Friday, August 31, 2007

RSS (follow up) and Videos

I really like that RSS video... and in a moment of utter madness i just decided to insert it into the Netflix website. Stuck it into the FAQ on RSS. Why not?! (To give you a little glimpse of working at Netflix, this kind of behavior is rather encouraged). It was your feedback about the video that convinced me to see what would happen. I didn't even know we could insert videos into some of those FAQs...

So it got me thinking: are there other little videos that could be made that would help newbies understand elements of the Netflix service? What do you think needs explanation? I thought i'd put this out there: go ahead and make some of your own helpful short videos (put them on YouTube), and if they are good, i'll put 'em in some FAQs. (If they're not -- i'm certain everyone of your blog-reading pals will make sure you know it.)


  1. Good move; it's fun and clever. I have the outline of a short morality tale for those that rent 'R' or 'UR' movies and then post outraged jeremiads about them as a 'review', but unfortunately have neither the equipment nor skill sets to make and post it :


    OFICER (ON PHONE) : "Yes, Ma'ame, that certainly does sound like a flagrant example of public indecency. I'll be right over".


    OFFICER : But, Ma'ame, all I see is the flicker of a TV and a cat asleep on a chair.

    WOMAN (EXASPERATED) : No, no officer. Of course you don't see anything from there. You have to climb up on that ladder.

    (END SCENE).

  2. Oh, you mean something like KC1569878's review of Nova: Life's Greatest Miracle?

    "I requested this movie for a group of 12 year old homeschoolers and sadly since it was PBS I didnt view it first. They decided to show a nude woman supposedly in order to show her expanding stomach so I am not sure why they choose to lay her back and show her breasts as well. It was a shock and dissappt. that this was included in this movie."

  3. Every time RSS is mentioned in reference to Netflix, I can't help but get angry.

    That's because your RSS feeds are STILL messed up. On the page you linked to, you mentioned iGoogle. iGoogle and do not work with the "Your Queue" RSS feed and the others. The RSS feeds get completely randomized and mixed up for no reason.

    So, until that gets fixed, you can't expect us to get excited about RSS on Netflix. I've tried writing in to the Customer support. Their response is always "We do not offer support for RSS feeds." Well then why the bleep do you have them?!?!


  4. Thanks, for posting that video. I’ve been wonderin’ how that works but hadn’t had the time to check into it. Can’t think of something else that might need explaining right now, except maybe the importance of rating movies and how that affects their recommendations, that sort of thing.

    Someone should make Danny’s movie… let us know where you post it.

    Those kind of reviews are way too common and are of no more uses to anyone than the guys who complain that a french film was in french, or the bonus disc didn’t have the movie on it.

    Maybe Netflix should get John Cleese to make some movie reviewer training videos along the lines of the business training stuff he’s done.

  5. I agree that Netflix RSS is majorly screwed up. My iGoogle RSS feed would never update, and now, it's getting randomized when i make changes to my queue.

    Netflix should really test crap before letting the public get their hands on it. I like the idea, but i wasted 10 min of my life trying to figure it out. But now I figured it out: THE ANSWER is that Netflix coders need to hold up before they release broken/crappy code.

  6. It would be really great, much more engaging to have RSS feeds of Movie Notes.

    I've disabled receiving notes because it would come in through email. It was a big disruption.

    Having them in RSS would get me back into reading/writing notes instead of blocking them.