Friday, August 10, 2007

Next Weeks' Release

Here's a brief rundown on the new stuff coming out on the Community Home page early next week:

Latest Reviews feed. Slowed down, better looking. Hover over to pause is now explained and a review highlights when you hover, so it is clearer. This is not yet like the future sketch shown here recently, but you can see the way this is evolving.

Members Similar to you: if you click on someone you go to their Ratings page, where you can immediately compare their ratings to yours. Should be a faster way to judge for yourself your movie taste similarity. Then you can look at their reviews or lists if you are interested.

Local Favorites are now labeled “Unique in…”. This block does not just present what is popular in your town, but rather the movies that are uniquely popular in your town. It is a subtle distinction, perhaps, but it is more accurate. Not all that many of you love this, but it's a sort of guilty pleasure... (it's usually more interesting for me to click the link and visit other cities...)

Friends Activity block – If you are a friends user, we are starting to move more Friends features to the community home page. The first two are this activity block (showing what your friends are renting, rating, returning, reviewing, etc.) and the quiz. Both of these blocks, I’m sorry to say, were released with a number of small irritating bugs in them. The activity block says your friend rated a movie, for instance, but it isn’t showing their rating (this, along with many other little nits, will be fixed in subsequent releases). I thought: better give y'all something working mostly, than nothing until it's perfect. Was i wrong?)

Your Friends Loved/Hated:
this isn’t updating properly, but should rotate through a selection of top rated movies from all of your friends. This will also be improved in subsequent releases. AS it is now, this is just slightly better than a placeholder.

Community link button in the sidenavigation. This should make moving around a little easier. NOTE: as we move forward, we will likely move more of the navigation within the community pages from the top to the side.


  1. Ooh, I'm a big fan of the two friends features ("recent activity" and "loved/hated"). Good work Michael...

  2. Yeah, I'm also liking the "loved/hated" feature. This blog is terrific, and I commend you guys for keeping us Netflix users in the loop and actually listening to our feedback.

  3. It all looks great. Thanks for doing these preview screenshots, it is a lot better than just telling us and having us try to figure out what you are talking about.

    One kind of off-topic thing... why did all of the main Netflix tabs at the page top suddenly become so tall (Within the past week)? They still look odd to me...

    Keep it up guys.

  4. "I thought: better give y'all something working mostly, than nothing until it's perfect. Was i wrong?"

    You're maybe thinking of the caution "Never show a fool a half-finished garment"?! But your responsiveness and clarity to date encourages us, to your great credit, to take a step back and allow the process to evolve without feeling a need to jump on every little change that we don't agree with. Well, that's how a lot of us feel, anyway.

  5. I'm really having fun checking out the new features you've been working on! Keep up the good work!

  6. Love it all, nothing to complain about. Keep it coming!!

  7. It's fine to constantly evolve Netflix by rolling out new features but it seems like the basics are being left behind. For instance, why can't Customer Service receive e-mails anymore? Why force me to spend 15 minutes on the phone whether I like it or not? What happened to satisfying the customer?

    I feel like taking care of Netflix is more important than the customer.

  8. As I "Duck and Cover" to avoid potential aerial debris… Let me start off with…

    These are all grand features and as a website designer/ coder I know how difficult it can be to get these things to work, especially when there are so many flavors of browsers. So please know I am not bashing the work or trying to insult.

    However these features seem geared toward a minority of users, not the vaster majority. This Blog is actually "Almost" a better addition then some of the (sorry) other fluff.

    See I don't really care what others in my hometown are watching, or what my "friends" may or may not be watching. Its a cute thing, but the novelty will wear off "for most" quickly. Then they will want to know when they can customize the view to take out things they don't want to see.

    Now back to a "truly" good idea. This blog. Only thing is it appears to be one sided. that is Netflix can post and ask for input, users can only reply to those questions.

    Why not expand on that idea. Create user moderated forums where Sci-Fi, Anime, Action etc. movie buffs can chat interactively? Also a Customer Service driven forum where questions/ concerns can be asked and addressed publicly, so that others with the same issue or question can find the answer more easily? These things put a more human face on the machine.

    P.S. I would incorporate the blog/ forum into the netflix site, where anyone wanting to participate would already be signed up (same info to access netflix account) and no access by anonymous users or casual surfers. Also make sure spiders cannot crawl it. Why? Because free blogging sites have to make money somewhere, somehow… That usually means collecting personal data and selling it to whomever is willing to pay. Personal data to me is anyplace I have been, anyplace I am going, my IP #, my email addy, and any other info they can pull from my browser via java scripts, SSI's, bots or simple cookies.
    P.P.S. Sorry for the long post, it had a purpose… See how "Too Much Information" can actually turn out to be annoying?

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  10. harry said...

    We digress badly, but I agree with at least one point : that a well staffed and, above all, knowledgeable, on-line Customer Service (ideally 'live chat') would be a great help; although it should be completely separate from this blog. E-mail took up to 3 days and was generally unresponsive, and most people are too busy to be tied up on an open ended call - my longest wait was almost 35 minutes - with no guarantee of a resolution.

  11. Online, e-mail, whatever. Netflix just does not give a damn about customer service no matter how you contact them.

    I've been flagged a "review" that is a hate post, and have both e-mailed and called customer non-service, and after weeks of frustration, I posted about it here (under another topic). When Michael saw my post, which included the "review" with all identifying aspects removed, he agreed with me that it should be removed from the site and said that he would look into having that taken care of expeditiously. That was on July 29th. Anybody care to guess what is still on the Netflix site? I am assuming that Michael has some way to find the review based on what I had posted, so it appears that whoever and don't doubt that he did his part, but beyond that it's been made pretty clear to me that no one other than Michael gives a damn about this.

    I'm giving Greencine a try, and will most likely be leaving Netflix at the end of my current membership month. I don't care for their endorsement of libel, and clearly my $29.99 per month doesn't matter to them.

  12. michael, from netflixAugust 11, 2007 at 10:07 AM

    you never told anyone what the movie was and there is no way for me or anyone to find it. other than that, it getting removed by the flag only works if a threshhold of folks also tag it. It's automated. Now that doesn't mean the thressholds don't need adjusting -- that is something i can work on. But one person flagging doesn't do it. post the bad review -- i'm sure folks here will also join in to flag it, and i'm certain it will be gone pretty quickly.
    (and i'll take a look at the flag thressholds ... i'm still tuning them).

  13. First of all, I want to say I like the fact that Netflix has this blog and that you allow people to voice their opinions about all the changes going on. But I have one question... where did the ideas for these changes come from? Netflix staff or users? I'm only asking because I went back to an old post about a wish list that users helped create ( and I'm not seeing a lot of THOSE suggestions being addressed. It makes me feel like a few staff members at Netflix had some ideas they wanted to implement, they asked for our opinions, and then ignored those opinions. Is anyone else feeling like that?

  14. Waving Goodbye (TK)August 11, 2007 at 11:05 AM


    As I said both in my original post and in this one, I have called and e-mailed customer serviceregarding this in addition to the flags, and nothing has been done in response to those contacts, either. I gave every scrap of information that I could in the calls and e-mails.

    In your reply to my first post, you did not ask for any further detail. How was I to know that there was not some sort of report or log of flags, e-mails, or calls regarding reported reviews, especially those of an inflammatory nature? Many companies do track such issues when they receive calls or e-mails from customers. I have no way of knowing what Netflix does or does not do internally. I had not wanted post identifiers in my original post because I did not feel the need to give any attention to the reviewer him/herself.

    As for your assertion that you are sure other people would flag if they knew the title, go back to the thread - NO ONE here asked for more info in order to do so. Including yourself, even though you agreed that it should be removed. Had I been asked, of course I would have given it.

    It frustrates me to no end when poor customer service is blamed on the customer. I work in customer service/administration myself and understand that often customers do not provide the information that I need to help them, but then it is up to me to ask for that information. As I said, from your post (included below) I did not know that you were waiting on more information from me, as you did not ask for it.

    You may have missed it, but I gave you full props here for being one who did care.

    From the Fixing Up Reviews thread:

    michael, from netflix said...

    For TK and Jerry, and everyone else: thanks for flagging the problem reviews, and i'm sorry it appears nothing has been done. With the introduction of those "flags" on reviews last month, we were giving the community (that is, you) the ability to help police the site- just as you have done. But the system is automated. We do not individually check over the reviews as they come in. We have millions of reviews and more come in all the time. Each flag has a different threshhold that triggers an event. Sometimes the reviewers are notified their review was flagged and they are given an opportunity to adjust it; if lots of flags come in from different people, other actions happen. We are still tuning the number of flags required for a bad review to be removed, but alerting us here is a fine path if you feel nothing else was working. The flagging system is new and we continue to improve it with your help. That review you cited really should be removed. I'll try to get that handled expeditiously.

    So now, per your response to me now, the only way to get any attention is to have people here flag it? I am more disappointed and saddened than I can possibly express. But hey, look at the bright side, now I will go away.

  15. @Goodbye - Sounds like your mind is made up to leave, but that's a shame when we finally seem to have an advocate or ombudsman over there willing to look out for our interests. If you don't want to give out the name of the movie publicly (and btw, I read 2 of your previous heartfelt posts and would have been happy to flag the review had I known where to find it), I bet a customer service supervisor could get the name to Michael, since he's already offered to help ; ask for 'Robin' - she once helped me out after an 8 week struggle trying to get one of my OWN reviews removed! But I'm not sure that we should be expecting Michael to personally expedite an issue just because we happen to feel VERY VERY strongly about it - he'd never get any work done!

    Anyway, hope you reconsider; I'm still very much regretting leaving my previous cell phone company in a rage over a similar 'breakdown in communication', now having to climb out onto the fire escape to make calls.

  16. Waving Goodbye (TK)August 11, 2007 at 1:55 PM

    Thank you for your post, Sam.

    I never expected or asked Michael to help. The post that he responded to was one in which I asked another person who had also flagged a review if anything had come of that and Michael very generously stepped in. I sincerely appreciated that. I just did not know he needed more from me. Michael has a very full plate, I'm sure, and I agree with you that we should not expect him to take up every cause that we bring to this table. I raised this issue of ignored contacts for informational purposes - to share my experience and hopefully gain some.

    I've taken up enough space in this thread, and I won't take up any more but I did want to thank you for your reply and suggestions. I will give one more call to customer service and see if I can speak to Robin, as I don't think that anyone should be smeared on a website even after my membership ends.

    Hey, be careful out there on that fire escape, okay?

  17. Well, we sure managed to kill off this thread, eh tk? Sorry Michael. Maybe we need a 'Misc.' thread for these non specific but strongly felt issues to help keep the lanes clear?

  18. Wait...can we finally find out what movie it was and what was in the offending review? The curiosity is now killing me!

  19. michael, from netflixAugust 12, 2007 at 11:08 PM

    i'm a little curious too.

    @ TK - sorry, i dropped the ball here. I did need to know what the title was to be of any help, and while I thought i had posted that, i clearly didn't.

    @MC - tall tabs. they look like teeth to me. people in general seem to have an easier time reading them and knowing what to do with them. Yes, they're a week old now.

    About Customer Service: I've asked Vikram to post about the changes he's implementing there. Like Todd and Steve and Meghan, i'm sure he'll get something online soon. Everyone is VERY busy with new features. Customer Service has been problematic in the past, for sure, but it is improving as rapidly as the Community has been recently, and will continue to for the forseeable future. It's good to vent here, i recon. But if your experiences are more than a few months old, things may have changed. Anyway, You'll get some insights there as well in coming weeks.

    The new release should come out sometime Monday, i expect. maybe we can get this thread on track if you post some of your experiences with it here.

  20. It would be really great to paginate the Movie Privacy feature. For long time renters the list gets long and taxes the eyes. Maybe break it apart by letter?

  21. I am deeply in love with the "Your Friends Activity" section. Great work.

    Is it possible to put star ratings on the Notebook? Both the rating for that person who has left the note and your own rating of the film?

    I think getting rid of two-cent reviews in favor of notes was the only disappointing thing you guys have done so far, and really only because when you add new Netflix friends, they don't see any of your past notes, since it hasn't been "sent" to them. I guess two-cent reviews were linked to the movie, not the user, like notes are. I don't know whether it's just everyone I know, but it seems like most people work around the note system and use it to post comments on films, not to send messages to each other. The old two-cent review system took care of this beautifully, I thought.

  22. @susan - see the old post entitled "Notes, continued..." (from early June) and probably a couple of other previous posts for a lot of people who agree wholeheartedly with you :)

    @michael - any news on this front? I know there was mention at some point about trying to bring the mini-reviews back. Are there any updates to report?

  23. Although the 'favorites' that we see on the first page of people's review page start out alphabetical, which is helpful to make sure that certain deal breakers are (or are NOT!) on it, at a certain point the list suddenly becomes random. Could they either stay in alphabetical order, or - maybe preferably - could WE get to determine the order, as in our queue, to better reflect our level of enthusiasm? Also, that way the 2 DVD covers would make a bit more sense!

  24. PS. Also, important to know which version of a movie people liked : 'The Thomas Crown Affair' '68 or '99??!!

  25. @michael - I went to the friends tab on a movie page and it says "If One Last Dance isn't great enough to be suggested, or bad enough to merit a warning, would you like to recommend any of these other movies that you enjoyed?" The problem is, the 4 movies it showed were all things I had marked "not interested". Certainly not movies I had enjoyed, I haven't seen them and don't plan to.

    Not a huge deal, but should be added to the list of bugs.

  26. Looks good with Friends' activity now included, and what you plan on it ultimately being sounds even better. I'm looking forward to the final version.

  27. Since the 'popular in -----' feature is now on the 'Community' page, is the plan to replace the 'local favorites' on the 'Browse' page with something else? And if so, what, I'm intrigued to know?

  28. Any chance we will be able to search for members with similar tastes, say 70% or higher?

  29. There used to be a page where you could look at your reviews and see how many helpful votes they received. Would it be possible to implement this somewhere in the new community layout? I like to know when my reviews were helpful.

  30. Reviews sliding smooth as silk now, and stop obediently on command. And with the gradual integration of all the features it's like visiting a movie lover's amusement park! Nice!!

  31. michael, from netflixAugust 13, 2007 at 3:36 PM

    Lessee what I can tell y'all:

    Minireviews: still pondering how best to execute. not on the short term plan as some far more interesting things preceed it (you'll have to trust me here, or just be angry, your choice).

    Find people similiar: yea, i like this too. Won't be in this quarter and i'll keep y'all posted on when or how or why not, as the case may be.

    Seeing your helpful votes: Yea... on your Reviews & Lists page is where this will be-- shortly. For the interim, i give a tip in an older post about cropping off the end of the URL to see how others see you -- and that will have to work for now.

    Order of Favorites: Double-yea... I'd like this but it also falls behind some other more interesting items. I'll try to slide it in at some point.

    You know -- my ability to get more resources and more features is all dependent on y'all. If no one goes to the Community page or no one invites friends to play, everyone at Netflix sees that -- but if you get all your Friends to use it, and word spreads, I'll have an easier time building more. We're in this together - you and I. Blog about the blog, invite more friends, use it to find movies -- and you'll see more features, I'd wager.

    Or not. Up to you. Hmmm.. but this does make me think of something new that I should post about. Hold the phone, new post a'comin..

  32. Then they will want to know when they can customize the view to take out things they don't want to see.

    I agree totally with this. A customizable page would be fantastic. I like the addition of the friends features to the main page, but they look squished and shoved into the space. And as much as some people love the scrolling reviews, I find them annoying. There are going to be opposing views no matter what changes you make ... which is why if it's possible to allow individual selection of features for the main Community page, it would be ideal.

  33. What I would like to see is a way to set what page comes up when I click the Community button. Instead of the general community page I would prefer the friends page to be displayed by default.

  34. For the most part I like the new changes. A couple comments though:

    1. I love the concept of Recent Activity, but when it comes to showing the fact that a friend rated a film, it would be REALLY helpful to show the rating there, so I don't have to click each movie and scroll down to the ratings section to see what I'm looking for.

    2. I think there may be a bug in the Recent Activity area. For example, earlier today it said one of my friends had queued "NewsRadio: Season 5 (3-Disc Series)", then immediately below, were 3 entries listing each disc as queued. I'm guessing you'd want to either show one or the other in this case. Just FYI...

    3. In the "Similar to You" area, when you click the picture to see similarity, is it intended behavior that it only lets you see their 5-star-rated movies?

    4. In the Loved/Hated area, is it intended behavior that when you mouse over the movie's picture, you don't get the typical pop-up with info, etc.?

    Most of these are pretty minor, I just wanted to make sure they were known. All in all, I like the direction things are going. Thanks and keep it up.

  35. 1. I find the sliding reviews annoying. It was scrolling too fast before but now the top movie seems to hold still while others slide under it - just creepy looking to me. I'm using Foxfire so it may not look the same on IE.

    2. Under the Members Top 10 Lists (silly name - better would be Members Custom Lists) it shows:
    List name, (# of movies), a date

    Rather than the date which seems meaningless could you have the % similar to me? I would then have a reason to check the lists out.

    3. I'd really like to customize the page, too. I'd remove Friend's quiz and the Local Favorites. To me the local favorites should be a list of maybe the top 20 movies rented in my area. Right now it shows only 4 with the cover picture. It just takes up a lot of space that could be used for a long list.

    4. I agree that having a search feature to find high % members similar to you would be excellent.

  36. Hey guys. I really like how the community page is shaping up! I think the animation for the scrolling reviews is a huge improvement.

    The first suggestion that comes to mind is for the recent activity area. I love having it, but it would be nice if we could page through recent activity, rather than only seeing the first page. I have 18 Netflix friends... so if one friend goes online and adds 10 movies to their queue, it pushes all other recent activity off the main page and there is no way to see it.

  37. michael, from netflixAugust 13, 2007 at 9:39 PM

    Shaun - you don't miss a trick do you? We have a whole department here that does pretty much what you just did... Well, you caught me in one of those moods, so here goes:

    1. Showing the rating in the Friends Activity? okay, this is your bad. I discussed this in the post. Read it again.

    2. Not a bug. Just a tweak we'll need to get in at some point. You're right, it will improve it.

    3. Also not a bug. We only show 5-star movies of people you don't know (that is: reviewers). I'm not sure when i'll get around to expanding this. I also agree that having more would be interesting, but I presently feel that 5-star films give you a good snapshot of a person...

    4. No "back of box" info on the Most Loved/Hated thing. Shaun - got to read these posts more carefully. There is a lot more work to do on these Most Loved/Hated presentations.

    AND for Amanda: With luck, the thing you want is for all this Recent Activity to flow on into the NOTEBOOK page, so you'll have the whole chronology there (and not just the notes sent/received). I think the Notebook would be better if it had more of these details anyway. Would that work?

  38. It's really annoying to have the quiz on both the community page and the friends page. In all honesty, I don't care for the quiz at all to have it taking up space on two pages is a bit much.

  39. It looks like waving goodbye is never coming back, but I just wanted to add that he/she seems to lack all common sense. He didn't know to post the movie title or user name for the offending review? How else would you find it?

  40. SOME little soap box drama we have going here! In another post WG aka TK said that he/she didn't want to reward the reviewer with additional eyeballs on the slanderous post by giving out details on the blog, but that customer service had all the info in centiplicate after many weeks of calling, and assumed that Michael could get all the info he needed from them. Hope that helps.

  41. Michael: OK, I admit I totally missed the part in your post about the Recent Activity not showing ratings. I assure you I did read it, but it's been a few days and I guess I forgot all the little details. But I should have re-read before posting. Sorry about that.

    Now, on to my comment about Loved/Hated - I felt you were unfair in your response here. All you say in your post is that this feature "isn’t updating properly" and "is just slightly better than a placeholder", but you never tell us why, so how was I supposed to know that the no-popup thing was known, and not a true bug? I read plenty carefully; I'm just not a mind-reader. I don't mind being called out when justified, but in this case...

  42. I love the "recent activity" friends feature!! Thank you!

  43. Michael... thanks for responding! Yes, I think it would be great if all recent friends activity was rolled into the notebook. If you did that, however, here's what I think would be REALLY great:

    Allow the Notebook to be filtered for individual friends or for type of activity. So, I could leave it unfiltered and just see all the activity of all my frieds, or I could just see all the recent activity for my brother, or I could see just all the queue adds from all my friends, or I could see just the notes written by my dad, etc.

    I think you get the idea, and I think that would make the Notebook a very robust feature without complicating it too much.

  44. @Michael - you said Minireviews: still pondering how best to execute. not on the short term plan as some far more interesting things preceed it (you'll have to trust me here, or just be angry, your choice).

    I've already posted my feelings on this issue (several times) so I won't bore you with a rehash, except to say that I'm not alone in my beliefs. Several people have made similar posts to mine, to the point that I think it's probably one of the most requested features on this blog (behind 1/2 stars and finding people with high sim%, which have both been explained). Maybe we're just a really vocal minority, but I think there are plenty of like-minded people out there.

    Since you didn't really post details of what's coming down the pipe (not that I'd expect you to publicly reveal that anyway), I will have to trust that you really are working on "far more interesting things." The problem is, I can't imagine anything that I'd want more than getting mini-reviews back. In fact (and this isn't in any way intended to belittle the great work you and your team have been doing), if I could give up everything that's been done on the Friends/Community front over the past year in exchange for the return of mini-reviews, I'd do so in a heartbeat.

  45. About the new "Rate Your Recent Returns" block added to the queue page, it says "Didn't Watch It? Rate "No Opinion"."

    Uhh, you don't say how to do that since the only options are to rate it 1-5 stars or "not interested". Most people would likely assume that "not interested" = "no opinion", but you've said in this blog that "not interested" = slightly negative, and 3 stars = no opinion.

    Otherwise, I am liking that new feature, especially the fact that it can be minimized!!

  46. I LOVE what you guys are doing with the site.

    I've also noticed (maybe they've been there for a while) the personalized RSS feeds. While this might sound kind of lame, I want to create a widget (via or something like that) sharing the Netflix love on my MySpace profile, under the "my movies" section. But I'd like to share my FAVORITE movies--e.g. top-rated movies--instead of movies in my queue or movies at home (both a little too private). And I didn't see an RSS feed for that.

    Anything like that in the works? Just the RSS thing itself would be cool, but if Netflix created various widgets folks could use on their Facebook, blog, MySpace, etc.--that would be very cool. has one of the best UIs I've seen to designing/embedding widgets... you can customize the widget color, the feed info, etc. It's really easy to design a widget, and easy to get the code to embed or even directly embed in the major blogging/social network platforms. Check out

    Keep up the great work! At the risk of gushing--I love being a Netflix customer! You guys are great!

  47. I tend to rate movies as soon as I watch them, so having the reminder show up on the main page (and now in my queue as well) isn't usually all that helpful. Occasionally it does serve as a nice reminder if I forget to put in a rating, but more often than not it's just an annoyance. I don't mind the box showing up once, but if I explicitly hit the close button without rating it, there's a reason I didn't rate it yet and I don't want to be asked about it again. Specifically, I've recently come across two different scenarios where I don't want to rate a movie right away, and I really wish the website would quit bugging me about them:

    1) I've started using Watch It Now to check out some TV shows. However, once I've watched one episode from a season, I start getting pestered relentlessly to rate the whole season. It would be nice if you had a way to recognize that I've at least tried to watch every episode before asking me for a rating. You should be able to do this pretty easily since I have to request rights to view each episode.

    2) I've gotten a couple of movies that have either been mislabeled or damaged to the point that I can't watch them. In those cases, please don't ask me to rate the movie. I consider it a bit of a tease to not be able to watch the movie I thought I was getting (no fault of your own), but it's downright taunting to ask me to rate something you know I wasn't able to watch. Again, this should be pretty easy to determine if I report a disc as either mislabeled or damaged.

  48. Todd, From NetflixAugust 15, 2007 at 8:40 AM

    Thanks, Baff for picking up a bug on the Rate Recent Returns feature-- it was supposed to give a No Opionion button (which doesn't have an effect on your ratings history) instead of Not Interested. Expect to see this fixed during the next week.

  49. Thanks for replying to Baff, Todd. It's very reassuring to know that you guys are indeed out there, however often we're assured that you are. Just a thought on the new review escalator. How about making them rateable (helpful/unhelpful)? That might encourage us all to keep 'em short and sweet, because I doubt that many people are bothering to let people finish their thought by going to the full review.

  50. I hate the Latest Reviews feature. Half of it is for stuff I'd never watch. If we're forced to have it, why not tailor it to match the recommended movies at least? Thanks

  51. I asked a non-blogging friend to check-out the Community page, as instructed. Now I, and I alone it seems, really like the random reviews, since it's a great way to break out of the box that one's like minded friends and Netflix recommendations inevitably lock one in. But anyway, here's what she said (and I quote):

    "I really do not like the sliding reviews. It would be nice if the rate of descent was controlled by the user instead of the website".

  52. EMERGENCY! I just got a Sim% 44 in my Magnificent Four box who gave the 'Wedding Singer' 5 stars! Please check those algorithms!

  53. love the friends features on community page

  54. why aren't my reviews being published? they completely follow guidlines. i have not had a review published after over a month of trying every other day.

  55. Hey, has anybody else looked at darkko's profile? This guy is 32 years old, and has nothing better to do than spend all of his time trying to post 'flix reviews an cry about his (lack of) results on a blog.

    Way to be pathetic!

  56. Los Angeles is a big city. Any way to distinguish neighborhoods? What we're watching in Echo Park is probably much different than what others are watching in West Hollywood.

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