Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What do y'all think?

I've read your initial comments on today's release, and i tend to agree that the TV folks are gumming up the works. I'll see what we can do about that (don't go deleting ratings on shows just yet... give us a chance to refine this). Have you guys updated your "personal statements"? Did anyone notice that we got the movie information (the "BOB") to pop up on those Most Loved/Hated box shots on the Community Home page. Finally. And your Friends' names are back in the activity block.

As for the genre similarity: any one movie might be in a number of genres and subgenres; we don't only look at how many movies in a given genre you've seen, but consider these in proportion to how many movies are in that particular genre, and how you tended to rate the movies in that genre.

Anyway, i thought this posting would be a better locale for your release feedback. I'm also glad we're done discussing the grammar of "my bad," it was one of the more radical thread departures i can remember...


  1. I haven't figured out what people might care to know about me in my personal statement. They have access to my favorite movies, genres, actors and directors. Not sure what more is relevant. Maybe I will list the current TV shows I am watching.

  2. I decided to add that list and was quite surprised when it actually fit. It says there is a limit of 200 characters, but I am at 380 and it is displaying fine.

    I did a little test and it will actually hold over 3500 characters, might be no limit at all.

  3. It ignores html and carriage returns, so anything above around 500 characters turns into an ugly wall of text. I am currently at 514, think I will leave it as is for a bit.

  4. Sorry for spamming here. Not my fault everyone else sleeps at this time.

    I've had my personal statement vanish twice now. I thought it was something I did the first time, but I know I didn't do anything the 2nd time. I'll leave it for a while to see if it re-appears though, it does say that it takes "up to 24 hours to appear everywhere".

  5. Michael, putting BOB on the loved/hated images is great, thank you.

    I will reiterate that there is a bug on the recent activity for the outward facing profile, which is displaying movies that have been marked as private.

    Keep up the excellent work that you, your team, and the rest of the talented Netflix development teams have been doing for us.

  6. Concerning "private" movies. The feature makes these movies private for your Friends -- they know you, they know your name, and they are the people you don't want to see some of your titles. It was our opinion here that since you are anonymous to the outside world, the hiding of certain titles wasn't required for strangers. This may or may not be the right path here - and i know privacy is an important topic, but that was the thinking with the very very rapid release of those movie privacy features. And FYI: almost no one uses those movie hiding tools. I like them very much, as i'm sure many of you do, but in the greater scale, they're not used, so i'm not particularly inclined to refine them much at this point. Lots of other stuff in works takes priority. But i'm certainly open to hear debate on the feature.

  7. My statement is up. I'm happy with it, I think I summed up my movie life in a brief 200 words and I'm loving the profile pages right now. I was also pleasantly surprised to see that it pretty much nailed my favorite directors and what not. So far all is cool. The only problem I'm continuing to have is my reviews appearing and disappearing or not even showing up at all. I reviewed Jake West's Evil Aliens on October 6th and it has never shown up, not to mention I reviewed three other movies that weekend that keep coming and going. It's frustrating, but I know you will get the bugs worked out, I'm guess I'm just letting you know so you know. Also I love me some 1/2 stars. Yummy in my tummy!

  8. I have checked out my profile, but something I find odd is that it doesn't show any "favorite genres" for me. I have rated most of the genres on the Netflix front page -- is there somewhere else I'm supposed to rate them? One of my friends has numerous favorite genres, and my page shows none. How can this be fixed?

  9. I think I have a problem with genres also. I have ~1800 ratings whereas my 3 friends have less than 200. However, my "favorite genres" lists just 3 categories (and the titles in these genres are not something I watch very often: 2 TV categories and foreign children and family-- which I doubt I've even seen 1 movie of that kind)...yet my friends have more than 15 favorite genres listed. I don't mind that there's just a few listed but they don't seem very accurate. Otherwise, I thought my most watched actors and directors was mostly on target with only 2 TV actors and 0 TV directors...so I escaped that problem.

  10. Is the profile supposed to show both Loved and Hated? So far all I see are "Loved" listed.

  11. According to Netflix, one of my Favorite Genres is Miscellaneous Hobbies and Games. I never knew that category existed before it was listed as one of my favorites. It took me a few minuted to even find it listed as a sub-genre under the main heading of Special Interests. I have absolutely no clue as to what is causing that to appear as a favorite.
    My only other favorite genre listed is Family Drama. Umm...not especially.

    In spite of that, the list of actors is pretty close, even thought none of them are known for gaming or family drama films. ;-) It does list one actor whose movies I have not watched for years, and will not watch ever again. I'd love to make that go away since he hasn't been frequently watched for a very long time.

    The director list is great. One television director is showing up, but that may change once the tinkering is done.

    I have changed the nickname on my profile, though, now that I know the movie hiding features do not apply there. My nickname had been one that I have been using all over the place on the internet since I got my first computer. OK, so the odds may be long that anyone might make the connection, but I have done it with others who have cross-pollinated from one online community to another over the years and if I can make those connections, so can others.

    I'm really thinking that I should go back to marking everything possible private, though. Now that we know the movie hiding only works in once certain instance, it makes me wonder what other privacy holes will appear because Netflix doesn't think they are important enough to fill. I am uneasy about having to find out about such things by trial and error on the part of the users.

  12. Looking really good.

    A few questions, not gripes.

    Are the occasional missing genres lists (and one directors list) a bug or an insufficiency of data?

    If someone really believes that there's been a mistake -- and we've already seen a couple of people who do -- is there any way to have that info double checked? And if so where should the request be made?

    Any ETA on our being able to see our profile without having to use someone else's profile button of us?

    @Baff. No bio yet. But do most of us really need one? So far I have :

    Husband/life partner to Baffette and father to son Cody (pseudonym to protect his real identity), enjoys blogging and watching sci-fi movies, insomniac, enjoys going to Ascot and/or weddings, empathic, smart, good sense of humor, really really REALLY wants 1/2 stars.

  13. Under "rate genres" I gave TV one star. If memory serves, I have NEVER had a single episode of ANY television series in my queue, EVER. Still, for some reason, my profile lists "TV", "TV Miniseries" and "TV Sci-Fi & Fantasy" among my favorite genres. Why? I do not really understand "Music and Musicals" or "Best of British Humor" either. There is something seriously wrong with the way that you assign genres as my favorites.

    I appreciate all of your hard work and do find the Netflix site easy to use but your suggestions of people with similar interests have yet to identify even on person who struck me as a true kindred spirit.

    [:-)] Mark

  14. Michael: "hiding of certain titles wasn't required for strangers."

    Is there something preventing Friends from looking at our profile pages?

    "almost no one uses those movie hiding tools"

    Which is why you should consider anyone who does take the time to use them to be very, very serious about their privacy. Rather than exactly the opposite.

    @carson - Heh, pretty close, but no son, and that was my wedding many, many years ago

  15. There's something a little bit buggy happening for me:

    Last night I left a note for the movie 'Planet Terror'. When I left it I checked the box to send myself a copy (I've never really understood what this does as I don't get an email if I do it and it would normally show up in my notebook even if I don't check that box... but whatever).

    Now, on my Community page in the "friends and faves" block the listing for my new note is showing up twice one after the other. In the first instance if I click on my name, it takes me to "Friend A's" profile page. If I click on my name in the second instance of it, it takes me to "Friend B's" page. Neither of those listings go to my actual profile.

    Then, if I go to either Friend A or Friend B's profile pages, in their "Recent activity" section is listed "left a note for Planet Terror". Of course they didn't leave a note, I did.

    This is sure a weird bug!

  16. @mzajac - Favorite Genres is based on your movie ratings, what is in your queue or how you rated genres isn't taken into account.

    If you haven't rated any TV shows, miniseries, or made-for-TV movies, then there is certainly something wrong.

    To find out what you have rated 4/5 stars in a genre, click on that genre on your profile page and make sure that it is set to "Include Rated or Added Movies".

  17. Sorry Baff. I was forgetting that you were quoting someone else. There's a lot of Baffic data to process, as I'm sure you can appreciate :
    Baff said...

    "When my son went to rate a movie he asked me where the 1/2 is and I said there isn't one."
    I'll pay better attention next time!

  18. My "personal statement" still hasn't reappeared. If it doesn't show up by tonight, I'll pare it down to 200 and see if that fixes it.

    If there really is a 200 limit, it would be nice if the entry field was limited to 200 so we now when we hit it. Currently I am using a text editor to count for me.

    @Carson - Let me know when you finish the book, maybe a studio will pick it up and make a movie! Woo, I'm gonna be famous!

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  20. to Carson:

    RE: Your note to Baff ""When my son went to rate a movie he asked me where the 1/2 is and I said there isn't one.""

    Cody belongs to me not Baff.

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  22. @CHawk. I deeply apologize for misattributing your son, and will of course revise your entry as well. I plan to send everyone copies when the anthology is finished. Now, where's that Becky Glass...?

  23. All kidding aside, some people's mini-bios are actually very helpful (and some pretty funny), even though I was initially somewhat resistant to the idea. Maybe the character limit could actually be upped a bit, since we've already gone this far in getting to know our neighbors so much better in all but name?

  24. The "Favorite Actors" is the funniest thing I've seen in a week! I don't even know who half of them are! ROTFLMAO !!!

  25. Did you click on them? It usually tells you what they've been in, which should help unravel the mystery. If you want it unravelled, that is!

  26. Michael,

    I don't know if you made any changes with the TV rating issue because I went through last night and removed all my TV ratings before I saw your post for us not to do that. Well I had to keep a few -Arrested Development, La Femme Nikita, Black Adder and a very few others. I tried to leave the first season of all my favorite shows so they would only count 1 time.

    Anyway, tonight my real favorites are on the actors and director lists and there are a couple of surprises. Really fun info!

    Nice job on this page.

  27. chawk: I don't think they've made those tv issue changes yet because I have not gone in and changed any of my tv ratings like you did, so I'm still showing Sarah Michelle Gellar and David Boreanaz as most watched actors and Joss Whedon as most watched director. Oi Vey!

  28. Posted by Christopher Bassoo, Canada

    I wanted to thank you for the informative and enjoyable read. I have been sitting here with my coffee and laptop enjoying a Bassoo family evening. Again many thanks, warmest of regards Chris Bassoo, Toronto, Canada

  29. I know people complained about the loved/hated DVD covers being unreadably small (and THANKS for the BOP, btw), but most of the other posters seem unnecessarily big and byte consuming. However, there's also an in-between size that would seem to be a perfect compromise. And maybe the extra space would allow you to add red or yellow stars, which would be really nice.

  30. My "personal statement" never came back. I cut it down to below 200 chars and it seems to be doing just fine now.

    All in all, a nice update this week. Some cool new features. Good work Michael and gang.

  31. I'm also having issues with the Favorite Genres list. I've rated about 1350 movies, yet I have no favorite genres listed.

    A little while back I went through the genre list on the main page and gave ratings to some of the ones that I care about, so I tried clearing those out yesterday to see if that would fix the problem (I thought those ratings were kind of stupid/useless anyway). Alas, I still have no favorite genres.

  32. michael, from netflixOctober 17, 2007 at 8:22 AM

    The favorites genre thing is unrelated to the handful of genres you rate as part of the questions asked when you are a new user. Clearing out those preferences is not a good idea - it won't change this and it might cause other elements of the site personalization to be weaker. These favorite genres are entirely based on what you watch.

    If some of you aren't seeing them listed, it is a temporary problem and we're looking at that now. Don't panic.

  33. "These favorite genres are entirely based on what you watch".

    Not sure if this just refers to our Netflix rentals or includes our ratings as well? Thanks for the reassurances on the missing info.

  34. Found the answer in one of your previous posts :

    The actors/directors listing is based on raw number of times the person shows up in a movie you've watched or rated 4+ stars.

    Perhaps we should print out your thread intros and postings, and quit asking the already answered! It's real hard to retain it all after one reading, but must be very annoying for you.

  35. michael, from netflixOctober 17, 2007 at 12:29 PM

    It's not annoying; at worst, i suppose i just look like a jerk for ignoring some questions. Goes with the territory. Thanks.

  36. Baff said : "I haven't figured out what people might care to know about me in my personal statement".

    I obviously can't speak for anyone else, but I find the most helpful info is all the stuff you'd seek out in any social interaction -- much of which most of us are naturally rather reluctant to share : age, occupation, interests, movie preferences (if 'most watched' hasn't captured it well enough for you), gender, marriage status, kids, born-again factor (joke, I think), and so on. Some of this can emerge in someone's reviews, but that's a rare and very small peephole to provide the clues we need as to where 'someone is coming from' when they're making judgements which we're to either accept or reject.

  37. At the moment, it's temporarily offline. I'll check back later.

    I don't understand "love/hate", Maybe when I get in to look around a bit more I'll find it.

    A personal statement sounds good. definitely a good start to let people who happen into my profile that they are not going to see much about musical dramas :?

  38. K said : "I don't understand "love/hate..."

    I was referring to the 6 little posters at the bottom of the 'friends and faves' activity box.

    Re the 'personal statements', letting us know your rating criteria, like AngelMonkey has, is also very helpful.

  39. The rating scale is a real good idea, my scale is certainly different from Angelmonkey's. Wish we had more than 200 chars. Can't fit all my current TV shows as it is. 400-500 limit would allow for a lot more options, and would be nice to have carriage returns.

  40. A bit off-topic here, but I am having problems changing my avatar image. After the upload I get the confirmation: "...successfully. It may take up to 20 minutes for changes to take effect." But the image never changes. I'm trying to change to the new 150x150 max size.
    Can anyone offer some advice?

  41. @ Razz. I had exactly the same problem, but after trying multiple times over 2 days the new one finally stuck, so don't give up. But if anyone has better advice, we'd both be very happy to have it.

  42. @willaim

    "I was referring to the 6 little posters at the bottom of the 'friends and faves' activity box."

    I only see the three loves on any profile I've looked at so far. Really wanted to see the hates too. Thanks it would be interesting.

  43. @Deus X.

    They're not on the profile pages but on the master 'Netflix Community' page. Just click on the 'Community' tab and you'll see the 'Recent members reviews' box on the left, and the 'Your friends' and faves' activity' box on the right. The 'Your friends loved/hated' DVD covers are at the bottom of that activity box.

  44. Off topic alert : No Chicago Museum info on the Droid site yet.

  45. @William

    Woah. Now I'm really confused. For some reason I don't see that at all. Here's what I see.

  46. @D.E.M.

    Aha! Mystery solved. Those small DVD covers are a random selection of our Netflix Friend's (I just have one) 3 loved and 3 hated movies, and I see that you haven't set that up with anyone so consequently there are no movies to show in that section. Sorry about the wild goose chase.

  47. @Willaim
    D'Oh! Okay, friends, not faves. Got it. Also thanks for not saying "Your problem is you have no friends." ;-)

  48. I could tell that that wouldn't be the case :-)

  49. One feature I'm loving is seeing non mutual subgenres - white, not yellow - in other people's lists and thinking "hey, I like Espionage Thrillers too", clicking on that and loading up my queue with some good'uns. But we'll be needing that queue randomizer soon Gentlemen/Ladies!!

  50. Why no stars for reviewed movies in the F 'n' F activity box? I'm happy to read anything within 2 stars of my own take on something, plus or minus, but if saw 1 star for 'The Conformist' or 5 stars for 'The Animal' I'd know to move on. And I'm sure everyone else has their own particular please-don't-waste-my-time thresholds.

  51. Michael,

    It would be extremely convenient to include the star ratings under each poster in members' movie lists, and to add the option (or to default to it) to sort the list by anticipated rating from high to low.

    I enjoy browsing the lists for a little bit, but soon grow weary of having to mouse over each poster to see my anticipated rating in an attempt to hunt for films I haven't seen that I might enjoy.

    Thanks for all your hard work,

  52. Thanks for fixing our Friends names in the F&F box on the Community homepage. I have noticed that the ratings of my Faves seem to linger longer than my Friends. For instance, my friends rating, returning and queuing activity will only show for the past 3 days, but Faves ratings activity will show for the last week.

    Keep up the great work!

  53. Regarding the inability to easily see your own profile page, I think there's a reasonably easy solution that would increase overall usability of the community features. Right now, if I click on the Profile link on the right-hand sidebar, I'm taken to the page that allows me to edit my profile settings, but if I'm looking at another user, I'm taken to their profile page instead. Furthermore, if I go look at one of my friends and then click back onto myself, that link now takes me to my profile page instead of the profile edit page.

    The simplest solution here would be to make that Profile link always behave the same way (always display the profile). Then just include a link at the bottom of our own profile page that allows us to edit it.

  54. Just a completely off-topic suggestion. I know that Netflix is avoiding the whole social networking thing with the friends and faves, but couldn't we have a widget or app of some sort that works with myspace or facebook for people who are interested in such a thing. That way people could find new netflix friends through social networking sites, but only other users who are interested in that.

    Like, if I could cut and paste some code for the "movies" section of my Myspace that showed random selections of my five star movies, and if they clicked on a link they could explore my movie ratings and reviews, and there would also be a link to add me as a netflix friend if they are a user (you would probably want to give me the option of accepting or rejecting them instead of automatically making them my friend). Just some ideas.

  55. Steep out for a little BBQ and come back to some neat new toys to play with. I like it. I should go on vacation more often. Love it when BOB shows up, thanks for that… And I really like the new profile info from all the new friends and faves. It’s been fun checking them all out… but I too am Baffled as to what to put in my personal statement.

    Decisions, decisions…

    Becky Glass

  56. Oops… Step out for BBQ…

    I steep out for Earl Gray though.

    Becky Glass

  57. The profiles are a great addition. A couple of small pretty-pleases :

    That people's bios could be longer than 200 characters (and that there be a character count-down) - this is a bit like handing someone a mike and saying "Tell us a little about yourself, friend. You have 5 seconds, GO"!

    That, a) the reviews in the activity section also had star ratings, and that, b) the notice didn't get posted until the review was actually on that person's review page, since there's no guarantee that it'll still be one of the 3 'most recent reviews' on the movie page by the time you get to it. I'm sure that I'm not the only one that's going on many fruitless find-that-frickin-review hunts!

    But very minor whines compared to all the benefits of this ever more integrated and interesting do-it-yourself movie search engine. Thanks to all involved.

  58. How is it determined who gets the brand new releases and who gets put on "long wait", "short wait", etc.???
    I mean SOME people must be getting them right away?? While others are put on some kind of wait???

  59. Totally off topic, but it's first come first served. And you really think people are going to want to broadcast on a blog how they manage to be among the first in line?? So this is just to assure you that, contrary to popular belief about having to 'know someone' or wire money to an offshore account, there's no monkey business going on - just a judicious use of the queueing tools available to all of us.

  60. Actually, anonymous, priority is determined by how heavy a user you are. If you rent very few movies every month, you're at the top of the list to get new releases and other in-demand titles. If you rent a LOT of movies, you are further down the wait list.

    I don't know the exact algoritm they use, but I'm pretty sure it's based on how much you end up paying per DVD rental. It's simple and fair (I think) -- if you pay more per rental, you get first pick.

    Netflix describes this phenomenon a bit in their FAQ on "throttling" which you can read here.

    P.S. I apologize for remaining off-topic, so let's not all turn this into a discussion on "throttling", OK? ;-)

  61. My mistake. Thanks for the elegant correction, Angelmonkey.

    And I agree : back to the thread now.

  62. so far i'm lovin' it. i figured you guys would do a hover on the friends hated/loved movies eventually. i was happy to see it. i just finally went to a friends fav and saw my page. sweet! i have to update that statement. it makes no sense now, esp since i wrote it about quite a number of years ago.

    that brings me to a suggestion. there should be some type of code or something that can go into your system that stops it from changing someone's start date if they change email addresses or credit card info. i've been a member since 2000/2001 and it shows 2005, which is when i made some changes. if you guys aren't (and i don't think you are) the team that handles stat stuff like how long we've been members could you pass that on. thanks. it's not a big deal, just annoying.


  63. Discussing the grammar of "my bad"....was one of the more radical thread departures i can remember...

    You're perhaps forgetting the great "y'all" debate!

  64. I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but I was wondering why we only get to see the five star ratings of the people similar to us. To me, I can tell much more about the similarity of a person to me by the movies they uniquely hate than the ones they like. Is there harm in allowing us to see their 1 star ratings as well as their 5 star ratings? I don't see how it would be revealing to much.

  65. @Anon 5.59pm

    You're not alone. Many of us would even welcome ratings 1 thru 5. But our case has already been made several times and has been stamped, along with several other cases, 'to be determined'.

  66. Anon 5:59,

    It’s a matter of law and privacy, it’s come up before. Probably in multiple posts, I couldn’t begin to guess where… Even if there weren’t potential legal issues… Just because you’d be fine sharing that information doesn’t mean everyone else will be. (See the September threads on privacy for just a taste of how widely people can differ on the topic.) So, it seems to me, Netflix is right to be at least a little cautious.

    I don’t know what the law allows in regards to Netflix ratings, but that aside, it seems that if they set it up right they could probably allow users to voluntarily share their rental activity with the community and not get into any trouble for it. (Though I’m not sure they should think about it until the movie privacy settings are fully functional.) As an opt-in option, it wouldn’t jeopardize anyone’s privacy if they chose to participate and have to go out of their way to do so. Supposedly clicking the ‘accept’ button on a EULA is legally binding… so I don’t see why users couldn’t legally hold Netflix blameless if they chose to make all their viewing habits public knowledge, as long as it was made clear to them what they’d be doing. But ofc I’m not a lawyer, so who knows what the options really are?

    The question is, is the pay-off worth the bother and should it distract from other site improvements? I don’t know that it would be… Tip-toeing around the law seems to be working and doing much more would probably mean higher risk, and higher costs in lawyers, let alone programmer time just to set it all up.

    Personally, I would share all my ratings if given the option, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think those who wouldn’t want to shouldn’t be protected.

  67. We've of course been down this path before, but there's a world of difference, legally speaking, between revealing our ratings and revealing our rentals. In fact I'd estimate that 95% of my own ratings are non-Netflix related.

    If it were up to me I'd have 5 stars movies as opt out so that people that would prefer not to reveal them don't have to become private just to avoid doing so, while making 1 to 4 stars opt in for those of us that want to kick up our Community involvement a notch.

    But Michael has made it clear that he wants to avoid making the site overly customizable, since apparently hardly anyone (statistically speaking) ever knows to, or cares to, switch to a non-default setting; aside from the relatively few nuts-and-boltsers like us, of course. And, having talked to a few friends and workmates that are NF members, I'd have to say that he's unfortunately right : one hadn't, in all this time, even clicked on the Community tab and had no idea that all this was going on, sacrebleu! Just renting happily away, she was, exactly as she'd always done. It's enough to make a grown site designer cry. And no doubt has!

  68. It looks new Friends are now displaying with both their fist and last names now in some spots? But now I've got some with both names, some with one name, some lower-case, etc. with no way to standardize them. Please return to us the option to rename our Friends. thank you.

  69. Netflix has sent me trial CDs and since then has been charging through Credit card. Please be careful with these companies. I have cancelled my subscription. The company has no minimum courtesy to call and confirm. It is very unfortunate thing and wish that it should not happen to any other person.

  70. I love the friends feature, but I was curious: is there any way to add a search feature? Either by nickname or a certain percentage of similarity? I would love to see new movies from people that have the same tastes as I do, but the only way to find them is if they pop up on my community page, by chance.

    I was also wondering... we have two accounts in one (I love this option, by the way), but we receive no emails on the second account. So, whereas the primary account gets emails that movies were sent and received, the secondary account doesn't. Any way to change that?

  71. Uh, yeah, about the profiles thing. I had rated like a a billion movies, mostly action and adventure. But my favorite genres were three genres that I've never watched, rented or otherwise, through netflix or ever anywhere else. In fact, the three that were listed, were the only genres I had not rated at all.

    Like Star Trek. I've never even seen a Star Trek movie.

    So what I did was literally clear every single movie I ever rated and all my genres.

    My favorite genres did not change. I seriously think someone at Netflix thinks it is funny to go into the database and hard link wrong genres to people's accounts. There is just no other explanation. This is really annoying, especially if you want your profile to be public.

    Any ideas?

  72. I am really, REALLY irritated that Netflix does not seem to have thought of some very basic features on the website to make it easier for users, and oh by the way, if they would make the changes, would probably earn Netflix more money.

    1. Don't make me jump through a million hoops to recommend a title. Have a "Recommend a Title" button on the main site.

    2. Bring back customer service email, and just give me general categories to code the nature of my question or comment, no multiple steps. Give me an "Email Us" button on the site. A number is fine if I have a problem nothing else will address, but generally I just have comments like these and don't feel like waiting to talk to someone who may or may not pass my message along accurately, or to the department head that can actually DO something about it.

    3. Don't make me search through your "for sale" tabbed site to look for the movies I want to buy, which is a pain in the a** to use, and so, I don't. (Read: MANY LOST POTENTIAL SALES). The rent and buy features should be integrated on the site, and I am stunned that they aren't. The movies I want to buy are somewhat obscure anyway, not blockbusters, and I would love to get them at the reduced price of a used DVD. I would like the option to just keep the ones I have rented and have that deducted from my account, or, if that is impractical for Netflix, I would like a "buy" or "request to buy" button under the "add" button of each movie that I can click. This way, you will get feedback on how much demand there is for different movies, and if there's one you don't have enough stock of, you can tell the requester what the wait time would be.

    Thank you, and I hope this is actually read by someone so that I haven't spent my time in vain... -- The Liberal Media