Friday, August 31, 2007


In my version of Thunderdome, six page ideas go in, and one page idea comes out. Let's see how y'all do prioritizing the following six possible pages we could build/improve:

1) Reviewer's Ratings Page. Right now it only shows 5-star movies. When you look at your Friends, you see all their ratings. What if you saw all a reviewer's ratings, along with being able to look at a variety of slices through them (again, as with Friends): their 5-star, 4-star, etc. movies, the movies you have in common, and so on)

2/3) Split the Reviews & Lists page into two pages -- one dedicated to Reviews and one for Top 10 Lists. This would make it far more logical when you select a Top 10 List and land on page - you'd see what you select opened up, presented clearly, instead of hunting for them. Space would be used better on both pages to separate these.

4) Outward Profile page. You've got an inward facing profile page where you can change your avatar and nickname. What if we put back the "personal statements" and then create an OUTWARD facing profile page -- the page that summarizes each Friend or reviewer, with key highlights and movie tastes, and so on.

5) Members Similar to You. One page full of similar members -- like that block of 4 on the community home page, but expanded.

6) Top 10 Lists page. Again, like the little block on the community home page, but with lots of these -- new ones, popular ones, etc.

(Let's tweak the stakes a bit, and say for the sake of argument that we'll only be able to do 3 of them, and that each page would take two weeks of effort.)

Finally, don't just think of superusers - like yourselves -- but what is good for other people, maybe who don't use the site as deeply or fluently as you do. Making the existing site easier is valued highly.

Can ya'll come to a consensus and convince each other of a single #1 option?