Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Flagging Reviews

At the same time as we release Favorites, we release the first major improvements to the reviews flagging since it was introduced. This should fix many if not most of the issues you've had with policing content. Most noteworthy, i suppose, is the addition of the "Not A Review" flag -- your suggestion -- to deep six those spammy, customer servicey, non-reviewery elements. Remember, if you abuse the flagging to try gaming the reviews system, we know who you are. And this would be bad.

A few other notes. If the threshold is reached for the Objectionable Content flag on a certain movie review, it is only deleted from public view -- from the movie display page and the community home page and those types of presentations; it will still remain on your Reviews & Lists page. (Presumably, if you really want to read someones nasty, stupid objectionable reviews, you still can -- but they're not foisted on the rest of us).

If a reviewer is flagged as having objectionable nicknames or avatars, their name and image is automatically reset. If this happens to you, and you are CERTAIN there is nothing objectionable going on, go ahead and put the same photo and nickname back. But if it gets flagged AGAIN, you could lose your account and have to deal with customer service to deal with the situation. Let's not let it get to this, okay?

Spoiler Alerts. We're still improving this, but when a review gets tagged as a spoiler, a warning will appear at the start of the review. This is still getting fixed so it won't be working as soon as the rest of these go into effect. Reviewers will also have the opportunity to tag their own reviews as having spoilers, which amounts to the same thing. I'll let you know when this is all working. (Of course, it may be obvious too).

And as you may have assumed, getting your reviews flagged in various ways really can reduce your influence score, and thus your rank as a reviewer, if that matters to you. LOOK FOR THESE FEATURES MID-MONTH. I'll also post it here when these are live.