Wednesday, October 24, 2007

This Weekend's Release

Most of the improvements this coming weekend are internal - a range of bug fixes, and stuff like getting your reviews to stay put - but there are a handful of noteworthy exceptions:

1) Spoiler Alerts. We've been tracking the flagging, and effective this release, there will be a graphic that goes along with reviews that have been so flagged. Like other flags, it takes a handful of "votes" from different members in order to trigger this event.

2) Most Watched Actors/Directors (re: TV shows). We're starting to tune this such that TV series get less weight. It should be better now... and if it's still not ideal, we'll tweak it a little more. It's like cooking... and we're refining the recipe...

3) Faves Reviews. Up until now, when your Friends wrote a movie review, it was featured on your Community Home Page -- but Fave's reviews were not. Now Faves will be treated more like Friends, and when they write a new review, you'll see it.