Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Another Top 10 Lists Posting

Many good suggestions - keep 'em coming. I have some questions for you.

1) Should we do any kind of filtering to restrict the presentation of these monster long lists? It does take a long time to load a list of 100 movies and I also find them of limited value. It's true -- as someone pointed out -- that they do have their place, but i tend to avoid them. We wouldn't stop their creation or anything, just perhaps we should not present them on this main Top 10 List page in that top block of personalized suggestions. They'd still be in popular and recent. But how many is the dividing line?

2) Did anyone notice that - based on your suggestions - we randomize the presentation of lists on an individual's List page? It used to only show your "Favorites" list - which is an automatically generated list of your 5-star rated movies. But if you have more lists than this, it presents something (anything) else.

3) Search-features would really be nice, i agree. I'm lobbying hard for getting lists into the search infrastructure. No timeline as of now. The more lists are useful and used, the easier this becomes.

4) Still tuning the way the various blocks "refresh". There were sufficient complaints about lists refreshing every time the page loads - it was (and continues) to make it hard when you have a few interesting results show up at a time. I have left the (original) block on the Community Home Page to refresh with each pageload, but this new page all blocks are "sticky" for your entire session. (Except the Featured Members, which is still fluid). Maybe these are too extreme. Maybe all we need is a "See more lists" button that forces a refresh. I won't be able to get to this any time soon, but i would be interested in your feedback.

5) Rating and hiding lists. Interesting. Not going to happen right now. Hiding a list is way to fringe a feature for me even to consider right now. Rating is interesting, but i think adds too much clutter. Voting on helpful is better, i suppose. But still, unlike receiving and watching a bad movie, finding a bad list is not all that painful. Protecting y'all from it might be overkill.

6) A special List "BOB" (the pop-up with special movie info) is a nice idea. I'll put it into a wish list.


  1. 1) If I were given an option to set a max list size to display, it would probably be about 250. I'm mostly interested in lists 50-100 long, but I have seen a few interesting lists with 100-200. Most the lists over 250 seem to be "My Movie Collection" type lists.

    2) I noticed, wasn't sure when you added it. Nice touch.

    4) This isn't a page I will use more than a couple times a week, so refresh rate doesn't matter much to me.

    5) While reviews are fairly static, a lot of lists tend to change over time. If I made a list of movies featuring cats, added 10 movies to it, then come back tomorrow to add 10 more and find that several people have rated my list 'unhelpful', I would be pretty annoyed.

  2. What I would really like to see for lists is the ability to sort them so that movies I haven't rated yet are at the top, or some other way of easily recognizing which movies I have seen already.

    As it is, it is far too much work to figure out which movies I haven't seen yet, so I really haven't looked at that many lists lately.

    Maybe put a colored border around rated movies, a bonus if the color of the border corresponds to the number of stars I gave it.

    As others have noted, there are some odd lists showing up in the personalized lists. Currently at the top of mine is a list called Fitness that is filled with exercise videos. I have never rented any exercise dvds, there are none in my queue and I have not given any a star rating. In fact I long ago marked the vast majority of them as "not interested". Perhaps since "not interested" is considered only a minor negative rating, perhaps I am in effect giving them them very high ratings as it seems most people rate all exercise videos 1 or 2 stars. Or maybe the system thinks I like exercies videos since I took the time to rate so many of them. Whatever the case, there is a flaw in there somewhere.

  3. I typically stay away from lists that are larger than 30 movies, so I would set the threshold at 50.

    I noticed the first Review by a Fave feed through to my Community home page today. That was great! The next really useful step would be for Faves ratings and reviews to load into the Movie view page so that I can quickly see what all my Friends and Faves thought of a particular movie (even if it is only the 5 star ratings and reviews that filter through for Faves).

  4. Anything much over 100 movies seems more like an anthology to me than a list. But since those too have their place, how about a separate category? So you'd have 'Top 10' (1 to 100), and 'Collections' (101 to infinity), which don't show up as a regular list but have their own separate tab for those that want to check them out.

    Probably too complicated, but it just seems a bit unfair to filter out the longer ones completely, whatever the cut-off.

  5. Unreleated to this post, I was told you might have the answer;
    The "Your Account" page on Netflix website says that I have been a member since March 2006 (which is correct), However when I look at my community profile, it says July 2007? can this be updated?
    Thanks for your assistance.

  6. I don't care too much about list length. As a matter of fact, I tend to avoid ultra-short lists (6 or under) because--I'm not sure why--but something about them always angers me. There can be very little comprehensive about a list of 6 movies. (Full disclosure: I myself have a few lists this short, but mine of course are the exceptions.) And while I have come across a few super long lists that are unnecessary, I have came across more that I found helpful.

  7. @Rabbit-NOTW - Sorry, but only Customer Service can help you with this kind of question (click 'Help' at the top of the page --> 'Customer Service' --> 'Other'. Current wait time approx 1 minute)

  8. I don't normally look at random lists that are longer than about 30 movies, so filtering out anything greater than 40 or 50 sounds about right to me.

    I definitely think that long lists have their place, but I don't think I would ever load up a random one just to see what was on it. Personally, I've only made one long list, and it is entitled "My Movie Collection." I don't expect random people to have any interest in it, but I figure that if someone finds me and likes my taste then that's about the best way to learn more about me.

  9. "...but I don't think I would ever load up a random one just to see what was on it."

    I was thinking more of someone that might be researching a particular topic, like say 'Films shot at Pinewood Studios' or 'Best War Movies', both of which could easily be over 50, but not totally random. But then you'd need the much anticipated ability to search.

  10. I tried them and they said to try the blog...Hmmmm??? where to go for here??

  11. Try again, and insist on speaking to a supervisor if they try to fob you off again.

  12. So customer service is telling people to come to the blog???? Michael, how does this make you feel?

  13. @Rabbit-notw

    That is very strange for customer service to tell you to come to a blog for answers. While this is a great place to post and discuss ideas, I am not sure a blog should ever be used for direct customer service questions; that would be the whole reason for 24 hour telephone support.

    I really doubt there are Netflix employees monitoring this blog anywhere near often.

    I suggest you call back and, as others have said, demand a supervisor if you get pushed off again.

    About the lists:

    I tend to ignore lists that look like phone books. A smaller, more direct list is more to my liking.

    It would be nice to be able to hide a list as well. I have started using a list to remind myself of Instant Viewing movies I want to watch because there is no queue for this. These aren't movies I have rated or even watched, so it's doubtful the mainstream will be interested in this list.

  14. @netflixjunkie - You can sort of hide lists now. Michael said a while back that they tend to ignore any list with the word Queue in the title, since it's more apt to be an overflow list for your personal use rather than something you want to share with others.

  15. It almost sounds like we need a 2 step process : (1) the ability to make lists, and (2) a way to post them if we want to (like reviews), rather than have them posted automatically - unless of course the title happens to include the words 'queue', 'Q', 'Cue', 'overflow', '500+', or similar!!

  16. @Eric

    Thanks for the info. I did not know we could do that.


    I am starting to ramp up my friends and the use of the community page, so I am not super familiar with all the features.

    I have a question about notes. When I log onto the community page, my Notebook shows that I have 20 new notes and (360 total). When I look at the new notes they do not seem to become old/read notes (at least for some amount of time).

    Does anyone know if new notes just become old notes automatically after a certain time period? Or if they have to be read, and then they become old notes after a certain time period.

    I like knowing I have new notes, but it's not obvious when the numbers do not appear to reset.

  17. What happened to the post from saturday on "the new members lists page" ? It just vanished. Michael, is this what happens when a thread meanders too far off-topic? Or did I miss something?

  18. michael, from netflixDecember 18, 2007 at 2:58 PM

    Not sure what you're talking about. I'm in Firefox and I just checked on IE. The old post is there...

    Honestly, i don't have the time to edit stuff out of here. I can only bearly muster the energy to weed the odd spam out, but luckily those are few and far between.

    I gotta say: what I have time for, aside from my job (building the stuff you and I are interested in here), is reading this. Every single comment comes to me, and i read them, no matter how far back the thread, no matter what the topic. And i'll let you know when that changes.

  19. @missing thread
    Michael- oops! yes, it's still there, just didn't recognize it... they grow so fast!

  20. I currently have 68 total notes and 66 are listed as new; I've checked them all and some are more than a month old. No idea when they are considered to be no longer new. I like the new lists page but agree that searching would be fantastic.

  21. I agree with all who are in the less then 50 movie range. 50 seems about the right number, it allows a decent compilation of titles while allowing a new list some room to grow.

    Good googly! I was looking just before I came here and there was a list with 1609 movies! I would be mad if I clicked on that and the page tried to load 1609 movie icons.

    So ;-) Lets try to avoid those K?

  22. re: new notes

    Michael said a while back that notes are considered new if they were sent within the past X days. I don't remember what X was (or if he said), but I think it's in the neighborhood of 2 or 3 months.

    I think the grand vision is to change this so that notes are only new if they haven't been read, or something similar. However it's so far down the priority list that we probably won't see a change for a long time.

  23. 1) I avoid lists over 50, for the reasons stated by others. I would like to have the mega-lists (100 and more) blocked from the lists page, so that I can see more of the shorter lists.

    2) Because of the fluid nature of the lists, I would be against lists being rated "helpful" or "not helpful." As a list maker, however, it would be helpful to get some feedback about how my lists are being viewed and used.

    3) As "baff" said, there is some fundamental flaw in how lists are picked for the "based on your queue and ratings" box. I have several horror film lists in my box. I don't like horror movies, don't put them in my queue, and have never ranked one over two stars.

  24. For God's sake, Netflix, speed up your site. It takes me about 15 mintues to look at a few movies and choose them. I click on a page and I get a message of 97 items to upload. WTF? I'm going to dump you if you don't fix this. Simplify it. Now.
    I can drive to the store and rent stuff faster than doing it online. It's 2008, almost. This site is s l o w.

  25. 1) I would agree with Baff. There are occasions where a comprehensive list is useful. ie. All Christmas related or Vampire related flicks. Or a broad base list like all Re-Made movies. But 1300 comedies serves little value to me. I think I have see a useful 330 list. But I would not go over 500 FOR CERTAIN! 300-500 would be where my vote lies for a cap if one is instituted. But then make it possible to edit the lists of that size.

    2) I hadn't noticed but I just checked it out and ... That’s pretty nice. [shrugs] It certainly takes less time to load for people with *LOTS* of five star rated movies. =) Not a big deal to me but cool anyway.

    3) Keep us posted on the Search features. Make sure that they search not JUST the List name ALSO the description. Or allow the creators to select 3 key words to trigger a search. BUT I need to be able to edit the description of a couple of my lists to make it helpful and the ability to edit or number my list is gone for bigger lists. So two parts to that one.

    4) I like the refresh set at, very often, because if there are 6 lists I want to look at I just open them in 6 different windows and don’t mind the page changing. I *DO* like the idea of a 'Refresh button' to force refresh EVEN better!! Great thinking Michael!

    5) Rating or hiding lists is not a priority to me. I do NOT like a 5* rating at all! If you do go to Helpfuls, I would leave out the ‘not helpful’ and keep the score private to NF. Just List in order 'Most Helpful'. There are enough things people have to compete for in my opinion. Some people won't write reviews for fear of get 'Not Helpful' marks. I would hate to see people afraid to make lists for the same reason. I may get overruled or out voted on this one but that is my opinion. I think it seems unnessicary and I would focus on the search features and extending the ‘most Popular’ list LONG before messing with list scores. IMO.

    6) The (pop-up with special movie info) since it was my idea, OF COURSE I am going to be a *big* advocate of that one =) LOL. ASAP please.

    Thanks for all the work Michael. We all love the direction things are going.

    Cheers all!

  26. @anon (12:02pm)

    "For God's sake, Netflix, speed up your site."

    Hmm, seems plenty fast enough to me, but I am sure Michael loves to get cursed at by an Anon. Bet they will jump right on that.

    Personally, I think you should walk to the store. Then you would have less time to write posts such as this.

    And if you leave, there would be one less user to calculate; that should make it faster.

  27. To further defend the case for lists over 50 (which seems *much* too small) for me I prefer a longer list because lets say for example the limit is 25. Now if the category is "screwball comedies 70' & 80s" Then one persons list would look very similar to another persons list because the 25 'Best' and most famous/ most like movies are going to be in it. How many people have National Lampoon's Animal House in a list? But who needs it in a list because everyone has seen it. Having that in the list allows said list to show up on the page so people can find the rare gem in there that was not *so* good OR so popular but hey, it's a movie they haven't seen and just might like too. So I do advocate the cap, but not a cap that low that it limits putting some lesser appreciated movie in the list with the greats.

    *[tangent thought -- that would be interesting to search. How many lists contain XYZ movie]

    OK sorry folks. stepping off my soap box now. :)

    Cheers again! And Happy Holidays!


  28. Perhaps, a checkbox within our preferences pages that allows us to choose:

    x: show me lists with no more than 50 titles

    X: show me lists with no more than 100 titles

    X: show me all the lists no matter length

    Or something similar.

  29. I avoid short lists for the same reason Phatz does. With any "best of" list shorter than about 30, I have seen almost all the movies and long since decided I am not interested in the few I haven't. Sounds like this is mostly just an issue for those of us who have watched too many movies for our own good.

  30. 1) No filter! I like to at least have the option of looking at long lists. People who don't want to look at a long list don't have to click on it.

    2) I noticed, I like.

    3) Well one way to make lists more used is to make them easier to make. It's SO annoying right now to try to change the order within your list. I've even had part of my list completely deleted during some edits. Also, it would be nice to be able to change the order of the lists (of the list themselves, not just the items within the lists).

    4) I like the idea of a "See More Lists" button.

    5) No, no need to have a rating option for lists--I'd rater hold out for the search option!

    Thanks, Michael, for your continued solicitation of our feedback!

  31. Opps I posted this on the old thread so I'm duplicating it here:

    Anonymous Chawk said...

    50 movies is about my limit also. I've clicked on longer lists intentionally and usually get bored after scanning 50. When I click on monster lists by accident (because the tally doesn't show) I just get annoyed and click off fast. However it is obvious that the rest of Netflix prefers big lists. I'm surprised that only 3 of the most popular lists are less than 50 and 2 of them are over 1000 movies long. (Dramas to see and Comedies to see) When I see long lists like those I think that they contain mainstream shows that I can locate through other NF searches and I actually wonder if the list maker has watched all those movies and rated them 4 or 5 stars.

    I don't want general movie info. I can do searches for comedies and dramas. I prefer finding the unusual lists put together by someone that has taste similar to mine. I want movies that someone has seen and thinks are "Top Movies" since that's what the lists are called. Or if they think they are Top Movies to stay away from I'd like to know that too. The easiest way for me to find lists like that is to go to an odd movie I love and see who's put it on a list.

    The first couple of days the new list page was open I looked at most of the lists (not those monster "directories") and they looked to be too mainstream for my tastes. So, I think my old way of finding movies works better for me but my tastes probably don't match the majority.

    BTW - Are you guys pushing stand up comedy? hehe

    Like others have said the lists based on my ratings seem to not be hitting the mark. I too get a lot of stand up comedy lists. I think there is only one standup comedian I've rated on here - Eddie Izzard - maybe 4 dvds and he isn't listed in any of the lists I'm getting and the list makers don't have a high sim to me so I don't know why the program thinks I'd be interested so much in those other DVDs.

    <> Anyway, I have questions <>

    (1) What happened to the easy way for us to view our own lists and reviews? Has it been installed and if so where is it or do we still need to view it from someone else's profile?

    (2) How can I tell how long my own lists are (other than counting them)? If I look at them from a faves profile I just see lists but no tally. If I look at my lists from my edit mode I need to click on edit to see how many are in the list. (Very Nice job NOT throwing us into the monster favorites BTW but I'd still like to have the option to delete that list or move it to the bottom.)

    Being able to tell how long a list is from the list makers list page (not the new list page) would be so convenient, then those of us who don't want the jumbo directory or the annoying 1 movie list, will be forewarned.

    I think you will find some bug that is shoving stand up comedy down our throats and tweak the lists and in a few weeks and the list page will be awesome.

    <> Thanks to you and your team! <>

  32. Question for Baff

    How can you have watched 19,000 movies? Your picture looks like you are a very young guy but if you watched 1 movie a day for over 50 years you still wouldn't have had time for all those?

    1 x 50 x 365 = 18,250

    And on your profile you say you rate 11% of the movies as 5 star so you have over 2,000 5 star movies?

    I really don't want to accidentally hit your favorite list.

    Are you in the industry?

  33. "I actually wonder if the list maker has watched all those movies and rated them 4 or 5 stars."

    That person has rated 43k+ movies. I assume they did like me and marked a huge number as "not interested". Then made lists for themselves of movies in each genre they would consider watching. Just my guess.

    They seem to have gone through like 70k movies, which is probably about the entire Netflix library.

  34. I have only actually rated 3412 movies and TV seasons, the rest are "not interested".

    That picture isn't very recent, I am in my late 30s.

  35. Add the year to a movie name in the auto complete. It seem that it always goes with the earliest version of a movie.

    Drag and drop like the Queue does for ordering the list is a good suggestion too.

    Slight bug using Firefox when typing the auto complete doesn't recognize ' marks. For instance, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, will just display The Hitchhiker once clicked in the drop down.

  36. ...the auto complete doesn't recognize ' marks

    Must be site-wide apostrophobia! Same thing happens sometimes when one's making lists, writing reviews or sending suggestions - mine now being to fix this intermittent apostrophe blindness! Although, come to think of it, did not 'Data' have this very problem?

    I agree that we absolutely need the year as well as the title, but I (also in Firefox) generally find the new search feature spectacular - I mean 'The Hitchhikers' Guide...' appeared almost before I'd finished typing 'The Hit', fer Peetsake!

  37. Am finding some great lists. I like the idea of somehow being able to alert other members to a particularly good one (maybe a star we could click on?), but wouldn't want to steer others away from a list I don't like just because I'm not a big fan of, say, Musicals. So it would be more : "don't show ME this list again", without the punitive aspect of 'unhelpful'.

  38. i can't find a good place to post a suggestion so i am going to do so here.

    i don't like the fact that i can't turn off email notifications when a movie is shipped or received. it clogs up my inbox to get these emails. enough already.


  39. Who had the dumb idea to eliminate the page with the new releases for the week? How am I, or my friends, who are serious film lovers, going to know what Netflix has newly available? We are the ones who seek out the classic, foreign or far from mainstream films. The page was up on Sunday, but nowhere to be seen this Thursday night. To remove it was a bad, bad, bad idea.

  40. peter -- there's a button on the home page (or the Browse DVDs tab) called "New Releases". Isn't that where it's always been?

  41. While we're off topic, those sliders are mighty annoying. It hardly takes any time to scan a page to find movies that you're interested in, as opposed to going clunk clunk clunk through those sleepy things.

  42. The new releases page has been changed. Even the people working the Netflix phone are unaware. There is no longer the page that listed all of the new releases under various genre categories that were added to the Netflix catalogue for the current week. Check for yourself. I've been a subscriber for years so I know where I was able to find the info previously.

  43. Yes the New Releases page showing what is coming out for the week is now gone. If this stays gone, you can guarantee I will not be getting my movies from Netflix. It's not my job to going and looking on someone else's site for information on what movies are coming out this week. It's the job of the people that I pay to get the movies from.

  44. peter -- it's obvious I never use the new release page, isn't it? I didn't notice anything different. But after reading Michael's most recent post, it looks like it's a work in progress, which is cool.

  45. @ Baff

    ""Sounds like this is mostly just an issue for those of us who have watched too many movies for our own good.""

    ha ha. =) yeah, too true. Sounds like we have much in common.

    @ Anonymous said...
    ""i don't like the fact that i can't turn off email notifications when a movie is shipped or received. it clogs up my inbox to get these emails.""

    What I did was create a separate arbitrary email account. It is very easy to change your email with Netflix to be one that is not your primary email. Then every few months I would go empty it out. Accept now many of my NF friends have that email so I go more often but it is not my primary email account so it is not important to get there frequently.

    @ Peter, and Netflix,
    I like the new releases page. I have had other source for New Releases for years. I do not believe it is NF job to do. I do think the new release list only adds to the long waits which people have already complained about on this thread. I think for those us us who care about the new releases we probably have a system in place already. At least that is my opinion.

    @ NetflixJunkie,
    I like the idea to choose:
    Limit list below 100. or include all. Because like I said before, the short lists rarely help me, unless they are very obscure categories.

    Cheers all and Happy Hollidays!

  46. Missing "Play Preview" button:
    Just because Netflix is pushing this "Play Now" feature, they drop the "Play Preview" feature on movies that have a "Play Now" button.
    Why do I find that a clueless pimple on the cerebral cortex?
    for ONE— A trailer is designed to give you a fast idea of the film while a "Play Now" will take you 15 minutes to get an idea.
    SECOND— The "Play Now" button does not work with any other browser other than Microsoft Internet Explorer (and the Bill & Linda Gates Foundation does NOT excuse all the other things wrong with Microsoft). What about Firefox, Mac users, Safari, Opera & the other ways to access Netflix? There goes 1.3 milllion viewers down the drain.
    THIRD— The top dudes on the Netflix admin staff are always pushing the user experience towards their next step in their business advancement map. This has nothing to do with me so I wish they would stop the propaganda and let the experience lead us wherever we choose to go.

  47. Hi,
    I would really like for you guys to support Game Rentals as well.

    I was a netflix subscriber for a year till I bought my PS3 and now I do Blockbuster for their game rentals but their service is really bad.

    I wish you guys could do game rentals. I don't mind paying for it. I was also on Gamefly and they do it really well so I am sure you guys could as well.

  48. Add the year to a movie name in the auto complete. It seem that it always goes with the earliest version of a movie.

    Yes! Without the ability to pick the proper version of a movie, the Top 10 list-making service is pretty much useless to me. My list of 2007 releases includes half a dozen incorrect titles because I could not choose the right year. This is something that needs to be changed ASAP in my opinion.

  49. Speaking of picking movies from certain years, it would be nice if release dates were more integrated into Netflix in general. The fact that I marked a movie that I saw in the 70's as excellent doesn't mean I now want to watch a lot of movies from the 70's. Picking desirable ages of movies could also cut down on the size of these lists. (If I only want to see movies from the last 15 years, I bet a lot of those lists with 250 movies on them would be much, much smaller.)

  50. Why is Netflix hiding its brightest light under a proverbial bushel?

    I'm talking about Red Envelope Entertainment, and the magnificent little documentaries they've been turning out. The producers and directors of these should be highlighted magazine-style somewhere wuthin the Netflix webspace...why would I have to go hunting on my own to find the Vanity Fair article that preceded Girl 27? Open your pages to Red Envelope staffers to create an online zine about current and upcoming offerings. Red Envelope is something we won't ever see Itunes come up with, at least not with the same taste and commitment.

  51. I have to agree with someone else since I am also BEYOND frustrated with your website. I looked everywhere and could not find a way to contact customer service except via telephone. I am currently Deployed to Iraq and Telephone calls are not easy to come by, and if they do, they are used talking to family and friends. All I want to do is restart my membership, but to do this, I need to change my address which, being in Iraq, but US military, can not be validated. My CC has this address and it has worked fine. You however can not accept it as it can not be validated by the USPS. What can I do about it?
    My address is:

    MNC-I C7
    APO AE 09342

    Now, do you see the problem?

  52. michael, from netflixDecember 30, 2007 at 5:20 PM

    @MNC-I C7

    I've just heard that Netflix is going to contact you via mail to try to help you get this handled. Keep us posted.

  53. A little off topic, but you were requesting feedback. I just finished a phonecall with your customer service department, I have never experienced such horrible customer service from a call center. I was frustrated and confused about the fact that even though I signed up for my free trial, on Monday the 17th of December at 5:30 in the afternoon, my two weeks were considered ended sometime on Sunday the 30th. I naturally assumed that two weeks from Monday, would be Monday, the 31st. The person I talked to was very rude, he kept saying how much "he apologized" but in a tone that was both demeaning and belittling. I was shocked. He offered me absolutely no solutions, and could not adequately explain why my free trail ended a day before it should have. I wasn't planning on cancelling my account, just lowering to less discs as I had noticed we weren't going through them as quickly as I had expected. His response was so disheartening that as of now, I am planning on cancelling my account within the month. (I guess several days early as I have no recourse if I'm billed prematurely.) I certainly will not be recommending netflix to any of my friends and family now, which is too bad since until this incident, I had found netflix to be enjoyable, convenient and economical. I'll use a different service before I will be treated so disrespectfully again.

  54. What happened to the new releases? I can't find them anywhere. All I see is some groups of four movies. I got to find that list or I'll run outa movies. Is there any way to make the old lists come back?

  55. I'd a button to tell Netflix that I own the movie on DVD, so they can both remove it from the suggestions, but can recommend similar movies both for rent, and for sale. Rating should still be there, too, for these, because I may own a move (stop showing it to me), but I may not like it very much. Just another wrench to throw into your algorithm.

    This is probably not a good business model, but it'd also kind of be nice if I could SEE what my friends own. Maybe I can just borrow it from them - but I'm sure that's not in Netflix best interest.

  56. Apple Instant Viewing Feature.

    Would love to hear about any updates on instant viewing for people on the Apple platform. Thanks.

  57. I am living in Germany and am still trying to figure out how to enter my APO BOX without having NetFlix change my zipcode to something other than what it is supposed to be. During the address verification process it gives and error. My question with this is also that in order for me to ask for this change i am unable to email Netflix and forced to call them back in the States. I need help with this somehow without having to call. Can Netflix help out?

    Greg McMenimen

  58. I subscribe to the 8 movies at a time, so watch quite a few. Here are my top suggestions. Hope this is the right place to post new suggestions.

    I would do at least one of the following:
    a. set up a separate "Your Queue" for the watch instantly movies.
    b. filter/sort the existing "Your Queue" by those movies that can be watched instantly and those that can't.
    c. add a watch instantly button beside each item in ""Your Queue." for those movies that can't be watched instantly, this button would be greyed out.

    When searching lists of movies, it would be nice to show the DVD cover. I realize some users may not want this, so perhaps it could be turned on and off, like Blockbuster.

    Thanks for listening!!!

  59. How about a way to flag movies for instant watching so when you are searching you can put a flag on a movies so they will show up in a list so you don't have to search through a bunch of movies again to find things you would like to watch that are available for instant watching?

  60. This comment has been removed by the author.

  61. How about fixing the absolutly TERRIBLE quality control at Netflix. I miss large chunks of every third movie I rent from you guys because it's such garbage. Every other disk has got some kind of glitch in it. When I complained to your customer service department they had the nerve to tell me that you rely on your customers to do your quality control for you!

    WTF!? Your customers do your quality control for you? That is one of the most asinine thing I've ever heard.

    I can come up with at least one technical method and one process method to fix this situation BEFORE THE DISK goes out to the customer, why can't netflix?

    I've been with you guys for 3 years. I'm fed up with this and I'm going to check out Blockbusters service because you guys obviously don't care about quality.

  62. I would like to see a setting that could be selected by the customer as to whether or not movies should be shipped from another wharehouse if the closest does not have the movie in stock. If the customer only wanted movies shipped from the closest distributer, then the next movie in the cue that was available would be sent.

  63. a suggestion. Anyone considered this, yet? I think it would be fun to have an annual Netflix award voted for by, say, the top 1,000 reviewers that corresponds with the Oscars. We could call it the "Flickers." what do you think?

  64. I haven't read everything here, so I don't know whether this has been suggested. I appreciate the movie suggestions on the home page and elsewhere, but I've already seen many of them outside of NetFlix. How about a button that records "seen this one already" into your database so you can try to sell us something new?

  65. I haven't read everything here, so I don't know whether this has been suggested. I appreciate the movie suggestions on the home page and elsewhere, but I've already seen many of them outside of NetFlix. How about a button that records "seen this one already" into your database so you can try to sell us something ne1) If I were given an option to set a max list size to display, it would probably be about 250. I'm mostly interested in lists 50-100 long, but I have seen a few interesting lists with 100-200. Most the lists over 250 seem to be "My Movie Collection" type lists.

    2) I noticed, wasn't sure when you added it. Nice touch.

    4) This isn't a page I will use more than a couple times a week, so refresh rate doesn't matter muc