Wednesday, October 24, 2007

This Weekend's Release

Most of the improvements this coming weekend are internal - a range of bug fixes, and stuff like getting your reviews to stay put - but there are a handful of noteworthy exceptions:

1) Spoiler Alerts. We've been tracking the flagging, and effective this release, there will be a graphic that goes along with reviews that have been so flagged. Like other flags, it takes a handful of "votes" from different members in order to trigger this event.

2) Most Watched Actors/Directors (re: TV shows). We're starting to tune this such that TV series get less weight. It should be better now... and if it's still not ideal, we'll tweak it a little more. It's like cooking... and we're refining the recipe...

3) Faves Reviews. Up until now, when your Friends wrote a movie review, it was featured on your Community Home Page -- but Fave's reviews were not. Now Faves will be treated more like Friends, and when they write a new review, you'll see it.


  1. Cool, I especially like: "This way, you can exchange notes and see Queues with folks, maybe people who were mutual Faves, but they will remain nameless."

    That could give people a nice middle ground to join up with others without giving up all their privacy in one shot. I might feel comfortable posting that html link somewhere if it works out. Thanks!

    Will this work retroactively? Doesn't matter much to me, but I am curious. Also if it is retroactive, some people will notice an instant change with some of their friends and might wonder why.

  2. Excellent! Great idea to give us fair warning about a possible spoiler, while at the same time giving the writer a chance to amend a review (whatever the problem) before it gets yanked.

    Michael, if you get a moment (chuckle) could you let us know how often the sub-genres on our profiles get updated? I've tweaked a few things to make them more representative of what I watch now (like erasing most of my antediluvian TV show ratings, since I hardly watch TV any more), but nothing has changed yet. Many thanks.

  3. I have had the same request for quite some time. A simple link on my main community page that linked to my outward facing profile would be excellent. I have to always go find an old review I made of Jumanji, scroll through the reviews to find mine, and then click on my name. (I know, it's horrible ain't it?!)

    So please, just add a small invisible link that I can click on. Please? (No, I still don't have any Netflix friends, so I can't go that route. *Pout*)

  4. mcwhammer- My solution is simple. Just add a shortcut to your outward facing Profile page on your desktop! Now you're allways home. I Love You.

  5. Perfect... I've been wanting the ability to share my Notes and more ratings with my Fans. Now I can for some at least.

    Now all we REALLY need to make this work is to change Notes so that all our new Psudo-Friends can see all the Mini-Reviews we've already written!

    It would be nice, though, if we could allow people to Friend us without having to Friend them back. I'd really like my Fans to be able to see my Notes and all my Ratings... but I don't want to have to put all of them on MY Friends list in order to allow them to see this. I think this new "Anonymous" Friendship shouldn't have to be mutual.

    Of course, the better solution to this (I think) would be if you end up adding the option for us to share our Notes and all our ratings with our Fans too. That way the non-mutual anony-Friend would be a moot point.

  6. Thanks for the suggestion anonymous. I have done that, but I appreciate the reply :) I just meant, can't we make it easier by putting that link on the Community Home page as well? Just seems like it should be there.

    On another note, Netflix should force all it's users to pick a new avatar, or add their own, so I don't have to see this one anymore:

    And most certainly get rid of this one:

  7. But if you invite people using this HTML link, they will remain anonymous, and the connection will only feature their nickname.

    Woo hoo! This was the only feature I was really hoping for and the one that would make me come out of hiding on Netflix.

    Two questions: 1) Do you mean the person I invite will be anonymous to me, but I won't be to him or did you mean we both will be anonymous to each other? 2) I know it's a work in progress, but what would happen if an anonymous friend clicked on one of my friends and saw me on my friend's page (who has me by my real name)? What would the anonymous friend see?

  8. @mcwammer See Michael's post entitled "My Bad". They had meant to include a link in the last update and forgot.

    He ended with: "We'll get this fixed for the next release. In the meantime... sorry."

  9. michael, from netflixOctober 24, 2007 at 9:19 PM

    Yea... it was supposed to be fixed by now... but it's still "my bad" as it's been pushed out by other pressing issues. Actually, someone on this blog made a suggestion for how it really should work which we all liked... so i'm going to try to figure out how to slide the feature in when i can. Until further notice, you all have permission to be angry with me...

  10. michael, from netflixOctober 24, 2007 at 9:37 PM

    Oh - and:

    Two questions: 1) Do you mean the person I invite will be anonymous to me, but I won't be to him or did you mean we both will be anonymous to each other? 2) I know it's a work in progress, but what would happen if an anonymous friend clicked on one of my friends and saw me on my friend's page (who has me by my real name)? What would the anonymous friend see?

    If you use the link, both you and the person you're "friending" are nicknames only. And regardless of this new feature, Friends of Friends are always shown as nicknames only - even if your Friend knows your real name.

    It should work well, but i still want to verify in real-world scenarios that all the loopholes are filled. We won't promote the the feature until we're all satisfied.

  11. Has there been an explanation of spoiler policy? Could someone point me to it if it’s around here somewhere? I can't find it.

    I know it’s easy to commit a spoiler even when you don’t mean to, and people can disagree on what is and isn’t… but they drive me nuts anyway, especially the intentional ones.

    I can’t remember if I asked this before or only just thought about asking… but has there been thought as to creating a discussion page for each movie? I think that’s what spoilers are mostly about… those who warn people they are about to commit them seem to know they might be doing something they shouldn’t, yet just can’t seem to stop themselves. I think they really want to discuss… or at least express something about what they saw and without skirting it or mincing words. Reviews are great, and can be a great help in knowing if a movie would really be interesting… but it seems to me that movie message boards, or forums might be pretty popular… and maybe that would help with spoilers in the reviews. Or at least it would mean people wouldn’t have an excuse if they could cover specifics elsewhere.

    Anyway, back to review spoiler flags…

    I know if I got a spoiler flag on one of my reviews I’d try to fix it. What happens to the flag if we do a rewrite and remove the spoiler? It seems that would only be something a person can verify. Will there be a way of getting flags removed? How will that work?

    And what if spoilers are disputed?

    SPOILER ALEART!!! (maybe/not)

    Take “Zodiac” for example… Some people know the out-come of the case (and therefore the movie) before they ever see the movie and then again, some don’t. Those that do assume everyone does, therefore when they reveal the out-come of the case/movie, (which is in the public domain though not necessarily common knowledge) are they committing a spoiler?

    Personally, though I think that is a spoiler, I haven’t as yet flagged any of those reviews. One reason being that if I did so I’d have to flag a pretty high number of reviews, and I’m wondering if I might be singled out as an abuser of the flagging system.

    I did however flag a review that revealed the outcome of a specific incident and who survived or who didn’t. That clearly went too far to my mind… as that kind of detail defiantly isn’t common knowledge. Personally I didn’t know anything of that incident at all so that incident in the film was excruciatingly suspenseful to me. If I’d read that review prior to seeing the movie I would not have been nearly as moved and I would have been very annoyed.

    Yet in both cases the people who reviled these outcomes would likely argue that it wasn’t a spoiler. In fact I remember at least one reviewer who came right out and said that 'the Zodiac case was well known and revealing the out-come of the movie wasn’t a spoiler.’ How will these people be able to dispute flags on their reviews and who will be charged with passing judgement?

    Anyway, I’m so grateful for the new features and even more grateful for all the work on all that unsexy internal stuff, and bug fixes and what-not… And of course I’ll keep my fingers crossed on the amazing vanishing reviews.

    There's just more and more fun every week...

    Becky Glass

  12. "has there been thought as to creating a discussion page for each movie?"

    It has been requested before. There are certainly a lot of reasons that it would be nice, but I don't think its feasible.

    We (by "we" I mostly mean me) can get a bit rude in here, but thats nothing compared to the all out flame fest that would be going on in the majority of movie discussions. It would require a huge amount of policing by Netflix. This would create 10s of thousands of discussion threads overnight. Any vaguely controversial movie would be an instant nightmare.

    Netflix would either have to hire a bunch of people to deal with it or let people have a free-for-all.

  13. I think a limited discussion page for movies would be ideal, even with the possibility of flame wars developing. It could have a character limit (say 500) which would cut down on the ramblers, an "inappropriate" word filter and perhaps even a limit to the number of responses a user could post daily.

    Personally I'd love the ability to discuss with someone in a "forum" style things such as directing styles, etc. (potential similar movies I or they might like).

  14. Hey, didja see who's no longer #1 in reviewer rank? hhhmmmm...

  15. "Hey, didja see who's no longer #1 in reviewer rank?

    A prescient quote from the "Do you rank?" thread comes to mind (OK, yes, it was mine) :

    "...In fact, some people would probably resent the hell out of them and never act on their advice again just to bring them down a notch..."

  16. That is interesting considering that Michael said he was way ahead of #2, and #2 was way ahead of #3. Sounds like a long ways to drop in a few weeks, or maybe it was that the others moved up so much, though more likely some of both. Makes me wonder what kind of algorithm they are using.

    I would think something like: This weeks influence + 90% of last week + 80% of 2 weeks ago + etc. Keeps current influence as the most important, but influence over time matters, and keeps fluctuations from being too extreme.

  17. Sub Genre Question

    Michael or anyone who knows -

    The new profile shows sub genres that we watch the most. We can click on those and see lists of films in the sub genre but it appears that it doesn't list what I've seen. There are lists of "Movies You've Seen" under the browse tab but the sub genres are not listed there. How can I tell what movies I've seen that shows Netflix I'm more interested in certain sub genres? The ones I'm most interested in are the Foreign films because I've always thought it would be very helpful for Netflix to show the type of movie this is instead of lumping them all together as "Foreign". Now it seems your program has that capability but I haven't found where we as members get to see it.

    For example Foreign Classics - I know I've seen some and rated them (obviously since it's one of my favorites according to NF) but when I click on that sub genre and scan for those I've rated I don't find any. Is it because Netflix is only showing me the movies I haven't rated or is it because I have to look at my profile from someone else's so Netflix doesn't know it's me and therefore doesn't show the movies I've rated?

    Bottom line - where can we see lists of movies we have seen broken down into the sub genres you use on the profile?


    BTW - Who is #1 and is the list now available. I'm very surprised 2 people went ahead of someone with as many reviews as he has.

  18. I love having faves and I'm really starting to enjoy some of my fans, but can't I just have a reject button for those annoying fans that I can't stand?
    What is the point of collecting 547 favorites ? I don't want any part of that!
    Let me get rid of them without going private. PLEASE!!

  19. @CHawk - Good question about the subgenres. I love the detailed breakdowns, but have a few that make no sense to me. Happen to have followed exactly the same course as you, with equal success!

    By contrast, I hate all this asinine ranking business. It's introduced a really rather nasty element into the otherwise edifying 'pursuit of movie excellence'. And it even makes me (probably unfairly in most cases) mistrust people's motives -- not just for why someone is writing a review, but also for what they're saying in it. So I say : dump it!

  20. 2) Most Watched Actors/Directors (re: TV shows). We're starting to tune this such that TV series get less weight. It should be better now... and if it's still not ideal, we'll tweak it a little more.

    THANK YOU! Mine is much better now, no longer skewed by TV shows, actors and directors. My listings are much closer to actual movie watchings tastes now.

    One minor thing I still don't like though is that stuff still gets skewed towards things in a series series or with sequels. For example, I rated all three of the Lord of the Rings movies high ratings, as well as the extended versions, so now my listings are dominated by those actors and Peter Jackson, much like what was happening with TV shows. It would be great if things that come in a series would only count as one "vote" (or however it gets calculated) for that actor or director. I like the LTR series a lot, but people like Sean Astin and various others who's names I don't even recognize from those movies are definitely not my favorite actors, despite them showing up on my most watched list by default of their being in a series I watched a lot of.

    Here's something for my growing Netflix wishlist: and editable Profile page where we can pick and change at will our own lists of favorite actors, directors, movies, genres, etc...

  21. " editable Profile page where we can pick and change at will our own lists of favorite actors, directors, movies, genres, etc...

    The only problem with that is that it can easily turn into a vanity piece, reflecting more who we'd like to be (all esoteric and iconoclastic) rather than who we actually are, as revealed by what we chose to watch in the privacy of our perfectly respectable but perhaps disappointing averageness.

  22. Hey It really sux that I cant use the watch it now feature because I have a Mac you guys should come up with a way we cam watch them too. Look outside you small window and see how many people are buying macs these days it dumb not to offer them services.

  23. Anon, this is a common complaint, but something that's beyond Netflix' control for right now, aside from compensating us for it in some way!!! Check out the Aug 9th archived thread "Instant watching on Mac, Firefox, and more". It may not excuse, but it explains.

  24. Well, Baff..

    Who's # 1?

  25. Well, it ain't #2, 'cos he's now #7, poor bastard. It's a veritable bloodbath!

  26. Off topic I know, but needs to be repeated.

    If you own a MAC and cannot watch now, CALL YOUR MAC Customer Service and inquire/complain that MAC doesn't have proper codecs available for online movie viewers. If enough irate owners call, repeatedly, they will get their techs to write up the codec.

    Mac wants mac users to rely on quicktime only. This is why they put off other compatible codecs and keys.

    Perhaps Netflix can offer an alternative quicktime viewer for mac users? I don't know if QT supports the legal formats yet.

    IMHO nobody should have to take a financial loss simply because a company as large a Apple/Mac cannot/will not create a required support for their systems. Yes it would be a nice gesture, but if done will only encourage Apple/Mac to stall/not move forward on the creation of the codec/keys.

  27. No idea, other than the former #1 I haven't been tracking the top people.

  28. @2McAbre.

    Will do. Thanks for the constructive and non-dismissive suggestion, and apologies to others for extending the off topic dialogue.

  29. I love all the changes that have been rolled out to the Community portion of Netflix. Has any thought gone into bringing back the ability to see all Friends ratings by total rating? I think this would be particularly interesting with Faves and Fans ratings in the mix now.

    Keep up the great work!

  30. Michael & Crew,

    The most watched is much better now. Thank you all very much. :)

    PS: I have that LoTR problem too come to think of it. (see Anon 7:07) I wish it were easier to find more movies I can rate, that might help too, but the more I rate the more difficult they are to find. I know I’ve seen many more films than I’m finding. And I also agree that for those of us who have the motivation it might be nice to add to, or even ‘overwrite,’ most watched with a favorites list that we put together ourselves. I thought that was a good idea.


    Netflix is in no danger of revealing who we really are. My favorite actress is still Katherine Hepburn, even though I’ve rated far more movies staring Julia Roberts or Cate Blanchett. Besides, ‘revealing our vanity’ could tell us quite a lot though I woudn't put it that way. Not everyone would fall into that trap by a long shot, and those who do would be telling us something very valuable anyway.

    Baff regarding policing of movie forums,

    I don’t know how/if Netflix would do this, assuming they are even interested. All I know is that some sites handle it better than others and it doesn’t always have much to do with who has the most moderators, paid or volunteer. Some sites have systems where you can earn and loose trust (rep) within the community, which seems to have a nice moderating effect. Forums that have a strong clear policy and repercussions, like loss of privileges, seem to enjoy more civility as well. Then there are setup restrictions… If for example I can not change my username to cover past misdeeds then I’m more likely to behave myself. Netflix will always know who people really are so with high standards for civility, and appropriate repercussions it’s much less likely people will routinely get out of hand. Whether that is enough to make the effort worth the trouble… *shrug*

    But I wish it were.

    Anon 6:23 regarding fan reject button,

    First, why do you object to people collecting a large number of faves?

    (Though I can see why you might not want to wait for that page to load if you accidently clicked on it)

    They must have found something about what you are doing to be interesting, plus you would not only be rejecting them, you’d be rejecting anyone who might find you through them. Maybe they are saving high sims when they catch them on the community page to check out later. Or maybe they just really, really want to hide their friends. ;)

    Personally, I’ve found myself collecting more faves than I thought I would, though not nearly that many. I use it as a bookmark for people who write interesting reviews, specialize in a genre I’m interested in, or are so similar in tastes and perspective to me that it’s almost scary. I’ve even faved a couple of people who have written only a couple of reviews, but I thought they had nailed them so well I wanted to both recognize them and possibly catch anything new should they start writing more. Having a fan might even encourage them. Also, when I get a yen to hunt down a particular type of move I can find the person again that is more likely to know what’s been up with that type, and see what they’ve been recommending lately. I can also keep an eye on review writing activity very easily in the main recent activity box so I might catch something I would otherwise miss there as well. For the people who are very similar to my tastes I can use them to gauge how likely I am to like a particular new find, especially if I’m uncertain about the choice. If all of them like it then it’s probably a good bet that I will too.

    Becky Glass

  31. "Some sites have systems where you can earn and loose trust (rep) within the community, which seems to have a nice moderating effect."

    One of the first MMOs had a system like that. It works fairly good for marking the most obnoxious people. Thats great when it comes to people who are swearing and such. The problem is that it very often gets used to ostracize those that don't agree with the popular opinion. Say something negative about Star Trek, Jane Austen, or whatever and boom 100 people give you a negative mark. Also anyone with a negative mark (justified or not) is far more likely to get more negative marks.

    I wish it were possible to do it too. I don't know, maybe it is. I certainly haven't seen every method of self-moderation, but the ones I have seen have definite flaws.

  32. "[To have faved you] They must have found something about what you are doing to be interesting"

    He may be talking about the person that has faved everyone they found that has a personalized icon. They have faved me too. Seems slightly odd, but if it amuses them, no skin off my back.

    I'm not sure why it bothers him either though. Fans have no more access to info than non-Fans do. Its basically the same as bookmarking someone's profile page, except that other people can see that you have done so (sort of).

  33. OK,OK, I spoke in the heat of passion. I retract my request for a fan removal button.

    Becky (the awesome ,wonderful voice of reason) and her sensible sidekick, Baff, have shown me the error of my ways. Bring em on.

    I do like {secretly love) fans, I just don't want to look at some of those pictures. eewwwwwyuk.

    And what with all this mad scrambling to become ever more influential, ( Michael, I see you're up to #7931 - been writing some good reviews? heh..) it is possible that some of these collectors of massive hoards of faves see it as a means to increase rank.
    But what the hay, if it's set up like a game, then game it!

    I am kind of paranoid, but I do admit, it's deliciously evil fun, watching the movement of the rankings.

    The privacy thing isn't an issue with me, and some of those looong page loads, whew!


  34. [i]And what with all this mad scrambling to become ever more influential, ( Michael, I see you're up to #7931 - been writing some good reviews? heh..) it is possible that some of these collectors of massive hoards of faves see it as a means to increase rank.
    But what the hay, if it's set up like a game, then game it![/]

    How does collecting faves benefit the collector as far as ranking?

  35. This is off topic, but since all my other dreams have now come true, I'll bring this up here, now.

    Will we ever be able to rate lists? Because I've found some lists very helpful in locating a certain type of movie--but so often the list listing is cluttered with a dozen different Criterion Collection lists. It would be great to acknowledge those lists that are actually helpful, rather than unnecessary repeats.

  36. "How does collecting faves benefit the collector as far as ranking?"

    It doesn't benefit them directly, but when they fave someone, that person might check out their new fan and add movies from their reviews, lists, 5-stars.

    I glance at the profiles of my fans to see why they faved me. Some of them faved me because I post here. Some of them faved me because I have a high Sim% to them. Some faved me because I have a custom icon or some other random reason.

    The people that have 100s of faves I tend to ignore.

    The people that fave me because they see me with a high Sim% are of definite interest to me. One of my fans I see at 49%, but he sees me as 89%. I like almost all of his favorite genres, but he doesn't share my interest in tv shows and some other genres. Since I like nearly everything he likes I was very interested to see his 5-stars. Too bad there is no easy way to find people who see us with a high Sim%.

    What I would love to see is a list ordered by my Sim% + their Sim%. That could well generate the people that are actually the closest in movie tastes.

  37. e,

    It’s funny, I thought I’d care more about ranking too but I find that I really don’t. I haven’t had the urge to write even one extra review because of it… (of course it doesn’t help that I haven seen anything that really worked me up in awhile) I’m still thinking about my next list and don’t feel the least rushed… I do glance at my ranking number and wonder vaguely for a moment why it might have changed, but that’s it.

    Without a top list I wouldn’t know if anyone is really -trying- to game anything. I think it would be sad if anyone were altering what they do in hopes of improving their rank, it’s so unimportant. I know they wouldn’t be likely to get any help from me if they did. I’m looking for people who express themselves fully, uniquely and with strength. (And people who are helpful, like giving a warning that the trailers cut from the two Grindhouse movies are also NOT included in the bonus discs. Thanks guys, saved me a couple rentals there…) I don’t think that would come through if someone were purposefully gaming, going for mass appeal over all or conforming to group-think within genres. I suspect they would be watering down their usefulness and that it would show.

    In looking at other people, rank doesn’t matter at all to me. I look at the movies they rate, glance at their profile, but 95% is all about their reviews. How well they express themselves… what they have to say… (It’s very important that they actually have something interesting to say) It’s all about their reasoning, insight and perspective, and how relevant they are to me of course. That is to say for example, that someone who’s focused on what movies are ok for kids may be highly relevant to someone, just not me. They don’t have to be in total sympathy with me in every review I look at either. I know I’m not always consistent in the approach I take so I’m not overly picky about style. And allowances for individual taste have to be made sometimes, but over all if they offer something of value more often than not, they get faved.

    Anyone trying to suck me in to helping them with their game is going to have to work very hard for such a small pay-off. And I don’t think my standards are unusually high. Regardless, they will be turning what should be an entertaining exercise and fun leisure activity into a chore. My sympathies go out to them.

    Becky Glass

  38. What would really help is to be able to arrange and categorize my own que, and make personal notations for myself on individual films.
    What IS this movie, who'd I get it from, and why?

    My que is almost at 300 items now, and I can't keep track of it all!
    I now have the ability to fiddle and play with my freinds ques, to some degree, and I like that a LOT, but I'd really enjoy playing with my own!


  39. Baff, you mean if someone shows as 80% sym to me, I might show as only 59% to them?
    What? what gives?

    And how are YOU able to see it?
    Gimme summa THAT.

  40. quote from Baff
    "One of my fans I see at 49%, but he sees me as 89%."

    That statement confuses me. How can you look at yourself from a fans point of view?

    On my screen the % sim is the same if I look at a member as my fan or my fave.

    I thought Netflix calculated a % sim and posted it. Where are you looking to see that 40% difference and what would account for that?

  41. The Sim% for non-friends is based on favorite genres.

    Look at someone's profile page. Count the number of favorite genres you have in common (highlighted in yellow), then divide by their total number of favorite genres to get the Sim% they see for you. If you divide by your total number of favorite genres you will get the Sim% you see for them.

  42. Actually, the formula doesn't seem to be quite as simple as that. Guess I should have tested it a bit more.

  43. Baff, I think that theory might work, but only if each and every genre, sub-genre, and sub-sub-genre were equal.

    (Romance = Steamy Polish Romance)

    And only if one were to watch and rate equal numbers of items from each and every one of those genres.

    Now you aren't fooling me, you just made that up.
    What's really going on, Baff?

  44. Suggestion:

    I'd like to suggest that the Favorite List which includes all 5 star movies either be changed to show only a list of names rather than the poster if it's over 50 films or move it to the end of the list so when someone clicks on a member's list page we don't have to wait for it to load. I rarely look at that list. I'm interested in one of the real lists made by the member. If I want to see the 5 star movies I can see them easier under ratings and compare my ratings to theirs. That monster list has caused me to just not look at some members lists because it is so annoying to wait for it to load, I'll click off.

    If you change the order of the lists so our more recent are at the top and put that one on the bottom it would be much nicer. Or give us the option to sort lists in the order we want them and the option to delete that monster list altogether.

    It has caused me to rethink my ratings. I went back and changed many from 5 to 4 and I usually don't rate them 5 now because I think the list is too long on mine.

    What exactly is the point of it since you have the same list without the posters under ratings?

    If you want to keep it in poster form please don't force those of us who don't want to see it that way to do so. Let us have the enjoyment of clicking on someone's list page without fear of being bombarded with their 100's of posters we aren't interest in.

    Doesn't this annoy anyone else?

  45. "Doesn't this annoy anyone else?"

    My computer often doesn't like such things, but for whatever reason it has no problem loading the 356 posters on my own page in about 3 seconds.

    I wouldn't object to it not loading any lists by default though if its causing problems for people.

  46. Excuse me, if this has come up before, but can a way be devised so we could sort our queue by different headings. I try to keep my queu ordered by ratings, but they change often and it can become a pain to rearrange them. Any plans? Some people might want to sort by release date, director, maybe even alphabetically.

  47. Second, Chawk 1:08.

    I would love to sort my own lists, I would love to see the forced and phony “favorites” list vanish completely. I just don’t see the point of them anymore. Short of that… something… anything… to keep that list from auto-loading would be pure bliss. I hate long load times but especially for that that pointless list. It’s a problem on the newer machine, but it’s a huge problem on the older machine. I can’t imagine what it would be like on dial-up as well.

    Becky Glass

    PS for Decker Moss: its come up, you’re right, and you’re not alone in that wish. I can’t recall if it’s on the table, but on it or not my guess is it’s going to be a long time coming. The complicating factors for auto-sorting are pretty significant. Maybe Netflix could add some of the more complicated features at some point as an advanced mode for advanced users. We could set which version of Netflix we want to use from our profile or somewhere… Two Netflixs... Netflix Basic (for ‘Mom’) or Netflix Advanced (for Us).

  48. I agree with Becky on getting rid of the favorites list. For those who have rated a lot of movies, and/or who may be more liberal with the 5 stars it creates a long load time.

    Lists should be something created by the user without any external input (like a forced favorites list).


  49. The "faves" reviews looks great. I like this feature because I watch many more movies than my friends and they never write reviews. I think reviews from my faves will lead me to new movies-- that is, if I didn't have 500 in the queue already.

    I'm still having a problem with my so-called favorite genres on my outward facing profile page. It lists 3 very specific genres which I have never rated/viewed.

    I second the notion for sorting queue (by year, genre, alphabetically, rating). This would help me prioritize since my queue has gotten so out of hand. Also would appreciate the ability to tag movies with some kind of note system, similar to what others have suggested about keeping brief notes on why the movie was added to queue (e.g., read a review, friend recommend, director or actor that I liked in another movie, etc). Thanks!!!

  50. From eleni
    "Also would appreciate the ability to tag movies with some kind of note system, similar to what others have suggested about keeping brief notes on why the movie was added to queue (e.g., read a review, friend recommend, director or actor that I liked in another movie, etc).

    Yes!! This would be so helpful. I'd like to have the same kind of comment area for faves also so I could quickly find the one with the incredible horror film list and the one that has reviews of b-movies - notes like that. I'd love to be able to credit faves with the films I found on their lists. I've seen several that were excellent but I have no idea where I found them.

  51. Any chance you could make list titles searchable? I would love to search for lists which don't appear in my regularly displayed community section.

  52. Expanding on Anon's request for searchable lists.

    The ability to tag your own lists with a few (max of 3?) keywords could be very useful. Even if the keywords we could choose from were just a list of all the sub-genres, though it would be nice if a handful of other things were added like: Fine Acting, Fine Cinematography, Fine Writing, etc.

    Then someone could make a list and tag it with Cult Comedies, Western, Fine Directing.

    Then somewhere on the page for each sub-genre there could be a link to "Top 10 Lists tagged with Cult Comedies" or whatever.

  53. I want to echo Billie's comment from a couple of days ago. I'd love the ability to rate the usefulness of lists, or at least be able to flag certain ones so that they don't keep showing up in the Members' Top 10 Lists box. That box is clearly tailored to my tastes, so the contents of the lists I see are probably movies that I'll like. But that doesn't mean that the lists that show up there are in any way useful to me. It seems like every time I log in I see a new list of Stanley Kubrick's movies, and while I am a big Kubrick fan, a simple listing of his movies doesn't tell me anything I don't already know.

  54. "Spoiler Alerts. We've been tracking the flagging, and effective this release, there will be a graphic that goes along with reviews that have been so flagged. Like other flags, it takes a handful of "votes" from different members in order to trigger this event."

    Hi Michael,

    some reviewers are nice enough to point out the review as a spoiler at the beginning of the review.

    What do you think about letting the reviewer himself or herself flag the review as a spoiler?

    Of course, you would want to keep the option for other users to flag the review in case the reviewer did not.