Monday, December 3, 2007

Holiday Movies

This is what I knew I could count on y'all for. Someone in Netflixland ("Netflixia"?) is looking for holiday movies, and Phatz rises to the occassion. Good work, man.

Movies that have become a part of Christmas-time and the holiday season

Happy Holidays, from the blog.


  1. What better argument for us to be able to search Members Lists by subject matter, genre, sub-genre, decade, actor, director, 'wave', and so on, rather than have to make do with the paltry offerings that 'Community' doles out to us. Please, Sir, we want some more!

  2. Gratz Phatz on the well deserved limelight.

  3. Very cool! Thanks for the link, Michael. And thanks for the list, Phatz.

    And I agree with Brian, searchable Members Lists would be helpful. Or being able to search for movies using tags or key words (similar to would work, too.

  4. Oh, i agree too. "Search" continues to be refined, as evidenced by Meghan's work beginning with the new auto-complete.

    I have no timeline for y'all, but i completely agree that these would improve search.

  5. Thanks for the very kind words Michael. and baff , ang , and All.

    Just happy to help.

    I will organize the list tonight, with the styles grouped together (i.e. kids animation/ live action / classic etc.)

    Cheers friends!

  6. What, no Hanukkah or Quanza movies, Matt? Nobutseriously, great list(s)! I see some serious influence increase in your future....

  7. What's the deal with the new releases? ie: Sicko, The Wire, Waitress. Every time I put up a new release I get the "long wait to short wait" I heard Netflix is not even allowed to rent Sicko. Guess what, Blockbuster has them available now!

  8. "What's the deal with the new releases? ie: Sicko, The Wire, Waitress. Every time I put up a new release I get the "long wait to short wait" I heard Netflix is not even allowed to rent Sicko. Guess what, Blockbuster has them available now!

    Tommy Boy, You're so silly. I got Waitress the week it came out from Netflix, no problem. Guess you just don't know what you're doing. Sicko is in my queue on Long wait, yes, but I will be getting it soon. The reason Blockbuster has it available now (What kind of Richie Rich subscribes to both Blockbuster AND Netflix anyway?) is because you're their only subscriber. It's easy for them to buy one of every new release DVD to support your insatiable needs.

    It is disappointing though, that Netflix can't figure out a way to have enough of a new release supply to support the mad rush that comes every Tuesday. If only they put more new releases on Watch Now (Seems like Pan's Labyrinth made a quick move to Watch Now), we wouldn't have this problem. If we're already renting a DVD, who is it hurting to simply be watching the DVD in the Netflix player instead of on a big screen?

  9. Hey Phatz, thanks for such a detailed list! I found a couple to add to my list I didn't know about.

    Good Job!

    P.S. Careful MCWHAMMER or the Mac and Linux users will start hollering at you.


  10. Ouch! But fear not; we got our monthly $1's worth in the previous free-for-all thread.


  11. Friends has been down for me for 2 days now (I'm getting the usual 'down' message when I try to access it) there just a problem on my end, or is it actually down?

  12. No problems here (New York area). Perhaps a local outtage? Did you call Customer Service about it?

  13. When viewing the profile of a actor/director, why is the list of all their movies alphabetical? A chronological order would make more sense as the default view.

    For example, search for Clint Eastwood and view his 'Bio'. It's alphabetical and it's a jumble of movies he directed, starred, biographies and cameos (1 episode of Mr. Ed in '61). Going through all that is a mess.

  14. ""Seth said...
    Friends has been down for me for 2 days now (I'm getting the usual 'down' message when I try to access it) there just a problem on my end, or is it actually down?""

    I have been very frustrated as well. I ten to leave a lot of notes even if just for me. It is how I remember my thoughts on everything I see. I have not been able to see my note book for about 4 days and that really screws me up serious. one day I had like 30 minutes of friends back then ... gone again. My other friends must have access because I am receiving note I just can't write of read them (unless I read them from the email). I have been trying to wait patiently but ...

    On the flip side I have had time to work on my lists ;-) I added a lot more to the holiday list today since I can't reply to any of my friends. I haven't figured out a good way to sort it yet. Which bring me to my Netflix suggestion.

    2 parts.

    1) With in a list, if we could have a drag and drop like you arranged for the queues that would be very helpful. When I take movies from spot 78 79 & 80 and I put in 5 6 & 7 then save it screws up. The movies currently at 5,6,&7 in the list become jumbled with the new ones I moved up and then the list is a mess with the news ones at like 5, 7 , and 9. this is a problem when I am trying to do groupings like in my 're-makes' list. I want things side by side but what happens when I move them in the example above is this.


    become AXBYCZ. There is no way to move a movie more than only one at a time unless you re-number all 115 movies in the entire list. I have found this process frustrating. If there is a way to fix that I would greatly appreciate it.

    2) I would REALLY like to be able to re-order the lists themselves. That is movie 'Comic Book movies and Anime down and Re-Makes up. I specifically want to but continuations side by side. I didn't know there was a limit but apparently after 115 it won't let me add any more. so several lists down is the continuation and it makes it look very sloppy.

    Thanks a million for considering these suggestions. I realize that editing the lists is a feature not used by all 7million member but I think as the feature grows adding some user-friendliness would be nice.


  15. jonjacobjingleheimer-schmidtDecember 5, 2007 at 3:21 PM

    There is a maximum of 16 characters allowed for my choice of nickname, and yet in 5 min of browsing, I've come across nicknames of 17,19,19,23,25,and 26 characters. What gives? It seems the longer ones tend to take up more space and muddy up the neatness and the patterns of regularity. Perhaps these were "grandfathered in" from before the 16 character limit?

  16. @phatz
    I agree with you about making lists more user friendly. I tried to create one to track all the Doctor Who DVDs I wanted to add and it was so confusing and so hard to get them in any order that would make sense to me, I gave up.

    I've noticed that, too. Also, I've seen a few people who don't have a location under their name -- I'd love to know how they managed that!

  17. "I'd love to know how they managed that!"

    Yea, me too! It really compromises the much touted 'anonymity'.

  18. I really like the new search feature with auto-complete. You wouldn't beleive the headache this has saved me for mistypes.

    Check out the latest entries on for other great ideas from site users.

  19. "I've seen a few people who don't have a location under their name"

    That is because they live in small towns.

  20. Toby, from Idiotsville.December 5, 2007 at 10:51 PM

    Well, I really think members themselves should be able to decide whether or not their home town, large or small, shows up on the site. All we're really interested in here is what our fellow members think about the movies they watch, not who they are, or where they live. In fact it might even count unfairly against some of us, given that there are still those that believe that no-one from (fill in the blank) could possibly know what they're talking about.

  21. I didn't know where else to leave a suggestion, so here goes: Has anyone suggested to Netflix of putting in a tab in the New Release section for "Future Releases" for movies that will be coming out in the future? Meaning movies coming out more than a week in advance? If not, why not have Netflix put a tab in the "New Release" section that lists movies that are coming out this month, next month, so on?

    Not a Blogger/Don't want to be Annonymous, but that's the only selection available.

    Patti Kaese

  22. @Patti - It has been suggested. I would like to see it too.

    I suspect the reason they haven't done it is because it would increase the demand for movies on release day. Which would mean more people disappointed about not getting movies on day 1 and instead seeing "very long wait". Net effect would likely be a few happy people and a lot more unhappy.

    There are a lot of other websites out there that list future dvd release dates. The advantage of using another site is that when you spot a movie you want to see that Netflix doesn't know about, you can request it well in advance of its release.

  23. @ Patti and all the Anonymouses out there... you can type whatever you want in the "Nickname" box. Well, within reason. This is a family site after all.


    heres my list!

  25. Well, I promised I would organize my list. With the difficulty in putting lists in order I decided instead to break the master list into 10 categories +Watch Now. This was an advantage anyway because some movies overlapped categories and now I could put them with multiple groups. Here’s what I got. I hope this proves to be even more helpful. Cheers Friends! - Matt

    The master list

    Then I divided the list into these more organized categories.
    Divided into:

    CHRISTMAS - Family Comedies / Drama

    CHRISTMAS - Animated / kids

    CHRISTMAS - Santa Clause – Elfs

    CHRISTMAS – Snowmen

    CHRISTMAS – Classics

    CHRISTMAS – Reindeer

    CHRISTMAS - Music & Dance

    CHRISTMAS - A deeper look

    CHRISTMAS - Horror - not so Jolly

    CHRISTMAS – Specials


  26. Many thanks for these. Much appreciate all your (clearly frustrating!) hard work on them.

  27. What I am wondering is this... Pirates of Caribbean was on the "Releasing this week" a couple of weeks ago. I added to my que where it has gone from "short wait" to "very long wait" back to "short wait." When should I expect this movie? Pirates, Sicko, and Harry Potter are all in the same situation. What I notice is that none of these movies are listed in the New Releases section. I called to inquire about this today and got the run around. First off, I wonder if other Netflix users are seeing these movies in the "New Releases section." I also am starting to suspect the availability of such hot titles is different from new members and older members (a bait and switch practice).

  28. @ organic69, It is not a bait and switch matter. It is an experience issue though. Some of the members who have been around five years know how long the mail takes from their particular location and have experience timing the mail in dates with the releases. The best way to do it is to get on a 6 or 7 out at a time program and mail one from your mail box every day. Then you will be sure to have a slot open every day and have the best chance of receiving the movie on the particular day that it becomes available. Otherwise, have patience, demand will subside and you will get the movie eventually.