " Search Updates " are ho hum... I saw them and thought to myself... oh they have changed something else on here that doesn't really matter or help anyone a whole lot.

    I'm not like some of the posters on here saying that I will close my account and stuff....
    Because Netflix is still The Greatest thing that has ever happened to a Movie Freak like me.

    But Since the Summer of 2004 when I became a member of Netflix I have noticed like others have mentioned... The functionality of the sight on how people look for movies ( mainly movies they do not yet know about ) Like (to beat a horse that has been dead many times over) The Releasing This Week Page. HAS GONE DOWNHILL!!!

    Not sure if you keep hiring new people or if it has been the same since the beginning.

    But to give you a analogy : it seems like the people who make the changes are like:
    Baby Boomer Generation People making decisions on what is " hip " with the New Generation of kids i.e. music, clothing, MOVIES.

    I understand that Netflix has millions and millions of customers.
    And a Large percentage of them are "Computer Dumb" and what the hell just plain "Dumb". And they need the most simple thing possible to find their movies but man alive! Do we really need these Sliders to find So called New Releases " you need to have written.. these are the Releases we have available to Rent Now you real new realeases are on long waits So please Rent this Steven Segal Movie" .

    But that being said.. I will always be a Netflix Customer as long as nothing Drastic happens with the Pricing and they continue to have their unbeleivably Huge Catalog of Movies

  38. I look forward to a world without irony in which people don't complain about people making off-topic posts and thereby become the unintended subject of their misplaced condemnation.

    Let's show some decency and stop the off-topic posts about off-topic posts.

    Rather than complain about other posts, I suggest that people read them and use it as an opportunity "for us all to provide constructive and genuine feedback to help make Netflix a better place to enjoy movies".

  39. I will be cancelling my Netflix account and moving to Blockbuster if Blockbuster continues to carry HD-DVD unless Netflix changes their mind. I'll stick around until HD-DVDs stop showing up (unless of course, all HD movies become available on BluRay, then which the point is moot, but this won't happen as long as studios like Universal are on the HD-DVD exclusive list).

    I have both players, so it isn't that I can't watch HD period, but there are several HD movies I like that are ONLY available in HD-DVD and not BluRay. If ALL HD-DVD movies come out in BluRay then point is moot and I will stick with Netflix.

  40. I would like to be able to sort within my search results. If I have 1,000 results and still can't find what I'm looking for I would like to be able to sort by release date or title.

  41. @ Susurrus - We're naturally all riveted by your upcoming movie rental plans, but how's about the HD contingent taking their perfectly legitimate beef over to Ning, where the discussion is already under way. This is like someone asking for feedback on the movie they just finished, and everyone starting to discuss a completely different one. That's just rude. No wonder no-one except Michael is ever willing to talk to us - all they get is grief.

  42. I think that these are great improvements. Am very pleased to see a column in my queue showing me what I can view--even of those not available on DVD. All of your changes really were improvements and done thoughtfully. Though I know it's done with the bottom line in mind, in the end. Still, thanks for doing such a good job. I think you should come to Detroit and teach GM and Ford a few things.

  43. I would like to have back the total number of movies you have on queue (even if they are saved). Right now, the queue just counts the number of movies in your queue that are avaialable in Netflix, yet does not tell you how many you have saved (even though it also counts towards your queue.

  44. "Right now, the queue just counts the number of movies in your queue that are available in Netflix, yet does not tell you how many you have saved (even though it also counts towards your queue)."

    But does is? Maybe, with the help of popular support, the Saved Section no longer counts towards the 500 total. Any update on this, o ye mighty (and mightily tight lipped!) Netflix gods?

  45. Jake said...

    "But does is? Maybe, with the help of popular support, the Saved Section no longer counts towards the 500 total. Any update on this, o ye mighty (and mightily tight lipped!) Netflix gods?

    Yes, Saves movies still count towards the limit, which is still 500. My queue (available + saved) is always in the 470-480 range, so I was easily able to test it.

    Removing that number has made my life on Netflix exponentially more difficult, and I see absolutely no purpose in why you did so. All your other recent changes are just fine with me because I can adapt to new styles and tweaks, but losing that single number makes my queue management a monumentally monstrous pain in the ass!

  46. I like the changes, most people will find exactly what they want very quickly. I had no problem with the old tabs, but I can see how it would be confusing for others.

    But I honestly can't understand why someone who types in, say, "witness prosecution" complains when the listed choices are almost certainly what any user would have wanted.

    One question I've always had about searching, though, is related to the drop-down that appears whenever I'm typing in the search box at the top of a page...

    It would seem logical to save a step and go straight to the title, but there are a few plausible reasons why they didn't do that.

    Keep in mind, that the drop-down is merely a short cut for you to enter a string into the search dialog. The simplest form of this kind of list doesn't contain a lot of data (e.g. the pointer to the exact page).

    If you typed in "Suspicion", for example, it would be somewhat ambiguous whether you wanted to go straight to the movie by that exact title or wanted to do a general search.

    Since it's the search box, not performing the function you asked it to (i.e. search) is a bit of a hack for a UI.

    Also note that a single entry in the list might point to multiple titles.

    I seriously doubt the feature is complete. It looks like the kind of thing where a clever engineer was showing off this cool thing he could do and management decided it was useful enough as is to put it into the interface without completely redesigning it with the drop-down in mind. At some point it will do what you expect, but it doesn't seem like a trivial change.

    I noticed a recent problem with the search engine. I searched for a specific movie (just re-released on DVD) - "Pierrot Le Fou."

    I see this problem too. It's most likely just a bug or a corruption in the index.

  47. @Sam - I had the same thoughts when I posed my earlier question, but I think there are some specific circumstances where you could jump straight to the movie page and still not confuse the user. If I type an entire word or phrase in the search box, then going to the search page makes sense. But if I start typing and then select a specific movie from the drop-down, chances are that I want the page for that specific movie.

    It's certainly not unprecedented for a search box to go directly to a single result if that's the only obvious match. IMDB already does it (though without the help of the drop box). If you search for a rather generic title like "The Prestige," then it still takes you to a search results page, but if you search for something that's obviously specific, like "So I Married an Axe Murderer," then it takes you directly to the movie page.

  48. "Removing that number has made my life on Netflix exponentially more difficult, and I see absolutely no purpose in why you did so. All your other recent changes are just fine with me because I can adapt to new styles and tweaks, but losing that single number makes my queue management a monumentally monstrous pain in the ass!"

    I compeltely agree with this and I will like this total to refelct both saved and available movies... at the right corner, like before.

  49. "Removing that number has made my life on Netflix exponentially more difficult..."

    Meghan has been reading your comments and she and i just spoke and i think she understands the situation well and didn't mean to make things difficult for y'all. While it isn't possible to promise anything at this point, i think she's going to try to address this in one of the next few software releases. I'm glad you mentioned it and will keep you posted to the best of my ability.


    Last week I cancelled my Netflix account, and 11 other people were prepared to do it as well. Well golly jeepers, they notified me at the end of the call "oh by the way" and showed me this :

    Yup it's still there, and thanx to some savvy phone rep, Netflix still has 11 accounts (4 of which are the highest end accounts).

    If that link doesn't take you there it's easy: When you are on community blog main page, it's to the right , directly under the red Netflix logo 'DVD's releasing this week'. It takes you right to the old page.

    LET NETFLIX KNOW BY PHONE YOU ARE HAPPY THE OLD PAGE IS STILL THERE, AND THAT YOU WILL CANCEL YOUR ACCOUNT IF IT DISAPPEARS! When I spoke to the rep she said it 'probably' wasn't going anywhere, that they ARE indeed getting many complaints.

    So know it's there, use it, and call the customer service number to let them know it's wanted.

    Yes I know this has nothing to do with this topic, but since the blog continues to ignore the issue I will post it and repost it in every blog. Sue me.

  51. @ Meghan : While you're thinking about how to present the number of DVD's in our queue, would it not make sense to only count the 'saved' movies that have a specific release date towards the 500 total, since there's no guarantee that any of the others will ever be available? In my case now taking up 12 of the 13 slots for no good reason. And, either way, why not just say : "DVD's in your queue 257 (207 + 50 saved)". Simple and clear. Thanks.

  52. @harry

    For titles that are in your saved list without a release date there is still a possibility they will eventually get to your queue, so they have to be counted as well. And keep in mind there's actually no guarantee that those with release dates will ever hit your queue either.

    The 500 limit is completely arbitrary, it's only purpose is to keep the queue page from growing to a totally unmanageable size. So there's no logical reason why they wouldn't count "Unavailable" saved titles in that total.

  53. I'm not happy at all with the HD changeover to Blueray.Bad move ..I guess it's time for my family and I to change video providers.

  54. @Sam : But no harm in asking, right? And if 500 is 'completely arbitrary', perhaps they could arbitrarily double it and render the whole issue moot? ;)

  55. I left my comments on the new search page on ning, but I just wanted to add that it would be helpful if I could search by synopses, too.

    For example, today I decided to create my very first list: all the Doctor Who episodes that are available on dvd -- in order. After spending 20 minutes trying to find the first episode, "An Unearthly Child", I gave up. It turns out, the first three episodes are collectively called "The Beginning" and I had been searching on the name of the episode. If synopses were included in the search, this DVD probably would have been first in the list.

    Another helpful feature would be the ability to sort by different criteria (dates would be especially helpful in my quest to put all the DW episodes in order).

  56. I checked out your so-called New Releases category again today and again found it to be of absolutely no use to me. It is too time consuming to scroll through a collection of DVDs I have not interesting in ever seeing.

    To quote another comment "the removal of the "releasing this week" feature is VERY frustrating!"

    Your feed does not come close to the completeness of the old Releasing This Week. I have not yet found the variety of DVDs in the RSS feed of new releases that were in the old format.

    For some reason unknown to me you have chosen to alienate a number of users by eliminating Releasing This Week. Why can't you continue this extremely useful old listing format even if you want to keep the, for me, unusable new format.

  57. ^^^^^^^^
    you are an idiot.... plain and simple.

    The " Old " ( and Best ) Releasing This Week Page still exists and not very hard to find...

    Since you are so stupid and did not know it has been around still this whole time and now is even posted on the front page of this blog.... I won't explain anymore..

    you are not worthy of using it.

  58. @ jeld

    Wow. You're mother must be so proud of having raised you to be such a kind and compassionate individual.

  59. There is a time when a man leaves the womb of his Mother and goes out to find that the world is FULL OF STUPID.

    and now i leave the next spot for someone to say something smart and witty but at the same time disparaging about me.

  60. The search feature, which used to be just pitiful, is really great now. Aside from that 'Pierrot le fou' glitch - which takes you to 'Dangerous Moves' (La Diagonale du Fou), incidentally - it's been spot-on every time. Let's hear it for Meghan & team!

  61. I haven't tried the new search feature yet (I usually only search when I know what I'm looking for anyway..) but I absolutely love the new combined add/play buttons everywhere. good work.

  62. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    !!!!!! HD-DVD PHASE OUT !!!!!!
    This HD phase out is ridiculous! Sony hasn’t done anything for the industry since the Walkman. They think they are on top of the hill and like to throw in pipe wrench standards every few years and see what bites. This is no different. Remember the Betamax? BLAH! At least the Betamax had superior quality vs. price. They can have their little turf war, fine! But don’t do it and Netflix subscriber’s expense. Let’s compare, HD-DVD home player (~$150), Blu-ray (~$300+). And as far as the PC market goes HD has the lion’s share. Sony’s policy of buying companies out to exclusively support Blu-Ray and undermine HD is a cop-out! Best Buy has already had their head chewed off and will continue to carry the HD line as a result of customer complaints. Not just shame on Sony, but shame on any retailer that carries a product over another just because of a check under the table. I love Netflix, ALOT, but I can’t continue to support it if it keeps up with this mentality of negating a superior product. I urge anyone reading this to contact Netflix and have your opinion heard; hopefully we can bring them back to their senses!
    Thank you, and long live Netflix!

  63. There is a time when a man leaves the womb of his Mother and goes out to find that the world is FULL OF STUPID.

    It must be such a burden to be you.

  64. Thanks for all your help regarding "Pierrot Le Fou" - but it's still not working for me.

    Don't get me wrong - as I mentioned before, it was easy to add the film simply by going to Godard's page, so I've long since added the film to my queue.

    But I went back and re-tried searching for the film - yes, I spelled correctly, and the title even dropped down for me - and ran into the same problems. When I search for "Pierrot Le Fou," the top results are: "Dangerous Moves," Frederic Pierrot, Foued Litayem (?!), "Le Tour de France: 1999 to 2005," "Le Tour de France 2006: Floyd Landis: Hero or Villain?," "2003 Le Tour de France," "Le Tour de France 2005: Magnificent 7," "The Crook," "Girl Slaves of Morgana Le Fay," and "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly."

    Though to be fair, I'm sure a pro cycling enthusiast would be just delighted with this selection.

    Anyway, I only bring it up because I feel it might be indicative of a larger problem with the search engine. The old search page never had this problem (in fact, I had searched for the same movie on this site in the past and it came right up). It's positively Blockbuster-esque.

  65. There is a time when a man leaves the womb of his Mother and goes out to find that the world is FULL OF STUPID.

    "...the gods themselves..."

  66. what happened to the "Releasing this week" section of the New releases?????????? is that ever coming back???? i look at the new releases and i always see the SAME ones over and over again...

    somebody help me...
    is the old format ever coming back??

  67. what happened to the "Releasing this week" section of the New releases?????????? is that ever coming back????

    February 13, 2008 3:26 PM

    You found your way here. Now do yourself a favor and do a little more digging/reading and find the answers to your query.

  68. The new search feature doesn't seem to let you go as far back into the Netflix catalog. A typical search will yield 1000 results but will only let you go back over the last 100 or so. Am I missing something?

    I often search back further than the system is currently letting me for the info on movies I'm looking for. Please add this ability back or let me know where I'm wrong.

  69. "Am I missing something?"

    Yes : a sense of urgency. If you're plowing through more than 100 suggestions you really, really need to re-phrase the question.

  70. You are mistaken... I use general terms like director's cut or special edition to look back in the catalog and find new ideas.

    If I'm looking for a specific title there is no problem but the search engine is useful for more than just the quick finds.

    Netflix is really a terrific resource best used as a combination of search, title information, ratings, and reviews... the further away from this that they move, the less valuable they are for someone like myself who has seen all of the popular films and is working their way through the back catalog.

  71. Was mainly teasing, since you obviously weren't using it in the way most of do. I've long thought that they should have a complete list of everything they carry so we wouldn't have to do all this time consuming digging for new movies, each with own particular strategies -- your's being rather unique and interesting.

  72. The new format sucks. Where is the releasing this week feature. It is the only feature I ever used and the only one really needed . I don't care about others reccomendations or I would ask for them Please bring it back or I will be forced to cancel.

  73. Forgive them, Meghan, for they have but the one dead horse to beat, over and over and over again.

  74. I like the search element that brings up several choices as you're typing your request. One question... Why change the "New Releases" to a Red Box type of set up??? I liked the old way better, like it is on the community blog site. Any one who likes horror movies check out my blog below!

  75. On the main community blog page you can get the old style of "New Releases". Click on it and you will see all the new releases for the week.

  76. I hate the "new releases" scrolling set-up. Please go back to the old version where you spotlight the BIG films that come out each week. NO way to know that anymore and spotlight just the big films everyone wants to see.

  77. I like the new search and understand Netflix decision to go with Blu-Ray. Netflix doesn't ship beta, vhs, or laser disc either, and I wouldn't expect them to.

    However, I find the search can give too many hits. Being able to do an advance search where you can enter in title and an actor, would help. Too often I have gone through hundreds of results to find particular movie, simply because the title is very generic (try to see if Netflix carries the anime "Blood+"). Also, being able to search the results or control the pagination are some simple, obvious UI controls that have been missing for a long time.

  78. I'm going to say, no, they don't have "Blood+" in their database yet.

    If you do a simple search of "Blood" you'll find an anime called "Blood" as the first hit. While "Blood" is a common term, the search engine does a great job of finding what you probably want and putting it right at the top.

    Looking for "Blood+" by searching for "Blood" and then paging through dozens of page is kind of desperate, so its not an issue of "too many hits" or issues with the pagination, etc.

    If you want "Blood+" just search for "Blood+". If it were in their database, I would hope it would come up first. There might be a problem with indexing non-alphanumeric characters, but that should be addressed directly as a bug, not through any of the workarounds you mentioned.

    It would also be considered a bug if the "Blood+" did not come up in the first few hits for "Blood". An understandable bug, but one they should fix (if that were the case).

    As a final resort, you can indeed search on the name of the director ("Fukisaku" in this case), and if the director is in the database you will have a nice short list to browse through. There is little need for an advanced search option.

  79. HATE the new set up! I thought at first, "ok, it will just take some time to get used to it" but nope, I still hate it! I want to see the new releases!!!! I feel like I need to go to the video store just to see what is new out...NOT GOOD FOR YOU Netflix!

  80. Another really dumb change. Why are you trying to make your site worse and worse? I read a reference to a movie and could not remember if it was in my queue, so I typed the name The Mist into search. I did not get The Mist, just a few other films with mist or misty somewhere in the title. So I had to go to my queue and try to see if it was there. What is wrong with search?

    Then I was trying to search for an actor and you no longer have the People button!

    Whoever is approving these changes to your website needs to be fired.

    WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO WISE UP AND BRING BACK 'RELEASING THIS WEEK'. My Sunday is not complete without it.



  82. all the complaining about the " RELEASING THIS WEEK" even though I agree with what they are talking about is ANNOYING as hell!!! Especially since IT STILL EXISTS!!! to anyone with half a brain.
    I do have to say that whoever at Netflix that came up with the idea for what replaced it, Is A COMPLETE MORON that knows nothing about functionality !!! And probably has a small penis or is a woman.

  83. Spoken like a true Renaissance Man. Preternaturally endowed, one can only assume.

  84. I do not like the new search format. I miss the tabs to allow sorting. Also if the search produces a large number of results say 200. It takes a great deal of time to go through them because you only list 10 items per page.

    I think it would be better to give us a full list of titles. then allow us to use the Dynamic HTML popup windows to display more information about the title if we want to know more.

    Trying to display 10 items at a time is just frustrating. You do not even provide a clickable list of pages. We have to go through the pages one at a time. Very slow.

  85. I tend to use my netflix account mostly for online usage (traveling, it's easier than packing loads of DVDs). Finding online movies is particularly hard with the current layout. for instance, it is especially hard to find any movie with a specific actor/actress that is in an online movie. The search function lists their movies and has ADD buttons but no blue play button to indicate that option if there is one; consequently i have to click each link to check the movie's main page for the play instantly function.

    I'd be a much happier, and probably longer, customer if Netflix could improve this aspect of the search function.

  86. @Meghan.

    Generally works great for me, but was puzzled that when I searched for Khrzhanovsky's "4" earlier today, it came up 10th, way below "Fantastic Four", "Saw IV", and such. Does the system take into account the likelyhood/unlikelihood of a title or person based on the volume of previous searches for them? That's the only explanation I could think of for the exact title '4' not heading the list. Thanks.

  87. i just want to say the i HATE the way the new page looks and its extremely hard to find the new releases. the old was much easier and less time consuming. where is the coming soon feature,i dont have time to stay all day on netflix to find a new movie..GO BACK TO THE OLD or atleast make it easier.

  88. Now, you folks do realize that the Netflix search engine is that box in the right hand corner of your screen marked "Search" with the words "movies, actors, directo" in it, right? RIGHT?

  89. I have had an account with Net Flix for a couple years now. I am highly disappointed with the new format. Takes to much time to find new releases and other movies I might want. Liked to older version better. Am considering switching to Block Buster, who has that much time to search for movies??

  90. i hate it very much! i cannot find new release movies now!please put it back to hard to look up!!!

  91. I HATE the new search junk. Why remove "New Releases"? I would not recommend NetFlix to anyone right now!

  92. I'm not happy with the new "Browse" at all. I would like to have the "Releasing This Week" option back. I don't particularly care what was a hot option a year ago. I want to know what is knew and what is releasing soon. Maybe someone at Netflix thought the new "Browse" function was more aesthetically pleasing, but it is flat out not functional at all.

  93. I hate your new search page, I was looking for a place to complain and stumbled upon your "releasing this week" feature. This saved you a customer. I have been visiting competitors sites just to find out what is coming out. I think I have taken delivery of two videos in the last 30days because of your new site. Not cost effective for me. The new search is slow and shows me movies I have already rejected, over, and over, and over.

    I noticed others used the word "frustrated", I would not be so polite if this were in person.

  94. Is there a way to search only within the Online Browsing?

  95. Yeah please put the "releasing this week" feature back the way it was. I have no idea why you would get rid of it in the first place. I used to go there once a week and load up the queue but now, instead of checking netflix; I have to search on other web sites to find out whats releasing; which is a little tedious. Just a thought. Actually no; it's a DEMAND! In the name of Astronaut Jones, I command you to put the releasing this week feature back on your site! ~Fin~

  96. I don't like it at all. It's harder to find what is newly released. Bring back the old "new releases" page.

  97. I hate the new setup. I loved the released this week section. I lived off that screen. It was a great way to see all the new releases that week. The new "new realease" screens are outdated and don't show what was released this week. Now I have to go to yahoo movies to see what movies are coming out in future weeks. My suggestions are to put the "releasing this week" page and also add a coming soon page. I think the new updates are pleasing to the eye, but useless.

  98. Well I guess everyone saw the news today about HD vrs. blue ray. Maybe now you may understand why Neflix is not going to be renting HD anymore. Now I can finally go out and buy a blueray player

  99. How about a real search function....

    1. Detailed attribute search ....

  100. Lori French doesn't like the new way you have to search for movies. They have the same movie out for a very long time and really who cares abaout old movies...I have to go to anonther website to see what is coming out then go to netflix and I have to say it's a hassle. I have been with them for 6 years and have been very happy but...with the changes coming along, maybe I will be back to the competition. They are not making it easy on people who don't have alot of time.

  101. When scanning for a film, I want to see just text and sorted by any of the common attributes (yes, release date, too). Graphics make it take much longer, multiple pages, etc. etc.

  102. The "Popular New Releases" are neither Popular nor New - the four shown titles have not changed in at least 4 weeks, and two of those titles only have a three stars. So why is NF wasting time making unhelpful Search changes, when they can't even maintain the unpopular changes they've already made??

  103. What in the world are you doing? =) I liked the fact that I could search through the watch now movies only. Please bring this search feature back! I think that this is a must for people that want to watch the streams only.

  104. I have an even better one for you. I currently use Blockbuster and I'm a Media Center user. I've been watching with much interest the Netflix plug in the guys at "The Green Button" have been building for NetFlix and Media Center development. I want to become a customers. So please, please, please... Put back the Watchnow Search capability. If you do I'll join!!!$$$$$$

  105. I'm a Vista Meida Center user. I use both an Xbox 360 and Linksys 2200 connected to MCE. I have been following closely the 2 Netflix projects listed on I am currently NOT a Netflix customer, but was ready to sign up for a paid service once the projects were finished and working. Now I find out Netflix has made changes that impact the projects from streaming to my MCE extenders. If that's the case, please put things back. I'm ready to become a Netflix customer if these plug-ins work.

  106. I'm sorry to pile on like this, but I was very disappointed to hear that there was no way to search the "Watch It Now" movies. Not only does this make the Netflix plug-in software significantly less user-friendly, but this is exactly the *opposite* of what I would've expected given the long-term direction of Netflix to provide more of its movies through streaming/downloads.

    Please add (back) the ability to search within the "Watch It Now" category! Thank you.

  107. I like the new search page, but why can I no longer search for just for watch now movies? Or am I missing something?

  108. Aargh! Why is Watch It Now no longer an option?? Please bring this feature back! Please!!


  109. I also would like the ability to search only "Watch Now" movies.

  110. It seems that Netflix took away the ability to search only the watch now movies. This was a very useful feature. Please consider bringing it back. Thanks.

  111. For those that are complaining about "Releasing this week" being gone, it's still there. A quick search on Google brought up

  112. Please bring back the Watchnow search only feature.

    What was the rational of removing it?

    I'm sure most Watchnow users used and enjoyed this feature. Bring it back so our online experience is more user friendly!!!

  113. I am a long time subscriber and just started using the WatchNow feature and really like it. It now appears that you have removed the ability to search only for WatchNow titles. This is definitely a step backwards. Please add back the capability to search only for WacthNow titles.

  114. I really hate your latest change to the search function. I want the tabs to narrow down the search restored. sometimes I search for a name, all movies made by Hitchcock or starring John Wayne, sometimes I search by name or series. I like being able to narrow the search down.

    Please bring the tabs back.

  115. There are a LOT of things that could be done to improve searching and browsing the site, at least some of them already mentioned here. I have difficulty believing just how crippled the ability to find a movie on the site is, if you don't already know the name. Just a few to start you off with:

    Allow sorting in ALL sections of the site, on all available variables - release date, movie title, netflix rating, length, category, genre - it should be possible to sort on any of these. Likewise, it should be possible to search on any variable - for example, to search for movies made between 1976 and 1987 containing Robert de Niro, or movies shot in Sweden in black and white, or any Espionage Action movie rated 4 and above, or ... you get my drift.

    You have a huge mountain of data available to you at NetFlix, but for some reason you choose to leave almost all of it unused except as fluff that pads out the movie page once you've already found it.

    I can understand that you want to keep the interface as simple as possible, but at the same time there's no reason not to provide an optional tool that lets more advanced users roll their sleeves up and do powerful things. A simple "advanced" link next to the search box, and a few bog-standard sort order options given on all pages that include lists of movies. It's not rocket science!

    Oh, and please... While we're at it, there are a LOT of movie categories that are almost totally hidden on the site, especially in the Watch Now section. You have a really fine-grained categorization of movies at NetFlix - why don't you let your customers have access to that? When I go to the Documentary section of Browse Instant, why am I not given a list of subcategories to choose from, categories you already have like Military Documentaries, Mockumentaries, African-American Documentaries, or Social & Cultural Documentaries?

    Speaking of Watch Instantly, that entire section is almost totally unusable for merely browsing to find a movie. If you don't know a specific title you want to watch (and chances are you don't, since the Watch Instantly selection is mostly far from the mainstream), your only option is to go through page after page after page of movies either sorted by rating (but with no control over the genre you want to find), or sorted by title (useless unless you already have an idea of the movie you're looking for), or sorted by genre (with only a handful of movies per page, sorted in some abstract order that means I have to wade through pages and pages of poorly rated movies and movies that don't seem to bear any correlation to my tastes, to find the gems that are hidden amongst all that chaff.

    Seriously, I love Watch Instantly. It's a great feature, and once your bandwidth issues are sorted (things do *seem* to be improving), and you add the upcoming Silverlight viewer and (please, please) closed captioning support, I'll honestly far prefer watching movies instantly than renting by DVD. It's just a shame that it seems like the entire section has been deliberately crippled so that it feels almost impossible to find movies you actually *want* to watch instantly.

    By the way, when you were reading this post, did it seem like it implied you were dumb, did it make me seem arrogant? I can promise it wasn't either of those things, but I'm making a point. It's all well and good that Netflix has invested a fortune into trying to predict what movies I want to watch, *for* me. However, by not providing the tools that let me choose the movies I want by myself, you're doing to me the exact same thing the tone of this message might have done to you. You're making me feel like you expect me to be dumb and unable to use anything even slightly advanced; in return it makes me feel that Netflix is somewhat arrogant in feeling that they know how I'd like to find my movies better than *I* do. Sometimes you do, but often I know just how I want to find my movie, and your job should be to make it easier for me to do it.

    Thanks for the service you provide, and here's hoping improvements will be forthcoming that allow me to completely and unreservedly enjoy the experience.

  116. @ Michael t.

    Great post, since, unlike so many, you don't just complain but also offer constructive suggestions.

    However, you're not really talking 'tweak' here, are you, so much as a complete re-build from the ground up? Search's primary function, as it's now configured, is merely to pull-up whatever info they have on a specific movie, actor or director in their database, whereas you're asking them to provide you with a complete one-stop-shop research facility that can compile whole lists of movies based on multiple criteria - which, as I say is really more 'research' than 'search'. But since we already have the vast resources of the web at our disposal, I personally would much rather do a little spade work myself, and allow them to devote their apparently limited resources on getting those movies into my mail box rather than into my search box. ;-}

  117. Do not like the new format at all, has me contemplating canceling my membership and going over to the other big name company who has no problem letting it's customers know what is available for ne releases. Is this new format somehow saving Netfix money by making it difficult to know what is coming or available for new releases? In the long run it is going to cost money from all the lost customers of which I will be one unless they make a change quickly that will inform it's customers better on what is coming and recently released. The clock is ticking!


  119. @Ggane - In case you somehow missed this, even though it's all over the blog. Maybe it'll stop the clock for now?

  120. @ Brian: Thanks for the comment. I have a feeling that the changes would be a lot less work than you think, given that the actual data is for the most part already available. For example, the finer-grained genre categories I spoke of are already implemented (and mostly populated with movies) - yet they're almost completely unused on the site.

    Once the data is available, searching it in more clever and powerful ways is simply a matter of a few carefully-crafted database calls.

  121. This comment has been removed by the author.

  122. Just wondering why I can't search for "Watch Now" items any more - it was really nice as a preview for things I'm thinking about adding to my Queue - had I previewed "2 Days in Paris" I'd have saved an hour of my life this weekend... blech! :-)


  123. Dan, I think if you'd watched the short preview on the movie page itself, you'd have gotten a pretty good sense of it. And having just done so myself THANKS FOR THE WARNING!

  124. please bring back the search only watch now.

  125. Bring back the releasing this week option it is bogus that you did away with it..

  126. goliath01
    I think the new format is terrible. All the new releases are not there. UNless you type in the name you would never know it was out. It's sad when you have to look at bloclkbusters for the new releases and then go back to netflix. Please go back to the old way. I'd really hate to leave you/

  127. Hate the new release section. It was better when you could see everything that was being released that week. When will you return it to the old way, this new set up is sooo not user friendly.

  128. I don't like how the new releases are listed. I liked the old format better.

  129. Netflix is missing an opportunity to be the site of choice for renting HD-DVDs that currently exist because it serves customers that are trapped and will see Netflix and savior and inventory can be purchased at a song. However, I like the stand to not supporting both formats and the format chosen. Just because Netflix will not build HD-DVD inventory does not mean there is not a market for existing medias.

  130. I hate hate the new format.. of the new releases Please go back. Why did you do that anyway... Are you going to go back it sounds to me alot of people are unhappy.. So hope you listen to us and go back to the way it was....

  131. is impossible to pick out new movies now! and also actually impossible to reserve upcoming new releases. why did you do this? your new releases are not actually new releases! Bourne Ulimatium? please go back to the way it was! i hate blockbuster and don't want to switch but i will. we need simplicity. don't over think.

  132. You need to bring back the "releasing this week" feature!!! The new search is terrible! Blockbuster here I come.

  133. Searching for new releases say the last 2-3 weeks is near impossible.

    I have to go to your competitor’s site ( to search new releases.

    Then search for them here doubling the work, PLEASE fix this ASAP.

  134. I have been with Netflix for awhile, but do not like the New releases features, what happened to Realeasing this week, and New on DVD,etc, the "new" new releases feature just isn't good, please reutrn to the old version or something similar, please.

  135. Regarding the search feature on Netflix, it is AWFUL. I can never find new releases I want and to be honest, I usually go to to find what I am looking for and then come back to order it on Netflix. It is not user-friendly at all. If Netflix is really dedicated to their customers, they need to completely re-vamp their search feature.

  136. PLEASE, PLEASE bring back the old way of searching for new releases. The new release page STINKS now!!! I can't find anything! I don't care what people in my area are renting. That has nothing to do with me. I want to be able to sort by release date to see what is out this week, what is coming out next week and what I may have missed in the past few weeks. I've been a member of Netflix for three years or more and find the new site very unfriendly to use. If you want to see me move over to Blockbuster, this is one way to make it happen.

  137. Your new search page is horrible. Having to go to Blockbuster's page to find the new releases is just ridiculous. At this point I am reday to go back to Blockbuster after several years with Netflix. If your goal is to force me to watch old movies, you just have to tell me. I will watch cable and cancell Netflix.

  138. I want the NEW search back. The one you have now has the same old same old on it. I want the list that came out every Sunday. That's the only thing I have time for in terms of updating my list.

  139. The new format sucks. I cannot find my new releases. For instance "30 days of night" did not come up in the New Realeases nor did it pull up in horror search. I had to type the title in. My problem is what if I did'nt know the title? I would have missed this movie. I'm not finding out about these movies until I hear them on TV. How can they do this? This is not helpful to us. The New Releases page DOES NOT have new releases so why are they calling it that. Whoever is responsible for this change, may soon be responsible for my leaving. BRING BACK THE OLD FORMAT!!!!!!!!

  140. I like Netflix all in all.

  141. At first the revision of the browse function confused me. It added nothing but cosmetic changes at the cost of functionality, ease of use and speed of results. Then I realized the removal of the "releasing this week" feature was probably an attempt to "backdoor" a form their throttling policy under their customers notice.

    I'm hoping I,m wrong and they return the "releasing this week" feature, at least as an additional option, proving me wrong.
    Netflix should take note of the resoundingly unanimous oppinion of this change if not they will prove my suspicions for me.
    There are good alternitaves to their service available.

  142. People,

    They have the link to This Weeks New Releases on the first page of their blog.


  143. Since the new format, I have trouble seeing which movies are coming out. I like to look at all the new releases coming out not just the ones that netflix thinks I will like.

  144. Hello, I would like to see the return of the feature that allows you to browse the new releases for the week. THE SYSTEM YOU HAVE IN PLACE MAKES IT HARDER TO FIND THE NEW RELEASES coming out that week easily. I really do not like the new setup at all.

  145. I would like a exact search, like google gives you. By putting it in quotes like "The Rifeman Collection". This should bring up all DVD's containing this extact string. I don't like getting 60,000 results, even though I do see what I want in the beginning. It makes me think I have to look through all the results or I might miss something.

  146. I really would like to see the "Releasing this week" feature come back. I do not like scrolling through old movies that i've already seen when i'm looking for something new.

  147. I liked the tabs. This new search makes it much harder to find what you want. I know if I am looking for a movie, person etc, so now being able to filter on the tabs makes it much harder.
    Also, if I put in a title - I want the option to search on the complete title - not search for get smart and include everything that has the word get or smart in it.
    On the plus side, I do like the autofill in the search box.

  148. I hate the new search, especially the tab of popular new releases. These are not new releases. I want to see really new releases and can't seem to find them! I go to blockbuster to find the new releases and then come back to request on netflix. Waste of time. I am considering going blockbuster just because their search for new releases is so much better. They even have a section for what is currently in the theatres that you can add to your que without grabbing a newspaper to find out. Please make your search better or I will leave after having been a customer for 4 years!~ Your search is TERRIBLE!

  149. What happended to the gold stars & being able to rate things for one's profile by clicking on them. I don't really have interest in posting a review for every movie I see. I enjoy getting suggestions based on my "favorite films of all time". They're almost always worth watching & I've seen some good ones that way. I liketo plug in titles that I've rented somewhere alse or have seen on cable etc.--

  150. I Don't like the new setup. The star ratings have been removed & there is no option for removing a listing.
    Also, if I've seen a movie & rated it, I really don't want it showing up in my searches. (should be a preference option)
    New releases are difficult to find now, unlike it was before the change. I will never understand the logic to change the system for finding new movies. Now, because of the Netflix change, I find myself going to other sites in search of what I use to find on Netflix. I'd say your strategy is NOT working if it's forcing it's users to go elsewhere or to competitors for information...
    My suggestion would be too allow categories in new releases to be chosen by the user & not forced on us, better yet, bring back to old system. I could care less about "fav's from a year ago", "local fav's" any other genera I didn't prefer watching.
    Bring back the rating stars too! At least with the stars we have a visual on where a feature stands as a movie or how we or others rate them.
    Change is generally a good thing. In this case of the Netflix change, I believe we are being force feed. Navigation is difficult. I give a big THUMBS DOWN for the change.

  151. I don't know what all this HD vs BluRay stuff is doing in the section about changing the search funtions and page looks, but anyway...

    I hate the new "new releases" page - I want to see all of them at once, not page through all those categories. I also can't stand that the "more new releases" and "DVDs releasing this week" tabs are gone - I can't find anything I want now. It's very, very frustrating. The site looks pretty, but has become much harder to navigate - I haven't updated my queue in a long time because I can't find what I want. please change it back.

  152. Terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible. Been using Netflix for years, and the new changes make it all but impossible for me to search for new releases. PLEASE go back to the old format ASAP.

  153. Just in case I didn't make it clear, the new changes are TERRIBLE.

  154. The website gets worse every week. Every change is frustrating. The HUGE BOXES are annoying and the Releasing This Week feature is the most important one for me to see what is coming out and add to my Queue.

    Your New Release page has stuff from a year ago on it.

    The Suggestions For Me is not very good at determining my likes.

    It's hard when I can't glance at the screen to see what I am looking for because its all spread out.

    I think I am switching to just because of your website.

  155. I just posted what may be a bug in another post. I started with the newest. I'm reposting here.

    Out of curiousity I decided to search for a title. I saw another, Hana Yori Dango, and was surprised so I clicked it. The result showed 2762 hits (mostly people). None of the titles were actually Hana Yori Dango.

  156. The new site sucks. It use to be easy to find new releases. Now, maybe by design, you have to search by name. I loved the Releasing This Week page that use to exist. It was easy to catch the latest movies. Now the website loads verrrry slow for some pages and is frustrating to find anything new. Most featured films listed are 5-10 years old. Even the "new releases" are sometimes months old. If Netflix doesn't fix their website I am quiting and going to the anti-christ Blockbuster.

  157. Search/Sort Foreign Films?

    I was looking at the foreign films selection, and was disappointed that Netflix did not organize the movies (such as Korean movies, Japanese Movies,etc.)

    Why won't Netflix list the foreign films more specifically?

  158. Search by "Korean films" only... when will Netflix come up with a search tool like this??

  159. your sesarch is worthless when the stupid rating system you use gives ALL movies 3 or 4 stars.

    Besides your customer service is terrible

    The last 2 dvd's were damaged when played

    I received no satisfaction when I called - so I cancelled

    I could not use your computer movie system and could not get assistance
    When I tried to send a review and spend much time checking for spelling and accuracy, it was rejected by an error.
    Very poor response when I called

  160. Wow everyone hates your lack of search capability by date and genre. Go figure. Add to this the fact that you have buried access to new releases and customers are upset? My guess is that you are trying to improve cash flow by buying fewer new releases as a % of subscribers and trying to increase rentals of existing inventory. I will be betting that your stock, just hitting a 52 week high, due to your buying back your stock and last quarters 18% increase in subscribers will fall back into the low 20's. Why- because you make it hard to rent movies. Reminds me of AOL, remember them, you could sign up but never get online. To many customers not enough lines. Time to short your stock and make some money off your ineptitude.

  161. Just wanted to say I hate that the releasing this week feature was taken away. It really was nice knowing what was coming out, I don't have time to keep up with it. I am not pleased at all with the new release section!

  162. It would be great if you offered some enhanced search features (or perhaps they are there and I don't know how to use them - I am new to the service).

    What I mean is that if you do not know the title of the movie, but do know something about the content it is difficult to find. I was looking for Across the Universe and tried looking for it by searching "Beatles". This does not work since the word is not contained in the title. Paging through the musical genre would take a long time.

    It would be great if there was an "advanced search" feature. This is my only suggestion for the site/service. So far it is extremely impressive. One of the best services I have seen!!!


    A FAN ~swOOp~

  164. new search feature.. no good... I have to use the Blockbuster web sight to find all of the new releases before i go to netflix... no good, no good, no good!

  165. No good.... I have to use the Blockbuster website to discover all of the new releases before i can go to this...Netflix site... no good, no good, no good!

  166. I wish it was free. Just because you don't have a credit card doesn't mean you are a bad person and wouldn't return the DVD!

  167. I hate the new browse section. Its easier for me to go to the store, browse there, and then make a list of the movies I want to add to my queue. At this point I also agree with many of the other users that the "releasing this week" option should come back. And it does not appear that anyone at netflix puts much effort in updating the "New Releases" category, ie: its now May of 2008 but there are several movies listed that were lreleased in 2006. That's pathetic...

  168. The search feature is pretty useless. I just searched for 'Kitty O'Day' movies from the 1940s and 'Beowoulf' was listed !!!!!!!!!!!! Very typical of the results from Netflix search.

  169. Netflix is great. Im an addict. And where i know im not alone --- you could feed the addiction by maybe developing the community features you currently have and make it much more accessible for members to communicate with other members -- chat rooms, better organized forums, im's, the ability to reply to on.
    Also, what if i can get all the latest movie news from my netflix.
    A current update of upcoming dvd's and release dates, movies in theatre, and movie business new.
    All of these would leave little need for other sites, which people like me travel to everyday inorder to keep up.
    And it would be great if the site opened on latest releases. rather then, my suggestions, which have never, ever, ever been helpful. ever.

  170. How about a simple addition to the search engine?

    How about letting us search and get a list of titles in genres sorted by YEAR OF RELEASE?

    That way we can quickly scan the movies we didn't see in say, 1999, or 2006, etc?

  171. I'd like to point an inconsistency with the Browse Instant search module.

    A listing of movies that fall within the Military & War subgenre does not appear to be a comprehensive list. And I know there is a bit of subjectivity, but for instance, the movie THE GUNS OF NAVARONE does not show up in the list when looking at all movies in Military & War Action sub-genre, yet when looking at that film's description page, it says it belongs in that sub-genre.

    Any ideas?

  172. Hey, I'm all for improvement, but my computer is old and now I can't use the Netflix pages. I can't change the order of my movies or delete then from list. Every move I make is labored or completelynonworking.
    Can't you at least give a heads up...explain what is coming...whatever! I find it hard to believe I am the only customer with an old computer.

  173. Finding movies on Netflix can be summed up in one word... "crappy". I mostly get new releases, and I think Netflix went out of its way to make this process next to impossible. Under "Community Blog" there is a page "releasing this week" which is an awesome page!!!!! Why can't it be easy to get to? The current "new releases" tab is absolutely 100% worthless to me. I'm not saying eliminate it, because it may work for some people. But give us options!!!!! The only thing keeping me from switching back to Blockbuster (whose movie search is the BEST) is delivery, on which Netfilx excells. But your web site? Not so good.

  174. What happened to RELEASING THIS WEEK??? This was one of the main benefits of Netflix!!! Blockbuster online didn't have it...but now they do...copying Netflix...shoot...I hope you bring it back..else I should have gone to BB...:(

  175. the way netflix's search is set up is HORRIBLE!!! i actually have to go to OTHER WEB SITES and look at their "new releases by week" to remember the names of all of those movies that i saw on commercials a few months back. you know, the one's you'd tell yourself that "when this comes out on dvd, i'm gonna rent it"
    pathetic. i hope whoever made the desision to get rid of the new releases by week category that netfilx use to have is working somewhere else by now...

  176. Please put the RELEASING THIS WEEK function back on your website. Or, at the very least, permit the ability to search new releases in each individual genre. You seem to be more interested in your "pretty box shots" than functionality. It would be wise for you to listen to your clientele, especially during these uncertain economic might be at the top of the chain today, but tomorrow may be very different. And we who pay your salaries, have long memories.