Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Another Top 10 Lists Posting

Many good suggestions - keep 'em coming. I have some questions for you.

1) Should we do any kind of filtering to restrict the presentation of these monster long lists? It does take a long time to load a list of 100 movies and I also find them of limited value. It's true -- as someone pointed out -- that they do have their place, but i tend to avoid them. We wouldn't stop their creation or anything, just perhaps we should not present them on this main Top 10 List page in that top block of personalized suggestions. They'd still be in popular and recent. But how many is the dividing line?

2) Did anyone notice that - based on your suggestions - we randomize the presentation of lists on an individual's List page? It used to only show your "Favorites" list - which is an automatically generated list of your 5-star rated movies. But if you have more lists than this, it presents something (anything) else.

3) Search-features would really be nice, i agree. I'm lobbying hard for getting lists into the search infrastructure. No timeline as of now. The more lists are useful and used, the easier this becomes.

4) Still tuning the way the various blocks "refresh". There were sufficient complaints about lists refreshing every time the page loads - it was (and continues) to make it hard when you have a few interesting results show up at a time. I have left the (original) block on the Community Home Page to refresh with each pageload, but this new page all blocks are "sticky" for your entire session. (Except the Featured Members, which is still fluid). Maybe these are too extreme. Maybe all we need is a "See more lists" button that forces a refresh. I won't be able to get to this any time soon, but i would be interested in your feedback.

5) Rating and hiding lists. Interesting. Not going to happen right now. Hiding a list is way to fringe a feature for me even to consider right now. Rating is interesting, but i think adds too much clutter. Voting on helpful is better, i suppose. But still, unlike receiving and watching a bad movie, finding a bad list is not all that painful. Protecting y'all from it might be overkill.

6) A special List "BOB" (the pop-up with special movie info) is a nice idea. I'll put it into a wish list.