Saturday, September 22, 2007

In the Works

In the next release we're going to be pulling apart the (outward facing) Reviews & Lists page into two pages - a Reviews page, and a Lists page. There's no particularly new functionality at this point, but it will be much clearer (and I think more interesting looking) to have the Top 10 Lists exposed as artwork and not a list, particularly in this orientation. The Reviews page will pretty much be like the "More" reviews page today.

(Here are some early sketches)

I can imagine there will be comments here that we should have a toggle/option between list view and poster view; that's not an unreasonable request. But by now you all know our bias here at Netflix: logical simplicity trumps expanding control and preferences. While i'd never say never about a toggle (i can certainly see when one is preferable to another), it's lower on priorities right now. Anyway, a more likely improvement to the presentation would be a fixed logic, for instance, "show as posters for 24 or fewer, show as a list for 25+"). I'll keep you posted on what improvements to expect as time goes on.

There will be other features coming out also, but i'll talk about them individually, as appropriate, over the coming week. (By the way, the next page to quickly follow these is probably going to be a new one: the outward facing Profile page -- with a return of the "personal statement"). More on that later as well. Cheers.